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Build a List of Subscribers Fast

Top 5 Ways to Build a List of Subscribers

Everywhere you go, you hear people saying that a list of subscribers is very important. They say the money is in the list, and this couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you have a list of subscribers who trust you, you can sell them products from time to time. Of course, you must know what to do to get them interested and trust you first. You can usually do this by providing great content that is of real value to them and offer to help them solve their problem.

This relationship-building process takes time, but it is well worth the time. When you have a great relationship with your list, you are in great luck because you can easily market them quality products, and they will love you for it.

So with that said, let’s take a quick look at how to build your own list fast.

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My PC Crashed

Pc Crashed

My PC Crashed

No doubt at some time you have at least heard of someone, or indeed it has possibly happened to you when you reboot your pc or laptop and everything remains blank. It just happened to me yesterday and I’ve sent the last 12 hours trying to get it sorted. You might think that because my pc crashed I would be totally frustrated and tearing out what hair I have left. I guess many people would be like that but what’s the point, it not going to make things right and will only leave you feeling worse than you need to be. pc crashed
PC Crashed

So now that my pc crashed what am I doing about it. My first reaction was the get the installation disc that came with the system and try to do a repair. I tried this but the cd drive refused to load up so that was yet another problem. (yea ok so I need a new pc)!

So my reaction was to try and borrow a cd drive so I could at least get the installation disc to do a repair. The friends I tried all had older pc’s and none of their cd drives’s had the same connections so that was a no go. Then my friend, John, had the idea of opening my installation disc on his pc and copying it to a usb stick. We did this and sure enough it opened the installation folder and we selected the repair option. After a few hours of assessing a box finally appeared telling us it was unable to repair the problems.

So here I am with my pc crashed and I really need to be doing work, so I need to assess my options. To do a re-install of Windows will mean I will loose all my data and programs so I not very happy. Then I remember I have done a full pc backup to my external hard drive a few weeks back. This means I should be able to get mostly everything back to original state. This is a real lesson not only to me but to everyone who reads this post. It is vital to have a backup of your computer or laptop either on an external hard drive, usb stick or discs. Refresh the backup at least once a week and then if you need to say “my pc crashed” you will have most of your work to re-install from the backup.
get the w
I guess the same should apply to our blogs also – get the wordpress tools here
If you really want to overcome your problems you should discover our vision right here.

Pc Crashed

Business presence

Business Presence…

Do you know what you want?  What you really, really want?..

It’s time to take a pause and make sure you really know what it is that you need to achieve in your business…

I firmly believe that by this stage most entrepreneurs realise that today’s business world is online, and if you want success you need to be too…
However and just to be online not enough, in order to stand out you need to have a business presence. You need to decide how much effort  you actually put into building that business presence up?

So what do I really mean by “business presence“?….
In today’s market it is really vital for you to invest some time into social networking and taking special concentration on getting your SEO right……
I do not know anyone who doesn’t want more you?
But this is another thing that is very easy to think about as a far off and lofty idea, but is equally easy to turn into reality.
When you look into your business – do you see a marketing plan?
You need to decide how effective it is? What steps are you  actively taking to ensure you increase your business?
Do not be frightened by it being a big challenge- increasing the amount of business you do is really achievable, so now you need to start working on what you’re going to do about it!
What steps have you taken to ensure you get propelled forward?
Do you have the help of a mentor or coach to help you take the right steps in your business.
Business PresenceI would be happy to work with you to help you achieve your goals and get the results you want. So my friend if you are genuinely serious about driving your business forward then please click here to get in touch with me today and start giving your business presence.
Remember good ideas are meaningless until we take steps to turn them into reality!

Lets work together and strive to create more success!

Business Presence

New Business Coming Soon

New Business Coming Soon

Darren Gaudry is re-launching and has a new business coming soon.

Those of you who know of Darren Gaudry will remember other very successful businesses which he launched personally or was a partner with. These include YourNetBiz and PassPort To Wealth. I can honestly say that these businesses created millionaires.

Over the past few days Darren has announced that this new business coming soon to our screens will not be like those he was previously involved with but rather will not have a monthly fee and will be aimed at helping those in financial despair at this time.

If you would like to be kept in the loop and be notified prior to the launch date please scroll up and complete the form.

New Business Coming Soon

WordPress Website

Are you ready to uncover the secrets used by many top marketers in our exclusive WordPress Website guides

It’s Time To Put Your Profits On Overdrive With The Advanced Version of Rapid Retail Profits – For Marketers Who Seriously Want To Make Money!

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wordpress website

The Advanced Version of Rapid Retail Profits is a must have video training course for marketers who know how to get a wordpress website online but aren’t making any money from it!

Do you know there are special VIDEO TACTICS out there that other super affiliates, including myself, are using to make even more commissions, at a much faster rate.

These Extremely Profitable, Video Affiliate Tactics are far too powerful to publish publicly and offer to everyone. You will be able to completely dominate the video directories and search engines with profit pulling videos that rake in the profits 24 hours a day, on autopilot!

It’s very easy to setup a wordpress website but do you know the best theme to use, the key places to insert your links to get most notice and ultimately more hits to your product.
Our beginners course set out the easy way to setup and manage a wordpress website but now in the advanced training videos we show you easy steps to ensure your wordpress website gets noticed in the search engines. Here’s just a small sample of what’s inside Rapid Retail Profits:

* The secret system that will be used to select high converting Amazon products.
* Complete step-by-step walk-through for creating a profit pulling campaign from start to finish.
* Secret linking system that will tell you exactly where to put your affiliate links within your website that will give you higher conversions than
anything you’ve ever seen before.
* How to instantly determine whether a product will get huge amounts of traffic and be profitable.
* How to generate tons of traffic to your affiliate pages for very cheap!
* How to spot ranking loopholes in the search engines that will allow you to easily dominate your keywords quicker than you ever thought

* And much more!

WordPress Website