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Over the past few years, we have witnessed the tremendous growth in blogs. It would even seem like almost everyone having anything to do with Internet marketing has a blog of their own. A blog is very useful and is very important to online business owners to send important messages that they would like to convey to their audience without any problem.

Some of the more powerful benefit of blogging is that when you blog and when you are doing it the correct way you create a very strong brand awareness and in the eye of your audience, you will be the expert voice that they will always look up to. Using blogs would mean being able to spread a strong awareness to your readers because blogs can promote interactivity, and you will be able to engage your audience effectively. Furthermore, blogs can also help you influence your readers buying decisions.

Yes, it is no wonder that blogs have become so powerful because of its unbelievable capability that marketers simply cannot ignore. Another reason why people are using blogs a lot more these days is because the search engines especially Google has taken a liking towards blogs and tend to give some sort of priority to blogs because of the constant updates and consumer activity plus interactions on an active blog. A blog too many social marketing gurus believes that the blog is your most powerful tool as in social marketing, and all else is there as a support to your network.
However, with so many blogs being created and much more on the rise, your competition to compete for higher search engine rankings is definitely going to be much higher. Therefore, you must understand that you will need to try harder to get your blog ranked higher than these competitors. Here are some great tips that will help your blog get to the top of the search engine rankings and stay there.

Write contents that people are actually looking for.

If you just stop and think about what is the driving force to any blogging business, then the obvious answer would have to be the contents. Therefore, it is a must for bloggers to be churning out endless contents on a consistent basis and more importantly your contents have to be something that is in the demand. What this means is that if your content is relevant to what people are searching for on the search engines, and your contents are what people would love to see, then naturally Google will reward you for it.

Having contents that are in the demand and where people are frantically searching for on the internet search engines is the key to get your content noticed by the search engine spiders (due to relevancy) and it will also be consumed by your readers and if they are satisfied, they will undoubtedly be hungry for more.

A great way for you to get the contents that people are looking for is to make sure you are targeting for the right keywords. Go to a keyword research tool such as Google’s external keyword tool and make sure the content that you are going to write will be closely related to a keyword that has a high demand and optimally, that keyword should have less competition. When you are able to do this, then you can be sure that you will not have to worry about Google penalizing your blogs for junk contents and all your future readers to be happy with what you are providing to them. You will also find that building a subscriber base at this point would be much easier as people who are hungry for your content will willingly subscribe to your blog for more good contents.

The length and comprehensiveness of your content are very important.

Pay attention when writing your content, that you have sufficient amount on comprehensiveness on it. Google is now smart enough to determine how comprehensive your contents are and it is no longer just based on the signals of relevancy. In the past people are just focusing on relevancy of their contents, hence the readability and comprehensiveness of their contents are poor. These days, if your content are junk and do not have sufficient information to satisfy your readers, then you will find that it is hard for you to get your blog to rank high.

When your content is written in such a manner that it is a ‘complete’ source on the subject, there is without a doubt that you will be viewed highly in the eyes of the search engines. Longer and complete contents will be loved by your readers, and Google will be able to tell when they see the stick rate of your posts, the amount of bookmarks that you get and, etc. All these signals are exactly what Google is actively looking for in a high quality site, so don’t be surprised if you consistently create contents that is just too good, your blog will rank high naturally on the search engines.

To help improve your blog’s comprehensiveness and your overall content’s stickiness, you should consider including pictures on your post where it matters, good pictures can even help people understand your post. Use graphs and statistics to back up your claims. Be sure to include the source of your data and you can even show in your post how you end up with your own conclusion and opinion. A little bit of emotion, humor or personality goes a long way to help your blog gets the attention it needs from both your human readers and the search engine bots.

Another great way to improve the comprehensiveness of your blog is to expand the level of details of your contents and organize it in a proper manner (much like what you can find on Wikipedia) and you will be sure that people will be able to understand your post much easier. People love to be able to find what they are searching for fast. Give them what they want, and Google will also give you back what you deserve for doing the right thing. It’s a great way to save the internet from being congested with junk contents as well.

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