3 Simple SEO Tips For Beginners.

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Free traffic is the way to go for most beginner online marketers. This is because they usually start out with very limited budget and people do not want to spend money on traffic that does not know if it will convert or not. So naturally, they will move their business strategies towards search engine optimization (SEO). But mind you, engaging in SEO strategies can be entirely free if you plan to do everything yourself and it could cost a lot of money as well if you choose to hire professionals to help you out. Whatever the cost is, the prize of getting to the top of the search engine will pay off. You will be getting tons of quality and targeted traffic for your landing page and if you have a converting offer, you’ll get all the leads and sales you need to survive online.

However, it is never easy to get to the top of the search engines results. This is because you will be competing with tons of other websites and we are talking about millions of them. Imagine just ten percent of these sites out there are actively competing and ranking their sites as well for that top position. It’s not going to be easy. But if you want free traffic from the search engines, then you have no choice. Without optimization, your site will just be another site that does not get seen by anyone. So what can you do if you want to get your website to the top of the search engine but do not know where to start? Here are some simple basic SEO tips to help you get started with.

On page optimization of your website.

The very first thing that you should do to help your site get noticed by the search engines is use the Meta tags. The thing is, when your web site is brand new, the search engines have no way to tell what your website is about. So your meta tags and page titles will be the first thing that tells the search engine spiders what your site is about and by doing this right, you can actually help the search engines place you in the right category in their database.

But before you proceed to write anything into your Meta tags and page titles, you should do a keyword research on your niche and decide what keywords you would like to rank for. For example, if your website is about ‘how to make juice’ then you should do a proper keyword research based on this keyword. Keyword research is pretty simple. Just go to some of the available keyword research tools online such as Google’s External tool and you should be able to use it to do a quick and proper keyword research for your website’s term.

When you have a set of keyword list that is relevant to your website (refrain from placing too much keywords in this list and only select the most relevant keywords), you should place them in your Meta tags. Next you should give your website a title. You can use a sentence that contains your main keyword or you can just place the main keyword on it. When this is done, search engine spiders should be able to determine what your website is about and rank your site for the right keyword.

Getting indexed.

A brand new site has no path that allows a search engine spider to crawl and find it. Hence, it is your job to create these paths for the search engine spiders to locate your website and get your site indexed. The easiest way for you to get your site indexed is to create some back links that points to your site. You can easily do this is you place a backlink on an established site out there. It can be an article directory, a web directory, a blog, a forum or anywhere that allows a backlink. Of course you can start with a few backlinks and then move on from there. When you do this correctly, your site will be indexed by the search engines within a day or two.

Only when your site gets indexed will your other SEO efforts play a role in optimizing your site. So be sure to get your site indexed first before you move on to other SEO tactics.

Natural Linking is the way to go.

Gone are the days where you can spam links and get away with a good search engine result for your website. Google’s algorithm has evolved to a stage where it can detect unnatural links and actually penalize your site based on these unwanted links. Hence you should be very careful with your backlink strategies and make sure that your links are natural and if you choose to pay some professional to do it, make sure that they know what they are doing first before proceeding.

Hence, in recent days, the best way to get a back link is to get the natural ones. Natural links are legitimate links that you put in effort to acquire. One of the ways to do this is to become a guest blogger or guest poster on other blogs or websites that is established. When you do this, the search engines will be happy with your effort and they will take the link as a natural and legitimate link instead of those spammy links. The more you do this the better chance you will have with the search engines.

Using social media can also help you get some natural link back to your website. You can also encourage your followers or fans to tweet or share your links around for even more backlinks. This is definitely a great way to get started and the more you do this, the better the results will show in the search engines later on. One important factor that will contribute to your search engine results is that you should always ensure that the content on your website that you plan to rank to be fresh and updated frequently. Not only that, your content should be of top quality and provide value to your readers. Google loves a relevant and useful site, and so will your site visitors. Hence make sure you do the right thing and you will see the results that you want.

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