4 Good Sales Letter Styles.

Writing a good sales letter takes a lot of skills. This is mainly because writing a good sales letter takes a lot of practices and understanding of the topic that you are writing on. Another element that has to be inserted into any sales letter is the sense of creativity and inspiration. A good sales letter has to be very strong in character and you need to be able to use it to influence the minds of the readers. With that said, writing a good copy is also a part of science because of all the testing and tracking that has been done by previous marketers. Stuff that works and tactics that downright fails are recorded and passed on. Hence it is a deep study and one can always go about and try to learn more about good copywriting. Below are a few good ways to write your sales letter.

The lengthy copy style.

When you are trying to sell something using a sales letter, you are essentially replacing your sales person using a sales letter. Traditionally, a salesperson is not just there to talk and persuade. They are always there to answer any questions or doubt that arises using the sales conversation and also to follow up with the prospect whenever the suitable time is.

However, when it comes to selling using a sales copy, your sales letter can only present as much information to the reader as possible. Plus, your sales letter might not be able to follow up with the prospect and it is usually a one-time only contact where the reader will read your sales letter. Hence, it makes sense to actually try and write a very lengthy sales letter that will present as much information as possible to the readers. So much so that some of the more important parts of the sales copy is actually repeated to the reader in order to make a huge impact into their brain.

As the saying goes, the more you tell, the more you will sell and this is what a lengthy sales letter is about. You will go about and try to explain about your products to persuade as possible and then you will also try to answer any questions that might arise in your sales copy. This way, you can anticipate the common questions and deal with them right then and there on the sales copy. This copywriting style is very effective. The downside of this is that people might get bored during a lengthy sales letter and leave. Therefore it is the job of a good copywriter to always try to keep the attention and interest of the reader throughout the entire letter.

The Imaginative copy.

The next type of copy that you can write is the imaginative copy. This is the type of copy where you get your readers to paint a perfect picture of their ideal outcome when they use your product. This kind of copy is very effective because you get your readers to visualize a great outcome after using your product which then give them a certain type of confidence that your product will work for them. When people are looking for a solution, and you can get them to imagine using your product with success even before they actually pay for it, then they will be sold when they realize that your product can do so much more for them.

The best way to help the readers to get into the imaginative mood is to actually guide them with a detailed copy on the imagination part. You begin your copy with words like ‘what if’ or ‘Imagine’ or anything similar. And then when they start to imagine, you will continue to guide to paint the picture in their mind with absolute details.

The conversational copy.

The conversational copy is a type of style where you write the letter as if you are talking to someone (like how a sales person would talk to a prospect over a cup of coffee). It’s very casual and you can even format it in a way that resembles an interview. This will help your readers get comfortable as you will try to move your readers slowly from a skeptic to a believer.

You will always try to generate some sort of rapport with your prospects first like showing them how you are on their side and understand their problem before starting on the hard selling part. When this is done right, and targeted towards the right audience, your copy can be very powerful and produces a lot of good results.

The Storytelling copy.

Everyone loves a good story. It can be a shocking story, a motivational story, and a story of an underdog or anything interesting that can get the attention of your readers. When you tell a story you will want to include a very interesting and unique storytelling style where you can create some drama into the story. Use the right tones of words and you will be able to get your readers into the story that it never occurred to them that you are actually selling anything until they reach the buy button part.

Usually, in a story telling copy, you will open the copy with a deep emotional expression of the pain that is being experienced. Show them how the world is against the character in your story. After that you will go about telling how the main character got motivated for a change and then finally found the solution (after some struggle) and now lives happily ever after thanks to your product.

Tell a story well and you will get yourself a fan of a client and they might even go and tell the story over and over again to other people that they know in their lives. This is good for your business and this is definitely good for your profits.

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