4 Simple Steps about forum niche marketing.

The niche marketing forum tips

4 Simple steps that you need to know about forum marketing. When it comes to marketing online, a big chunk of the puzzle lies in how to get traffic to your product or offers without having to spend too much money upfront. One of the consistent answers to this question seems to be related to forum marketing and rightfully so too because a forum is usually based on a niche topic and you can easily find your target market on a related forum of your niche.

Picking a niche.

4 Simple Steps about forum niche marketing.The first step of forum marketing is to first pick up a niche with the right demand. This goes to say if you have not already had a product in mind in a certain niche. Now picking a niche is very important and can often make or break your marketing campaign.
Make sure that the niche you are going to work in is a profitable niche. Again, you can use forums to do your research. Go to the relevant forums in the niche which you picked and check and see if people are already spending money on the niche. If the niche is all about getting freebies then you are in for trouble.

The second thing you’ll need to notice is that if the forums in the said niche are active or not. Are people actively participating in the discussions? Are there a lot of these active forums? If you answered yes than the niche is probably worth working in and you know there is an existing pool of traffic that will want the product you are going to offer them. Once you’ve got a good niche, it’s time to move on your own product or an affiliate offer.

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The first thing that I would normally do is to go and pick an affiliate offer for the niche. This is because it takes a lot less time to choose an offer than to create your own product from scratch. Only when I am absolutely positive that the niche is working out for me will I actually start creating my own product for the niche.

Of course, you are free to create your products first if you wish to do so but the smart thing to do is to go for an affiliate product first.

Next when you have chosen an affiliate link, you will have to decide if you wish to direct link to the offer or use a squeeze page to build a list or to pre-sell the offer.
It is recommended to use the squeeze page because you can build a list doing this and if you’ve been reading my materials you will know that building a list is a must when it comes to internet marketing.

Think of it this way. When you have a list, you can market different products to them over and over again. You can also have the chance to send them more information of the product you are selling and slowly build their trust.

It is said that people will start noticing your product only when they see it on an average of 7 times. Hence using a list is the only way for you to effectively present them relevant information about your offer over and over again.

Sometimes it is wise to use a direct link as well for your affiliate campaign. The best use for this is to actually test and see if the offer that you’ve chosen actually converts into sales. Direct linking can get results fast instead of having to waste time building a squeeze page. If the offer proves to convert, then you will know immediately that you are in the right niche and sending them the right offer. When you have this information, you should consider using a squeeze page to build that list.
Finding the right forums.

The best way to find the forums that you want is to use search engines like Google and key in the keyword of your niche with the word ‘forum’ added at the back of the keyword. Google will instantly search its database and display a set of results that is relevant to your search.

Now you will definitely get a lot of forums on the bat so the right thing to do is to just choose 1 or 2 forums first. From here you will register and become a member. Include your ‘link’ into the signature part and you are finally ready for the next step. Don’t go for too many or you will be overwhelmed.

Post consistently every day, some people will recommend posting on forums 6 times a day. Some might recommend more and some less. For me, I make sure I post as much as I can each day. Make sure you take the time to think before you post. Do not spam or break the rules. Remember, forums are usually strict, and if they catch you breaking the rules, you will get banned. Hence make sure you read the forum rules first.

Always post your opinions wisely and post valuable content only. If you can post a lot a day, then you should do it. This will quickly build up your post count and also your reputation. In forums, if you have a high post count or good reputation, people will take whatever you say or recommend highly. This is why your every post or comment has to make sense, and it has to be something that contributes to the thread and helpful to the readers.

The key here is consistency. Sure you might not see results for the first few days or weeks… but when you increase the volume on your post, soon you will see endless traffic to your links, and that’s when you get the list (if you are using a squeeze page) and that’s when the magic happens.

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4 Simple Steps about forum niche marketing.

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