6 benefits of Infographics

The marketing tactics that we see on the internet are very dynamic. We see changes every now and then and one would really need to pay attention in order to keep up. And in recent years people are flocking into the world of social marketing and within it a new marketing medium was born and it is known as infographics. Infographics is the new trend for today’s marketing tactics.

Infographics are created to educate important facts and they are usually paired with sensible and easy to understand visual graphics to help the comprehensive level of the information that is being conveyed. They are beautiful, attractive, effective and useful. They can however be quite expensive sometimes. Nevertheless, we shall explore some of the reasons why you should look into using infographics in your marketing arsenal.

Bad Reading Retention Rate.

It is no secret that people generally do not read on their PC screen and on the internet. People tend to browse quickly and skim through contents these days. It is pretty much part of the human nature to do this and this comes as no surprise as well. Our daily lives are pretty much bombarded by too much marketing content. It could come from emails, articles, newspapers, billboard signs and pretty much everywhere we go.

What this means is that people are generally busy and they are exposed to too much information. Naturally when you are busy you will tend to skip and sacrifice some of the stuff in your life in order to gain more time. Also when you have too much information, you will want to tone down the amount of information that you receive each day by choosing only what is important for you. Hence the average reading retention rate of a visitor to a written text is very poor. But this is where infographics comes in.

The idea of infographics is to convey a message effectively using visually stimulating graphics with the least amount of text used as possible. People seem to be able to keep their attention better on an infographics than they ever could on a wall of boring and endless text. Think back the last time you saw a huge amount of text laying right in front of your screen. Your brain will automatically try to draw you away from reading all the text. However, when you see a nice looking picture, your eyes will automatically stick to it and you will find that you can focus so much better on the picture rather than a lengthy article.

Infographics are easy to understand.

As a human, we are mostly visually sensitive. What this means is that we usually are able to interpret visual information much easily that written text. By using infographics we can effectively make complex text and written work easily comprehensible to your target market. People will be more receptive to your marketing materials.

Imagine that all of a sudden your target market starts to absorb all the information regarding the problems within your niche; you will be able to educate them more effectively and then try to sell them a solution. The power of infographics is not to be underestimated. They will be a part of the future of marketing. When you take away the black and white of the usual written text and replace it with bright and attractive colors, you will also be able to get more attention to your infographics as well.

Short attention span.

Another big problem with marketing these days is how we can battle with people with short attention spans. The bad news is that this group of people is in the majority. People with short attention spans will find it hard to stay on your webpage for long and they will definitely find it hard to even read anything that is on your webpage.

When this happens, we need something attractive to keep their attention. We need something that isn’t boring and something that will actually feed them what they need to know when they are on your website. That answer is infographics. It is no surprise now to why more and more internet marketers in multiple niches are starting to use infographics to get the attention and profit from it. The interesting thing here is that people are actually using infographic style sales letter and it works wonderfully. Since everything is new it is no surprise then that infographics are a rather a fresh concept and not overused which also explains why it is pretty effective as of now.

Clever infographics not only attracts the eyes, it will also arouse a certain amount of interest and at the same time makes your customer smile so that they can take in more data willingly.

Why should you use infographics.

Obviously, infographics are usually used on social media post such as on Facebook and Pinterest. You can post them onto your blogs as well to give your blog a fresh content that isn’t too text heavy. You can even turn them into PDF reports and give them away for free and hopefully earn some sort of viral traffic in return.

There isn’t a best place to use infographics but one thing is for sure you can’t use them on a video site like Youtube as it won’t be as effective as it should. The use on infographics also helps improve how people look at your business. You will be viewed as the industry leader and you will earn a lot of trust, respect and also more brand awareness. Do you want your Pinterest images to stand out and get repinned? With more than 12 million users posting pictures to the image-based social network, it’s important to make sure images grab the attention of fellow Pinterest users. A properly optimized pin can make all the difference between 50 repins or no repins. This infographic gives you information to optimize every pin you post — it includes best practices for sizing, linking, sharing and repinning.

Give these tips a try and let me know if they make a difference on your Pinterest boards.

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