A deeper look into edu. And gov. type of links.

Edu and gov types of links has long been said to been said to be the best type of link you can get for your SEO efforts. The reason here is simple, these gov and edu sites are very hard to get and obviously you need to be closely related to a government body or education body to get such a domain. Now these kinds of sites have a lot of authority and a mere mention of your site in their post would mean a great leap in your website’s ranking.

So it is then very important that you could get some backlinks from this kind of sites as you will get a lot of credibility from these sites and in the eye of the search engine, they will take your site to be a site that has a certain amount of authority or importance as well since your website gets mentioned in such a hard to get domain.
It is then without a doubt that the benefits of getting back links from these edu or gov sites is immense. However, the problem lies still in the difficulty of getting a back-link from them. Obviously, your usual SEO backlinking won’t apply or even work here. You will need to do things a little different than before. Below are some of the strategies used by experts to pull in backlinks from these priceless sites.

Write something good about a government body or a politician.

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways you can use to get your post mentioned in a government website or an edu website. The problem here is that you must absolutely be able to understand in the topic that you are going to write about and you will need to write it in a professional manner. The best thing you can write about them is to write something positive about them and their achievement. Only try to include the best facts that you can find and post it on your blog. When you are done with this you should try to get in touch with them and tell them about the post that you’ve just written.

You could tell them that you have decided to award them with a special price such as ‘Best country to study in 2013’ and then ask them to mention about your post in as a testimonial to their achievement or any glory. It might not always work, but more often than not, people will like your post a lot and give you a nice honorable mention in their site and you will accomplish your mission to get a good link off their back.

Acquire a government contract.

Like we mention before, your usual $5 back link strategies won’t work easily here when you are trying to get some government back-links. Hence to tackle this problem, we might need to go into an extreme sometimes. And one extreme way to get a good backlink is to get you a government contract. Of course this is harder than it might sound like but if you are able to get your company to work for them or provide any service of any kind, there is a high chance you can negotiate for a back link to help people who wanted to know more about the contract to find your website or you might even get a back link when they decide to do a press release about your company getting the contract and make it official to the public. It’s not the easy way, but it can definitely be done.

Seek for government blogs.

As the world is growing so are the governments. If you seek really hard, you will find that there are government blogs out there that are active and they do allow comments. Now most of these blog will allow no follow links and some will allow do follow links. Needless to say, you must try your best to write a great comment on these blogs to get yourself a share of these links that are deemed as the holy grail of the back-link world.

Leverage the tourism board.

Tourism is a huge industry and it is one of the main incomes streams for countries that encourage tourism. So a clever way to use the tourism board industry as a way to leverage your way to get yourself a back link is to actually go out there to special attractions that find special deals for your country. If you can find some special deals or special places of interest that the tourism boards do not know about, you can negotiate your way into a backlink to your site. If you have a good site that actually benefits the tourism of the country say a hotel booking website, or a in depth tourism guide on your country, these can all be used as your leverage or a loophole into the governmental sites.

Go foreign.

There is no need to mention about the level of competition when it comes to the demand of getting a back-link from these edu and gov sites. That means for hotter countries such as the United States, you will be facing a lot of competition just to get a back link from these sites. Therefore any expert marketers would try to get these special links from other countries as well where the competition is much lower and the chance of getting a back link is much higher. Keep a good eye out for these sites from other countries and you grab the opportunity from these sites as they appear. Who knows… one link might just change the course of your financial life.

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