A Newbies Path To Online Marketing

A Newbie’s Path To Making Money Online

Making Money online is a very interesting ongoing journey for many of us and it all starts off when you decide in your heart that you want to be free from the 9-5 daily trap. Most newbie marketers have no idea what they are getting into, and most of the people will start off in the wrong direction. It is perfectly normal for people to walk in the wrong path when they first started to try their hands in online marketing and this is mostly because most people have no experience and no idea what they are getting into.

All they know is there are gurus out there selling ebooks for $47 while promising the world to them where you could earn millions of dollars overnight working for only 2 hours a week. Who would not be interested right? Most gurus and internet marketers would be guilty of believing into these hypes when they first started so there’s really no shame. The good thing is you can consider yourself lucky to learn about this early on.

Below are some of the common encounters that a newbie marketer will find themselves in and also how this mentality would change if they stick on the game long enough to get pass all the learning curve and hype.

Looking for shortcuts.
More often than not, expert marketers or gurus will get emails from newbie marketers asking for help. If you are genuine and have done your homework, then it will be much easier for other people to guide you. However, the problem is most people that are new are already brainwashed by all the ‘easy money’ hype and ‘overnight riches’ dreams that they will actually look for the easy way out.

One of the most common ‘help’ emails that gurus get from newbie internet marketers is asking for shortcuts. Not only that, some people will even contact the gurus for a ‘spoon-feed’ session or a ‘help me do everything’ session. What they do not understand that everyone is busy and time is precious for the gurus as well.

Nobody is going to sacrifice their time to help you build your business, unless they are compensated heavily. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that is no shortcut to success. All the hype that you hear surrounding the internet marketing universe that you can get rich easily and with inhumane speed is not true. Sure you could work only 2 hours a week and earn tens of thousands of dollars every single week, but that will only happen when you have gained enough experience and when you have a business that is running and 100% profitable.

Internet Marketing is not ‘methods’.

Too many newbie marketers are blinded by the word ‘methods’. A method is just is just how 1 marketer is making his money online. Internet marketing is about how you can make money online using the power of marketing tactics and strategies. What makes making money online so powerful is that you can start with very little capital, you can work from home and you can sell to the entire world. It’s never about a shortcut to riches.

Internet marketing is a real business. Much like all businesses, you need to stay sharp and make a lot of important business decisions. You will often find yourself battling against yourself trying to do the right things instead of getting distracted by all the marketing noise that is around you. If you are not careful, you can easily get consumed and overwhelmed by all the promotions that are coming your way. The best thing you can do is try to stay focused and get things done for your business so that it will run smoothly.

Pointing Fingers and Blaming Others.

This is another common mistake that is seen with newbies. Instead of finding out why they are not making any real money online, people often start to point fingers and blame others for their failure. They would blame a course that they paid and say that it is ridiculous to sell OTOs or they would decide to mark a product a scam because they could not make any money after reading or going through the course.

If you are doing this, then you should stop doing this immediately. Your business is your sole responsibility. No one cares if you make a lot of money and surely no one will care if you aren’t making any money at all. Think about it this way, you can cry and whine all you want, but it is not going to solve anything and the situation will not improve as well. What you do need to do is to find out what is wrong and stay positive. Instead of finding fault with the course that you bought, you should try to find out if you learnt anything helpful from the course.

Think about it this way, if you could learn just 1 good trick to improve your business form a $47 course, then it is more than worth your money because that trick alone could help you make back so much more in return. Just keep in mind to have a positive attitude. Did you actually think a $47 product can make you a million dollars the very next day without you lifting a finger?

Work is involved.
Again, much like any business, there’s work involved and there are worries and obstacles that you need to conquer. Don’t be fooled by those already successful people with their success stories and their constant bragging. What they never tell you is their embarrassing side of the story where they had to work extra hours every day just to get their project ready for launch.

The most important thing here is that you need to act fast and get things done using focused actions. However, you should never try to get everything done alone. There’s just too many thing you need to work on so consider outsourcing some of the tedious work and consider letting other people help you in the areas where you are weak in. This advice will surely get you far as an internet marketer.

A Newbie’s Path To Making Money Online

A Newbie's Path To Making Money Online

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