Adsense Survival Tips For 2013.

On Site Optimization

Adsense is a great way to make money online. Not only do you not need to ‘sell’ to earn, you will find that the only marketing you will be doing is to please Google. Yes, the fact is this; Google owns and pretty much the majority of the search engine traffic. And if the keywords that you are targeting on keywords that does not pay a whole lot per click (not all keywords pay the same price and rarely there are high-paying on site optimization keywords with little competitors), this makes it hard to use a paid traffic strategy although in some cases it might still work.

on site optimization is ultimately a way for web owners to monetize their sites by thinking of ways to generate clicks which equals to traffic to the advertisers. This means that with each click that you get from your visitor on the ads, you get paid accordingly by Google. on site optimization is deemed as one of the best way to earn money online because you are earning money without having to sell anything and it is most suitable to those who are not comfortable in the idea of selling. The good thing about is that the earning potential is huge and once you have everything set up properly, your on site optimization sites will earn money for you almost on autopilot.

In 2013, two big Google updates known as the Panda and Penguin updates killed a lot of site overnight. Therefore, in 2013 one has to be extra careful not to cross the line so that their business stays strong. Here are some tips to help you grow your income in 2013.

No more 1 page sites.

It would be wise to stop all your 1 page sites. Those microsites that you have been building, you should consider adding more pages to them. Make sure to have at least 5 pages or more to your micro niche sites because during 2012 when the two big updates were released, there were tons of 1 page sites that went down. Therefore, if you are going to do any microsites at all in 2013, you have to kiss good bye to those 1 page sites. Make sure your site is loaded with more pages. It is more work, but hard work is often rewarding to those who are willing to try hard and adapt.
On site optimization.

This year, you will find that on site optimization will still be playing an important role to your site be it those big sites or your micro sites. Google really do look into your sites’ navigation because they do not what their searchers to be confused with that you are letting them see on your site. Therefore, you should make sure that it is easy to navigate through your site for everybody including the search engine spiders.

When it comes to on site optimization for your sites, you have to try and use some of those greatly themed themes that are easy to navigate. Make sure that people can find all your contents easily and make sure that they can get a good exit path if they wish to. Traditionally, some experts would purposely hide the exit to increase the ‘clicks’ that they will get from people who are confused on how to get out of the page.

The fact of the matter is this, frustrated readers will never come back and this will hurt your business in the long run. Plus, Google has been known to ban bad sites that do this so make sure you are not messing with the big G because when they lay down the ban hammer on you, it’s pretty much a huge knockout punch that you will rarely come back from.

Beware of CTR Themes made for .

There have been some themes out there designed to ‘trick’ Google and since we all know how brutal Google is when treating people who do not play by the rules, it is highly unadvisable for you or anyone to use these themes unless you are not in it for the long term.

When dealing with Google, in SEO, or even Adwords, most experts will agree these days that they days of ‘gaming’ Google for a quick buck is over. There is no point trying, even if you wish to make a quick buck out of it because Google has grown very smart over the years. Their algorithm has grown so advanced that those who are successful today depending on Google are doing only the right things. Of course, this would mean that your success might come ‘slower’ instead of within days or weeks, but know this, those who push through it are glad that they did it the right way and are enjoying endless traffic that amounts in lots of cash rewards.

Put your egg into more baskets.

Traditionally, people who are dealing with are essentially depending on traffic that comes from Google. While Google’s traffic is good, it can only do so much for a business. If you wish to grow and survive any drastic changes that Google might decide to do in the future (better safe than sorry)…, then it would do you good if you could gather traffic from other sources besides Google. The best of this traffic could come from Social network sites.

Sure you might argue that the traffic from Social Media sites might not be as Good as those that come directly from Google Searches, but the amount of traffic on Social Media can be so huge and cheap it will still make you a good income. Pair this traffic source up with your Traffic from Google and you will see your business go the distance. Social media traffic will be the center of attention, and everyone is slowly realizing this. Even Google understands the significance of Social media in the future, which explains the reason why they purchased YouTube and started Google+ and many other social media network efforts. Thou shall not ignore what Google loves.

On Site Optimization Survival Tips For 2013.

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