Advanced Article Syndication Techniques.

Article Directory Submissions

Article marketing is one of the earlier methods of online promotions that internet marketers have been doing to get traffic and sales for their online business. These days, the term Article Syndication seems to have made it into the spot light. This is not to be confused with Article Directory Submission because Article Directory submissions are no longer as effective as it was before a few years ago due to the main fact that Google has ‘lost’ their focus on these sites.
People have been speculating that Google have turned their heads away from some of those big Article Directories because of ‘duplicate contents’ or simply just contents that are crappy where most of the contents are short. Ideally, everyone was aiming for the 500 words article and of course these article directory submissions would not be lengthy enough to elaborate on anything of the topic the author is writing.

In the past, this is purposely done so that readers are left hanging, and if they wish to learn more they will have to click the provided URL to get more info (that’s how people gather traffic via Article Directory Submissions in the past). This is no longer as effective anymore since a majority of the Articles that ranked high on the Article Directories are no longer on those top spots anymore and thus the search engine traffic that authors have relied on has disappeared.
However, Article Directory Submissions can still be used to get traffic from readers who browse on article directories or hopefully your article gets picked out by some web publishers who can provide you with a lot of traffic from their websites. Article Syndication however, takes a slightly different approach in Article Marketing where as an author you will focus on writing the best content you can and submit it to big sites on your niche hoping that the editors will pick your Article and feature it on their website.

This usually means that you will be able to get a surge of article directory submissions traffic and the best part, these articles will continue to work for you to gather traffic for as long as these big sites exist. Here are some ‘advanced’ tips to help Article Syndicators do better in their business.

Build a list

Getting traffic online is hard. So whenever you have the chance to build a list, you should. This is because with a list, you can reach these people who gave you their permission to contact them over and over again. This is priceless even for an article directory submissions marketer. You do not want to pass up the chance to build a traffic source of your own. When you have your own list that is large enough, you will find that your list could be self-sufficient to provide you with your daily bread on top of the traffic that you are getting from your articles.

On the internet, the power of giving first is not to be underestimated, and building a list gives you a chance to give out some of your best stuff first. This way, you will be able to brand yourself and thus later when you plan to monetize your list, you will find it a much easier task to convert these people who are on your list. This is because your constant communications with them will have already helped you create a strong brand awareness that will without a doubt build a strong bond and relationship between you and your subscribers.

Therefore, be sure to employ a list building strategy with the traffic that you get from your article marketing efforts. Learn to place your landing page as a squeeze page and give some rare or valuable content to those who have decided to learn more about you after reading your articles. This way, you get traffic and you get to keep it. Some would argue that you might lose quite a lot of the traffic that comes from your articles and decided not to sign up on to your newsletter.

This problem can be easily remedied with a quick exit pop up script where you can directly and save the traffic and get them to land on your website or any page of your choice. Of course, this could be done on the other way round where the traffics coming into your website are first shown to your website with pure content, and then you will only try to get them to book mark or subscribed to your newsletter when they are there. Otherwise, you can just grab their contact when they try to leave once again using the exit pop scripts.

Personalizing Your Articles.

When you are writing your articles, be sure to include a story or your personal experience in your field. This presells your readers and tells them what to expect from you, and thus they will understand that your experience and expertise in the field is in fact genuine. Personalization can go a long way to help you show your readers how much you know and how much they can trust you to solve their problems. Doing this the correct way, you will effectively see a lot more clicks through on your links and of course a lot more sign ups to your newsletters as well.

Make sure to present your landing page with nice graphics and make sure it looks professional and neat. Trust can be built with the first impressions, and we all know how fast a person will make a first impression of you. The better the first impression on your image is, the better you will be able to build a strong bond or relationship with your to be subscribers.

These two powerful tips can easily get your Article Marketing business to the tops. It takes time to build a strong subscriber base, and it will take time to build trust and a good relationship with your subscribers. Therefore, for beginners, people who are desperate for money, the best way to go is to earn some quick capital first and then build a list later. However, if you are not pressed by survival, time or money, then you should jump right in order to build that list. You will reap the rewards later on.

Article Directory Submissions

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