Advanced List Building Tactics For Fast Results.

Advanced List Building Tactics

Just ask around on the gurus that have made a fortune online, most of them will tell you that the best marketing effort that have made an impact on their online business and the best return from their efforts would come from the list that they have built over the years. As far as Advanced List Building Tactics goes, it has been a phenomenal way to make money online because of the simple fact that you own yourself a great ‘source’ of traffic that you can tap into anything you want.

Many gurus actually call their list an ATM (automated teller machine) that will churn out cash every time they hit the send button. The concept Advanced List Building Tactics here is simple. Born from the concept of permission marketing, email marketing uses the web power and technology for you to gather a list of subscribers where you will gain their email contacts. And with this email contacts that you have built up, you can send them good valuable information to build brand and trust for yourself and also you can send them promotional emails on offer that you are currently selling or on affiliate products that your list might be interested in.

Below are some outlines of advanced list building tactics that you can use to further improve your list building campaigns.

You can make the most out of your product download page by placing an opt-in form.
Yes, if you are currently in the business of selling stuff online and have a download page, you should place an opt-in form right on top of the download page. Tell your buyers that if they opt-in, (Advanced List Building Tactics) they will get a free bonus and free lifetime updates to your products. Of course you should also disclose that along the notifications that you will send to them you will also be sending them offer and recommendations that will help them succeed in their business or a fix to their problems if you are not in the internet marketing niche.

Some payment processors can even integrate with your autoresponders these days and every single buyer that you get will be automatically added to your autoresponder. This is indeed a great feature to have for your list building campaign because using integration you should get close to a hundred percent of the buyers and turn them into subscribers. The Opt-in form method on the download page will still work but you might lose some customers who do not wish to opt-in to your newsletter.

If you are an affiliate, you can provide bonuses to your buyers and tell them to contact you for the bonus. When they do contact you for the bonus, you can then send them to a squeeze page first before allowing them to download your bonus. This will get you more sales and then build a list than some of those affiliates who prefer to build a list first before making a sale.
Error pages.

If your site has an existing incoming traffic, then make sure that you do not underestimate this step where you place an opt-in form on your error pages. Note that it is not recommended to use pop ups on error pages because it will just sprung some more negativity in the air. Instead just a subtle ‘sorry, you’ve landed in the wrong place, we would like to give you a nice gift as a way to show you our gratitude for visiting us..” or phrases like that to show the confused visitor that you are there to try and resolve the confusion. You will be surprised at just how much people will actually type the wrong urls or site address and get to your error 404 pages.

Don’t let good traffic that you bought go to waste. Make sure that every single one of them gets a chance to subscribe to your list. This will surely grow your list and you will not be able to comprehend how all these people actually ended up on your error pages.

Advanced List Building Tactics Viral Reports can you free traffic and opt-ins fast.

A great way to build your list is to actually create viral reports and distribute them out for free. There are two ways to go about doing this. The first one is to actually send out viral reports only after people opt-in to your list as a subscriber. This is the traditional way of doing things but it works very well. Another way to do this is to actually give away your report for free without any requirement to opt-in at all. The chances of this method to go viral are much higher and you will find that you will get just as much opt-ins at the end of the day.

In fact, if you do this right and your viral report is full of goodies that people will share around, you will see a very huge response to your become to your subscriber. Not only will you get a lot more opt-ins and traffic this way, your subscribers will be presold with your offers (if you mention them in your report) and you will be creating a strong branding. If you distribute the report for free without any restrictions or requirements of opting in first to get the report, then you will see your viral report spread far and wide with a lot of momentum and you the return will be stellar.

Buyer’s list.

A buyer’s list is the ultimate kind of list that you should be building. A great way to build a buyers list fast is to lower the price of your offers to the minimum, say below $10. In the internet marketing niche, $7 seems to be a good number to play with and you will find that conversion will be ultra-high and you will surely be able to build a list of buyers this way much faster than for a product that sells for $37 and above. All in all, build your list early and you will find yourself retiring early as well.

Advanced List Building Tactics

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