Affiliate Marketing Cash Backs, Discount, And Bonus Strategies.

Affiliate Marketing

The way to make money without having your own product is definitely a smart one and affiliate marketing is such a way to accomplish this. For newbie marketers, this is a dream come true. You do not need to have any extensive preparations in order to make money. When I say preparations, I am merely indicating that you do not need to be creating your own product, sales letters, support teams, sales funnels, newsletters, squeeze page or anything like that. This is probably the number one reason why it is the preferred method of earning money online by the new comers.
All you need to do for Affiliate Marketing is find a converting offer, and then make sure that you push a certain volume of targeted traffic to the offer that you found earlier. If done right, this will get you sales and commissions. Now the two big keys that play a part in your success in affiliate marketing is determined by your traffic and conversions. Today we are going to look at ways to help improve the conversions of your affiliate offers. Many leave it in the hands of the sales letter; some will just try to presell the offer. The question is… how else can you make the offer worthy for a purchase by the masses? We look into the details below.

Affiliate Marketing Cash Backs
Now if you want to help with improving the conversions or if you want to beat your affiliate competitors in this game, a great way to help the visitors choose to buy from you is to give them a reason to. And one of the best reasons you can give them are cash backs or rebates. Of course this would mean that you will have to find a higher priced item to sell because you will certainly need to be able to profit even after a rebate or cash back.

The thing here is if you can then you should give a reasonable amount of cash backs back to the buyers. The higher your cash backs are the more enticing it will look to your buyers. Cash backs are in a way is a discount to your buyers and people just love discounts. One of the best ways to implement rebates strategies into your affiliate campaigns is to use a landing page and explain the cash back that you are giving on the landing page. Now the traffic has to be extremely targeted for this to work well because you will want to target people who are almost ready to buy.

Hence your intention behind the keyword that you choose should you be using SEO or PPC strategies is that the keyword searcher needs to be already in the buying mode. With a buying intention, you will slide in the middle of the mood and show them that they will get a benefit from buying from you. Be extra careful when using this strategy because some merchant does not allow a rebate or cash incentive from affiliates. This is because they are concerned that they might lose ‘customers’ and people will just buy from a rebate affiliate and in this case you… or that your cash back strategy is not fair to other affiliate. With that said some merchants do not care if you are using this strategy because the rebate money will come from your own pocket after all.

Another thing that you will have to be wary of when using this strategy is that you can only promise to give the cash back after the refund period because obviously this will protect you from a refund and having to give out a rebate and lose money from such an exchange. Using this strategy also lines you up to build a buyers list because you are still in contact with the buyer even after the purchase and you can take this chance to ask for the opt-in.

Affiliate Marketing Discounts.

Now… discounts and rebates are almost the same to your customers. However the way you have to implement it is slightly different. You will have to first contact your affiliate manager and ask if there are any special discount links or a special coupon that you can give to your traffic. You will have to explain to them that this is a strategy that you use extensively and with a lot of success in your affiliate business. Ask for any discount. And again, this will mean that you will have to be promoting for a significantly higher priced offer so that after the discount, there will be enough food left on the table for both you and the merchant to enjoy.

You can expect the merchant to agree to a discount offer if they are selling at $7 product to $37 product. One strategy that you can use to help get that discount is to ask your merchant if they have a good back end strategy right after the sale or not. This is because if they have a strong back end strategy then they can afford to lose money at first on the front end sale and then make back the profit from the back end. By reminding them that it is worth it to give a discount can easily help you negotiate for that discount successfully.

Affiliate Marketing Bonuses.

So what happens if you do not want to give out a rebate or if your merchant do not agree to give out bonuses? Walk away? No… walking away is hardly the answer especially if the product is something that you believe in or if the product is converting very well. Therefore the right answer would be to use bonuses as an incentive to help get that sale under your affiliate account. Now bonuses can come rather inexpensive especially if you are selling an information product. The fundamental concept here is for you to actually give a bonus offer that will be valuable to the customer, relevant to the main offer that they are purchasing and the best of all if you can, make sure that you bonus can help complement and enhance the experience of the using the main offer that you are promoting.

This way the people who buys from you will feel that it is the ‘smart’ choice if they want to make their purchase worthwhile. Free PDF Download “Ultimate Affiliate Income

Affiliate Marketing

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