Are Reviews Good for Internet Business?

Are Product Or Services Reviews Good for Internet Business?

In recent years, the internet has been the go to place to seek out a product or services review about a certain business, product or service before someone decides to make a purchase. The internet has made it very easy for this task of researching before buying. This is especially true for products and services that cost a lot of money. With that said, this also means that local businesses are affected as well because people can now easily search for any reviews even if it is for a restaurant rating or a hotel’s rating.

Reviews Good for Internet Business?Product or Sproduct or services Reviews and your revenue.

Studies have shown that businessesproduct or services revenues are indeed affected by online ratings and thus as an online marketer, one must be very careful in managing all the responses and reviews that you get online. If you have a product or services that are currently being sold online (or offline) it is a smart thing to actually go about and lurk in some of the forums or ‘hangout’ areas of your potential customers and check out what they are currently saying about your offers.

If your product or services has a natural positive review than congratulations to you because this could usually mean that your product is of excellent quality, and that it actually helps the live of your buyers. Your product is worth the money that they paid and is showing results which explains why your offers are getting a very good rating online. You can now try to find out what is working and make a good note not to change what is working and then try to further improve your products or services.

However, if your product has a naturally bad review, then you might want to consider moving on to another project or try to actually improve your product and reputation. This is the exact reason why new product or service providers are encouraged to monitor their online reputations closely so that they could deal with the problem as soon as it arises. Negative reviews should always be handled professionally. Some internet marketer would even try to get their happy customers to defend their product if some negative reviews pop up. In any business, it is imperative that one would have to deal with a ‘difficult customer’, and it is absolutely unavoidable. And much like all businesses you should always try your best to deal with these ‘difficult customer’ politely. If things are beyond help, then you should try to resolve the issue where both parties win.

Types of ratings online.

There are many forms of reviews or ratings online. The most popular ones are the star ratings or the recent Facebook ‘like’ rating. The Facebook ‘Like’ rating is pretty easy to manage because most of the time you will be getting a positive type of rating as there is no ‘dislike’ button. However, people will use the comments’ section when they have a negative thing to say about your product or services.

Another type of rating is the star or numbers type of rating. These kinds of rating are usually based on how much a user values the product or services that they have experienced. For example, one out of five stars would mean that your product is very bad and they did not like it at all. If you get stars, then that would usually mean that your product is of absolute quality and that we should all be proud of that 5 star rating. With a 5 star rating you (and of course a reasonably priced product) you will be bound to get a lot of sales. Hence always shoot for the highest rating possible.

Some sites will actually compare your offer with your competitors, and if you can get a higher rating than your competitors you will find that you can easily beat your competitors and become the industry leader. The kinds of reviews that you should be careful of are the kind of negative comments that you will find on blog posts or forums. These negative reviews can impact your revenues so be sure to be there to catch them whenever they sprang out of nowhere.

Keep an eye out for bad reviews.

This of course means that you have to constantly monitor the feedbacks that you get from your customers. Always make sure that you are visiting relevant forums and use the search engines to find out where are people talking about your product and offers using simple search terms like ‘product name review’ or ‘product name scam’.

When you find these bad reviews, the best thing you could do is to deal with them right then, right there to avoid the problem from getting out of hands. However, you will have to be very careful when you answer the comment professionally and do not appear to be agitated or offended by their bad comments. Instead, you should project an image that you are innocent, and that you cannot hope to please everyone.

Reducing the bad comments.

A good way to reduce these bad comments is to provide the best customer support. This is because usually when people are not happy with your product the first thing that they will do is to contact you via your support channel. If you ignore them or give them an unsatisfactory answer, it is usually then that you will anger them to a point where they feel like they have to get back at you. Hence it is always best if you could attend to their issues as early as possible and make sure that they are the winner in the end of the dispute.

This also means that you should send them a refund if you’ve tried everything and not reach a solution that will satisfy the customer. Without a doubt that there will always be customers who bought your item on impulse with money that they did not have and regret later on even when there is obviously nothing wrong with your product. These customers will try their best to get their money back. When this happens there’s nothing you can do but to help them. if you are lucky, you might even get them to say some good things about you after the dispute.

Yes Product Or Services Reviews Are Good for Internet Business?

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