Are Your Web Graphics Helping With Conversions?

Sales Message Helping With Conversions

The significance of web graphics has grown more and more over the past few years in internet marketing. The thing about graphics design is that there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in how you choose to use it but there are certain rules that you should abide to so that you get the most out of a website visitor.

Are Your Web Graphics Helping With Conversions?It is no secret that people can connect better with ‘beautiful’ things and unlike old school marketing where you will put out plain text with some shading on it as your sales message, modern marketing now incorporates a lot more images and fancy graphics in the sales message to induce sales. Here are some of the pointers you need to heed to when you are designing your website. Too many fancy graphics can reduce readership.
When you overuse your graphics and when you have too many catchy images around your sales message, you could be in for some bad news. Research has recently found out that the use of too many fancy graphics around your sales message can actually reduce your readership.

Instead people will scroll from 1 graphic to another and this actually hinders your readers from reading your sales message effectively. Therefore, if you are planning to use your website for grab attention, then by all means you should place as many attention grabbing images as you want. However, if your main objective of your website design is to maximize your conversion rate then you need to place just a few attention grabbing images at strategic positions to help them focus on your sales message and continue reading without any distractions.

Use Captions.

It has been proven that captions get read at a very high percentage hence, a great way to use captions in your graphics and images is to place testimonials or even your product benefits into caption’s format so that it gets read all the time.

This is very important because getting people to read your sales message is your main goal. Doing this actually helps users to decide if they are going to buy the product or not. More importantly if you wish your captions to stay in the mind of the reader for a longer period of time is to be sure to use emotional triggers to help people remember you. Use captions wisely and you will almost certainly see an improvement to the understanding of your product and the increase of your profits.

Graphic Placement matters.

When you are designing your website you need to consider the placement of your graphics. Humans usually read from left to right and thus if you place your graphics at the right place you can help catch the attention that you need at the right time. Placing images in the middle of your sales message can help your readers rest a little from all the text that they have to consume. After a quick rest, you actually place arrows to point them back towards the place where they left off.
Use only relevant images.

Learn to use relevant images for your graphics. When you have relevant images, you can be sure that people will be able to relate to your sales message even more. Let’s say for example, you are trying to explain how using your product can help solve a common problem in elderly women. Hence, a good image you can include at the side is to place a stock photo of an elderly woman smiling while holding your product in their hands.

Even better, you can even use the picture and place a caption of the elderly woman thanking you as part of a testimonial (try to include the benefits of your products as well). This kind of images will help your readers visualize a scenario where they have used your product and that they are rid of their problems now thanks to you.

Importance of the left side margin

Try your best to keep your left side margin of the text. This is because most people are accustomed to reading with the left margin and that gives people a place to return to after each line. When it comes to your text and the main part of your body copy, you should try to leave as many white space as you can so that it is easy for people to read. Make sure that you are using the right colors so that the text can be easily read without any strain to the eye.

Reading online is already a very hard thing to do, which is why most people browse through most of the information that they get on the screen. People will only read if they think that ever you have written is worth their time, and it is the answer that they have been looking for. Ask yourself this question, how many times have you scrolled through an article just to realize at the end of (or at some point) of the article that this is what you have been looking for and went back to read the entire article all over again carefully?

Some images have negative effects.

Yes, especially if your image is not relevant to your messages or if the image is boring. Make sure that your images are clear and easy to understand. Never try to place a complicated image that challenges your reader to figure out what it is even if it is interesting to you. Sure you can place it anywhere else on your website but never on your sales letter or sales page. This kind of distracting images will almost always get your readers to lose focus from your sales message and get them curious on your picture. All in all, when you put your thoughts and mind into your graphics and not just simply chunking in images as you like, then you will see your readership improve and so will your profits.

Are Your Web Graphics Helping With Conversions?

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