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How to Increase Squeeze Page Traffic And Opt-In Conversions

Online businesses require a host of traffic to keep their operations going to stay relevant in the market. Business owners and marketers strive to find dynamic marketing tools and strategies to woo more potential leads for more sales and profits. However, it could be a daunting task for business owners and marketers with the myriad of available online marketing tools today.

Available Market Options

Business owners and marketers could develop and display more websites to generate the desired massive traffic if they are well equipped with the knowledge and skills. Time is also required for multiple websites to draw in more traffic to sell products on promotion. It could be time consuming to manage multiple websites even for the altruistic intentions in this possible online marketing strategy.

List building is another dynamic web traffic generation option for business owners and marketers. This is a very feasible potential business lead generation method that is easy and fast in generating web traffic to the business site. A higher volume of web traffic would ensure a higher opt-in conversion rate to attract more subscribers to the business marketing list. However, dynamic list building strategies must be carefully identified and implemented to secure the desired results over time.

The generation of website traffic could be accomplished through many ways. This includes:

? Online ads
? JV partnerships
? Affiliate programs
? Leads buying
? PPC ads
? Solo ads
? Backlinks
? Article posting
? Viral marketing
? Social media marketing
? Podcasting

As technology increases over time, more dynamic marketing methods are available to ensure an increase in squeeze page traffic. It is up to the marketer in selecting one or more to be applied to meeting the business objectives to enjoy the outcomes.
A synergy could be generated through a combination of dynamic marketing methods with the proper planning and implementation as well as monitoring and measuring rates of success. Creative marketing ways could develop higher rates of success with higher web traffic and sales for the business. The business website should be optimized with good keywords or key phrases and relevant backlinks to woo more web traffic.

Opt-In Conversions

However, dynamic a marketing strategy could be, if the desired number of potential leads for the business is not achieved, it is considered a failure. Hence, online marketers and business owners should take on the following recommendations for higher opt-in conversions:
? Create a “squeeze page” website
? Include a business logo or profile photo on the squeeze page
? Test out different applications and formats of squeeze page for optimal results
? Include a free offer to lure subscribers
? Include opt-in forms in all web pages
? Include testimonials from satisfied subscribers or customers
? Remove ads and links which are distractions
? Employ pop-up
? Ensure fast page loading

Every marketing strategy that has a ‘unique selling proposition’ (USP) is likely to draw more web visitors who are more likely to become potential business leads as business mailing subscribers. This would increase the number of sales the business would enjoy. As many web consumers are enticed with a USP or freebies that come with some marketing promotion, online marketers should employ this marketing technique creatively to attract the right niche markets.

Getting Started and Moving On

Many Internet marketers or business owners may get going quickly with a new online business setup by securing the right hosting provider, apt domain name, creating a squeeze page and setting up the auto-responder.

Once the free gift is ready, the online business promotion is set to hit the market. This would include drawing massive web traffic to the squeeze page and being compelled to subscribe to the business mailing list.

1) Solo Ads Dynamics

Generating huge traffic quickly to the squeeze page is easy with solo ads. These paid ads are very effective in their purpose with targeted niche markets identified and focused. A strong and healthy list could be built easily with solo ads if the reliable quality solo ad providers are identified to supply quality subscribers.

Some market research and trial and error checking may be necessary to identify the best of solo ad vendors for optimal results.

2) Facebook Ads Essentials

Facebook ads offer another dynamic paid traffic source with a similar objective as solo ads. If the right market is identified, Facebook ads could convert a high percentage of web visitors to potential business leads readily as marketers could specify the precise business potentials from the vast number of possibilities on Facebook.

The trick of Facebook ads is to pinpoint the targeted business audience and working out the best budget for every click. The right marketing campaign must be well thought out to enjoy the full potential of Facebook ads for the best outcomes. Cheap clicks are possible with an autopilot Facebook ad that is aptly positioned in the market to attract the crowd.

3) Dynamic YouTube Potentials

This largest search engine after Google is ideal to increase squeeze page traffic quickly. As more consumers love watching videos on the Internet, YouTube poses to be an excellent marketing resource to generate organic quality traffic to the squeeze page.
Connecting with potential business leads is easy via YouTube marketing through video promos that are well designed containing pertinent information on their contents. The high quality content in dynamic form entices many viewers who would watch through the video from start to finish before being compelled towards an opt-in action such as subscribing to the business mailing list.

The appealing call-to-action option at the end of the video with a link is compelling to viewers on a response, especially if the call-to-action feature is simple and doable in a couple of minutes.


Creative marketing strategies on squeeze page would boost the opt-in conversions of the business through careful manipulation of the latest traffic generation methods in town. Interesting promos such, as online ads and entertaining videos through reputed platforms are likely to boost web traffic and conversion rates on the website for more sales and profits.

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How Google Calculates Your Search Ranking in 2015

Aggressive Internet marketers and online business owners are acutely aware of the importance of online web page ranking by Google, which is esteemed as one of the most important search engines on the Internet. A high SERP score is known to bring in the desired massive traffic that could boost business outcomes in many ways.

Hence, every online business marketer must understand how Google calculates their web site ranking to enjoy higher traffic and sales for a great bottom line.

1) Domain Authority Trust Score

Google allocates 23.87% in trust through the website’s Domain Authority score comprising many smaller factors of consideration with time as the primary factor. This refers to the length of time in which the website is in service and how active good backlinks at this site have been in offering great services to web users.

Copied content or spam activation in backlink creation would affect this score adversely.

2) Link Popularity Score

Google identifies the popularity of the link with an allocation of 22.33% score to determine the number of links available on other sites that point to the targeted site. The trustworthiness of these third party sites is also accrued in the link popularity score of Google.

Links from sites with a high domain authority score would boost the link popularity score of the website, but spam activities would decrease the value.

3) Anchor Text Score

Google next assigns 20.26% on Anchor Text which refers to the text with backlinks to rate the relevancy of the links to the site. The link text and its context are evaluated stringently by Google depending on the value of the site the link is attached to.

4) Keyword Placement and Usage Score

Google appoints 15.04% on Keywords that are appropriate to online searches. These could be single words or phrases searched on the web to be matched to website words and phrases in the page title, headings, bold or highlighted text as well as meta data or backlink text.

5) Hosting Data Score

The hosting data score may be only 6.9% of the total ranking score, but it comprises several factors such as:
* Matching domain name to website category
* Proper registration of domain
* Operational website
* Speed of website
Slow server speed would certainly lower this percentage to impact the overall ranking score.

6) Click through Rate Score

The Click through rate is assigned 6.29% of the total ranking score to identify the number of web visitors to the website searching for the desired keyword or key phrases. It also tracks the duration a web visitor spent on the website.

7) Social Media Links and Content Score

The rampant application of social media content and good links on social media platforms would boost Google’s allocated 5.30% score to contribute to a higher ranking. This involves the widespread use of social media posts that would include videos and pictures that are highly popular with web consumers today on the Internet.

The more links and interesting contents posted on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the better rates Google allocate on this category.

These categories’ scores determine the final overall score for the best of SERP listing to make it on the first page of Google searches.

However, webmasters could pull in a few tricks to enhance the overall rating. This includes hiring professional Search Engine Optimization experts who are well versed with Google’s ranking algorithm and process. These SEO experts are versatile in identifying the relevant components in a website to boost its search engine ranking.

Enhancing Website Ranking

Besides hiring professional help with better website ranking, webmasters could achieve higher webpage rankings if they understood the criteria of Google search algorithms. The crux of the matter is that almost 50% ranking scores stem from links at third party sites which are instrumental to boost website ranking.

This implies a strong influence from web consumers and other websites on Google, which emphasizes high ranking scores on any site. Every ranking criterion is identified and checked to be ranked before the final ranking is accumulated. This includes the domain authority score, good keywords application, link relevancy, anchor text percentage and click through rates as well as social media applications.

These ranking factors are interrelated to impact the final website ranking score by Google depending on the satisfaction of web consumers who readily offer feedback to Google which re-evaluates the website ranking. Hence, it is not surprising that Google continuously re-evaluates the website ranking with continuous feedback from web users.

Webmasters can do so much more to influence web users’ online experiences with their websites that would compel them to offer positive feedback to Google for higher ranking scores.

SEO Featured Websites

When the website is well designed and implemented according to the latest of SEO features and techniques, it is impossible not to find favor with Google search algorithms. The webmaster who makes the right moves at all times would be diligent in keeping pace with market trends and consumer behavior to upgrade their website accordingly in winning over more web consumers.

As technology progresses, websites must adopt the emerging technologies such as mobile technology, which requires websites to be mobile compatible or mobile friendly. This is to cater to the growing number of web users who are mobile users. The website must not be neglected to move with the times in order to be relevant in the marketplace and be favored by Google and other search engines.


User friendly websites or web pages are poised to attract the attention of Google to be accorded a higher ranking with faster search results. It should be the aim of every web business owner or marketer to understand how the Google search algorithm works for higher ranking scores that would attract more web traffic to their website. This would be translated into a higher conversion rate to boost the bottom line of the business.

Such knowledge would benefit small to large online businesses on the Internet today to be established and reputable in the market.

Facebook Marketing + Local and Non-Local Business Promotions

More and more modern online businesses today are looking at social media to assist in effective Internet marketing that would win over more customers in the local and non-local environments. This is where social media giants like Facebook and Twitter could boost their business operations, sales and web traffic tremendously with low cost.

Facebook Marketing Effects

Local businesses are jumping onto the social media platform to leverage on Facebook for more benefits in marketing operations. Facebook is favorably adapted into the business’s marketing mix for the best ROI.

Facebook offers plenty of exciting features which could prove viable for businesses in promoting the brand or products and services. The Offers feature on Facebook is widely manipulated by online businesses where online coupons could be generated on the local business page which is promoted via newsfeed to attract potential business leads and customers.

Web consumers find this coupon offer convenient and more attractive in deciding to make a purchase without the hassle of pushy salespersons insisting on a sale closure. The free coupon allows consumers to try out the brand, product or service before taking on more. Businesses are able to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and choice of coupons to attract the right groups of consumers.

Facebook marketing could ripple through local small businesses to large businesses outside the local vicinity as the business progresses in size and operations. Non-local or international business growth is easily accommodated with Facebook marketing as the Facebook marketing features are available at a local or non-local environment.

Steps in Synergizing Marketing Strategies

Every Facebook marketing strategy could be enhanced with the right marketing tactic that satisfies local and non-local targeted niche markets. This may take more effort and creativity on the business owners or marketers, but the rewards are greater in comparison to single marketing endeavors. More creative juice should flow once the business owners or marketers get the hang of Facebook marketing with other market dynamics to impact local and non-local markets to boost their business outcomes.

Step 1 ? Identify the Irresistible Offer

When businesses give an attractive offer that is free and useful to targeted consumers, it would draw in more potential business leads to boost the business operations, sales and bottom lines. Such offers are usually irresistible to consumers who are inclined towards the brand or products that are useful and relevant to their lives and work.

These attractive offers could come in the form of discounts and promotions as well as free sample products or accessing to exclusive articles and videos that would benefit consumers. A simple call-to-action of clicking on the ‘Like’ button to secure the free offer is such an easy task which would attract many consumers. The high ‘Likes’ augur well with top search engines that would accord a high page ranking to benefit the business in terms of boosting the market visibility and reputation of the business and brand.

If the attractive offer has a short timeline that is a close expiry or validity date, it is likely that more consumers would be drawn to it with a higher number of responses on call-to-action.

Step 2 – Prepare Promotion Banners

A dynamic Facebook marketing campaign with local and non-local businesses should include online banners of promotion. At least two business promo banners should be designed and created for fans and non-fans as each category of consumers have different needs and inclination towards the business and brand.

Facebook banners have specific tab requirements on the width and length using maximum 520 pixels. These banners could be very instrumental in attracting the right crowd with the right colors, images and text in promoting the brand or products. A creative design would certainly stir up more interests on the business brand for a closer look at the available offers.

Step 3 ? Special Additions on Facebook

Facebook offers many exciting features which could be added to the online marketing campaign implemented by marketers for greater results. This includes adding HTML or FBML application to the page to boost market awareness.

Marketers could also enhance the Welcome Tab as the default landing tab for all web visitors, especially non-fans on their first web visit. Visitors would feel warmth on sighting the “Welcome” sign that is more personal than the default Facebook page Wall. The setting could be activated personally using the “Setting” button on the Facebook wall tab.

New tabs should always be checked and tested for smooth functionality to avoid confusion and frustration. This would help system administrators to be more focused on the marketing components without losing track of the marketing objectives. Sighting two banners during the testing stage could be rather confusing for even administrators.

Step 4 ? Detailed Tracking with Google Analytics

Facebook marketing could prove to be even more dynamic with local and non-local business promotions when proper tracking of the marketing strategy and campaign is administered. Good tracking is essential to high returns on investment by farsighted marketers in their business development and expansion in the market.

Tracking the success of every Facebook marketing endeavor is easy through Google Analytics where customers come by the custom Facebook page. The tracking activation could be imbedded in the Welcome tab using Google Analytics code directly.

Big or Small, Local or Non-local Businesses

Facebook marketing is feasible for all types of business in different industries today. A high number of ‘Likes’ on Facebook could boost the company’s market presence and status with more crowd to its website besides the favored SERP ranking by top search engines.

With the millions of Facebook users and subscribers plying the platform daily, many targeted consumers could be procured by online businesses that deploy creative marketing tactics on this giant social media. Local and non-local businesses could enjoy lots of potential leads for more sales at lower marketing costs with a simple profile setup.

Creative marketing strategies could be designed and implemented in attracting more web consumers from Facebook to support the business brand. As the business fan base increases, the quantum of sales would also increase.

Ezine Advertizing: A Good Alternative When Buying Online Ads

Internet business owners and marketers are seeking better alternatives on the Internet to buy online ads that would give them further leverage in securing potential business leads for more sales and profits. They aim to make more money either through online or offline means and measures as they seek to push their businesses further in the market despite rising competition.

Online marketing success requires online advertising which must be very cost effective to reach lots of potential customers. One of such marketing approaches is Ezine advertising.

Dynamics of Ezine Advertizing

Ezines are renowned online newsletters which website owners manipulate to announce their business updates, share news and keep connected with their list of subscribers and other potential leads.

The crux of the matter is online business owners and marketers place promo ads on selected ezine posts to capture the interest of potential business customers. Business newsletters are mailed to targeted business subscribers linked to ezine article authors who may have thousands of subscribers. These online ads would generate a huge exposure of the business to many potential business leads in securing web traffic.

Targeted Ezine advertising is very effective as a dynamic online marketing strategy when executed rightly. Lots of potential business customers could be viewing the ad while reading the article and click on the ad link to be directed to the website.

Ezines which are related to the business would generate the best results as they are targeted towards specific market niches. This would increase the sales conversion rate favorably for the business. Ezine ads could be placed in any part of the newsletter for effectiveness with different pricing. Their size could differ by the number of lines too. Solo ads are one form of Ezine advertizing which is very expensive as sole exclusivity is offered on targeted subscribers.

These are standalone ads without other contents for a specific focus on the business brand and products. Marketers and business owners should research more about Ezine ads before indulging through a subscription for a better understanding of the features and dynamics of the advertising platform.

Steps to Undertake for Ezine Advertising

Online business owners and marketers need to understand the style and structure of Ezine ads before a dynamic application with optimal results could happen. They need to identify the market niches to advertise in with the best of keywords for an optimal search.

The Internet offers a host of established Ezine advertizing directories that help promote online businesses via Ezine ads. Marketers should have sufficient funds to make purchases of Ezine ads while considering several factors for greater effectiveness.

Marketers deploying Ezine ads must identify the Ezine articles that are closely related to their business with a catchy headline that would attract the right audience. This could be identified by the Ezine owner who is familiar with the kind of audiences the articles would attract. Marketers should select to subscribe to a live Ezine platform for greater effectiveness.

With the plethora of Ezine directories on the Internet, marketers could have a field day in finding relevant Ezine article owners that would promote their business with a ready audience. Different ads could be mailed out to the same targeted crowds with the same as a follow-up strategy as continuous marketing exposure helps draw the audience to the business brand or products.

Creative Marketing Alternatives

Follow-up Ezine ads are crucial to targeted audiences in the hope of creating a personal mailing list for the business. This would grow the business email list without long term dependence on third party online ads.

Success in Ezine ads requires a persistent and smart marketing approach where marketers plan the best marketing strategies to attract the right crowds with compelling offers for opt-in subscribers out of the Ezine ad subscribers. This is a dynamic online advertising approach to promote business brand and products as well as a squeeze page.

Ezine ads are part of permission-based marketing where web consumers need to become Ezine subscribers before receiving messages. However, Ezine subscribers are allowed to unsubscribe anytime. Hence, Ezine publishers work hard to ensure 100% delivery rate with contents and ads that appeal without losing subscribers that would decrease the delivery rate.

Marketers who intend to manipulate Ezine advertising should consult SEO experts on the best of online advertising, but many would conclude that Ezine articles with great content reign supreme in the online marketing platform. Hence, marketers must be skilled in identifying the best of Ezine publishers with high subscriber numbers to advertise their business on those platforms.

As web consumers read the interesting and value-added content on Ezine platform, they are bound to take notice of the Ezine ad placed strategically to attract their attention. There is a ‘rubbed off’ trust and respect on the business brand represented by the ad from the well written article by established or reputed author.

Links are also crucial components with Ezine advertising as every ad should have a good link that would direct web traffic to the web business site. Good links form the lifeline of online businesses where interested web visitors could find more relevant information quickly with further online searches if the ads are placed in related Ezine articles. These links help web consumers navigate the web while search engines would be able to reach these websites more easily for evaluation and ranking.

Hence, value-added content and good links are crucial to the effectiveness of Ezine advertising. The dynamics of Ezine ads are not for the current only, but also stretch to a longer feasibility duration where the ads could still be drawing in the desired traffic even months after their initial publish. Many Ezine articles are archived after the initial publish, but these are also crawled by search spiders regularly to be ranked for more web traffic generation over time. They become valuable backlinks in online searches by search engines.


Ezine advertising is so dynamic and versatile to procure the desired web traffic easily as an effective online marketing strategy. It promises to generate immediate targeted traffic with important back links that are beneficial even in the future.

Don’t Let Your Website Turn Into a Zombie!

Many Internet marketers tend to leave their web business site in disarray over time that it soon turns into a zombie state which is unattractive to web traffic. This is tragic for online businesses that depend heavily on constant flows of web traffic to boost sales and bottom lines of the business.

Features of a Zombie Website

A zombie website is certainly not alluring to visit with obvious repulsive appeal. It is easy to identify a zombie website by its features.

1) Physical Unattractiveness

The website that is left unattended over time would soon become a zombie website with its physical unattractiveness and outdated format of the display. Latest technology features on SEO enhanced websites are not applied to keep abreast with innovation that would benefit the business at the end of the day. The website looks lifeless without the spark and animation which modern technologies offered to attract web traffic that is always looking for something new and exciting on the Internet.

The myriad of websites that are more attractive turns web traffic to a diversion readily while leaving behind zombie websites in the dust. Webmasters need to check out the competition in the market to keep abreast with the latest market trends, if not staying ahead of the competition. New website designs with attractive themes should be applied using the best of website formats and layouts that web traffic would be captivated to visit again and again.

2) Slow and Frustrating

Another feature of a zombie website is its slowness in activation that is seemingly clumsy. The slow download or upload of files, data and images or even videos frustrate many web visitors who might be interested in the site offers. Time is a precious commodity to all web consumers, especially in this era of dynamic and progressive technologies.

Web visitors would be wasting a lot of their time waiting for the completion of activity and would choose to exit the website without the task serving its purpose. A lot of potential business leads and sales could be missing from such zombie websites.
Webmasters must check on image and content size to ensure a quick upload or download activity through proper optimization or compression techniques. Such maintenance and upgrades of the website must be administered regularly, especially with progressive technologies emerging rapidly and increasing competition in the market.

3) Outdated Technologies

Every website coding must be updated regularly using the latest dynamic tools in the market and the era. Innovative technologies emerging offer a host of versatile coding tools and solutions which webmasters could apply easily. Outdated coding does not augur well with top search engines which are constantly updating their search algorithms using the latest technologies to enhance the web users’ online experiences.

Outdated codes could disrupt the proper functioning of the website with a lot of intermittent issues which annoy web visitors. Such poor online experiences leave a bitter taste that would not encourage re-visits to the website. Webmasters must learn up the latest technologies to enhance their website with SEO features which would augur well with search spiders.

4) Bugs and Infections

A website with all the creepy crawlers is no fun except for the search spiders checking out the optimization of the site for high rankings with top search engines. A website that has plenty of software and system bugs is headed for disaster as these undesired creepy crawlers could block the effective running of the website to frustrate web visitors.

Webmasters need to be continually trained on new coding and solutions in website designs and functionality to check for bugs and other types of online infections that are detrimental to a dynamic website on the Internet. The website should be protected with anti-viral software that detects Trojan horse, virus and worms which readily cripple a website’s functionality.

5) Constant since Inception

It is possible that web owners or webmasters are not aware that they need to keep rejuvenating their website over time, even if they have enjoyed market success since inception. As the saying goes, “change is the only constant in life”; it is necessary to adopt changes as these emerge according to market trends and consumer preferences through new technologies.

It is a fact that consumer behavior changes with changing buying patterns and preferences as technologies bring in new ideas and solutions that would impact lifestyle and modern living. Web owners who wish their business to stay relevant in the market would need to keep changing their website to be market relevant. Today is the era of mobile technology. Lots of consumers are mobile users with dynamic mobile devices in their side 24/7 used to surf the web at any time. A mobile friendly website would win more web traffic in catering to the growing number of web consumers who are dynamic mobile users.

Websites that wish to draw in more traffic daily must change with time not only to remain relevant in the market, but to stay as market leaders in their industry. No business or website could stay at the top of the market resting on their laurels with many more potential and aggressive web entrepreneurs hitting the market weekly.

6) Dead Domains

Last but not least in zombie websites are those in dead domains. This refers to websites which were once in splendor, but have rotted away without care and maintenance. These are forgotten websites which perhaps could not catch up with progressive technologies and dynamic market changes.

These dead domains may have been neglected by ambitious web owners or marketers who were aggressive in developing more business opportunities through multiple websites and domains; sometimes, more than what they could chew or handle. Hence, it is not surprising that many dynamic domains which scan the web once upon a time are now forlorn or obliterated.


An online or Internet business is a great challenge from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ with a host of requirements which web owners, marketers and webmasters must collaborate dynamically to enjoy the best of synergy in effort and resources for success.