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Reliable PPV Tactics That Works!

Low Cost Tactics To Promote our Online BusinessReliable PPV Tactics That Works!

One of the most underestimated traffic sources on the internet today are PPV (Pay per view) traffic. This could be because most people do not know anything about it and it is unclear to them as to how PPV traffic works. You know what they say… people usually fear what they do not know or understand. However, at the same time, it is also undeniable that PPV one of the best traffic source available today. And not to complicate things, it is true that PPV traffic does bring in quality leads and those leads does convert into cash as well.

When we talk about PPV traffic, it is often associated with Spam and Virus. This is not true. What PPV essentially is, is that it is an Adware program and this is very different from Spam or Virus infections. An Adware is in most cases legal. Why is that so? Well, most of the time the users who are using or installing a software for free, they will have to agree to the terms that they would receive ads in order to use the software (which is why it’s free in the first place). So it is safe to say that anyone who agrees to install and uses those freeware softwares has also agreed to receive ads as a result. However, some people just don’t read and installs the software just the same and wonders why they keep getting ads on their PC or browser which results in the feeling of getting spammed. Some are so confused that they blame it on virus infection.

Nevertheless, we can be sure that Adware is a Legal form of traffic source and that the majority of the traffic chooses to receive ads out of their free will in exchange for the use of some software or product. With that said, let us take a look at some of the best tactics to use for successful PPV advertising.

CPA offers works well on PPV.

One of the things about PPV ads is that they are indeed intrusive so you will need to understand the entire psychology of what is actually going on with the traffic within the PPV platforms in order to succeed. People in the PPV traffic are usually not looking to buy anything. In fact we should look at it as if they are people walking in a big mall or mart and they are there as a window shopper. So in order to get them to notice your product, you need to stop them in their tracks with some nice product packaging and then you will try to sell it to them fast before they decide to walk away.

Hence CPA offers (Cost per acquisition) are one of the best converting offers that you market to PPV traffic. One of the reason here is that they most of the time, you do not require them to take out their wallet and pay you and thus this help a lot with the conversion rate. The other thing about CPA offers is that their landing page is usually very short and attractive which is exactly what you need for PPV traffic. What this means is that with PPV traffic and CPA offers, direct linking strategies does work. However we must also understand that when the landing page is overused and the effect of banner blindness kicks in, you should create your own landing page to replace your direct linking strategies.

Building a list with PPV traffic.

Besides CPA offers, the other good marketing tactic that you should employ into your PPV traffic is to actually use the traffic to build your list. Essentially you are actually doing CPA as well as you will be presenting your landing page to the traffic and all they are going to do is subscribe to your newsletter. This is similar to CPA offers except that now you are not doing it as an affiliate but you are gathering leads for yourself.

The good thing about PPV traffic is that it can be very cheap especially if your opt-in page has a very high conversion rate. From the list that you build, you can then market to them multiple times. Learn to nourish the relationship with your list and you will be able to place yourself in a strong position to sell them products of your own or affiliate products. As what all the expert marketers would say, the money is in the list so make use of this great traffic source and turn it into a money making machine.

Test and Track everything.

When dealing with PPV traffic, it is very essential for you to employ good tracking campaigns to help you understand your traffic and how they respond to your offers better. Learn to read the statistics and you will find that you will be able to understand your traffic such as what they like, what kind of colors works best and stuff like that. It is no wonder why some of the expert PPV marketers do things entirely differently on their landing page.
For example, traditional marketing uses a landing page that tells you about the benefits and they include a headline and stuff, but some PPV marketer will just use a viral picture such as a funny cat picture and edit it with a caption to grab attention and get a click. The caption would be short and it is usually a short call to action like this ‘iPhone For Free?? Click This Cat for a free iPhone’. You will notice how short and simple the copy is on their ads but it gets the job done. What matters next is how well the offer converts and if it does convert well you will get paid.

Using PPV traffic requires a deep understanding of the traffic. When you understand and adapt your marketing style towards the traffic, you will find that PPV traffic is a very reliable traffic source and since it is very cheap to use if you are doing things right, you will find yourself using this traffic source for a long time.

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More internet marketing myths exposed.

Earn Money From Home Loyalt ePaysThe internet is truly a place full of promising futures and it is also full of myths and rumors that in the world of internet marketing. Hence, if you are new to the entire internet marketing thing then it would definitely do you a lot of good to learn about these myths so that you do not get caught in believing the myths and thus get yourself strayed from the right path to success.

Over the years there had been many myths that circulate all over the internet and it is up to you to learn about them and try your best to avoid making the same mistakes as everyone does. The reason why there are so many myths lying around on the internet is because there are a lot of bogus gurus and people who are full of crap trying to teach others on how to make money online when they have not made a single penny on the internet at all.

There are of course many legitimate gurus out there who have done it all and know exactly what they are doing and by listening and following these gurus, you will be able to learn a lot from their experience and use the knowledge to propel yourself towards success. Today you will learn a few more of these myths that have been causing a lot of problems for other marketers.

Myth #1: Paid Ads Offer More Traffic. This is highly untrue because in actual fact, while you can get a lot of traffic via paid ads fast, your traffic volume does not necessarily win the traffic volumes that are absolutely free. One good example here is that for a paid search advertisement vs. an organic search result on Google, there is no guarantee that you will get a lot of more traffic via the PPC platform because the impressions on both of the paid and non-paid method are the absolute same but most people will choose to click on the organic search results unless your paid advertisement has a very good ad copy and advertisement headline.

In this case, it would be obvious that paid ads are not going to get you more traffic, but one thing that is does guarantee you is that you will get your traffic much faster than any SEO campaign. Another example of this would be for example, in a product launch where you get a lot of Joint Venture partners to mail for your product launch, the amount of traffic volume will definitely far surpass any paid advertisement that you could buy and yet the Joint Venture Traffic will almost always be free.

Myth #2: Top Position on the search engine will mean more sales. Being on the top position on the search engine does not give you more sales. This is a myth that new marketer buy into believing that they will get sales for their product as long as they can show their offer in front of targeted traffic. If you are getting a certain amount of conversion rate from your traffic than being on top of the search engines will surely ensure that you will get a lot of organic and targeted traffic which will turn into sales depending on your conversion rate. In this case then it is partly true that you will get more sales when you have more traffic.

However, if your product sales page has zero conversions or poor conversions, all the extra traffic will almost always go to waste. This is because to get more sales, not only will you need more traffic, you will also need a better conversion rate. To get a better conversion rate, a lot of factors will go into play. Among some of these factors would include a good and competitive offer, a good price, a smart marketing funnel, or a great sales letter that has a strong headline. Hence, don’t buy into some of the marketing messages that SEO consultants throw at you saying that you will get more sale when you get to the top of the search engine because that is only partly true.

Myth #3: Make Money working from a beach. This is a very ‘big’ myth that needs to be exposed. While is it true that it is entirely possible to make money anywhere as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, most internet marketers if not all… would prefer to work from home or in an office. There are two good reasons for this. One is that it is very hard to concentrate while working on a beach or on a boat and two is that it is just more comfortable working at home with a more stable internet connection than it is at Starbucks where everyone is sharing the same WI-Fi connection.

This myth started because some clever copywriter wants to paint a very enjoyable picture in the mind of their target market. The picture is to illustrate that making money online is very easy, relaxing and it’s pretty much a better scenario than those who are working at a day job from 9-5 every single day. Remember this, working on a beach and enjoying while you work is pretty much a myth made just to entice you to buy more of their stuff. A lot of the videos that you see online about the ‘dream’ life is made up and scripted (some are true of course). So don’t believe in everything you see especially on a sales letter. Stick to what works and slowly but surely acquire your wealth in a steady manner.

The slow turtle will eventually outrun a fast rabbit that is distracted along the way. So make sure that you focus on what works, and avoid all the unnecessary distractions along the way. If you have a method that makes money, stick to it and think of ways to scale it up first before you start another venture in hope to make even more money.

Lessons From The Best Sales Letter Headlines

Lessons From The Best Sales Letter Headlines BestBusinessMakingMoney.comHeadlines are one of the most important factors to the success of your sales letters. It is without a doubt going to make or break your marketing campaign, especially when it is the first thing that your visitors will see. This means, your headline will be the one to greet your customers, they will be the one who will leave a good strong impression and they are the one to help your visitors decide if they will stay on your website or leave.

Obviously we will want your site visitors to have a good strong impression and stay on your website to read your entire sales message. In the perfect world, they will read everything that you have on your sales message and then proceed to make the purchase. However, in reality, there are many factor involved and hence, you can only hope that your sales message does its very best to sell your product. Many marketing experts would explain that your headline needs to be the one to sell your product right there when people arrive on your website. This means your headline needs to solve a problem that you visitors have and promise the best results for your visitors.

The only problem however is that, writing the best headlines aren’t an easy task at all. So how then can we improve our headline writing skills? One of the best ways to do this is to actually learn from the best. We can always take a look at some of the best headlines ever written and learn from it and try to write something in similar fashion. These headlines that were written in the past are proven to work because of its strong and proven track record. Let us now take a close look at some of these great headlines written by legendary copywriters.

Headline #1: A little mistake that cost a farmer $3000 a year!

This headline is my absolute favorite. One of the first things you will notice about this headline is that it is directed to farmers. This kind of headline is very useful if you are sure that you will be getting a much targeted audience. For example, if you place this headline is a farming magazine where most of the audience will be farmers, they will notice just how relevant this article is going to be to the readers and that’s when they will take notice.

The next thing at play here is a clever little line where it creates a sense of curiosity and mystery of a little mistake that a farmer made. This thus mattered to most of the farmers because they would want to know what this mistake is. The next element in this headline is that it indicates that this farmer’s little mistake has cost him over $3000 a year which is a huge sum of money. This then tells the readers that this ‘little’ mistake should be avoided at all cost. So if they wish to know more about this mistake of the typical farmer (just like themselves) they will need to read on for more so that they could avoid losing money every single year.

If you take a good look at the headline above, you will find that this headline is written in a non-annoying manner. To explain things in a little bit more clarity, you should understand that if you approach any farmer and tell him to purchase a new equipment, he will slam his doors shut at you very fast, however, if you approach them subtly as if you are a friend trying to save them from a certain loss, they will treat you like a friend and listen to you. This is the exact kind of psychology at play here.

This is a wonderful example of a simple headline that isn’t too long but does exactly what is it needs to do to get people to read the entire sales letter to find out more. Needless to say in the body copy of the sales letter, the writer will have to highlight the problem and suggest a possible solution to solve this problem once and for all in order for the ad to make money.

Headline #2: Do you do any of these embarrassing things?

This kind of headline isn’t directed to anyone. In fact it is more of a headline that seems to speak to just about anyone. Hence if you are selling a product that is marketable to the masses such as the weight loss niche, or in the make money niche, then this headline would work wonderfully because people in these niches would want to know more about what you have to offer that will help them.

Another way to use this kind of headline is that you are entirely sure the exact kind of audience that will be reading your headline. What this means is that if you are using this headline on a specific kind of magazine with the right audience, you would be able to pull in a great amount of response. Another thing about this headline is that it is full of mystery and it will certainly get people curious as to what is going on and why are these embarrassing things that you are going about.

The word embarrassing here is a very powerful emotional word. It is connected to fear because most of the people in this world know the dreaded feeling of embarrassment and they will certainly want to avoid embarrassment at all cost. By using the word embarrassing you are effectively getting the attention of the readers. Some readers would read your message because they want to know who else is making these embarrassing mistakes out of curiosity.

Another point to notice here is that the copywriter specifically used the word ‘ANY’ here which certainly indicated that there is more than just 1 embarrassing thing at play here. This thus increases the chances that the reader could be one of the people who are affected by the problem that will be addressed here in this sales message. When this happens, you will be sure that you will get a large amount of readership to the article due to the power of the headline alone. Again you will notice that this headline is short and simple but gets the job done just the same.

How to get your content shared.

One of the things about writing content online is that you absolutely need to be able to write something that people would want and like about it. With a good content, you will think that it should be an easy task to get your content shared right? The answer may shock you because most of the time, writing a good content alone is not enough to get your content shared. What is it then will you be able to do to improve your chances to get the content which took you so much effort and time to write and get it shared?

There is a saying when it comes to online success and it goes something like this ‘It’s not what you know… it’s who you know that matters’. There is so much truth to this line and guess what? This applies in terms of getting your written work shared as well. There are a few ways to help you improve your chances of getting your content shared as we shall explore it below next.

Did you ask properly?

While most of us would think that other publishers are in need of contents of their sites or blog, you would assume they would jump at the opportunity publish your content as long as you have a good one. Now this is a big misconception. The first thing that you would want to know is that there isn’t a lack of content online. In fact, big publishers actually get a lot more content submitted to them that you might want to think so in this case, you’ve got yourself a competition.

So when there are a lot of people submitting content to them, the best way and also the hassle free way to choose the content they would use isn’t usually the best content. Instead, they would go to contents submitted by those who are close to them or those who they like or know personally. Another factor to be taken into consideration here is that are you visible to them or not. Many marketers still hold to the traditional believe that if they ‘build it and it will come’ kind of mentality. If you think people will just be able to magically appear at your doorsteps and share your content then you are wrong. You need to be the one approaching them and ask them properly. Not only will you need to sell your article, you need to befriend them.

The more you are able to develop a sort of relationship with them the better. The hard part is to actually do this to a lot of the publisher within your niche and this can be a daunting task indeed. You can also encourage your site visitors to share your content… all you need to do is to ask appropriately.
Did you show them how?

The next thing you will need to ask yourself is if you have taken the time to show people how they can share your content. You need to provide people with an easy way to share your content and you will also need to provide people with clear instructions to help them help you get your content shared. You will be surprised at just how many people who love your content that are willing to share it but don’t know how.

This comes as no surprises because not everyone of your site visitors is in the know on how to share contents online via social media such as Facebook, twitter or etc. even when they have been actively using these social media platforms for a long time. Therefore… you need to make sure that it is a pleasant experience and be sure to actually reward those who take action to help you share your content.

Normal visitors are much different from the site publisher as they know nothing much about the methods to share your content. Not only that, you will find that the motivating factor between these two kinds of people sharing your content is entirely different. One will wish to share your content because they genuinely love it and the other will share your content so that they can grow their business and live an easier life.

Consider helping them out first.

One of the things about getting publishers to share your content for you is that you need to think of ways to help them out first. For normal visitors on your site, you will already be doing a good thing for them if you focus on writing the absolute best content for them and provide them with ample content from time to time. Publishers are like Joint Venture partners, you will need to help them out first in order to get their attention, and once you get it, you will be in a better position to get your content published and shared.

The logical thing to right now would be to help out your publishers first is to actually contact them to see if you could be any help to them at all. You could offer your services for free or just try to promote their site first. This will eventually get you in good terms with the publisher. When you are finally having a good relationship with a publisher, you should not just stop there. Try your best to keep doing what you do to please them. Always remember that this is a long term investment. Hence, a long term relationship with them would mean that you will be able to quickly get people to share your content online… whenever you want to and that’s an achievement on its own.

Guide To Effective SEO

Are you struggling to turn your videos viral?The search engines are the main source of free traffic in today’s internet marketing world. To get a good position or ranking on the search engines would mean a lot of good free and targeted traffic to your online business which is why most internet marketers are trying their best to rank their website every single day.

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Now ranking your website high on the search engine especially on Google is very much worth your time, and investment. If you’ve got a good converting offer, paired with the quality traffic that you get from ranking your website, you will definitely find yourself in the profit zone for as long as you stay ranked on the search engine. While it is hard enough to get your rankings to the top of the search engine, once you get there, you will face yet another daunting challenge which is to stay at the top for a long as you can.

Even if you keep doing the right things, it does not guarantee that you stay at the top. The main reason is that there will be many other people fighting to get to the top as well. To stay at the top you need to ensure that you are doing more to keep your position than your competitors are doing to steal your spot. Nevertheless, many marketers who stayed at the top will tell you that there is no better place to be for your business than being on the top of the search engines with a relevant search phrase because you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits (aside from the money) from the top position. Below are a few great ways to help you get to the top of the search engine and stay there.
Get good content.

The first thing you will absolutely need to get your site a chance for the top positions is that you need good content. In fact, good content just won’t cut it these days where the competition is very steep. What you need are absolute great content that is helpful to your customers and make them come back for more. This should be the kind of content that you should be aiming for and you should make sure that your content is within the standard and taste of your site visitors. Doing this will please the search engines especially Google.

Google did not kill off crap sites and change their algorithm for nothing. They did not spend millions each year to ensure that they are the best search engines for nothing. They want to search the best to the site visitors and relevant search result is just one of the key. A website with relevant information and useful information that people love will always outweigh a site that is only relevant but do not have much content to offer. Hence, being relevant alone is no longer enough. Provide as much quality content as possible. The more people who love your site and stay on your site or comes back to your site, the better a ranking you will get from the search engines. It’s a very logical and simple way to get you to the top but the problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort to get quality content.

The best way for you to acquire this kind of content is to either write them yourself which takes a lot of time, seek and outsource the content to those who are trustworthy which can be quite expensive or you can get guest posters or guest writers to provide you with superb content in return for a link back to their own website. Of course there is no ‘correct’ or ‘best’ way to do things, in fact we recommend that you go for a mix of things, where you should write your own content whenever you have the time, outsource some of your content and get some good guest posters to contribute to more contents to your website. Doing this will give you a healthy mix of quality content that will please your site visitors and this will also in return get you to a healthy spot on the search engines to earn you even more quality traffic.

Get links from trusted websites.

Backlinking to your website in the sense of SEO (Search engine optimization) isn’t like what is it used to be in the past where you would try to compete in numbers. This is no longer the case. In today’s SEO world, you should always try to get quality links from trusted websites. There is no point to get a huge load of links from junk sites or low quality sites because you are pretty much wasting your site and in the worst case scenario, you might get your site penalized or banned from all the useless links that you get.

Too much useless backlinks to your site might trigger the spamming alert on the search engines. The search engines are getting smarter each day as they learn the tricks that we humans practices on our search engine optimization techniques. What isn’t ‘legal’ but is working today might not work tomorrow. The search engines are constantly learning and growing and trying to prevent ‘foul’ play and only reward those who are truly into helping the search engines meet their goals and that is to provide the best search engine results to the searchers. If you play by the rules and try harder than your competitors, you will find your rankings going up to a desirable position.

Some of the best ways to get links from trusted sites is actually to become guest posters on other trusted websites that already have a good search engine ranking. You can try link baiting strategies and also link exchange strategies as well but be sure that you are getting links from a quality website. Try your absolute best to get some links from authority websites (.Gov and .Edu sites) because these sites are of extensive quality and it is very hard to acquire under normal circumstances. All in all, the golden rule to getting your site ranked is to play by the rule and please Google’s market which is their loyal searchers.