Making Money Online Without Selling.

Making Money Online Without Any Form Of Selling.

The most popular way to make money online and also the most well known to most of the people is to market a product or sell an item to a customer. However, there are several ways to make money online without ever selling anything. Hence for those who dislike the idea of selling be it hard selling or soft selling you can take a deeper look into the 3 methods below where you can make a comfortable income from home without ever trying to sell anything.

Making Money Online Without Selling.The best part of this is that there will be no ‘Refunds’ to worry about. You do not need a product to start off with, and you certainly do not need to worry about support questions or any of the usual worries of a product seller.

Making money without selling anything also means that you do not have to worry about rejections or bad comments or received reputations on your part. It usually gives the practitioner an ease of mind and a good night sleep because you will have a lot less worry and the best part, most of the methods can keep on making you money for a long time even when you have everything set up just right.

Provide Advertising Space

Ever wondered why blogging is getting more and more popularity these days. These bloggers seem to devote so much time doing things that do not seem to benefit them. All they do is to find interesting topics to post and talk about themselves all day long. However, little did you know that successful bloggers can actually make a full time living online just by blogging and of course with minimal selling.

So what is it that they do to make money?

The answer is simple.

When their blog gains popularity and ranks high on the search engines, they will get a lot of traffic and exposure to their site. When you have a website that has traffic you no longer need to worry about starving to death.

In fact, these bloggers are actually making a huge sum of money each month by offering advertising space on their blogs. Pricing of the ad varies from the positioning of the advert and also the amount of traffic that you get every month.

People will usually pay you a fixed price for an ad space for a set amount of time or you can choose to provide the ad space based on the amount of impressions shown to the site visitors. Hence when you have a blog make sure you try your best to get it ranked high on the search engines and provide the best contents so that your blog gets a lot of traffic.

Of course, this is not just limited to blogging. As long as you have a high-traffic site, it could be a comic site or joke site, when you have high traffic and choose not to sell you can try providing ad space as a way to monetize your site.

Place AdSense Ads.

This is instead a variation on the method above. Similarly, you will need to have a high traffic site. Instead of providing ad space you can also insert AdSense ads to make money. Even sites like YouTube or popular forums use AdSense to monetize their sites.

When done right you can be sure to earn a lot of AdSense commissions. A good example is a dating site called Plenty of Fish. The creator actually made consistent $10,000 a month using AdSense on his plenty Of Fish site when he first started and he even have a record of earning a $900,000 AdSense check from Google. Google verified the picture as genuine.

One of the advantages of AdSense ad is that you can have ads running on your high traffic site almost instantly. All you need to do is to place a code on your site, and you are ready to earn. When people click an AdSense ad that is displayed on your site, you earn a cut of the ad price.

Using AdSense wisely like putting the ads in strategic places on your site is known to improve click through rates, which will ultimately earn you more money at the end of the day.

There are other alternatives to AdSense ads such as AdBrite. Although they pay less but they are easier to use, and they are less strict when compared to Google. You will not have to worry about getting banned as well.

CPA offers.

One of the other ways to make money online without any selling is perhaps making money using CPA offers. In CPA offers, you are usually paid for a lead or paid for a click and sometimes paid for an install. What this means is that the customer never have to take out their wallet or credit card and you will get paid as long as they key in some information that the merchant wants.

Some of the more popular forms of CPA offers are like Email Submit offers or Zip Submit offers. Often times, your site visitors will be offered a ‘free gift’ or an ‘incentive’ in order to get them to provide their email address. When the visitor submits an email address or a zip code of their area that they live in, you get paid.

CPA offers are great in this sense because conversions will always be much higher than that of a normal product where people will have to take out their cash to buy on the spot. If you think about it, many youngsters will willingly place their email or zip address into an offer where they can get a free ‘XBOX’ or ‘PS3’.

There are many other offers that are suitable for different age groups. There are some offers where the visitors are required to key in more information than just an email address, however, often times this means that the payout of the offer is much higher, and you will get paid more for every lead.

Hence these are the 3 main ways to make money online without ever having to sell anything. Conversions are usually higher because people do not have to part with their hard-earned money. Generally, the methods do sound easy but to excel in them one will have to try hard to dig deeper and learn the entire process in a more detailed manner.

Making Money Online Without Any Form Of Selling.

Making Money Online Without Any Form Of Selling.

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How to improve your EBay sales.

How to improve your EBay sales.

EBay is a great place to make money. In fact, if you are able to become a power seller, you can make a very big income from EBay sales alone. If you search online for EBay sales millionaires, you’ll definitely find a handful and they all started small and went on from an ordinary guy to an EBay Powerhouse who owns several warehouses to stock up on their items.

Below are several tweaks to quickly improve your EBay sales.

How to improve your EBay sales.1) End listing Time

Let’s begin with the end listing time feature that you can tweak as a seller on EBay. This feature is one of the most neglected parts when tweaking for your EBay sales listing but mind you this could also be the most important tweak you can do to help your chance of sale on EBay.

A good amount of time for a listing should be around 7 days. This is to give it sufficient time to get the most exposure and still gives the bidders some pressure. A good end listing time should be at a time when you know your bidders are at home, and they are their computers. Therefore, you should try to time your end listing time to the evening where people are comfortable at their desk browsing on the computer.

When you have a lot of people looking at your listed item right before the end time, you will find that you will receive a lot more bid, and that’s where the excitement is. If your ending time is set at the time when nobody is around you can be sure that your ending bid price will be much lower than usual. In fact, expert EBay bidders know that the cheapest time to buy an EBay sales item is when nobody is around.

The good thing is, you can list your items at any time you want and then activate it of the time you choose. This will help you control the time of you want to end your bid and thus getting the most expose for your listed item. Another thing that you should take note of is that most people are buying stuff on EBay on a weekend so this makes it a good time to end your bid right on the weekend. List your item smartly and set your End Listing time to the optimum time, and you will see your profits soar.

2) Photo

It is said that a photo tells a thousand words. In fact, a photo on EBay is a lot more important that any text you can put on your listing. This is because on the internet people cannot pick up the item and decide if the item’s quality is satisfying as opposed to traditional shopping at the mall. Hence you need to provide the best pictures of your item and make sure you have multiple angles of the item.

Make sure your photos are crystal clear and that the photos’ size are big enough. Always use photos which you take yourself instead of the photos which you can find online. This is because people want to know that you actually have the stock yourself and that they want to see the actual item before they buy it.

If you are selling a replica item or a fake item, make sure you disclose this properly in your descriptions and in your photos (as a caption) so that you will not run into any refund or legal issues later on. Adding captions and arrows to your pictures can help highlight important facts too. For example, if you want to show your viewers that your item is a genuine item, you can use a red circle to highlight some of the proof that the item is genuine on the photo itself.

Make sure to show them whatever you need to help them to decide on the purchase.

3) Description

On the product description, Make sure you are using the right font and the right font size. This is pretty much like your sales letter so be sure to have a good headline and a good compelling body copy. Don’t make it hard for users to read. Use the right font color and bold your fonts whenever necessary. Learn to write in an ‘honest’ manner instead of writing in a ‘pushy sales man’ or ‘hyped letter’.

This is because people are very afraid of being scammed, and if you can just get their trust you will get the best results. One way to boost trust is to be sure to reply to all emails or comments that you receive as soon as possible. This will show the bidders or buyers that you actually care and it also shows them that you are a real person and you are willing to go through extra effort to take care of their needs.

4) Starting Price.

Don’t be too afraid to set the starting bid price to a very low number. This is because the lower your starting bid price is, the more people will notice your listed item. This way, you will get a lot of bids and by the time that your listing is almost ending your listing will have a lot of bids, and the price will be much higher by then. The more bids you have the more the psychological factor of people thinking your item is a ‘Hot’ item comes into play.

This will entice more people to bid and fight for your item, and you will always end up as the winner every time. Some power sellers are willing to throw the starting price at $0.99 just to get the bid war going.

5) Buy It Now.

This buy it now price feature on EBay is a great way to sell your item as well. However, you have to be sure that if you want to price the buy it now at a much higher price, your items have to be unique and that no one else is listing the same item as you are.
If not, you should try to set the buy it now price at a reasonable price and make sure the price is still lower than your competitors. Every little bit helps.

How to improve your EBay sales.

How to improve your EBay sales.More Reading

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How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business?

No matter what the reasons may be… there are times when a free website can be useful. Sure some of you would argue that a free website that isn’t hosted by you has a lot of disadvantages, but… there are many advantages as well. One of the advantages would be that the site itself is free (this advantage alone is enough for many to use a free website). Another good advantage is that such free website requires less effort to make and is often quite easy to work with especially for anyone who is not literate with website designs.

How to get a free website for your starting business?If you have an offline business, then you would find that a free website is can be very useful if you wish to gather more leads using the internet. By doing this you can even save a lot of money from paying those offline consultants to set up your company’s website. Sure it might not be as fancy as those that you can get if you paid your money for, but it should be sufficient to leave your phone contact and other contact information for people to reach you.

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, and you would like to try out writing a review for an affiliate product and put an affiliate link into the review to earn some easy cash, a free website would be great. This can greatly reduce your cost, and thus your earning will be used to cover any website or hosting cost.

Here are some ways for you to setup your site online for free.

Facebook fan page

Perhaps one of the must have free site is a Facebook fan page or a Facebook group. The beauty of this is that you can get viral traffic out of Facebook, and if you do it right you can even build a great relationship and interaction between you and your fans.
To setup a fan page is quite easy. All you have to do is go to Facebook’s fan page setup page (Google for this if you do not know where to find this) and then follow the simple steps. Once you have this done, you will have to key in all the information which you want to share on the page.

The next thing you need to do is to post on this page regularly and invite some of your friends to become a fan. A great way to jump-start your fan page’s fan is to place an ad for it on Facebook’s ad. This will guarantee you a quick increase in your initial number of fans.

There are some traffic exchange sites out there that helps you increase the amount of fans, but it is not recommended because the traffic you get will be very un-targeted unless you are promoting for a big niche such as make money or lose weight where most people has some sort of interest for.

When you have the fan page, you will need to put in effort every day to post at least once a day and encourage interactions between the fans. Interactions in this sense are all about sharing, commenting and also liking your post. Remember to succeed in this you need to do this consistently, and you will see your fan page grow. And if your fan page’s name is good it might even go viral and get a lot of fans in a short amount of time.

If you wish to start a simple blog as your free website, then they’re no other better options than It is very simple to use, and it is very user friendly. You do not need to know much about HTML coding or anything of that technical sort. If you know how to use Facebook, then you are pretty much good to go the best part is that using to blog is free.

Of course, a great way to use this blog is to set up a review blog where you blog about affiliate products which you have used personally. It is a great way to earn some money and the traffic is usually gotten from search engine traffic. Hence SEO should be considered in your traffic strategy. You can choose to create multiple blogs that are related to each other and back link to each other. Make sure you do not over do this or the effect will surely backfire.

Another great place to start a webpage of your own is to use a Squidoo lens. Much like you can setup a webpage and talk about anything you want, but it is more like an article type of site than a blog. Use this if you are interested in using a simple one-page website.

Of course, you can create multiple lenses. People use Squidoo lens to take about their interest or passion or just about anything. Again, you can use it to review a product that you have used and sell it as an affiliate. Or you can talk about your business, product and services. The natural traffic there is great but much like you will need to depend on some SEO and back linking to get even more traffic to your Squidoo lens.

The best way to use Squidoo to promote a product is to create 1 lens for 1 product or services. If you have more than one product you can always create multiple lenses and then post it up on Squidoo. It’s free to use, and you can edit the page anytime you want. There have been instances where people make a living using just Squidoo pages, SEO backlinking and affiliate products. Imagine making money online with NO cost.

One thing is for sure, while it is said that you are required to have a website of your own to make money online but know this, for starters you don’t really need one. When you are just starting out and learning, these free sites and teach you tons, save you tons, and earn you tons as well. It is when you are trying to grow your business, create a brand name when you need to have a website of your own.

How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business

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How to create a high converting squeeze page

How to create a high converting squeeze page

A squeeze page is a lead capture page and it is a fundamental thing to learn if you wish to build a list. The main function of a squeeze page is to gather leads, and it should be kept simple, short and precise. A common question about a squeeze page is normally ‘how long should a squeeze page be?’, and the answer would be as long as you need to get the lead.

How to create a high converting squeeze pageI know the answer is vague. Here’s another answer to help you understand it better. The common squeeze page is shorter than a sales message and is usually condensed in a screen where you do not need to scroll down your browser to read more. This is called ‘Above the fold’ and is what most experts would recommend your squeeze page’s length.

However, there are squeeze pages that is a lot longer than ‘above the fold’ and they still work wonders. Here are the things you need to create a high converting squeeze page.

1) You will first need an autoresponder

Firstly you will need to grab an autoresponder. It is the tool that will enable you to capture your lead automatically and it is with this tool will you be using to manage your list later on. The two popular autoresponder that is widely used by Internet Marketers are and There are other autoresponders of course, and you should pick one and move on.

An autoresponder is very useful because you can use it to automate most of your email marketing work. You can create instant follow ups to with sending intervals. Let’s say you want your subscribers to receive a newsletter every week once they subscribe. You can easily write any number of emails, say 10 emails and set it up on the autoresponder accordingly. When the time comes, your subscriber will be sent the emails that you wrote earlier automatically.

2) A Gift

The next thing you need is to prepare a gift for your subscribers. Normally, this will be in the form of an e-book or an informational video. If it is a gift that people want, they will exchange for it with their name and email address. The beauty here is that the autoresponder will also be able to automatically deliver the gift to your subscriber without you having to do anything. All you have to do it set it up accordingly on your autoresponder.

The best kind of gift is something that is of real value. No teaser products here. Make sure you are giving away very good contents so that if your subscribers are reading it, you’ll be sure to be able to get onto their good side, and they will love you for sharing your ways to help improve their lives.

3) Headline.

On your squeeze page, always include a headline. A good headline should be able to entice your readers to grab your gift right after reading it. Always try to be creative with your headline so that you can stand out from the crowd. Make sure that your headline explains their problem and how your gift can solve the problem for them, as long as they read and take action. In other words, you are promising them a solution to their problems.

You will want your headline to be very obvious, and it should be the first thing that they see when they land on your site. Hence make sure that your headline is not only sounding catchy, but it should ‘look’ catchy as well. Use bigger font size for your headline and bold your main words accordingly.

Highlight your benefits and use red color to for your headline. Again test your headlines for the best results and don’t just take my word for it. There are times when blue colored headline works and sometimes a black bold headline will perform better. Always test and track for the best results.

4) Good Copy

When writing your squeeze page’s description, make sure you only focus on your benefits. Place them in a bullet form and make sure to have at least 4 bullet points. You should always try to write in a compelling manner and always try your best to show your readers that your solution is unique, and they will not be able to find it anywhere else.

Even if they are mere bullet points you would want to word your words carefully so that it sounds enticing and that your solution makes a huge difference. A good physiological tactic to use is to word your benefits as if they will lose out if they do not learn the secrets that you teach in the gift that you’ve prepared.

Also, it is very important for you to include the word ‘free’ or ‘zero cost’ when indeed you are giving it away for free. Add some testimonials if you have good ones worth mentioning in your copy.

5) Call to action

Always place a strong call to action button right next or below of the opt-in form which you generated from your autoresponder. This is to make sure that people will know what to do if they decide that they want your gift. Plus your call to action should be very directive like “Place your name and email address here and click on the ‘I want in’ button. Your gift will be sent to your email address instantly.” Show them exactly how they can get your gift to avoid any confusion.

6) Graphic.

To make sure that you have a good-looking site that shows professionalism, you should include some relevant graphics on your squeeze page. It does not have to look fancy, but you should at least make your site look presentable. Have a cover / picture of your gift to show your visitors a virtual idea of what your gift look like. This is very important as people usually do look for the graphics to decide if your product is worth their time or not.

How to create a high converting squeeze page

How to create a high converting squeeze page

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WordPress Website Tips.

WordPress Web Site Visitors

There are literally billions of websites available today and the number will be continuously growing without any signs of stopping. There are of course a lot of websites out there that has a mediocre design while some designs are purely bad. Google has also been taking a keen interest when it comes to website designs as well as a well-designed website can help the user’s experience while on the site.

Great Design Tips For Your WordPress Web Site VisitorsTherefore, it is safe to say if your website is well-designed, then Google will think highly of you and thus in the sense of SEO this is always a good thing. Nevertheless, having a good website is also going to be helping you convert well and also beat your competitors. Besides that, your visitors will love your website, and you will be sure that they will continue to come back to your site and recommend it to their friends and families.

Here are some good pointers you should follow when designing your website.

1) Clean and easy navigation.

For a website to be good, it first needs a very clean and easy to read kind of look. It should be very easy on the eyes of the readers, and you should use the right color theme for your website. Always be sure to let your website have the color that matches the mood or the topic of your niche. If your website is about medicine, a good color theme would be the nurse green, blue and white combination.

If your website is in the baby niche, then a good color theme would be pink and yellow bright kind of theme that matches with the topic. This sets up the right mood for readers and gets them interested and ready for what is to come. Having the right color theme is very important so make sure you are doing this right.

Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and never leave a visitor hanging and not knowing where to go. Always encourage your WordPress web site visitors to bookmark your sites as well so that they can easily find your website the next time they wish to come back to your site.

2) Search Engine friendly.

The next thing you would want to care about when designing your website is to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. Google has a set of rules for webmasters that you can follow for their spiders to find your website easily. Make sure to understand their requirements and design accordingly with things such as sitemaps and well placed coding. Never try to spam any keywords or hide hidden words just to please the search engine as this does not work anymore and can easily get your website banned.

3) Call to actions.

When you are designing your website, be sure to have a clear goal of what your website’s purpose or goal is. Understand that each page of your website may have a different goal and use the right call to actions to guide your WordPress web site visitors towards your goals. A call to action can be as simple as a link that says ‘Download right now’ or ‘Click here to read more’.

A good call to action should be very clear and precise and highlighted (more obvious to the eyes) that the other text. You can of course use some graphics for call to actions to help make it stand out more for your visitors. It is within human nature to be lead, and if you lead them properly they will steer towards your goal.

Your goal can be as simple as a simple click or opting in as a subscriber to your newsletter. It could also be a sale or any kind. So use call to actions appropriately and use them often to get the most out of your WordPress web site visitors every single time.

4) Good quality content.

Today, if you wish to have a site that ranks high in the search engine, then it is imperative that you provide constant good quality content for your website. Not only will this be pleasing your WordPress web site visitors, Google will love your site as well.

In fact, it is said that Google are now taking into account of how often visitors return to your website and how long they stay on your website. As these two factors are good indicators about how much of a value is your website, you should try your best to achieve the optimum amount of return visits and also the length of visitors’ stay on your site.

Having good content is what websites should be about. People come online for the main purpose of searching for information and thus if your site has little to no content, then your site is pretty much useless and makes no sense. Treat your visitors well and you will see your site traffic grow naturally like it or not.

5) Privacy policy and contact information.

Your website should always have a privacy policy to help instill trust into your WordPress web site visitors. They have the right to know how you handle their data should you be asking for any information from them and you should make sure that they can see your privacy policy easily.

Tell your visitors that you will never sell or disclose their information and that their user data is never kept on the servers. Besides that, you can explain to them that you will never spam them if you are collecting their contact information. This kind of practice will earn you respect and thus more return visit and an ease of mind every time.

Always try to provide sufficient contact information to your visitors as well. Some site experts swear that by putting a phone number up front on your website can easily improve your website’s sales conversion. They say even if you put up a fake number or a number that no one ever picks up, you will see a significant amount of increase on your site’s sales volume.

This is probably because people like to know that you are a real human and not hiding behind your computer waiting to scam them off their money. A phone number will again give them an ease of mind thus they are more willing to take the risk and place an order from you.

Great Design Tips For Your WordPress Web Site Visitors

Great Design Tips For Your WordPress Web Site Visitors

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