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Bad productivity is a definite killer for internet marketers. There have been many cases where people fail because they were not able to get disciplined enough to get the job done and thus they were not able to move on in the Internet Marketing world. Perhaps this is caused by the amount of hype that is circulating on the internet about how easy it is to make money online and this misconception has created an illusion that there really isn’t any work to be done.

This could not be any further from the truth. Making money online is just like any daily business that you see every day on the streets. Yes it does function 24 hours a day and 7 days a week being online and all, but the people behind it usually are at a desk somewhere (office or home office or at a coffee shop with a laptop) and working hard every day to make it happen. People who are successful online are the hardest workers and they will rarely slack off. Some are born to be naturally productive while some conquered the productivity hill with a good attitude and tactics to get them past the boredom and motivates themselves to get things done. You can increase your own productivity with the below tips that we share.
Find the power within.

To some of the people who are reading this right now, they might think that the sub headline above ‘Find the power within’ to be a cheesy line coming straight out of a movie or something. But those who have been there and done it will tell you to never underestimate such a profound line in this lifetime. There is no force out there that can move you unless you decide to move first. Now there will always be reasons and excuses that we make up to stop ourselves from bad productivity and there will always be tasks that seems easy to do but are actually time wasting in our business.

The most important thing here is that you need to search deep inside of you to see if you know what you want and if the end results of your hard work are something that is worth fighting for. You can either sit there or wait for result or you can reach out and take it. And in this cut throat world full of vicious competitors, your only option is to reach out and take it. When you search inside yourself you will find your ‘center of motivation’ and you must use it to start moving yourself into taking massive action and produce results on a daily basis.

Humans are a habitual being and with that said, you need to be able to constantly move yourself with that motivation that you find inside of you every day to build a habit. Once you have that foundation and habit built, you will be able to easily slip into your productive mood every single day, same time every time and make things happen for your online business.

It takes time to get rid of old habits. One of the things that people misunderstand when it comes to increasing productivity is that they can tap into productivity every day and get rid of their bad habits easily. The truth is… it’s not as easy as it may seem to be. This is because old habits do not die fast. They will keep coming back. It’s like an addiction. It will take time and extra effort to get rid of those bad habits that you are so used to. It will take determination to keep you focused every day in order to get things done instead of getting distracted. But know that productivity will mean a speedier return for your business and result will show itself much faster if you get things done on a consistent basis.

The only cure for this is for you to take extreme mental care and note every single time when the bad habit kicks in. And when it does come back, you need to stop it on the spot and then refresh your memory as to why this habit is bad for you and why you need to increase your productivity. When done right, you will be able to stop the bad habits that are getting in the way of the productivity that you wish to attain for your business.
One at a time.

We humans are impatient beings. We will always try to get rid of ‘all’ our bad habits that we have identified in one go. This then usually gives us a frustration and ends up in failure. What we need to do is to fight these bad habits that we have one at a time. Battling with just 1 bad habit that can kill your productivity is already hard enough so you need to put all your attention into that one bad habit first. Once you get rid of it, move on to the next one and as time goes by you will change into a new person who is able to produce work fast, and with absolute quality. What else will you get from all this hard work when trying to increase your productivity? It’s time. You get more time to do other things that are important in your life. It is then will you feel that living is a great thing and that you won’t have too much stress in your life. This will further motivate you to do better every single day.

Success can grow on you. The feeling that you get is addictive and you will find that it gets easier as your business grow along with your daily productivity that you are able to churn out for your business. Learn to improve on your own productivity and then move on to coach your workers to do the same and your business will never be the same ever again.

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