Article Marketing: A Great Home Business Solution When You Have No Money to Invest

Are you one of the millions of people who wish you were free to tell your boss to “take his job and shove it?” Perhaps you have recently lost your job. Or maybe you simply want to have more time at home to be near your family. For any number of reasons more and more people are trying to set up businesses where they can work from home.

Many home businesses require an initial cash outlay. You may be in a circumstance that makes that impossible. Is there anything you can do to make money without a substantial investment? There is. And it is called affiliate marketing — and more specifically, article marketing.

Article marketing is just what the name implies. It is creating a market for merchandise through articles that you write. How can this make you money?

Many companies now realize they must pay to get visitors to their websites. The most economical way for them to do this is to pay commissions as merchandise is sold. When you, as an affiliate, send visitors to a company’s website, and the visitor makes a purchase, the company will pay you a commission.

How is it done? It doesn’t cost a penny and there are literally thousands of companies that offer affiliate programs you can sign up for. These companies will provides you with special links to their sites — and these links have your information coded into them. When someone buys something using your link, they will pay a commission directly to you.

Where does the article writing come in? There are numerous very respected websites that will allow you to put your articles on their sites. This is done at no cost to you. As part of the arrangement, most of them will permit you to put one or two links into your articles.

Okay, let’s recap how it works. Let’s say you become an affiliate of Amazon. Amazon provides you with links to their products. You write an article on the latest new Widget. You describe the Widget, point out its good characteristics and maybe even a weakness. The article is fair and informative. At the end you tell your readers they can see the actual widget and you provide your special Amazon link.

When the reader clicks the link they are taken to the correct Amazon page. If they buy the Widget, you get a commission. It really is that simple.

Of course, there are many tricks to learn if you want to be successful at article marketing. First and foremost is the more articles you write and submit, the more successful you will become. It may take hundreds and hundreds of articles before you will make a decent income — but it definitely can be done.

Working from home is a goal of many folks. There is a way to work at home without having to make a large cash investment — it is called article marketing. Are you ready to give it a try?

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How E-zine Articles Can benefit Your Business

Resource Box

Ezine articles are one of the main ways to promote a website or offers in the internet marketing world. It is as effective as it was many years ago as it was now. Of course, things have change back then and now. Back then many Ezines are written to please Google for a better ranking, but these days, people use Ezines in a much more different way.

The most avid Ezine marketers will say the change is for the better and that it is much easier to publish their offer now via Ezine then how it was before when everyone was just spamming the same content all over the internet.

How E-zine Articles Can benefit Your BusinessThe only problem with writing and article is that it takes a lot of time and effort to come out with consistently good articles but once you get a lot of articles out there you will see the results in terms of traffic back to your site. If you play your cards well you will definitely be able to profit and monetize from this traffic.

Below are some of the benefits of Ezine article and how it can help your business grow.

Resource Box

The resource box in most Ezine sites is used to put your link back to your own landing page. This is very important because without this, there will be no point in writing the article in the first place. The best way to use this resource box, which is right after your article, is to treat is like an advertisement spot. You will try to entice the readers of your articles to read more, and thus they have to click and land on your site in order to find out more.

Some use the resource box section for branding as well where they will talk about their own expertise and explain this status in the niche while placing a link back to their main website. This all depends on what you hope to achieve from the article and how you wish to promote your website.

Here’s what happens when you publish your articles on Ezine directories. Your article either get read by the site visitors there or people may choose to republish your articles on their own site, which will in turn get you even more traffic and link back to your own site.

It is through this resource box that people will know who the original writer is, and if they click on your link you get the traffic. Hence this marketing strategy can potentially go viral is your article is indeed well-written and provides a very high value in it.

Inbound Links

Needless to say the link in your resource box serves as an important inbound link or back link to your site. If your article gets republished by many other website owners, you get a lot of natural inbound links back to your site and thus your site will be noticed by the search engines. In extreme cases, your site will even rank highly on these search engines without you even trying to do any search engine optimization strategies at all.

Building credibility

As I mentioned before there are people who use the resource box to build credibility and brand themselves. This is rather a good strategy because before anyone could ever land on your main website, they already get a sense that you are someone who is credible.
Therefore, if you are using this credibility building model, consider placing testimonials on your landing page to further enhance the trust level of these site visitors that came from your articles. When it comes to credibility in internet marketing, we believe that it is priceless to have site visitors who treat you like an expert.

Because the internet is full of scams and bad seeds, having the advantage of site visitors who actually trust you is beyond priceless. And this could be done with just placing some good branding on your articles and help other people with their problems. You will find that you will go a long way if you are honest and actually provide a solid solution to help other people’s lives.

Receptive audience

Another great way to build your business with Ezines articles is to provide an opt-in page for better contents on your landing page. When you build a list from giving away good contents first you will find that your list is very reception indeed.
A list of receptive subscriber can be very valuable to your business, and most gurus will take a lot of effort to maintain the list and build them as a long-term strategy.

Reuse the articles.

It takes a lot of time to write an article. That’s a fact. And many internet marketers are reluctant to write them because they believe it could be a waste of time. This is very far from the truth. When you have an article written, you do not need to be using it for only one time. You can actually use it for multiple purposes.

One way to use your written Ezine is to turn your articles into an eBook. Or better yet, you could take the effort and change it into a video and upload it into video sharing sites for even more exposure. And since all these methods are freely shared all over the internet, the chance of the article that you wrote getting a lot of exposure is good. And if it goes viral, your one-time effort will be rewarded beyond believe.

Resource Box

How E-zine Articles Can benefit Your Business

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