Referral Marketing – Attract New Customers While Rewarding Existing Clients

A host of exciting marketing techniques and strategies is available to online marketers who wish to generate more income through their online business endeavors. The Internet offers a wide range of advanced technological solutions and opportunities to improve the bottom line of any aggressive company promoting its brand and enhancing its image in the market.

Simple Process of Referral Marketing

One of the potential web marketing tools that entrepreneurs find fruitful is referral marketing. This form of online marketing involves referring potential leads as new customers to the business entity. It is usually activated by current customers who are willing to participate actively in this marketing endeavor.

Referral marketing is easily done through word of mouth from existing customers who are satisfied with the company, its products and services. It is also engaged in affiliation Internet marketing where one customer recommends the same product or service as well as website to another contact. Referral marketing is usually positive where a favored product or service is recommended to another party, although the negative aspect can happen.

Website referrals are common among online businesses in exchanging customers to boost the traffic to the websites as well as increase sales conversions for involved web business sites. This is a mutual activity which benefits all parties, including existing customers.

Benefitting New and Current Customers

It is great when a business can accommodate the needs of new and existing customers in their marketing plans and strategies. Often one party is neglected in favor of the other due to limited resources and budget. However, if the company or marketer can incorporate a dynamic marketing plan that benefits both new and existing customers, a lot of savings can be enjoyed by the company.

Referral marketing is one such marketing plan that is effective on new and current customers. It is usually activated on current customers by rewarding them for every referral to the company. More rewards can be awarded if the referral performs better than expected, such as consistent purchases made.

Different rewards can be awarded for different referrals depending on the company’s marketing objectives and plans. Referral rewards can include product or service discounts, gift cards, redeemable points or cash. More and more businesses are adopting referral marketing to ease their marketing efforts in seeking more web traffic to their site and attracting more potential leads to their products or services. Referral marketing is most effective when current customers spread the word about the company’s products and services than traditional marketing modes.

Adopting the Right Tools and Strategies

Referral marketing can be easily implemented when the marketer understands the concept to deliver a dynamic marketing strategy to benefit the business. The use of social media is most ideal in implementing referral marketing successfully.

The marketer can kick start a referral marketing program by tweeting to existing customers about this reward system. Marketers who have business Facebook profile pages or Fan pages can include such program to notify followers and visitors. Specific rewards and benefits can be identified to entice followers and visitors to the website. Easy sign-up process or registrations can be included to recruit new or existing customers into this program.

A simple and effective reward for a successful referral marketing strategy is to offer freebies for every referral forwarded by an existing customer; this could be a free product or service which is frequently used by existing customers. It could even be a gift card to a specific mall to generate a higher interest on current customers for an active participation.

Different terms and conditions can be applied to fit the company’s goals and objectives depending on the budget and timeframe. Cash is another great referral marketing reward which could be of various amounts depending on the frequency of referrals and the types of referrals as customers can have a myriad of contacts in their circles of influence.

Referral marketing can be introduced through newsletters or websites as well as emails to existing customers.

Proper Implementation and Administration

A successful referral marketing program must be well planned and monitored to gauge its degree of success. A referral marketing program cannot be implemented without certain parameters of control and monitoring as customers may be bored or tired of receiving the same types of rewards over time. Moreover, competitors may activate similar programs to draw existing customers to their side with better rewards.

It is crucial to track certain information with referral marketing for future development of better marketing campaigns. This includes how new customers are referred and which rewards were more effective or preferred. Marketers may also want to identify the best marketing techniques which were more effective in their referral marketing program. The Internet offers a plethora of free and effective tools like Webmaster and Google Insight to track such information. There are customized software solutions that can track specific information to boost referral marketing programs’ effectiveness for different businesses.

A proper implementation and administration of the referral marketing program can propel a business forward much quicker than other marketing strategies. It is crucial to thank customers who make any referral regardless of the latter’s actions towards the company. This is professional administration, which builds good relations with current customers to strengthen the company’s market position. When an existing customer feels good about the company, they continue to share the strengths of the company with their contacts which boost the customer database more quickly. A wider market presence is ensured to strengthen the market position of the company.

Existing clients would develop a deeper trust and greater confidence in the company when their needs and expectations are fulfilled before they venture into referral marketing on behalf of the company.


It is possible to boost the market presence of a business easily today with the myriad of marketing tools and strategies; one of which is referral marketing. Many modern businesses have experienced great success with referral marketing options when the right tools and resources are implemented and administered properly.

Higher sales and better profits are enjoyed to boost the company image and bottom line with a successful referral marketing program.

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3 Factors To Attract Enough Customers

Website Marketing

3 Factors To Attract Enough CustomersVirtually all site owners focus their efforts and energy into getting more visitors. With entrepreneur this effort is invested in getting more and more brand-new clients. Exactly what lots of people forget – with both their website and their business – is that getting new clients (or visitors) is just a little part of the formula for success.

Reason For Failure No. 1 – The ‘I am God’- Syndrome.
God got his name from being able to do anything and everything and be all over at when. Ever discovered yourself addressing the phone, making a sale, running a sales conference, welcoming clients and doing your business’s accounts all in one day? People do this with their website too.

Rather than just stopping at supplying material (which is where you must hand and stop whatever else over to the specialists) some individuals think that regardless of no expert training or education in the subject they are experts in web design, site marketing, graphic style and business consultancy. Remember – adhere to exactly what you understand, leave whatever else to the specialists. Your job is to run your business – not to run around like a headless chicken aiming to produce a site, market a site, do the books, respond to the phones and make the tea.

Factor For Failure No. 2 – ‘Build It And They Will Come’.
The halcyon days of the early 1990s when anything seemed possible and simply owning a domain name or cool web address suggested specific success and riches beyond your wildest dreams. “Build it and they will come” is what they stated.

Simply remember – there are more web pages in the world than there are people so if you truly believe that just developing a site is enough it’s time for a major re-think. You’ve invested the money on graphic style, material, domain names, hosting, web style and testing and your site has actually just gone live.

You now have to market the site – simply as you need to market your service when it first starts – advertising, fliers, yellow pages, referrals, networking, sales calls, direct marketing, mail shots, radio slots, occasions, conventions, item launches, press coverage and so on. A site is precisely the very same. Always remember the new declaration for the new age of new innovation: Build it and they will state – ‘I can’t find it!’.

Factor For Failure No. 3 – You Choose The Wrong Website Marketing Company.
It’s challenging right? There are numerous to choose from how do you understand where to start? Well word of mouth recommendation is constantly an excellent indicator. Stopping working that you can take a look at the key areas that are most likely to suggest the quality of their service. For example, ask these questions;.

Do they use guarantees of any kind on their outcomes?
Do they happily display reviews from satisfied clients on their website?
Exactly what is their profile on the web like, can you discover them quickly?
Do they have detailed case studies explaining how they have helped other businesses?
Do they have an enduring performance history in the industry and large client-base?
There is no genuine way to avoid making the wrong decision however if you keep discovering more and more about website marketing you will be arming yourself with adequate information to a minimum of minimize the threat of picking the wrong business.

Practically all website owners focus their efforts and energy into getting more visitors. Exactly what many individuals forget – with both their website and their company – is that getting brand-new customers (or visitors) is only a small part of the equation for success.

Rather than simply stopping at providing material (which is where you ought to stop and hand everything else over to the professionals) some individuals think that in spite of no expert training or website marketing education in the topic they are experts in web design, website marketing, graphic style and company consultancy. Your job is to run your company – not to run around like a headless chicken attempting to develop a site, market a site, do the books, respond to the phones and make the tea.

Just remember website marketing – there are more web pages in the world than there are people so if you really think that simply developing a website is enough it’s time for a severe re-think.

Website Marketing

?3 Ways You can Use Snapchat to Attract New Customers

When Mark Zuckerberg offered to purchase Snapchat for an astronomical amount and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel denied, most people felt that was the dumbest thing ever. Fast-forward a few years and Snapchat has grown into a major social media brand. The people who initially criticized Evan for turning down Mr. Zuckerberg’s offer now want their words back. So, what has changed so much with Snapchat over these years,

Snapchat is not just a fun social tool but it has also become a major platform for businesses and individuals to market products, similar to how Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have become marketing mediums. Snapchat has a 200-million active user base, which is growing every day, with Snaps coming in at a rate of 400 million per day. The following are the 3 ways you can use Snapchat to attract new customers.

· Insider Snaps

One of the keys to attract new patrons is transparency, and what better way to exhibit that by sharing Snaps that capture your company’s internal work environment. Giving people the opportunity to know your company beyond your products and services is a way to create a legitimacy halo around your brand. Customers find it easy to relate to such companies and are at ease transacting with them.

Also, you may use these Snaps to give your current and potential audience a sneak peek of what’s in store for the future, in terms of new products and services, or pertinent business moves. Since Snapchat hosts content temporarily, you can keep creating content and not worry about bombarding your audience with an overload of information.

· Daily Snaps

Again, make use of the fact that all the content you put on Snapchat is temporary. In other words, post content daily and ensure your brand stays etched in your followers’ minds always. This approach is imperative if you’re just starting out or have recently created a Snapchat account. Remember, if people are following your company page, they’d like to see value coming in every possible way and form. So do not disappoint your crowd and don’t narrow them down to just discount codes and product images.

As aforementioned, consider posting behind-the-scenes images and videos that showcase your company culture. Your Snaps may also have instructions on how to use your recently launched products.

· Sponsored Posts

When you’ve just created an account, you will invariably have zero to little followers, especially if your business is a recent startup venture. In such cases, it’s important to reach out and borrow some leverage. In other words, sponsor your posts.

Find out Snapchat influencers who are related to your business or have some voice in your industry. An influence is someone who has a strong following on Snapchat. This initiative isn’t free, but you’ll not be spending as much as you’ll do for a Facebook or Instagram sponsored post, since a Snapchat post disappears in 24 hours.

For maximum traction, the key is to not make the post look as if it was purchased. Talk things out with the person you’re joining hands with for a more natural-looking post.