Branding Mistakes That You should Avoid

Branding is an essential part of marketing and advertising. The story of a good branding campaign seems to focus on getting the general public to remember your brand. Now why would you want people to remember your brand? Well for starters, the more people remember your brand, the more chance you have to make a profit. Take FedEx for example. Whenever people think about a courier service, they think of FedEx first because of the branding awareness that exists around FedEx’s brand. Of course with branding you will want people to associate your brand with a positive energy instead of a negative one so that people will relate to your product as something that works and worth paying money for.

However, there are a lot of branding mistakes that we see in modern advertising these days. Bad branding will often be very costly because not only will you be wasting a lot of your advertising money, you might also be sending out the wrong message to the crowd. And believe me; the wrong message could even hurt your business. Let us take a closer look at some of these branding mistakes that you should avoid at all cost.

Branding without a picture of your product or logo?

Too many times, marketers make the mistake of branding their product without a picture of their brand, logo or even a picture of themselves. This is a bad mistake because branding is usually associated with a visual impression of what you are. If you do not let your image park in the mind of the people who you want to remember you, then you are wasting your time. For example, lately, a popular motorcycle manufacturer released a new motorcycle and created an ad for the motorcycle. All of this sounds normal and good but there’s one huge thing missing. All they mentioned in the ad was the model number of the motorcycle and some useless footage of pretty faces running around. There was no actual picture or footage of the new motorcycle around (not even a hint that it is a motorcycle).


Now, maybe the marketer thinks that their advertisement is smart and different and using curiosity to get people interested in their new product, but to most people (even those who are looking to buy a new motorcycle), the looks of your motorcycle are very important. And if you are not even confident enough to show your product out to the public, you are going to lose a lot of advertising money. Sure only some of the hardcore fans of the manufacturer might get curious about this new motorcycle and take the time and effort to find out more, but mind you… this is in the minority and these people are already your loyal fans. What this ultimately means is that this manufacturer has made a huge and costly mistake.

Using A Bad Name For Your Product.

It happens, sometime… some product names are just lame and it you are out of luck, some of the youngsters with a creative mind out there might just use your name and turn it into a joke or a meme. This would literally kill your business. Hence when you choose a name for your product, you need to take it seriously. Try to creatively think of what your brand name sound like and hopefully it does not sound too silly or funny. A catchy name is good, but you do not what people use it as a Joke.

Surely a joke might go viral and help you brand your product, but if that’s what you were hoping for, it might just backfire. Usually, a bad brand name that turns into a joke will not just stop there. In the internet age, people will not stop until the something new comes up so you can be sure that your brand name will be on the downfall during the trend (it might even leave a sour aftertaste for many years to come).

Another kind of bad name you should avoid is giving your product a complicated name, or a name that is very hard to pronounce or spell. Not only will people not be able to remember your name, some people will even hate your brand because of it. If no one can remember your name well, then it’s going to be hard to brand your business now wouldn’t it? You want people to instantly remember your business and name every single time they think about you. You won’t want people to think of you and then tell their friends that you are that shop around the corner of the last row of shops across Wal-Mart.

Being Offensive.

One of the most deadly branding mistakes you should avoid at all cost is being intentionally offensive with your brand name or logo. Sure people will remember you, but if people remember you for the wrong reasons, your sales and profits charts won’t be on the rise. Hence you have to be absolutely careful not to be offensive even in your ads. If you just anger one or two people with your branding efforts, you will be sure that it will spread virally on the internet and that won’t be good for your business. When that time comes, you might even have to change your brand and logo entirely and you would not want that.

Hence be smart and think of how you can brand your business the positive way, and leave a good impression in the mind and heart of your target market every single time. Even better you should try and install a sense of warmth in the mind of your target market that you are the good guys that gives the best service and professionalism in your business. Show the world that you want to do business with them and that you will break your neck just to please them. A good branded business will never go hungry because people will come to you whenever they need your business or services. Brand early and win big.

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Tricks to get more blog subscribers

What is the lifeblood of a blog? The quick answer would be your blog’s subscribers. It does not matter how much traffic, content, ads or any of the other things that you get on your blog, but it is your subscribers that will bring you the most value to your blog. They will be the ones to fuel your passion and they will be the ones who will be reading your content every time you send out a post. Their loyalty will turn into money as well depending on how you monetize your blog. Their frequent return visits are what will make your total traffic increase in a compounding manner. Your blog’s success will depend heavily on the amount of subscribers that you have for your blog. The more subscribers you have, the better your blog will be and the more successful you will become.

Therefore, as an online entrepreneur and a blogger, your focus should always be placed on increasing your blog’s subscribers. With your subscribers ready on your list, you can be sure that you will get an audience every time you post something new because you can broadcast and notify your subscribers about your new blog post using the autoresponder. The best part, your subscribers will help you build your traffic, content and even the size of your subscribers in many subtle ways as well. Here are a few ways you can implement on your blog to gain more subscribers.

Make it easy for your visitors to subscribe.

The first strategy that you should utilize if you wish to get increase your blog subscribers is to make it easy for your subscribers to subscribe to your blog. You need to make it obvious and not leave this to chance. Make sure you have an opt-in form on every page of your blog and that the form is clearly visible to your subscribers. Next, you need to urge them to subscribe at the end of your posts so that they know what to do after reading your post.

Show them the advantage of subscribing and let them see the value of subscribing. Make sure that you place your opt-In forms on the right place so that it is intuitive for your blog visitors. The better positioned and organized your subscribe button and form is, the higher the chance you will get them to subscribe. Make sure that your form stands out instead of letting it blend with your entire blog theme. Camouflaging your forms is never a good thing. The contrast of your form brings your opt-in form to the front and the more people who notice your blog’s subscription button, the better your overall blog will do.

Publish relevant post that matters.

People do not just subscribe to your blog for any reason. Hence you must give them a solid reason to subscribe and the best way to do this is to consistently post relevant and helpful information that matters. Take for example; if you are in the internet marketing niche, most people are blogging about the contents that are usually free and available everywhere else. However, if you start blogging about some of the information out there that are usually paid for, then you will get a lot of attention. Imagine a post of you sharing your best niche or your best campaign or better still an in depth step by step case study of one of your affiliate campaigns.

Your blog will be an instant hit. And the reason here is simply because no one else is willing to do that and you are their only source for this kind of information. Not only that people will want to see more good content from you in the future and if you promise to deliver, they will subscribe because they want to be notified the moment you release critical information that might change their lives. You are giving out a lot, but in return you will have their complete trust and loyalty. This is very powerful because the next time you promote a product; guess who will be there to buy from you? Your subscribers will not let you down because they know that your recommendations will work and they trust that you’ve used the tool yourself. When you do this correctly, you will find that your business will soar and ironically, you are doing it the legitimate way instead of trying to snake your way to success.

You should also try to give them some sort of incentive for the initial sign up process. A little gift or report that is of absolute value should do the trick. This is to welcome them on board and get them accustomed to the way you do things. People will learn more about you from this report or gift that you have in store for them. Again, you gain more of their trust and this should be enough to get them to open your emails and come back to your blog often for more of the good stuff that you are willing to share with them.

Get lots of traffic.

At last… for your blog to get subscribers, you will need traffic. Not just any traffic, but target traffic and you will need a lot of them. Think of it as a numbers game. If your blog’s subscription rate is at 30% and if you wish to get a thousand subscribers, you will need at least three thousand visitors or more to achieve this goal. Hence you will have to go out and try to get the best traffic for your blog. The more you get, the higher your chance of getting your subscribers list huge fast. Learn to seek out where your target market is and learn to view the market in terms of demographic. That way you will understand your target market better and you can then focus on that traffic that matters.

Do not waste your time on junk traffic even if it comes really cheap. You would be wasting both time and money if you ignore this. Only go for the best leads and this will pave your way to success with your blog in the future.

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