Untold Conversion Rate Lessons

Untold Conversion Rate LessonsImproving your conversion rates from your sales message is very important if you want more profit from your existing business. For example, if you are selling an ebook on how to lose weight, and making a good amount of money from it, the best way for you to expand your business is not to jump into a new niche or creating a new product. That would usually take up too much time. Instead, you should try to tweak your sales letter or video to maximize your conversion rate so that you will get more profit out of your current site traffic.

Conversion Rate

Only after you’ve done all the necessary tweaking should you move on to a new product or start a new project in a different niche. With conversion tweaking, you will need to track your sales letter carefully because only with proper tracking will you be able to tell if you are getting the right results from your test and tweaking efforts that you have employed into your sales message. Of course, the more data you acquire from your test, the more accurate your results will be.

Always optimize for revenue instead of conversions

First things first, one of the biggest mistakes marketers commit is that they went all crazy with optimizing their site for conversions. While conversions are important, it is more important to acquire a better result in revenue. What this means is that you can ultimately have a very good conversion rate if you price your product really low like $1 or $7. With that kind of price, it is no surprise if you could sell a lot of your product say 100 copies.

However, at a higher price, of $19 and selling only 50 copies of the product (half of the amount sold at a lower price) your revenue is much higher. A smart marketer would take the higher revenue any day. But the conversion rate is clearly lower for the higher priced item. Hence, this is a very good example to actually test your price first before testing and optimizing for conversion rate. Test for the best price to get the most revenue first and only then should you be tweaking your copy to improve your conversion rate.

A/B testing results take time

Many of you should have heard of the A/B split testing before. However, not many marketers actually take the time to use this testing method to actually improve their conversions. And for marketers who do try it out, most of them will quickly give up because they are either not seeing the results that they wish to see or it is simply too much work involved. Those who have engaged in A/B testing will find one thing in common and that is you will not consistently see a ‘difference’ or a big change to your conversions is a lot of your effort in tweaking your sales letter elements.

In fact you might only see a few big changes (improving or decreasing your conversion rate) after doing a lot of split testing work. However, the big plus side here is for those who stick to it, once you find a winning result, the return would be immense and usually this will pay you for a very long time. Hence, if you are interested to grow your business for the long term, then by all means, you should try doing some heavy split testing to optimize your site for better conversion rates.

Saturation after tweaking.

It is possible that after all the main tweaks are done such as the headlines, the colors of the headline, the buy button, and the price of your offer, your minor tweaks will not show a huge and significant results that you usually see on the bigger tweaks. Hence when all the important tweaks are adjustments are done of your sales letter, you will be met with a saturation phase where your conversion is actually optimized. When this happens you should start to move on to some other things than keeping yourself occupied with tweaking the minor stuff on your page.

After saturation, focus on tweaking your backend offers.
So what is the best thing to do after your sales letter conversion reaches the saturation phase you asked? The next logical thing to do is to look into your back end funnels. Of course you could tweak your funnels the same way you tweak your front end sales letter. In fact, if you do not have a good back end funnel, you should make a big effort to place them there because this is where the majority of your wealth be coming from.

If you’ve already had a good funnel in place, think of ways to add in more ways to earn money within your funnel. Slowly but surely you need to add on products that has a much higher price that get the maximum amount of profit from each customer. Of course, you will need to test your offers for conversions and also for revenues as well.

When you do this right, you will be sure that you will succeed with your internet marketing ventures. With good conversions and best revenue and funnel tactics, you will be sure to reap the maximum amount of cash from your visitors. So is it time to move on to a new product? Not yet, it’s time to bring out the big guns and increase your traffic. Max out your traffic and get more traffic from all reliable traffic sources. Set up a strong affiliate program and start gathering JVs (Joint venture partners) and with that you are on your way to the millions. Only when all these are done should you start moving into a new product or a new niche.

Conversion Rate

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Marketing Message Ways To Charge More

Marketing Message Ways To Charge More Benefit of joint ventures.Marketing is all about trying to get more profits in your marketing message business. One of the best ways to increase your profit is to actually try to charge more for your services and get away with it. The other way to earn more is to reduce your cost and so the profits that you get from each sale are much higher. In other words, you will get a better ROI.

This is of course very understandable and logical but the real question and challenge is how can you charge more for the same marketing message product and get away with it. You will need to consider about how your competitors are charging, you people are going to view your product, and you will need to do careful testing and tracking of your sales funnel in order to seek out more ways to profit. One of the things that you need to know is that when you charge a higher fee, your conversion rate will most likely go down. Do enough test with different price method to get the optimum price that gives you the highest return? Quality.

Marketing Message

The very first element to include into your products in order for you to charge a higher fee in your marketing message industry and still deems as acceptable is to make sure that you market about your quality and deliver that promise. The better your product quality is, the higher your price can go. Of course you need to understand that there is a limit to your price as well. Don’t go overboard with pricing but just make sure that your product’s quality it top notch and that it is better than most of the product in your market.

When you charge a higher fee, you are in many ways showing your target market that you are not just some cheap imitation and that should they choose your product or use your service, they are in good hands. The main marketing message reason is… because people are used to the idea that quality comes with a price. So… most of the time, if your product is more expensive, people will just assume that it has the better quality. However, you have better make sure that you are able to deliver that quality or you will lose your customers’ trust fast.

Stronger marketing message.

When you are charging a higher amount of fee, there is without a doubt that you will need to try your best to make sure that your marketing message is a lot stronger. It is no surprise that when you are charging more for your products, it will be harder to get a good conversion rate. Hence, you might need a longer copy to convince the customers about your offers and you will need to try your best to show the customers that your product is the best solution to their problems.

If you are able to do that, and if they believe you, then they will be willing to part with more money to try your offer. Another factor that could be at play here is comparison. This is why you should always try to show people that your product is not just good, but it is actually better than what is available on the market today. It would also be better if your product’s advantage over other competitors isn’t just some fancy features that nobody actually needs. It would be best if your product can solve the problem in a guaranteed manner, faster, and actually more economical in the long run. These are the kind of benefits customers are looking for.


Using testimonials in your marketing message is very important especially if you are planning to jack up your product’s price. The use of testimonials helps assure your prospects that your product works and other people have tried and tested your product. If your sales message only contains your own words people will think that certainly you are biased about your own product, but recommendations and reviews coming from unsolicited testimonials counters all these thoughts.

Happy and satisfied customers are shown via the testimonials and more often than not testimonials are what help people make the critical decision to purchase your product. Therefore never be caught marketing a good offer that people love without any testimonials. However you will have to be careful when using them and make sure that your testimonials comply with the rules of the FTC.

Better Presentation.

Finally, you will need to present your product in a very professional and also attractive way. The more attractive looking your product cover and your sales page is, the more convincing it is your product will be and hence it will be much easier to convert your visitors into sales and profits. While some gurus will tell you that the graphics are not important and only your body copy and headline of your sales letter is important, this is untrue. You can make sales without good graphics, but if you want to instill trust, branding, show your authority convincingly, then you will have to make sure that you have great graphics to go with it.

The only time when you do not need good graphics to go with your product is when you have properly branded yourself as a guru and thus all you need to build trust and confidence in your product is a picture of you. Therefore, when it comes to graphics, make sure they look good but also try not to go overboard. When marketing online where a lot of the information products are not tangible your graphics and covers are all there is to help customers relate to the things that they are planning to buy. Don’t let your customers think that they are buying something intangible, instead show them a product cover so that they can have a visual of the virtual item that they will pay for which usually helps improve your sales volume.

Marketing Message

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The relationship between stick rate and conversion rate.

What is the best way for you to make a sale online? The easy answer here is to place a targeted visitor in front of a converting sales letter. We all know that to get a target visitor one must get the traffic source from the right place. However, when it comes to conversions, there are a lot of factors at play here. One of the most neglected conversion rate boosters is the stick rate that helps with conversion rate. Let us look deeper into the relationship between stick rate and conversion rate and how you can utilize this relationship to help you increase your overall sales.

What is stick rate?

When we talk about the stick rate of a site visitor on your website, we are actually talking about the average amount of time people who stayed on your page. There are generally four ranges in stick rate. The first one being the 30 second range, and then the 1 minute range and then 5-10 minute range and lastly the more than 10 minute range.

The first range which is the 30 second range is the time where people stayed on your website for less than 30 seconds on your website. If people are leaving your site within this time range, then something is definitely turning them off the very instant they arrive on your site. It could be that your site is not loading for them; it could be because your website is down or it could be that your site’s first impression is annoying them. When you look at the numbers and seeing people leaving almost as soon as they arrive on your site, you need to quickly check and try to fix the problem. Find out if your headline is the problem or not by doing a split testing.

The second range would be the 1 minute range. If people are leaving your website after the 1 minute mark then you can be sure that this is due to the fact the your body copy is not interesting enough. They were definitely interested in your advertisement and your headline copy but after a quick browse or read on your body copy they decide that this isn’t for them or are not compelling enough to read on. Hence when this happens you will need to make changes to your body copy so that people will stay longer on your website.

The third range is people staying on your sales letter and reading for more than 5 to 10 minutes. These people are obviously very interested in what you have to offer and they are taking the time to actually read through your sales letter and making sure that what you have to offer is right for them.

The final range would be people who stay on your website for more than 10 minutes. People within this range could be due to the reason that they are hesitating with your offer, your sales letter is too long or it could be that they left their browser window open and went away from their computer to do something else. If the people in this range are high then you might want to strengthen your offer or use some scarcity tactics to help the people in this range be a little more decisive.

What is the relationship between stick rate and conversion rate?

The relationship here is massive. The better your stick rate the higher your conversion rate will be. Recent studies have shown that people who leave your sites early are likely not to convert at all and those who stayed on your website for more than 5 minutes are where most of your conversion rate will be coming from.

Not surprising is that people who stayed the longest still converts but not as good as those who stayed for 5 minutes to 10 minute range. What this ultimately means is that people who stayed too long could be due to hesitation or leaving your website on their browser while they went away from their computer to do something else.

The important thing to note here is that if you wish to improve your conversion rate then you must try your best to get your visitors to stay on your website for a long period of time (at least 5 minutes or more). To do this you must find out if there is anything that is causing people to leave your site early or not? Could it be your introduction video that loads too slowly? Could it be that your headline is not attractive enough? Once you are able to pinpoint the reason why people are leaving early, then you should be able to easily get more people to stay longer.

The next thing you would do is to make sure that they stay long enough to make a buying decision hence, your graphics and body copy has to be very interesting and benefit oriented to get the visitors interested and curious enough to read your entire copy or at least half of it.

There are many tracking softwares out there that is capable of tracking your visitors stick rate these days. Some might be even be able to show you the exact spot on your sales letter where people are leaving your site. All this information is crucial if you wish to tweak your sales letter and optimize it for the best conversion rate.

Simply give away your rebranded materials and you will earn affiliate commissions and recurring income.

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This report covers different marketing strategies on how to build your following. How to build your brand in a new and exciting way.
How to get targeted traffic from Pinterest and directing them back to your site. How to monetize your Pinterest boards

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Autoresponder strategies for your business

Autoresponder strategies for your business

If Sir Albert Einstein is one of the most celebrated people that invented many great things that help us improve us our lives, then the person who invented our modern autoresponder should be one of the most celebrated people in the history of autoresponder strategies in marketing in itself.

Autoresponder strategies for your business

In fact, auto-responders is one of the must have tool for any internet marketer’s life, and it is also one of the most effective tools that can earn people millions of dollars each year. Every year, internet marketers make hundreds of millions of dollars just by taking advantage of the permission based marketing model and the use of autoresponder strategies. This industry is booming because of the use of autoresponder strategies and it has enables people to live the life of their wildest dreams.

Here are some of the best autoresponder strategies that can be used for your business.

1) You can use an autoresponder to turn your website visitors into a subscriber of your website.

Using an autoresponder to turn your website visitors into subscribers has been widely used by internet marketers. In fact, since it is so effective we are seeing more and more offline businesses adapting to use this strategy as well where they get the information of their clients or visitors and input it into their autoresponder this way, they can effectively notify their clients or visitors whenever they have a new product offer are available.

2) Building a relationship and understanding with your subscribers

When you have a list of subscribers whom you build, you can actually take this opportunity to build a relationship with your list. Doing this will increase the trust level of your subscribers on you, and they will listen to everything you say.

This tactic here alone is responsible for millions earn using email autoresponder strategies marketing each year where the list owner will build a solid relationship with their subscribers and when the time comes they will send them an irresistible offer. It is said that sending an offer to a responsive list (good relationship) converts much higher than cold traffic or a list that does not have a good relationship with its owner.

3) Market to your subscribers over and over again

When you use an autoresponder strategies to build a list, one great benefit is that you can market the same thing over and over to the list that you build. You can even choose to market different product but relevant to your niche none the less. Doing this increases the conversion rate because your list gets exposed to your offer more often and the more you explain about how you can help their problems with your product the more people will start buying it. It is said that it usually takes up to 7 times for a person to be exposed to a said produce before he decides to take action.

Hence using an autoresponder can easily achieve such results without having to pay for any extra cost.

4) Saves a lot of time following up with customers flawlessly.

In the early days of marketing where an autoresponder is non-existent, having 50 customers and trying to follow up with them can be a huge pain. In fact, if you try to follow up with them just 1 or two times after their first purchase or the first meeting, it would take up a lot of time. However, with the help of autoresponder these days, you can automatically follow up with any amount of subscribers be it in the thousands or more. All you have to do is to set it up one time, and you will never have to worry about it ever again.

5) No extra cost for lead generation and no need to hire extra people to do all the hard work.

Without an autoresponder every time you get a lead you will lose it immediately after the first purchase. And then you will go out and get more traffic and hopefully get more leads that way. This means you lose the lead forever, and this cycle will continue.
However, with the help of an autoresponder, you can easily keep the lead that you acquired and thus your lead will grow exponentially. And the best part is you do not need to spend money on acquiring the same lead nor should you need to hire any extra work person to follow up on the lead and such. Your autoresponder will have everything done automatically for you with just a quick setup.

6) Monitor and track your results with ease.

Using an autoresponder takes your marketing to another level because you can track and monitor your leads behavior. You can see how often they respond to your email messages. You can learn what kind of offer they respond to, and you can even see just how many people open up your email and click your links. Such precious data can never be acquired without the help of an autoresponder.

Having such data means you can change your business for the better and watch your conversion rate grow. You can understand your leads better just by seeing what kind of email or offer they respond to. You can even see their demographics such as their gender and country of origin. An autoresponder tracks all of that without you having to do any extra coding. It’s just too convenient to ignore the fact that you need to track your leads.

7) All the emails you send out equals to free branding.

Besides all the above, with each email that you send out, you are branding yourself as an expert. You show them how knowledgeable you are in your field by sharing wonderful and useful content. They will love you for sharing and they will support you whenever you have a product offer.

With that said, it is without a doubt that investing on an autoresponder is a must these days if you wish to succeed in internet marketing or anything to do with acquiring leads. In fact, many experts swear that their business depends heavily on their autoresponder and if anything happens to their autoresponders server they will be very worried indeed.

Autoresponder strategies for your business

Autoresponder strategies for your business

modern autoresponder should be one of the most celebrated mst have tools in the history of marketing itself)

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How to keep your business cost low in 2013

Social Networking

Small business owners such as normal online marketers need to watch their budget closely so that they do not burn out their budget and not breaking even as a return. The most important thing about this is that when the money you spend is getting you a nice return on your investment, you will be able to keep spending more to get more back. If you are spending and not getting a return, you should stop immediately. It is very easy to get into a battle between yourself and keep spending because you thought it might work out if you just keep spending.
Here are some great tips to help you improve on lowering your business cost for this year.

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