Top Quality Facebook Automation

Have you ever done any of these belongings manually?

— Search for the prettiest viral pet cat video clips
— Slog through posting them up with attention getting messages
— Developed web pages to catch leads
— Looked for items on to promote as members

Or any one of the other hundreds of points that you HAS GOT TO do to make any kind of money on Facebook?

Well today, the uphill battle becomes a downhill sled race for you:

This brand-new app cracks the 12 important revenue pivot points of Facebook down and also automates each and every one of them.

If you want to …

+ Save hours a day in manual labor Hand Operated executing your social marketing strategy

+ Have the ability to find the best and also most viral content in any sort of particular niche, with the click of a computer mouse

+ Feed one of the most engaging material to your Facebook properties, entirely hands off …

+ Beginning structure thousands of leads on auto-pilot

And much more, then you need to inspect this out:

This quite automation software has actually generated well over 150K in pure earnings with easy set-and-forget projects that regularly turn out results while you delight in the less bothersome belongings in life.

Have a look at the demo on the page above as well as inform me that this won’t entirely alter the way you market on Facebook!

BTW, there’s a significant discount rate …

For a restricted time, throughout the launch period there’s a huge price cut. The “asking cost” is so extremely low that you’ll greater than gain back your financial investment the very first day it runs on its own.

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Top Quality Facebook Automation.

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What exactly is Facebook’s Edgerank

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the place to be for both marketers and non-marketers these days. Even Facebook creators had no idea it would turn out to be such a huge success where they were able to overtake MySpace. Facebook had made a very wise decision when they decided to use Facebook fan page to monetize the traffic because traffic monetization is a key to their success.

What exactly is Facebook's Edgerank?Facebook Fan page is created for users to build a page to attract people with the same interest so that these people with a mutual understanding can have common ground to hang out with. Hence when you have a Facebook fan page, you can actually use it to grow your business. Facebook has employed strict rules (much like Google Search Engine Results) to ensure that your Facebook fan page posts get distributed to the public. The amount of people who sees your fan page are determined by what Facebook Calls the Edgerank (not to be confused with Google’s Page rank) and Graph rank.

What is important to know is that Facebook’s Edge rank is not just bound to the fan page but also to posting of your own profile pages as well Let us look into Edge rank and see how it effects your business.

What is Edgerank?

Most active Facebook fan page users will have tons of Facebook friends. People in Facebook are also allowed to become the fans of a lot of Facebook Pages. Now imagine this, if all your friends and all the Facebook pages that you have followed is posting on Facebook at any given day, your Facebook profile is going to be stuffed with so much activity it might explode. Now the thing is most Facebook users won’t even have the time to View all the posts so Facebook filters only the more popular posts and show it to you. This is done via the Edge Rank.

Most people think that all their posts and announcements on Facebook will be seen by everyone. This is not the case. There have been cases where Facebook users who post wedding announcements on Facebook but was never seen by any of their actual friends.

What actually happens here is that Edge rank has filtered out your posts and was not shown to all your friends and only those who visit your wall can see your post. The thing is Facebook Edgerank will decide what is worthy to be displayed on your newsfeed. What this means is that this is not good for those business owners who are not doing the right things to get on the good side of Facebook’s edge rank.

Facebook Edgerank algorithm is defined by the three basic factor which is your Affinity, your Weight, and the Time Decay Factor. Allow us to explain this in more details. What Facebook ultimately wants is interaction and activity. This is because with all the interaction and activity going on, people will keep coming back for more which ensures that Facebook will stay alive for a very long time.

Affinity simply refers to the relationship, interaction and the activity of any given Facebook user to the creator of the Facebook Post. This means if you and ‘Larry’ have been constantly connecting via Facebook and you have been interacting on each other’s post, your affinity level is very high and Edgerank will place priority to show your post to people who you interact with a lot. Vice versa to the situation mentioned, if you and ‘Harry’ have known each other for long, but rarely connects via Facebook or even visit each other’s profile for a long time, then the affinity ranking here would certainly be low.

Hence if you wish your business posts from your Facebook Fan page to be seen more often, you have to get people (your fans) to connect with you on Facebook regularly. The more activity you have the higher your affinity value would be.

Weight however, is how much people value your posts. Every time you post a video, image or links Edge rank is watching for activity. If your posts gets a lot of click through or if a lot of people are commenting or watching your videos, then the weight of your post is considered to be high. Facebook will think that your post must be interest if there are so many responses to your post each time, hence, never post boring posts. This is to ensure that you get a high weight value for your posts. When that happens, Facebook will show your post to all your friends and start showing them to others as well in a viral manner. This also means that if your post gets a lot of ‘likes’ you your post will be viewed highly as well.

One have to remember that some activity is just more important to Facebook than other acitvities. For example, a Like to Facebook’s Edgerank weighs less than a comment. This is because it is much easier to click on the like button than writing a comment which takes up more time and effort. So if you have a post with 10 comments, it is going to beat a post with 10 likes every single time.

The last factor ‘Time Decay’ would indicate how old the post is. The older your posts are, the more likely it will be dropped out of the news feed so that it will have more chances for newer feeds to appear. However, if your post has a very healthy amount of activity even after a long time since it has been posted, Facebook will still continue to show it virally to those who have never seen your post before. This can help you get a lot of new fans to your page.

With this knowledge, you should adjust your Facebook Marketing strategies accordingly so that you can be sure that every single time you post on your Fan page, your post gets notice by as much fans as possible. That’s where you will get the most traffic and that’s how you can get the most of your constant Facebook postings.

What exactly is Facebook's Edgerank?

Facebook Fan Page

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How to get your first 1000 Facebook fans

Facebook Fan Page

If you are going to do any marketing on Facebook at all you have to consider using Facebook fan page feature. Sure you can use your Facebook fan page profile for marketing purposes but you should realize that your profile have a limit to the amount of friends you can have. However, there is no limit to how much fans you can have. This means you can go up to millions of fans and you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

How to get your first 1000 Facebook fans?Therefore, Facebook fan page is the way to go if you are going to try and siphon traffic out of Facebook. However, getting Fans to your Facebook fan page isn’t as easy as it would seem to be. Most people will have trouble getting their fan page pass the 1000 fans mark. Here are several ways to get your first 1000 Facebook Fans.
Get your friends on board.

The first thing you can do is go into your own Facebook fan page profile and invite friends to your page. This method is free and is a great way to get things started. Some savvy Facebook marketers will even make new Facebook fan page Profile Accounts just to get more friends to their list. These friends will then be invited into their fan page.

This way, you can still target the people that you want to be on your Facebook fan page you can also target based on demographics. Firstly, you might need to join other similar Facebook pages and become a fan. From there you can add the people there as friends whom you will later try to convert them into fans. Just make sure that before you start inviting people to become your friends or fans that you have all the necessary information loading into your Fanpage and profile accounts. This is to entice people to join and make friends with you. Nobody will join your page if it is empty and if it boring.

Tell everyone.

The next thing you can do is to let your existing subscribers, clients or whoever you could know about your page. Spread the news via your websites or blogs. You can even post in forums. The most important thing here is just to get people to start coming into your fan page and let the numbers go up.

Try not to be shy about it. You do not have to wait until your Fanpage have a thousand people first before inviting because it won’t happen unless you do something about it. Tweet about it and place banners on relevant sites. Buy ads places where you see fit.

Only when the world knows about it will you stand a chance for your fan page to grow. Lead them to your fan page and guide them there with care. Nobody will know your Fanpage exists unless you tell them.


Your content is very important. It is the reason why people will want to join you in the first place. Therefore, try to post as often as possible (at least once a day) and get people to interact with your post. Use attractive images as they get a lot of responses from the masses. Create polls or ask interesting questions so that people will place their opinions on the comment section.

The more frequent you post, and the more response it gets, the faster your Facebook Fan page will grow. At first, you might not want to post any links so that people will stay on your page and view all the other posts that you might have. Only post links when you are more established. There is no point to post links when your only have less than a hundred fans anyway.

Facebook Ads.

Perhaps the fastest way to build your first 1000 fans is to use Facebook paid ads. Most people will frown just from the word ‘Paid’ and shy away from it immediately. Sure there have been lot of nightmare stories on how expensive Facebook Ads can be… but that’ just coming from people who are doing it wrong. There are ways to get fans at a low cost of 0.01 cents per fan. Think about it. For 100 fans that’s only $10. Where else can you get that much traffic for 10 bucks?

Google up how to get cheap Facebook clicks if you must know the full details on how to get cheaper fans to your Facebook page but the fundamental part here is that your ads must be able to get a good click through rate. The higher your click through rate the lower your ad cost is going to be. Facebook Ads can go as cheap as $0.001 cent. That’s right! That’s not a typo or a mistype. It is a fact. That means if you are able to get such a low cost per click or cost per fan, the first 1000 fan is going to be only $1.

It certainly is the fastest and cheapest way to get fans if you are not comparing with the free methods. All you need is a good picture that attracts clicks and asks them if they like the picture or not. When they click the ‘like’ button on your ad, they will be automatically added you your fan page and viola… things will roll on from there. When you get to your first 1000 clicks (very fast and easy using Facebook Ads) you might consider going up to 5000 fans first before stopping your ad. When you have that many fans, you will only need constant interesting post and your fans will increase automatically because Facebook will work it’s magic and show your post to people who are interested in your posts.

How to get your first 1000 Facebook fans

Facebook Fan Page

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Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes.

Facebook Likes

Facebook is the center of attention on the Internet these days. Wherever you go, you will see someone holding some sort of electronic device like the IPad either playing with games or fiddling with their Facebook account. People of all ethnics and ages are flocking onto Facebook to pass their time, and naturally, we marketers have started to move in on this source of traffic.

Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes.However taking advantage of Facebook Likes for your business purposes today isn’t as straight forward as it was with PPC or Google Adwords. You are dealing with a social platform where you need to learn how to interact with the audience inside Facebook and ultimately try to convince them to spend money on your products. Facebook Likes utilizes a ‘like’ function in their features to encourage the people dwelling in Facebook to determine if your content or posts are worthy of their time or not. A Facebook like is as important as a normal ‘click’ in your other marketing ventures.

In fact a Facebook ‘like’ could possibly mean a new Fan on your page (and in some way a fan could be deem as an equal to a subscriber on your list).Here are some important questions. Do you have a Facebook page? Are you having trouble getting enough likes to your page or posts? Below are some ways to get more likes to your Facebook page or posts.
Quick Fans ? Use Facebook Likes Ads.

Using Facebook Ads can quickly add fans to your Facebook pages. And if you are doing this the correct way, you can even do this at a very low cost. Many marketers have successfully gotten likes for a measly $0.01 or less because they realize that inside Facebook Ads, you can get a very low cost per click (CPC) if you could get them to click on the ‘Like’ button next to your ad.

This means your viewers will not need to click through on your ad and they will be automatically added to your page as a fan without ever having to click on your ad link. All they have to do is to click on the like button next to your ad. To do this, experts have been using very ‘catchy’ pictures to get the attention of the viewers. When the viewers saw your image of your ad, they will then be asked a question with a natural ‘like’ answer.

Let’s say for example, you are running a cake Fanpage, and you want to add fans to your page using Facebook ads. All you have to do is to run an ad with a nice looking picture of a delicious cake and then on the description you will ask a question like “Click ‘like’ if you like to eat cakes.” This way when you target cake lovers, they will click on the ‘like’ button next to your ad naturally.

Try this method today, and you will love it! Yes it takes a fan to attract a fan.

Yes it does… when people arrive at your site and you have Fan box that shows all the other fans who have already liked you, this is a good motivator to get others to like you as well because this would mean that you are doing something right. Such is the power of social testimonials.

If your blog or website already has a decent amount of traffic using a fan box can easily get you more fans when compared to an opt-in form because to become your fan all they have to do is click on the like button. However, to become a subscriber of your site will usually mean that they have to go through the usual opt-in process where they have to fill in their name and email address to get in.

It is obvious then that a Fan box not only entices and encourages people to become a fan, it will also make the process a much smoother one. However, it is still a best practice to include both an opt-in form and a fan box because this will usually help you maximize the amount of ‘members’ and fans whom you can get from your existing traffic. The fan box can usually help improve the trust level and branding aware ness on your blogs and post. Therefore, it goes to say that having a Fan box on your website is a must.

Get your fans to post on your wall.

This is a fantastic way to get other potential fans to notice you. When you are able to get fans to post their pictures that are related to your fan page on your wall, the chances of these post going viral is good because their friends and their friend’s friend stand a chance to see their posts. This in return will get you more exposure and the viral chance here is much better as well. This is the true power of a Facebook fan page.

Constant ‘Attention Hungry’ posts.

Your post matters. And that’s not all, because you need to be constantly posting interesting topics to get the ‘heat’ level on your Fanpage up so that your popularity and ‘Edgerank’ (Facebook’s Fan page ranking) is good. When you have a very good Edgerank, this usually means your Fan page’s popularity and engagement level (interactions and activity) is rather high and Facebook will reward you dearly for this.

Therefore, always try to post in a consistent manner and always try to encourage people to comment or like your posts. Sure this might agitate some of your fans as they will be annoyed to why you are constantly asking them to like your post, but the majority of the people do not mind it especially if your post is something that connects with them.

When you are able to get a sizable amount of fans, you will be able to see your fans size and ‘like’ numbers grow almost exponentially. This is because the viral factor in Facebook is working hard to get the exposure that you deserve (provided that you have been posting constantly and getting enough interactions on your page). Using these few tips, you should be able to add hundred (if not in the thousands) of fans to your fan page in no time.

Facebook Likes

Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes.

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