Are Reviews Good for Internet Business?

Are Product Or Services Reviews Good for Internet Business?

In recent years, the internet has been the go to place to seek out a product or services review about a certain business, product or service before someone decides to make a purchase. The internet has made it very easy for this task of researching before buying. This is especially true for products and services that cost a lot of money. With that said, this also means that local businesses are affected as well because people can now easily search for any reviews even if it is for a restaurant rating or a hotel’s rating.

Reviews Good for Internet Business?Product or Sproduct or services Reviews and your revenue.

Studies have shown that businessesproduct or services revenues are indeed affected by online ratings and thus as an online marketer, one must be very careful in managing all the responses and reviews that you get online. If you have a product or services that are currently being sold online (or offline) it is a smart thing to actually go about and lurk in some of the forums or ‘hangout’ areas of your potential customers and check out what they are currently saying about your offers.

If your product or services has a natural positive review than congratulations to you because this could usually mean that your product is of excellent quality, and that it actually helps the live of your buyers. Your product is worth the money that they paid and is showing results which explains why your offers are getting a very good rating online. You can now try to find out what is working and make a good note not to change what is working and then try to further improve your products or services.

However, if your product has a naturally bad review, then you might want to consider moving on to another project or try to actually improve your product and reputation. This is the exact reason why new product or service providers are encouraged to monitor their online reputations closely so that they could deal with the problem as soon as it arises. Negative reviews should always be handled professionally. Some internet marketer would even try to get their happy customers to defend their product if some negative reviews pop up. In any business, it is imperative that one would have to deal with a ‘difficult customer’, and it is absolutely unavoidable. And much like all businesses you should always try your best to deal with these ‘difficult customer’ politely. If things are beyond help, then you should try to resolve the issue where both parties win.

Types of ratings online.

There are many forms of reviews or ratings online. The most popular ones are the star ratings or the recent Facebook ‘like’ rating. The Facebook ‘Like’ rating is pretty easy to manage because most of the time you will be getting a positive type of rating as there is no ‘dislike’ button. However, people will use the comments’ section when they have a negative thing to say about your product or services.

Another type of rating is the star or numbers type of rating. These kinds of rating are usually based on how much a user values the product or services that they have experienced. For example, one out of five stars would mean that your product is very bad and they did not like it at all. If you get stars, then that would usually mean that your product is of absolute quality and that we should all be proud of that 5 star rating. With a 5 star rating you (and of course a reasonably priced product) you will be bound to get a lot of sales. Hence always shoot for the highest rating possible.

Some sites will actually compare your offer with your competitors, and if you can get a higher rating than your competitors you will find that you can easily beat your competitors and become the industry leader. The kinds of reviews that you should be careful of are the kind of negative comments that you will find on blog posts or forums. These negative reviews can impact your revenues so be sure to be there to catch them whenever they sprang out of nowhere.

Keep an eye out for bad reviews.

This of course means that you have to constantly monitor the feedbacks that you get from your customers. Always make sure that you are visiting relevant forums and use the search engines to find out where are people talking about your product and offers using simple search terms like ‘product name review’ or ‘product name scam’.

When you find these bad reviews, the best thing you could do is to deal with them right then, right there to avoid the problem from getting out of hands. However, you will have to be very careful when you answer the comment professionally and do not appear to be agitated or offended by their bad comments. Instead, you should project an image that you are innocent, and that you cannot hope to please everyone.

Reducing the bad comments.

A good way to reduce these bad comments is to provide the best customer support. This is because usually when people are not happy with your product the first thing that they will do is to contact you via your support channel. If you ignore them or give them an unsatisfactory answer, it is usually then that you will anger them to a point where they feel like they have to get back at you. Hence it is always best if you could attend to their issues as early as possible and make sure that they are the winner in the end of the dispute.

This also means that you should send them a refund if you’ve tried everything and not reach a solution that will satisfy the customer. Without a doubt that there will always be customers who bought your item on impulse with money that they did not have and regret later on even when there is obviously nothing wrong with your product. These customers will try their best to get their money back. When this happens there’s nothing you can do but to help them. if you are lucky, you might even get them to say some good things about you after the dispute.

Yes Product Or Services Reviews Are Good for Internet Business?

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How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business?

No matter what the reasons may be… there are times when a free website can be useful. Sure some of you would argue that a free website that isn’t hosted by you has a lot of disadvantages, but… there are many advantages as well. One of the advantages would be that the site itself is free (this advantage alone is enough for many to use a free website). Another good advantage is that such free website requires less effort to make and is often quite easy to work with especially for anyone who is not literate with website designs.

How to get a free website for your starting business?If you have an offline business, then you would find that a free website is can be very useful if you wish to gather more leads using the internet. By doing this you can even save a lot of money from paying those offline consultants to set up your company’s website. Sure it might not be as fancy as those that you can get if you paid your money for, but it should be sufficient to leave your phone contact and other contact information for people to reach you.

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, and you would like to try out writing a review for an affiliate product and put an affiliate link into the review to earn some easy cash, a free website would be great. This can greatly reduce your cost, and thus your earning will be used to cover any website or hosting cost.

Here are some ways for you to setup your site online for free.

Facebook fan page

Perhaps one of the must have free site is a Facebook fan page or a Facebook group. The beauty of this is that you can get viral traffic out of Facebook, and if you do it right you can even build a great relationship and interaction between you and your fans.
To setup a fan page is quite easy. All you have to do is go to Facebook’s fan page setup page (Google for this if you do not know where to find this) and then follow the simple steps. Once you have this done, you will have to key in all the information which you want to share on the page.

The next thing you need to do is to post on this page regularly and invite some of your friends to become a fan. A great way to jump-start your fan page’s fan is to place an ad for it on Facebook’s ad. This will guarantee you a quick increase in your initial number of fans.

There are some traffic exchange sites out there that helps you increase the amount of fans, but it is not recommended because the traffic you get will be very un-targeted unless you are promoting for a big niche such as make money or lose weight where most people has some sort of interest for.

When you have the fan page, you will need to put in effort every day to post at least once a day and encourage interactions between the fans. Interactions in this sense are all about sharing, commenting and also liking your post. Remember to succeed in this you need to do this consistently, and you will see your fan page grow. And if your fan page’s name is good it might even go viral and get a lot of fans in a short amount of time.

If you wish to start a simple blog as your free website, then they’re no other better options than It is very simple to use, and it is very user friendly. You do not need to know much about HTML coding or anything of that technical sort. If you know how to use Facebook, then you are pretty much good to go the best part is that using to blog is free.

Of course, a great way to use this blog is to set up a review blog where you blog about affiliate products which you have used personally. It is a great way to earn some money and the traffic is usually gotten from search engine traffic. Hence SEO should be considered in your traffic strategy. You can choose to create multiple blogs that are related to each other and back link to each other. Make sure you do not over do this or the effect will surely backfire.

Another great place to start a webpage of your own is to use a Squidoo lens. Much like you can setup a webpage and talk about anything you want, but it is more like an article type of site than a blog. Use this if you are interested in using a simple one-page website.

Of course, you can create multiple lenses. People use Squidoo lens to take about their interest or passion or just about anything. Again, you can use it to review a product that you have used and sell it as an affiliate. Or you can talk about your business, product and services. The natural traffic there is great but much like you will need to depend on some SEO and back linking to get even more traffic to your Squidoo lens.

The best way to use Squidoo to promote a product is to create 1 lens for 1 product or services. If you have more than one product you can always create multiple lenses and then post it up on Squidoo. It’s free to use, and you can edit the page anytime you want. There have been instances where people make a living using just Squidoo pages, SEO backlinking and affiliate products. Imagine making money online with NO cost.

One thing is for sure, while it is said that you are required to have a website of your own to make money online but know this, for starters you don’t really need one. When you are just starting out and learning, these free sites and teach you tons, save you tons, and earn you tons as well. It is when you are trying to grow your business, create a brand name when you need to have a website of your own.

How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business

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The Relationship Between Google+ And Small Businesses!

Target Market

Google was the center of attention of the internet for many years and it has gone by unchallenged until the rise of Facebook started. Although the influence of Facebook and its role on the internet has grown significantly in recent years, Google isn’t something that can be replaced. In fact, Google’s role as a search engine still remains to be the untouchable. However the threat that Facebook target market poses to Google is there and Google recognizes this. This is why Google has decided to fight back with Google+.

The Relationship Between Google+ And Small Businesses!Google+ is a made to compete with Facebook and it is slowly gaining its popularity. Although its growth isn’t as strong as the growth that we’ve seen repeatedly on Facebook, Google+ is slowly but surely increasing its influence on the social media world. Most importantly what this all means is that Google+ in itself can be a good traffic source for your business. Hence in order to understand the relationship between Google+ and small business we must look into the benefits of why any serious online entrepreneurs should take up a certain amount of interests on Google+.

Get good integration with other Google services.

The first advantage that you will get from Google+ if you compare it to Facebook is that you will get a good integration with other Google Services with your Google+ account. This means you can link all your accounts together and use a lot of the features that Google has provided in all their services. This could prove to be very beneficial to you and your business in the long run especially if you use a lot of Google’s services such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google’s External keyword tool, Google Adsense or even SEO.

What this ultimately means to you is that you can get all the great tools as an internet marketer and most of this service can be integrated with each other as the compatibility of the services are very high. More importantly, future updates of the Google’s services could mean a lot to your business.

Using Google+ may help your site rankings.

If you are using Google+ to promote or back link to your sites that you wish to rank high, it could actually help your site rankings. While there is no official proof of this bias, we all know just how much ‘Blogger’ (owned by Google) gets a lot of high ranking blogs on the search engine rankings and it will only make sense that Google should rank their own Google+ pages higher than its competitors.

Therefore if you are into SEO of if you are trying to rank any of your site high on the search engines especially Google, you should give Google+ an honest try. Who knows that this could be a move that you’ll never forget.

Everyone can see your Google+ profile (including non-members)

On Facebook, one of weakness in the eye of a marketer is that not everyone is able to see your profile online due to privacy reasons. Google+ has taken a different approach. Google+ is actually helping marketers in the sense of allowing the general public to see all the profiles even if you are not a member of Google+. As a marketer this is a wonderful research tool although we can’t say the same about privacy issues.

However, most Google+ users are notified about this transparency and they have a choice to see if they wish to create an account or not. Hence, this means, you can do your market research all day long with the profiles within Google+ and it will be completely legal.

Make sure that your target market is there in Google+.

Using Google+ would mean that you will have to take extreme care in your marketing moves. One of the reasons is that because Google+ is a lot newer than Facebook, the amount of traffic is definitely much lower than Facebook. Hence you will need to find out if your target market exists within Google+ or not. The good news is, this can be easily remedied with some clever market research within Google+.

And if your target market exists within the Google+ social network, then you are in luck. You can quickly use multiple ways (free or paid) to actually reach these potential customers. Marketing to the people within Google+ will be quite similar to the audience within Facebook. One will need a tactic to reach your target market, take them away from the distractions of the social network and market to them separately outside of Google+. The best way to do this is to use the traffic from Google+ and then build a list from that traffic.

Once your target market list is built, you will essentially have a list that is targeted and that is when your marketing strategies will come handy. Learn to build a good relationship within the list and you will reap the benefits of having a list. Essentially, as a marketer you will be using the Google+ social network as a way to engage your target market, listen to what they have to say, nurture your brand awareness within the network and finally market to the traffic the smart way.

Target Market

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The Truth about Online Passive Income.

The Power of Affiliate MarketingWhen it comes to internet marketing you have quite a lot of options or route you can take; there is search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google Adwords, along a few others. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the books to help boost sales or bring more leads for your business. It can be as effective as Google Adwords if done properly and it can really generate a lot of traffic for your website which would be relevant too.

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, what is it? Mlm, Passive Income, Selling Insurance Policies, Ways Earn Passive, Great Way Earn, Income Online, Income Stream

Passive income is indeed a wonderful thing. In fact many people are glad that they understand what it is and strive to pursue as much of these passive income as possible. The main reason is that Passive income can get you close to the freedom that everyone wants. So what exactly is a passive income? In short passive income is the kind of income that pays you over and over again just for working one time or for less work. A good example of this kind of income is selling insurance policies. When you sell an insurance policy, it will continue to pay you over and over again as long as the buyer continues to pay for their insurance premium on time.

Another good example of a passive income is what we see in some of those MLM plans where you will get enough down lines in under them and get paid automatically for a long time. While selling insurance and working your MLM business is a very good passive income source, we need to understand that it isn’t meant for everyone especially when it comes to selling in real life. This is why many people have taken to the internet in search for passive income online.

So the question is… are there any passive income to be found online? The quick and precise answer would be yes. There are many ways to earn passive income online and the good thing is this… you’ll never have to cold call anyone, you’ll never have to go face to face selling to anyone. It’s amazing and frankly is sounds too good to be true. This is why some MLM companies actually move their marketing business from offline to online. That’s right, there are MLM companies in the online world and you can actually join them for a good passive income. However, one will have to be careful and do their research before joining an online MLM program online. There are many scams online and there are of course legit offers online as well. Perhaps one of the weaknesses for online MLM is that the training provided isn’t as good as some of those offline MLM companies.

However there are many other ways to earn a passive income online besides MLM products. The best thing about Passive income is definitely in the freedom that comes together with success. Making money with a day job will never give you the freedom that you want. You are stuck in a 9-5 working hour until you retire. With enough passive income, you could retire early or go on a vacation anytime you want and you will still earn money every day from your passive income efforts.

Take some of those Clickbank merchants for example. When those merchants have a strong army of affiliates that sell for them, they are practically financially free. They won’t even have to work for more traffic; instead their affiliates will continue to make money for them while they do nothing or go on a long vacation. That is freedom with money we are talking about and that’s the true power of a system that can generate money for you endlessly without you having to lift a finger.

Make more money with passive income.

Another argument that people would talk about when it comes to passive income is that if you are stacking up your passive income sources, you will make more money that any career climber can ever hope for and you will earn more money than some business entrepreneurs. Why is this? Let me explain. You will make more money from these two kinds of people because… for example, with one passive income stream you are making $2k a month, but with the extra time that you get (because of passive income does not take too much of your time when it is up and running by itself) you will be able to go out and set up even more passive income streams.

Imagine stacking 5 or 10 of different passive income streams… your cash and income will just grow exponentially while day job chasers will be limited to their rank and promotions while most business owners will hit a limit eventually unless they learn to expand their business, free their own time and outsource their work.

How else can you earn a passive income online?

Well so far we know that there’s MLM online and you can create a hit product and get an army of affiliate to promote your products. Another great way to earn a good passive income is to actually promote affiliate products that pay a recurring commission. For example, if you are promoting for autoresponder software, with every referral you will get paid every single month until they cancels. This means you work to get one autoresponder buyer and you get paid for a very long time. It is pretty much like selling insurance policies in this case where each policy that you sell will get you money every month.

Yet another great way to earn a passive income would be to create softwares that everyone will want to use but charge them an affordable monthly fee. However, you need to make sure that your software is unique and not easily duplicable so that people will not steal your idea and sell it for a one-time fee instead. If you are able to create such software, all you need to do next is to focus on building your members and you will be financially free in no time.

Of course, all of these sound really easy on paper, but in actual fact, it does take a lot of work and effort for it to become a reality. Hence make sure that you set your goals and plans right and work todays your financial freedom. Always stay focused and make sure to ignore all distractions… why would you want to get distracted from a path of passive income where freedom awaits right?

Mlm, Passive Income, Selling Insurance Policies, Ways Earn Passive, Great Way Earn, Income Online, Income Stream

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What’s happening in the internet marketing world

The world of internet marketing is very dynamic and it is very hard to actually keep track of everything and be updated at the same time. As an internet marketer we are already too busy with all the task at hands and one may find it a challenge to keep up with all the news and trends that is happening all around us. Nevertheless, no matter how busy we are, there is no stopping the world from adapting and moving with the trends and evolving every single day.

Since it is important for an internet marketer to be informed of the crucial changes that we are seeing in the internet world, we’ve prepared a quick summary of what is going on in the internet marketing world and you will learn and understand how you should move your business and adapt to all the changes that may affect your online business for good or bad.

An estimate of more than 90% of the social network users will be on Facebook in 2013.

That’s right; the majority of the social network users are now on Facebook. That is roughly more than 3/4 of the total online population. That this means is that if you are going to be doing any social marketing at all, your focus should be on Facebook because that’s where everyone is. This is the case today and there is no sign of the trend stopping anytime soon.

Therefore your investments and efforts into Facebook marketing will stay to work for you for a long time. One can no longer ignore the presence of Facebook as a great marketing tool. However, you should also be careful while marketing on Facebook because it isn’t going to be as straight forward as it is with traditional marketing.

The reason here is simple, the people that live in Facebook are not there looking to buy as an intention. In fact most are there to enjoy themselves and to entertain themselves. Connecting with others and playing games on Facebook seems to be the big thing today. While the pool is full of fishes, these fishes are not HUNGRY from your bait. So it does take a certain amount of effort and skill to actually catch these fishes.

Most Facebook marketers will actually try to get these people out of Facebook first before marketing to them. This means they will try to get these people to opt-in to their newsletter and only market to them later on via the email channel. Of course there are many other variations to how one can do this but it seems to work for many people for now.

Around 53.5% of the US population which is around 70.8% of internet users has begun watching videos online.

That’s right folks… people are gradually moving away from the television and spending more time matching videos online… thanks to YouTube and some of the most popular video sites. What this ultimately means to you is that there has never been a better time than now to give the video marketing world a try. It might pay off and it might not, but we do know is that people are generally accepting the idea of watching an online video more and more today.

To get things going, you should always make sure that your videos are compelling and start with a short video first. Note that not all your videos should be about selling a product. You can actually start connecting with the people within your niche first with short videos. As long as your videos are getting the attention and views, you will get the branding awareness for yourself or your product.

Over 88.1% of US internet users ages 14 and above will research on a product online before making a purchase.

Make no mistake about it; the people online today are getting smarter. And since the internet is so available these days, people will not hesitate to do in depth research on a product before they decide to make a purchase, especially if the product isn’t cheap. Some of the more popular ways to research about your product is to read your product page directly, do a quick search on a forum or ask a question about your product on a popular forum. Another great way to find out more about your product is to actually check out what other people think about your product in the social networks such as Facebook and other similar social networking sites.

Hence as an internet marketer, your reputation today is so much more important than how it was many years ago. You need to be extra careful with your product and try your best to get people to like and recommend your product. If not, you will find it very hard to get your product off your shelves. The more people like, recommend or share information about your product, the better it will do. Think of all the viral traffic that you are going to get from those entire social network sharing.

Mobile Internet is on a rise. Over 94% of Smartphones users are now mobile internet users.

Here’s a fact for you. Mobile shoppers have reached 70+ million and what that means is that the chances of your product getting viewed by people on a mobile device are on a rise. The question now is if you and your business are ready for this wave? If not, you could potentially be leaving a lot of money on the table. Hence, you should try your best to try and optimize your landing pages into a mobile landing page.

With a mobile page, you can make sure that people who arrive on your site will enjoy a smoother experience. If you choose to use a mobile site, not only are you helping your customers think of you as a professional, you will also give them an impression that you care for them. Imagine arriving on a normal blog with your mobile device. You will have a hard time going through all the information and everything will feel rather messy and unorganized. However with a mobile site, everything will feel in place and this can help you improve your sales volume like never before. Therefore, try to do a check on your average traffic and find out if you should start moving some of your important sites into a mobile friendly version instead.

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