What is Pay Per Click Formula

Pay Per Click Formula is a course by Gauher Chaudhry that you can purchase to help you make money using pay per click and cost per action marketing methods. The course has six modules of information as well as DVD extras and other bonuses to help you learn his Pay Per Click Formula method.

If you have absolutely no idea what pay per click, cost per action or cost per acquisition advertising is, you should learn a little about them before purchasing something like Chaudhry’s Pay Per Click Formula course.

Pay per click marketing is simply the act of paying a company a certain amount of money for every person who clicks on the ad that takes them to your website. The PPC company runs your ad based on the keywords you’re paying for. When someone searches on those keywords, your ad shows on their search results page.

When they click the ad, you’ve got targeted traffic, so you pay the company for the click. You can also make money if you don’t sell anything by featuring these ads on your website. You’ll be paid for all the people who click on those ads.

Cost per action or cost per acquisition marketing is like pay per click, but with a twist. If you purchase CPA marketing, then you’ll pay the company only for each action like a purchase, a newsletter signup, or some other acquisition. You don’t pay for click throughs like with pay per click marketing.

Pay Per Click Formula outlines a method of making money by using pay per click and cost per action marketing techniques. To use the information taught in the course, you’ll need to have a website and join a CPA network.

A CPA network is a company that lets you advertise for the businesses that are purchasing cost per action advertising. When someone clicks through the ad on your website and then performs the action that the business pays for, you make a commission.

You don’t get paid for the click like you do with pay per click marketing. You are only given a commission if they make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or take whatever action the company is paying the CPA network for.

The theory behind the Pay Per Click Formula course and what he course will teach you is how to use pay per click marketing to drive people to your cost per action ads. By bidding on certain keywords through a company like Google Adwords, you can purchase targeted traffic to click through to the cost per action offers.

Then you make commission on those that perform that action. As long as you’re making more commission than you’re paying for PPC, you’re making a profit. It can take some experimenting with keywords and combinations of PPC and CPA to do well with this technique.

The Per Per Click Formula course is designed to teach you the fast way to make the most money from CPA.

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