3 Totally Free Website Marketing Ideas – Easy And Quick

Internet marketing is not inexpensive. You can spend thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) and thousands of site-targetted dollars (AdBrite), and you can invest thousands simply purchasing text links from specific sites. Trust me, I’ve spent thousands on advertising.

Nevertheless, my preferred form of marketing is the free kind. Anything totally free I like, particularly if it assists my sites make more money without increasing my advertising costs.

Here are 3 fast and simple methods to market your site at no additional expense.

1. Free Business Cards

Free company cards are a staple in my advertising arsenal. That is the motto I live by whenever I get a delivery of complimentary organisation cards in the mail.

2. Connect Exchanges

Link exchanges are a terrific method of spreading out Page Rank, but also of sharing visitors. Most people who like a site will bookmark it. After they have checked out everything they desire, they will read the website that you connect to. You get the visitors, and share the visitor through a link exchange.

3. Company card networking

After you have received your totally free business cards, use them to network with other people. If they don’t have one, make sure you mention exactly what you do, and the site address that is likewise listed on your complimentary business card. Totally free organisation cards make a fantastic networking tool if you will put them to use.

With those three free site marketing concepts, your site will not only be more effective, but you won’t need to spend any of your difficult made money on marketing!

That is the slogan I live by whenever I get a delivery of totally free service cards in the mail.

After you have gotten your free business cards, utilize them to network with other individuals. Everytime you meet somebody, hand them one of your free company cards. If they don’t have one, make sure you mention exactly what you do, and the website address that is likewise listed on your complimentary company card. Complimentary company cards make an excellent networking tool if you will put them to use.

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Welcome To Your Free Instant Banner Creator

Your Welcome To Free Instant Banner CreatorYour Welcome To Free Instant Banner Creator Good Examples of a Free Web Marketing Tool Right Here Right Now.

A web marketing tool (otherwise known as an internet marketing tool) is anything that you can use to enhance your internet marketing efforts and results. There are many such tools available these days as web marketing is becoming more and more of an essential process to all businesses. A web marketing tool can be a website, a software program, an e-book, a course, a training program, a system, or even an expert who can guide you along the way. These tools range in price from completely free to very expensive. Choosing the right one depends on your business, the amount of time you have to invest, and the amount of money you can afford to spend on the tool, in addition to other aspects. Your Welcome To Free Instant Banner Creator

Web marketing can be comprised of many different marketing techniques, or it can consist of just one or two. This also depends on where you’re at in your business. If you’re just starting out, you should just stick with one part of the process until you fully understand that and have it working to your advantage. Then you can move onto the next area. Also when you are just starting out, you might be on a budget and focus on the free or low-cost tools. Here are a few examples of a web marketing tool that you will need, no matter what your business.

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Getting Your Traffic from Free Sources

One of the first things you need to learn about affiliate marketing is that traffic is the life blood of a profitable business. If you don’t have traffic to your website you don’t make any money because you don’t have any customers.

But how do you get traffic? Admittedly if you have got dollars to spare you can buy traffic but that can be very expensive particularly if you are targeting a popular keyword. However, many affiliate marketers prefer to focus instead on driving free traffic to their websites.

There are a number of different ways to find free traffic if you are prepared to do some work. Some take a bit more effort than others, but equally some of your efforts will gain you higher numbers of visitors.

A few of the more popular sources for affiliate marketing are the social media sites like Face book, Twitter and MySpace. Then you can look at the well known sites such as Squidoo, YouTube, Craigslist and Ezine Articles. The methods of advertising vary by either making up blog sites, posting your videos to YouTube, creating fan pages and group pages on Face book just to name a few.

However we are going to be concentrating today on one of the oldest yet still effective methods of getting free traffic and that is by writing articles for ezine directories.

Even though you are focusing on building links to your website and trying to get a front page ranking in Google this can all take time to achieve. In the meantime you can give your traffic a kick-start by writing articles and submitting them to directories. In some cases acceptance is immediate and other directories like Ezine Articles (the most well known) can take a couple of days. But even so you are getting readers to your work very quickly.

Obviously you need to write unique, compelling and informative content that will incite people to find out more, so they can scroll to the bottom of your article and then click on the link in your resource box to your website. Your articles should be free from typing errors and spelling mistakes, nothing is more off putting to a reader than something that is poorly formatted and doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t give that professional feel that you should be hoping to achieve.

You can submit the same article to several different article directories; however it is a good idea to make sure that the one you send to Ezine Articles is just a bit different to the others. Ezine articles are very strict about the fact that your material should be original and not copied from someone else.

You can submit as many different articles as you like, remember the more you get published the better chance you have of being noticed. The other advantage in affiliate marketing is that by becoming an article publisher you can start to establish your expert status in regard to a particular topic whilst at the same time building up your credibility.

It’s not difficult to write articles and you will find the more you do the easier it becomes, try and get into the habit of writing and submitting them on a regular basis. One of the reasons that article marketing has been around so long is because it works.

Free and Effective Affiliate Marketing Using Articles and Traffic Exchange Sites

As more entrepreneurs jump onto the bandwagon of affiliate marketing, there is a growing demand for more tools and resources to help them draw more traffic to their websites for more income. Affiliate marketing has become very popular across the globe with a myriad of potential business options for one and all regardless of industry, product or service. Business experience is not really necessary to indulge in affiliate marketing to earn handsome commissions quickly as the learning curve is quite short.

Successful affiliate marketing

A successful affiliate marketing venture may be simple to kick start, but diligent effort is required to nurture the business with the right course of actions to be taken to promote it. Many enterprising marketers may not have much fund to subscribe to powerful online marketing tools and solutions such as software to build up their affiliate marketing program quickly to earn higher income.

However, there are plenty of free and effective tools and resources on the market that would boost affiliate marketing. These are simple online marketing options that do not cost the online marketers too much money. Many successful affiliate marketing gurus and marketers may not want to share their proven affiliate marketing secrets as these are considered ‘trade secrets.’ Others may be willing to impart some in bits and pieces while demanding some remuneration in return.

The competition is growing intense in the affiliate marketing arena as more consumers jump in for a slice of the pie. Many are striving to secure five figure incomes per month via affiliate marketing through engaging cost effective tools and solutions. There are certain key elements that are critical to the success of an affiliate marketing program which the online marketer must discover and adopt before the lucrative incomes start pouring in.

When these elements are implemented properly and consistently, the affiliate marketing program would operate smoothly to generate high incomes for the marketer.
Two of these effective and free elements are quality articles and traffic exchange sites.

Effective articles

One of the key elements to a successful affiliate marketing program is the quality of content posted on the marketer’s website. High quality content that is fresh, original, relevant to the current time, helpful and useful to readers contribute to the success of an affiliate marketing program.

Marketers need to promote their affiliate program to draw in more visitors; this can be done through high quality content which contain useful information that consumers want. A blog site would be an ideal space to post high quality articles containing useful and relevant content which web visitors would want to get their hands on.

Blogs are effective components that attract search engine attention with a boost in market visibility. This in turn would draw more traffic to the website as the high quality articles in the blog would generate a high SERP by search engines especially the more popular ones. Search engines love blogs, especially well designed and optimized ones with high quality content.

The constant updating of blogs keeps them fresh and interesting; either by the blog owner or visitors who make a relevant contribution. Smart online marketers manipulate blogs in affiliate marketing activities to advertise and drive traffic to their websites.

It is easy to track and monitor the effectiveness of articles promoting the affiliate program to improve the online marketing strategies for higher income generation. The identification of traffic source from blogs is useful in developing more effective marketing campaigns and strategies to bring in the best results and be rewarded with higher earnings.

Another aspect of blog articles in generating income from affiliate marketing activities is to carry Google AdSense ads on the blogs. This offers easy extra cash without doing anything; traffic comes in easy to generate the income for the online marketer.

Traffic exchange sites

Web traffic is crucial to the survival and expansion of any web business today. This is the key component to a successful website, whether it is a business or personal site. Traffic is cheap today with the millions of Internet users plying the net everyday from across the globe. It is quick to generate traffic using the available traffic exchanges for web business sites like affiliate marketing.

Credits can be earned by surfing other websites; these earned credits can be manipulated to display a targeted website to others. It is simple to join these traffic exchange sites as simple information such as name, email and website is required. The registered website would go into a rotation to surf other websites while earning credits. Credits are reduced when other members visit the website.

The use of a multi-tab browser permits the online marketer to surf multiple exchanges simultaneously by operating a few websites in multiple tabs with one display window in the browser.

It is wise to manipulate only 3-5 good exchanges at any one time for better focus and results. Time and effort is required to surf other websites and collect credits. Discipline is required to work on this activity to garner sufficient credits for drawing more traffic from the exchange sites.

Another useful feature of traffic exchange sites is to advertise traffic exchange referral links in other exchanges to build downlines as well as secure more credits. These actions are free without incurring extra cost to build a successful and lucrative affiliate marketing venture.

Smart online marketers use more than just their main website on traffic exchange sites; additional pages can be advertised elsewhere to draw more traffic from other sources. Freebies can be offered to attract more traffic to the website. E-books, reports and software can be offered free to those visiting the website as a token of appreciation. This is very effective in attracting more traffic to promote the affiliate marketing program involved.

Traffic exchange sites are great for building up the potential leads and customer list to support the affiliate program. Secure as many emails and contact information as possible from visitors to promote the affiliate program offerings.

Search and join highly ranked traffic exchange sites on Google and paid ads that can contribute effectively to a successful affiliate marketing program.