How to create a high converting squeeze page

How to create a high converting squeeze page

A squeeze page is a lead capture page and it is a fundamental thing to learn if you wish to build a list. The main function of a squeeze page is to gather leads, and it should be kept simple, short and precise. A common question about a squeeze page is normally ‘how long should a squeeze page be?’, and the answer would be as long as you need to get the lead.

How to create a high converting squeeze pageI know the answer is vague. Here’s another answer to help you understand it better. The common squeeze page is shorter than a sales message and is usually condensed in a screen where you do not need to scroll down your browser to read more. This is called ‘Above the fold’ and is what most experts would recommend your squeeze page’s length.

However, there are squeeze pages that is a lot longer than ‘above the fold’ and they still work wonders. Here are the things you need to create a high converting squeeze page.

1) You will first need an autoresponder

Firstly you will need to grab an autoresponder. It is the tool that will enable you to capture your lead automatically and it is with this tool will you be using to manage your list later on. The two popular autoresponder that is widely used by Internet Marketers are and There are other autoresponders of course, and you should pick one and move on.

An autoresponder is very useful because you can use it to automate most of your email marketing work. You can create instant follow ups to with sending intervals. Let’s say you want your subscribers to receive a newsletter every week once they subscribe. You can easily write any number of emails, say 10 emails and set it up on the autoresponder accordingly. When the time comes, your subscriber will be sent the emails that you wrote earlier automatically.

2) A Gift

The next thing you need is to prepare a gift for your subscribers. Normally, this will be in the form of an e-book or an informational video. If it is a gift that people want, they will exchange for it with their name and email address. The beauty here is that the autoresponder will also be able to automatically deliver the gift to your subscriber without you having to do anything. All you have to do it set it up accordingly on your autoresponder.

The best kind of gift is something that is of real value. No teaser products here. Make sure you are giving away very good contents so that if your subscribers are reading it, you’ll be sure to be able to get onto their good side, and they will love you for sharing your ways to help improve their lives.

3) Headline.

On your squeeze page, always include a headline. A good headline should be able to entice your readers to grab your gift right after reading it. Always try to be creative with your headline so that you can stand out from the crowd. Make sure that your headline explains their problem and how your gift can solve the problem for them, as long as they read and take action. In other words, you are promising them a solution to their problems.

You will want your headline to be very obvious, and it should be the first thing that they see when they land on your site. Hence make sure that your headline is not only sounding catchy, but it should ‘look’ catchy as well. Use bigger font size for your headline and bold your main words accordingly.

Highlight your benefits and use red color to for your headline. Again test your headlines for the best results and don’t just take my word for it. There are times when blue colored headline works and sometimes a black bold headline will perform better. Always test and track for the best results.

4) Good Copy

When writing your squeeze page’s description, make sure you only focus on your benefits. Place them in a bullet form and make sure to have at least 4 bullet points. You should always try to write in a compelling manner and always try your best to show your readers that your solution is unique, and they will not be able to find it anywhere else.

Even if they are mere bullet points you would want to word your words carefully so that it sounds enticing and that your solution makes a huge difference. A good physiological tactic to use is to word your benefits as if they will lose out if they do not learn the secrets that you teach in the gift that you’ve prepared.

Also, it is very important for you to include the word ‘free’ or ‘zero cost’ when indeed you are giving it away for free. Add some testimonials if you have good ones worth mentioning in your copy.

5) Call to action

Always place a strong call to action button right next or below of the opt-in form which you generated from your autoresponder. This is to make sure that people will know what to do if they decide that they want your gift. Plus your call to action should be very directive like “Place your name and email address here and click on the ‘I want in’ button. Your gift will be sent to your email address instantly.” Show them exactly how they can get your gift to avoid any confusion.

6) Graphic.

To make sure that you have a good-looking site that shows professionalism, you should include some relevant graphics on your squeeze page. It does not have to look fancy, but you should at least make your site look presentable. Have a cover / picture of your gift to show your visitors a virtual idea of what your gift look like. This is very important as people usually do look for the graphics to decide if your product is worth their time or not.

How to create a high converting squeeze page

How to create a high converting squeeze page

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