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This Is Happening Today Internet MarketingThe world of internet marketing is very dynamic and it is very hard to actually keep track of everything and be updated at the same time. As an internet marketer we are already too busy with all the task at hands and one may find it a challenge to keep up with all the news and trends that is happening all around us. Nevertheless, no matter how busy we are, there is no stopping the world from adapting and moving with the trends and evolving every single day.

Since it is important for an internet marketer to be informed of the crucial changes that we are seeing in the internet world, we’ve prepared a quick summary of what is going on in the internet marketing world and you will learn and understand how you should move your business and adapt to all the changes that may affect your online business for good or bad.

An estimate of more than 90% of the social network users will be on Facebook in 2019.

That’s right; the majority of the social network users are now on Facebook. That is roughly more than 3/4 of the total online population. That this means is that if you are going to be doing any social marketing at all, your focus should be on Facebook because that’s where everyone is. This is the case today and there is no sign of the trend stopping anytime soon.

Therefore your investments and efforts into Facebook marketing will stay to work for you for a long time. One can no longer ignore the presence of Facebook as a great marketing tool. However, you should also be careful while marketing on Facebook because it isn’t going to be as straight forward as it is with traditional marketing.

The reason here is simple, the people that live in Facebook are not there looking to buy as an intention. In fact most are there to enjoy themselves and to entertain themselves. Connecting with others and playing games on Facebook seems to be the big thing today. While the pool is full of fishes, these fishes are not HUNGRY from your bait. So it does take a certain amount of effort and skill to actually catch these fishes.

Most Facebook marketers will actually try to get these people out of Facebook first before marketing to them. This means they will try to get these people to opt-in to their newsletter and only market to them later on via the email channel. Of course there are many other variations to how one can do this but it seems to work for many people for now.

Around 53.5% of the US population which is around 70.8% of internet users has begun watching videos online.

That’s right folks… people are gradually moving away from the television and spending more time matching videos online… thanks to YouTube and some of the most popular video sites. What this ultimately means to you is that there has never been a better time than now to give the video marketing world a try. It might pay off and it might not, but we do know is that people are generally accepting the idea of watching an online video more and more today.

To get things going, you should always make sure that your videos are compelling and start with a short video first. Note that not all your videos should be about selling a product. You can actually start connecting with the people within your niche first with short videos. As long as your videos are getting the attention and views, you will get the branding awareness for yourself or your product.

Over 88.1% of US internet users ages 14 and above will research on a product online before making a purchase.

Make no mistake about it; the people online today are getting smarter. And since the internet is so available these days, people will not hesitate to do in depth research on a product before they decide to make a purchase, especially if the product isn’t cheap. Some of the more popular ways to research about your product is to read your product page directly, do a quick search on a forum or ask a question about your product on a popular forum. Another great way to find out more about your product is to actually check out what other people think about your product in the social networks such as Facebook and other similar social networking sites.

Hence as an internet marketer, your reputation today is so much more important than how it was many years ago. You need to be extra careful with your product and try your best to get people to like and recommend your product. If not, you will find it very hard to get your product off your shelves. The more people like, recommend or share information about your product, the better it will do. Think of all the viral traffic that you are going to get from those entire social network sharing.
This Is Happening Today Internet Marketing
Mobile Internet is on a rise. Over 94% of Smartphones users are now mobile internet users.

Here’s a fact for you. Mobile shoppers have reached 70+ million and what that means is that the chances of your product getting viewed by people on a mobile device are on a rise. The question now is if you and your business are ready for this wave? If not, you could potentially be leaving a lot of money on the table. Hence about your product, you should try your best to try and optimize your landing pages into a mobile landing page.

With a mobile page, you can make sure that people who arrive on your site will enjoy a smoother experience. If you choose to use a mobile site, not only are you helping your customers think of you as a professional, you will also give them an impression that you care for them. Imagine arriving on a normal blog with your mobile device. You will have a hard time going through all the information and everything will feel rather messy and unorganized. However with a mobile site, everything will feel in place and this can help you improve your sales volume like never before. Therefore about your product, try to do a check on your average traffic and find out if you should start moving some of your important sites into a mobile friendly version instead.

About Your Product

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4 ingredients of a good successful email marketing campaign.

Want to make money online the legitimate and stable way? Well one of the best way to do this is to actually build a list and employ email marketing to your list. Most successful internet marketers have a strong list of their own. When we talk about a strong list, we are not only talking about numbers, but the responsiveness of the list as well. What this means to you as an internet marketer is that if you wish to success as an email marketer than your list has to be sizable and they need to be responsive. Now build a list in itself is a challenge. You need to get a good amount of traffic that goes to a good incentive.

When you have a list, you will then need to know how to manage that list. Managing a list requires a lot relationship building which usually involves giving away free and quality content and slowing gaining trust and brand awareness around your product. When you do that, you will slowly be able to see more and more people connecting with you and getting closer to you as well. So then what are the other elements that play good key roles to email marketing success? Read on to find out more.

The subject line is important.

The very first thing you want to look out for to improve your email campaigns are your subject lines. If your subject lines are not strong and if they do not matter to your subscribers, they will just start to ignore your emails and it won’t be before long that you feel as if your list isn’t very responsive.

A good responsive list needs to be trained. What I am indicating here is simply the fact that when you have a good strong subject line every time you mail out to your list, you are in fact training your list to open your emails. The more they like your subject headlines the more they will open your emails, the more they like the content that you give away, the more they will trust you and the more sales you will make. Pretty much common sense here but it is always easier said than done. In fact, many marketers out there are still making the mistake of just chunking out a useless or boring subject headline praying that their emails will be opened and read.

Tracking is your friend.

Whenever you are sending out a broadcast or mailing a newsletter, you will want to track your email open rate and click through rate. These are very valuable Intel to help you understand how well your campaigns are doing. The more you track, the better you will do with your campaign as you begin to understand what is right and what is wrong with your emails. The thing with tracking is that when you do it, you will be able to see how well your emails are performing.

If it isn’t doing well, you can always go back and find out what is wrong with the email that you have sent out. Was it done to a bad subject headline (a quick look at the open rate and comparing it with your usual open rate should be able to tell you if that’s the problem or not) or was it a problem with your body copy (similarly you should be able to tell if you are tracking the click through rates).

Call to actions will improve your click through rate.

The next important element that you should take note of is called to action. It is proven that using proper call to action can help boost your click through rate. This is generally because humans are prone to be led. And as their leader you should always guide and urge your subscribers to take action within your email. As you are doing this you are also training your subscribers at the same time. The more you do this the better response you will start to see from your email campaigns.

Of course the results will only show if your email’s body copy is well written and relevant to what your subscribers want. The best thing you could do now is to actually try your best to show the people in your list that every time they click on your link, they will not be disappointed. This in return will show your list that you respect their time and you will only ask them to click on your links when you have the best and helpful information available.

With the right timing.

When it comes to sending an email, you must absolutely try your best to send your emails out at the right time. There are times when people are just not in front of their PC. There are times such as holiday seasons where your subscribers are not into your offers. Hence, the right timing of your email is essential to your email marketing success.

Try to get into the shoes of your subscribers, ask yourself what is the best time to receive an email and when are you most probably at your desk. This timing could differ greatly in between niches so you have to understand your own niche thoroughly in order to get your timing right. When we talk about time, you should understand that the hours, the days and the season that you send out your email will affect the outcome or results that you seek. Hence, try your best to test and track your emails if you do are not certain when is the best time to send out your broadcast emails within your niche.

Another great way to find the best email timings is to sign up to the newsletter of the industry leaders. Find out when they send out their emails and copy their timings (of course you will still need to test and track). Chances are these industrial leaders have done an extensive research and testing to get the best mailing timing so that you don’t have to.

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Working part time vs working full time as an internet marketer.

Internet marketing has a reputation to be a good ‘side income’ or ‘extra income’ source for people who are pursuing a career. Not only that Internet marketing has the ability to create a ‘full time income’ as well. Now for those who are working and wish to earn an extra income online, it is of course possible. In fact many gurus will advise their students to take internet marketing as a part time job first before working on their online business full time. The reason here is being able to have some sort of financial security while trying to work on a business. Let us explore the pros and cons of working part time and working full time as an internet marketer.

The pros of being a part time internet marketer.

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Article Branding Your Online Business

Article Branding Your Online Business

What is article marketing? One of the most important aspects of growing any business is branding it, which is creating a name and reputation for it called article branding. It is building your reputation and is how you are known. Article marketing is using articles to identify yourself and to help create an image that future customers can identify with and know that you are someone that they want to do business with now and in the future.

Four things that successful article branding will incorporate:

Article Branding Your Online Business1.Name- it has to be recognizable

2.Image- it has to be respectable and appealing

3.Promise- you have to tell them that you can help them

4.Motivation- they have to be motivated to work with you


The name in online marketing has to be something that is recognizable, memorable, and will stand out. The strategies used in giving yourself a name will different because it will most likely be incorporated into your URL in some way. It has to be easy to remember, which means most likely short. It has to stick to the person’s mind so it needs to be unique and memorable. It has to be easy to spell so it can be typed into an address bar.

It has to be associated with your key benefit. The name also has to have a relatively generic name in it so it can be readily associated with your product or service, just make sure that it has a unique twist…preferably not with the spelling. Article branding will allow you plenty of opportunities to get your name out there by repeating that name throughout your article. This will help those reading it and others you write associate your name with the topic.

Article Branding Image:

The image you convey has to be appealing to the consumer. They have to want to do business with you. They have to feel good about it. You need to approach this from a couple different fronts. You have to make things appealing to the eye and to the mind and one or both of these have to come to the consumer’s mind.

When you are able, use graphics or logo’s that will catch the eye and that will help you stick in the person’s eye. Also try to present an image that says you can be trusted and respected. Article branding will help you accomplish this in the way you write and the amount of knowledge that you convey. If you set yourself up as a reliable source of information and an authority on the subject through your articles, it will go a long way in helping your image.

Promise and Motiviation:

You have to let the consumer know that you intend on helping them and that you can meet their needs. Article branding will help you establish this because in your articles you are going to be letting them know that you can help them and that it is your desire to meet their needs.

Establishing your brand can be one of the most difficult things for any business to do and many live and die by how well they brand themselves. Large companies give themselves giant budgets to help establish their brand but the Internet levels the playing field. Branding your online entity can be done very inexpensively and efficiently by making use of article writing and article branding.

Article Branding Your Online Business

Article Branding Your Online Business

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Autoresponder strategies for your business

Autoresponder strategies for your business

If Sir Albert Einstein is one of the most celebrated people that invented many great things that help us improve us our lives, then the person who invented our modern autoresponder should be one of the most celebrated people in the history of autoresponder strategies in marketing in itself.

Autoresponder strategies for your business

In fact, auto-responders is one of the must have tool for any internet marketer’s life, and it is also one of the most effective tools that can earn people millions of dollars each year. Every year, internet marketers make hundreds of millions of dollars just by taking advantage of the permission based marketing model and the use of autoresponder strategies. This industry is booming because of the use of autoresponder strategies and it has enables people to live the life of their wildest dreams.

Here are some of the best autoresponder strategies that can be used for your business.

1) You can use an autoresponder to turn your website visitors into a subscriber of your website.

Using an autoresponder to turn your website visitors into subscribers has been widely used by internet marketers. In fact, since it is so effective we are seeing more and more offline businesses adapting to use this strategy as well where they get the information of their clients or visitors and input it into their autoresponder this way, they can effectively notify their clients or visitors whenever they have a new product offer are available.

2) Building a relationship and understanding with your subscribers

When you have a list of subscribers whom you build, you can actually take this opportunity to build a relationship with your list. Doing this will increase the trust level of your subscribers on you, and they will listen to everything you say.

This tactic here alone is responsible for millions earn using email autoresponder strategies marketing each year where the list owner will build a solid relationship with their subscribers and when the time comes they will send them an irresistible offer. It is said that sending an offer to a responsive list (good relationship) converts much higher than cold traffic or a list that does not have a good relationship with its owner.

3) Market to your subscribers over and over again

When you use an autoresponder strategies to build a list, one great benefit is that you can market the same thing over and over to the list that you build. You can even choose to market different product but relevant to your niche none the less. Doing this increases the conversion rate because your list gets exposed to your offer more often and the more you explain about how you can help their problems with your product the more people will start buying it. It is said that it usually takes up to 7 times for a person to be exposed to a said produce before he decides to take action.

Hence using an autoresponder can easily achieve such results without having to pay for any extra cost.

4) Saves a lot of time following up with customers flawlessly.

In the early days of marketing where an autoresponder is non-existent, having 50 customers and trying to follow up with them can be a huge pain. In fact, if you try to follow up with them just 1 or two times after their first purchase or the first meeting, it would take up a lot of time. However, with the help of autoresponder these days, you can automatically follow up with any amount of subscribers be it in the thousands or more. All you have to do is to set it up one time, and you will never have to worry about it ever again.

5) No extra cost for lead generation and no need to hire extra people to do all the hard work.

Without an autoresponder every time you get a lead you will lose it immediately after the first purchase. And then you will go out and get more traffic and hopefully get more leads that way. This means you lose the lead forever, and this cycle will continue.
However, with the help of an autoresponder, you can easily keep the lead that you acquired and thus your lead will grow exponentially. And the best part is you do not need to spend money on acquiring the same lead nor should you need to hire any extra work person to follow up on the lead and such. Your autoresponder will have everything done automatically for you with just a quick setup.

6) Monitor and track your results with ease.

Using an autoresponder takes your marketing to another level because you can track and monitor your leads behavior. You can see how often they respond to your email messages. You can learn what kind of offer they respond to, and you can even see just how many people open up your email and click your links. Such precious data can never be acquired without the help of an autoresponder.

Having such data means you can change your business for the better and watch your conversion rate grow. You can understand your leads better just by seeing what kind of email or offer they respond to. You can even see their demographics such as their gender and country of origin. An autoresponder tracks all of that without you having to do any extra coding. It’s just too convenient to ignore the fact that you need to track your leads.

7) All the emails you send out equals to free branding.

Besides all the above, with each email that you send out, you are branding yourself as an expert. You show them how knowledgeable you are in your field by sharing wonderful and useful content. They will love you for sharing and they will support you whenever you have a product offer.

With that said, it is without a doubt that investing on an autoresponder is a must these days if you wish to succeed in internet marketing or anything to do with acquiring leads. In fact, many experts swear that their business depends heavily on their autoresponder and if anything happens to their autoresponders server they will be very worried indeed.

Autoresponder strategies for your business

Autoresponder strategies for your business

modern autoresponder should be one of the most celebrated mst have tools in the history of marketing itself)

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