Copywriting Workshop – Different Ways To Write A Great Sales Letter.

Copywriting is one of the main sales driving forces in the internet marketing world. If you want to be successful with internet marketing you will have to at least learn the basics of copywriting or get a partner who is good in it. Good copywriting can ensure that you get sales for all the traffic that you will send to your offers. While many regard copywriting as a form of art, in many ways, it is also very scientific because of all the tests and trails that marketers have gone through over the years.

While there are no rights or wrong ways to write a good copy, there are quite a few ‘concepts’ that one could follow in order to write a good copy. Whenever you are in need of a fresh new idea of writing a new copy, try one of these proven and tested marketing ideas below instead.

The Storytelling copy.

The story telling copy is perhaps one of the more used copy styles on internet marketing today. This kind of copy is also widely adopted into the use of video sales letters these days. The story telling copy is a copy that utilizes a compelling story to captivate the heart of its readers. As many legendary marketers would put it, everyone loves a good story.

However, when using this kind of copy, one must ensure that the story is actually believable. You cannot expect to tell a ridiculous or outrageous story and expect people to believe it. It also helps if you can back up your claims and story with facts, picture or even statistics. This way people will be able to accept your story more instead of thinking that it is all a scam.

A good way to tell a story is to actually tell a ‘hero’ story where someone just like your target audience has suffered the same problem as everyone else. And after all the hardship he finally found the solution to the problem and now lives a great life and the hero is there to tell the tale and help others overcome the problem.

Some variation of this storytelling technique is that you can actually put yourself as the hero that goes against all the ‘evil’ and ‘greedy’ competitors who are conspiring against the general public for more wealth. Another good approach is to tell write about a story how you ‘accidentally’ found the solution but in fact you were a big skeptic initially. These stories can help improve the readership of your copy because it can help you get your readers curious for more.

A good warning here though, your story should be a unique one instead of a story that has been used over and over again by other marketers in your niche. Unlike how it was in the past, people today are actually smart enough to do a comparison on the internet before they choose to buy and if your story is the same as everyone else, you will lose out to those who are able to tell a completely unique and genuine story.
Interview copy.

Another great style of copywriting that you should try in your next internet marketing project is to employ the interview style of copy. Although this kind of style is rarely seen used in the internet marketing world, it does work because it does not ‘look’ or even ‘feel’ like a sales letter. This way, people do not feel that they are being sold to.

All you have to do is to create and honest interview that has a lot of ‘value’ and ‘benefits’ for the readers, people will want to know more about your offer. A simple link at the end of the interview plus a call to action and some scarcity tactic at the very end of the interview is enough to get people to purchase. The hard part is to actually find out what content you should include in your interview in order to help sway the buying decision to your side. However, a good educative interview can help get people to understand where you are coming from, and people will not put up a ‘no salesmen please’ barrier when they are reading your letter. This is exactly why you do not need fancy graphics to go with your sales letter.

The ugly truth copy. The ugly truth copy usually starts out with a huge negativity highlighting the problems within your niche. People are naturally drawn to ‘accidents’ or bad news. Hence you will make sure that your headline is actually attacking something on your niche. It could be the very niche itself, it could be the ‘bad guys’ inside your niche, it could be some ‘shady’ products in your niche or it could be about your own product even.

After showing some of your anger you then slowly move on to the positive side of the story where things aren’t actually that bad. And that the only way to ‘survive’ the problems are for the readers to actually read what you have got to say carefully. It is indeed a very controversial way to write a copy but since it is very different from the normal copies that you found out there, you can be sure that it will be very effective as well.

All in all, the most important element of a good copy is that you need to be able to tell the readers that you can solve their problems period and you can do it better faster and (if applicable) cheaper than what is available out there. When you have all these benefits and confidence that you can help them out, people who are genuinely in need of help will reach out to you for help and that’s when the magic truly happens. However, always make sure that your copy is not boring because if people leave your site without going through your sales message, you can kiss you customer good bye… forever.

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3 Online marketing aspects you should know.

Just To Be An Internet Marketer

To be an internet marketer online requires lots of marketing skills. And it takes time to acquire these skills too for most people as most of us starts with zero marketing skill knowledge. Therefore, as an internet marketer, we must certainly try our best to sharpen our skills at all times. The internet is every changing and internet marketing itself is a dynamic thing. If you just lay there lazy for a few weeks, you might not be able to catch up with all the changes and improvements that are going on in the internet marketing world.

3 Online marketing aspects you should know.One SEO could be the hottest trend, the next day it could die out on you. Another trend will pop up next just to die out because PPC turned bad due to Google’s impactful changes. There is no constant in the to be an internet marketer in this internet marketing world, or perhaps a better way to word it is that the only constant thing online is change. What this means for us marketers is that we need to always stay sharp and try to learn as much as we can as we grow. If you are trying to learn everything before you begin taking actions, then you will never start.

With that said, there are 3 things that you should notice as an internet marketer today and that is if you are using the right strategy when you are handling your customer’s reviews, the use of online video advertising and last but not least, the coupon model, is it something you should be able to use as a small-business owner.

We begin with the first one.

What’s a good strategy to handle the reviews that you get for your products?
It is indeed a fact that online reviews on your product and services do impact your business revenues. Therefore it is without a doubt that as an internet marketer you need to be absolutely certain that you are using the right strategies when it comes to customer reviews.

When it comes to reviews, comments or ratings, there are always good and bad reviews. The best thing you can do to get good reviews is to provide a good service and a product that works. If it is a good review, then you are in for a treat but do not just stop there. Try to see if you can further improve your business to stay ahead of the competition. Always try to give thanks to those who leave a good review of Feedback and encourage them to return.

If you are getting bad reviews, try to handle the situation maturely and learn to improve on your mistakes. A great way to stop the situation from going bad is to just tell them that their suggestion has been noted and will be included in the next update or something similar. Always be sure not to escalate the argument to a point of no return. If indeed you are at fault, then apologize and try to solve the problem for the customer. If it isn’t your fault, then try to explain clearly and then leave it as it is. There is no point to dwell on difficult customers who will not listen.

Are Video Ads Effective?
Like most advertising methods, the effectiveness of your advertisement depends heavily on whether you are doing it right and if your audience is targeted or not. Hence, these days, it is common to see Ads running on a video which you have decided to watch on YouTube or other similar video sites.

Studies have shown that the best way to get the attention is to surprise the viewers. To surprise a viewer, you should make your ad start with an interesting audio and visual presentation. Now to retain the attention that you get and avoid the people from clicking on the ‘skip ad’ button, you need to be able to bring people to experience ‘curiosity’ or ‘joy’. If people are curious of what you have to show in your ad, they will watch on.

Similarly, if your ad is projecting a positive emotion, namely ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’ then your chances of retaining the viewers’ attention will be much higher. You should always avoid displaying a boring ad or an annoying one because this will kill the mood right away.

Should you implement coupon technology?

The short answer is yes. People love coupons. This is because people have associated coupons with a discount. Therefore, if you have a converting offer, then implementing coupons can easily get you more sales as people who are on the fence will usually take the plunge while the coupons or discount offer is still available.
The magic is in the mentality when people are using the coupon. They get a feeling that they are getting your product at a deep discount, and this will always improve conversions. Nothing works better than letting your customers buy with a smile on their face. This way, they will always go through your funnel in a positive attitude, and the fact that they will keep coming back for more in the future tells you that you are doing the right thing.

However, you need to be careful not to overuse the coupon strategy because it might not feel special to them anymore if you are overusing this strategy. The key here is to get to feel as a ‘winner’ emotionally. A good example of a successful company who takes the coupon strategy to another level is Groupon. Groupon has made a lot of people happy, and they have made a lot of businesses a lot of new leads as well. Learn from Groupon and you will see just why Groupon is so successful and why making people happy is the way to go when it comes to business.

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An Internet Marketer

3 Online marketing aspects you should know.

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