Get paid to SHARE the info YOU like

This video explains the Loyaltepays business model by telling the story of these three characters:

  • Tom, likes surfing and makes money for simply sharing videos with his friends on Facebook
  • Lucy, is a single mother and she is using Loyaltepays to start a new online business
  • Jim, is an established business owner ready to expand

Watch the video and discover for yourself how easy and simple it is to make money with Loyaltepays!

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Starting your own forum for your online business

Your Business Starting your own forum

Want to know the benefits of starting your own forum for your online business? – Forums are the go to place before the arrival of blogs. It is a great place to ‘hang out’ and discuss stuff that you are passionate about. Also it is a great place to seek for answers from experts who are dwelling in the forums. In fact, even until today, forums remain a great place for people to go online and create discussion threads that can help you gather lots of important information on your niche.

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Ways to make money online that you have never heard of.

Customer Service

Making money online does not have to be limited to selling information products. Sure it is the mainstream way of making money online, but the learning curve and the amount of customer service competition especially in hot niches are pretty cutthroat.

Besides that, selling customer service information product might not be for everyone. Therefore the below alternatives are ways to that you can use to make money online without ever having to sell an information product and still make a good living out of it.

Ways to make money online that you have never heard of.Designing and selling t-shirts.

Selling custom T-shirts is a big industry. In fact many people look to buy T-Shirts online more than those fancy dresses because of one reason and that is it is easier to buy a correct fitting T-shirt (plain, simple and loose fit) than one of those fancy Cinderella dresses. If you can try out those fancy dresses you are taking a risk in buying them. But T-Shirts are simple. All you need to do is put up the size such as small, medium, large or Extra-large and people will know which size to get.

The good thing about selling custom printed T-Shirts online is that you can reach a much wider audience online then you ever could sell T-Shirt offline. Hence, If you are into art and making designs consider using your talent in selling custom designed T-shirts and make a comfortable living online.

Financial Customer Service.

If you do not wish to design T-Shirt and sell them online then you could always consider being a financial consultant online especially if you are good with numbers. You can be a tax advisor or a personal accountant or anything to do with financial services. Of course you need to consider the fact that you indeed have the skillsets to help people out in these areas at first.

So what if you do not have any knowledge at all in these areas? One good way is to start a financial consultant company and hire people with the skills to help you get the jobs done. This way, all you need to do it to get the clients. You can get clients from freelance sites or you can approach website owners and offer to help them out with your services.

Copyright consultant

Next in line is to be a copyright consultant. What is a copyright consultant you asked? Well here’s the thing, in internet marketing, many times (more often than not) information products get shared online illegally, and it is very hard to stop this.

As a copyright consultant you find products that have been copied or shared online without permission, and you approach the owner of the product. Of course if you are smart, you would offer your service at a reasonable price so that it is easier for the product owners to justify the need to your service. Another reason to charge a reasonably lower price is because you can never really stop the sharing online 100% anyway. What you could do is search for the product and gets a list of links that are sharing it. You then try to take down the links by contacting the site that is sharing the links.

Most business owners will not have the time to do this themselves and that’s where you come in and help them out. You will be surprised at how much people out there are willing to pay you a fee to get rid of these links which is actually pretty easy to do. You can even strike a deal with the product owners for a higher fee or a recurring fee where you will constantly watch the internet for more of this illegal sharing going on, and that you will take them down as soon as you find them.

Customer service.

Being a customer service provider is very easy. All you have to do is approach a product owner and offer them your services. The best way to go about doing this is to provide free trials and do the best job you for them and then try to get them to buy your service.
This also means that you can work from home, earn a good income, and you can even provide customer service work for multiple business owners. As customer care is very important to most businesses, you will find the demand for this job at a very high level, and it is certainly easy to get things done especially when you have the help from support desk systems these days.

SEO reviewing

If you have knowledge on SEO works, then you can start a SEO reviewing company. All you have to go for your clients is that you will analyze their site and tell them what is wrong with it. Next you can even offer to monitor their site rankings and report to them at any slight changes.

The best part is you can even offer SEO services for extra cash after the review. SEO is a big industry, and the fact that many people are lacking SEO skills means that you can take advantage of this and make a handsome living out of this.


Online tutoring is a very high demanding work online. This is because many people look to learn something from the comfort of their home. It could be anything that ranges from school education to guitar playing or piano playing. You can even choose to tutor those who want to learn how to cook.

In many ways, this is a form of information product, but you are actually giving a one to one care and tutoring to your clients. It pays better, and you do not need to get a lot of students to get a sizable income.
Selling hand made goods.

If you are good with your hands or DIY work, you can consider making unique items and sell it online. Just recently I saw a Japanese site where the owner is making handmade metal ‘Rubber band’ guns. It is so impressive that I would love to buy one of them (but it is not allowed in my country). I checked how much the handmade Metal Rubber Band gun is selling and it was selling at 22,000 yen. That’s over $250 dollars folks! And boy was the demand high. There were so many people online that saw the work and wanted one.

It is rare, and the product is amazing and honestly speaking… I want one even though it is very expensive. This is why I always tell my students… If you’ve got skills you will never have to worry about money. Therefore it is always better to invest in knowledge and polish your skills than blindly trying what others are doing without any skills.

Customer Service

Ways to make money online that you have never heard of.

For Happy Online Customers, Amazon Remains King – Wall Street Journal (blog), on Thu, 27 Dec 2012 – In the brick-and-mortar world, customer service often becomes noticeably warmer as the business gets smaller: think mom-and-pop diner versus franchise outfit. But on the internet, it seems, the biggest is also the best. Amazon is the world’s biggest

Oracle Recognized as the Global Market Leader in Customer Care for the … – Marketwire (press release), on Wed, 02 Jan 2013 – Oracle today announced that it has been named the global market leader in customer care systems by leading industry analyst firm, Analysys Mason, in its report “Customer Care Systems: Worldwide Market Shares 2011.” In a highly competitive and

Build, buy or outsource customer service solutions? – ComputerworldUK (blog), on Wed, 02 Jan 2013 – How do you choose the right customer service solution for your needs? It’s always best to take a systematic approach: (1) benchmark your current operations using our Assessment Framework to pinpoint areas for opportunity and (2) pragmatically

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Ways to earn money from home.

Making A Living Online

making a living online is becoming a global phenomenon. People are spreading the news like wild fire. 5 years ago, if people were to ask me what am I doing for a living, I knew they’d give me the ‘Huh?’ look if I told them I was . They would go on and on for hours asking for more information about what you are doing and still doesn’t get the concept of . It is in fact, quite troublesome.

making a living onlineHowever, today more people are now exposed to internet marketing, and if you tell them you are an internet marketer they will get what you mean. It is much more common now as people get exposed to these internet marketing terms.

There are a lot of ways to making a living online, and I will outline them all in this short article. Pay attention to the fact that there are more ways to than the conventional ones that you hear about each day. This is because some of these ways are less popular and less marketed.

Here are some of these ways towards making a living online right below.

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