Should You Be Doing Social Media Marketing?

If you own a business and are not involved with social media marketing, you are missing out on many opportunities. Sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are where the world is hanging out ? that includes your customers! One basic marketing principle that will never change is that you need to be seen where your market is. If they’re on the social sites and you’re not, then they’re not seeing your message, are they?

There are several benefits to doing social media marketing. These benefits include branding, building credibility and supporting existing customers, while reaching new prospects. Let’s discuss those three major benefits in more depth as they are so crucial to your business.

Social media marketing can do wonders for your branding, especially if you’re a new company. Branding means getting people to recognize the name of your company, having a good idea of what it is you offer and knowing something about you. The multitudes of social media sites out there are perfect for getting the word out. Not only can you interact through text with the other people on the site, but you can post photos and videos, too. A picture really is worth a thousand words, right?

Credibility is another benefit for a business doing social media marketing. Part of that credibility comes automatically as you build your brand and name recognition. There are many people who will assume you are credible just because they have heard of you. Another part of that credibility is built on the basis of how you use the social media. If you’re active and interacting directly with customers and prospects, and offering them helpful information, you will gain credibility. Another way to gain credibility with social media is called “borrowed credibility”. This comes from having followers or friends that have a lot of credibility ? a bit of that just naturally rubs off on you.

When it comes to customer support, social media enables you to counter any negative feedback or publicity right away. With the ease of spreading anything online, one complaint can spread like wildfire. If you’re on top of it, however, you can easily respond right away and rectify the situation. You can also tell your side of the story, if the complaint is unfounded. Another thing that is easily done with social media marketing is to be able to poll or survey your customers and/or prospects. Find out exactly what your current customers thing or ask prospects exactly what they need.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the massive benefits of social media marketing. In short, yes, you should be doing social media marketing! You can bet your competitors probably are.

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Social Marketing ? The Hottest Trend

Social marketing is becoming more and more popular as a legitimate marketing method these days. Most big companies have their own Facebook pages nowadays and they’re using them to generate more sales and brand awareness for their products. But how can you take advantage of all these social networking platforms to increase your sales? Well, in this article, I will show you how you can take advantage of the social networking craze and why it should be a central part of your marketing strategy.

First, let’s start with the most popular social network, Facebook. If you want to start using social marketing to further your business, there are a few things you have to know first. If you are intending to use your business name for your personal account, you have to be aware that you won’t be able to use it for a future fan page, so its better that you build a fan page first.

Now that your business fan page is up, it’s time to spy on your competitors and see how their fan pages look. Check how many friends they have, what the layout of their page is and what type of messages they are sending out. This will give you a good idea on how you can use your page to give your business more visibility.

Now that you have your Facebook page setup, you should register for a Twitter account. Make sure that you register as quickly as possible before one of your competitors beats you to it and registers your business name. Next, you should start running searches on Twitter’s homepage for various terms related to your business. You should also run a search for your business name to see if people are talking about you and what their view of your business is.

Now that you’re more familiar with Twitter and Facebook, you have two choices: you can either start social marketing on your own or hire a social media management firm. While you may think that it would be better to do the work yourself, you can benefit from the experience a social media management firm can give you.

And while the concept behind social marketing may seem simple, you have to understand all the subtleties of social networks to really take advantage of them. If you don’t know how to implement an efficient social marketing strategy, you might not get good results. If you feel like you can handle the work load, go ahead, but hiring the services of a good social media management team would be a wise investment for anyone who wishes to take their social marketing efforts to the next level.

Reverse Marketing – A Content Creation Strategy For Online Marketing

Many online marketing businesses manipulate reverse marketing strategy for bigger business outcomes. This dynamic marketing strategy involves the creation of simple contents that would be attractive to targeted audiences in the selected markets.

Dynamics of Reverse Marketing

Reverse marketing offers a simple marketing strategy that is highly effective when implemented precisely with the right marketing tools on the right market audiences. Well developed contents help online businesses move forward in the market to be market leaders and esteemed industry experts.

Good contents are interesting and useful to web readers who would clamor for more. The marketer or business owner would require less effort to convince potential business leads of the quality and dynamism of the brand and product offerings as the quality of the contents speaks for themselves.

Marketers could focus on one group of targeted niche audience to provide the most relevant quality content that would be found engaging and value-added. This marketing approach tends to boost conversion rates much more effectively than other types of marketing strategies marketers could deploy.

A close watch is on the competition with reverse marketing to ensure that the campaign is always effective with one step ahead of the competitors. Reverse marketing is highly effective in driving traffic to the website with simple content created that would benefit consumers.

Areas of Effective Content

Well designed content would cover various essential elements that include product, membership cost, ongoing fees, company history and compensation plans. Contents that encompass these elements would be considered full and sufficient for readers to digest carefully before being compelled to take the necessary call-to-action steps as designed by the marketer.

Good contents would review the company’s market standing and brand with potential business opportunities that could benefit interested web consumers. Quality content could be written in a concise manner using the best of writing style and format that makes reading easy and effective.

A recommended length of quality content could be between 400 and 500 words. Extra value could be included in the content creation through videos and images which are highly effective in captivating attention and interest of business prospects.

The contents could be an insight about competitors which must be true and substantiated with evidence or authorized statistics. A fair evaluation of the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses would boost the respect and trust of web readers for the article writer.

A Different Marketing Approach

Reverse Marketing manipulates a totally different approach to traditional marketing approaches. Instead of reaching out to targeted customers, reverse marketing works to have customers seeking out the marketer or brand. This is because of the marketing approach undertaken that hooks the customers to the brand or business.

Reverse marketing offers targeted consumers the required information in a well designed and palatable format which is readily available on the web business site. Hence, the targeted audience is assured of a solution if the website is visited. Marketers only need to wait for these web consumers to come from their web business site to view or find what they desire. The business brand and products are promoted effectively if the website is well designed with the right e-commerce elements.

There is no change in the marketing objective with reverse marketing. The desired web traffic is brought in through a different approach where useful contents attract the potential business customers as they seek and search on the Internet. The well designed web pages of quality content would be ranked higher by top search engines to ensure a successful search with good SERP positions.

Web consumers seeking for such content would respond more quickly to the well planned call-to-action option when the content is not heavy on brand or business advertising. The content offers a plausible solution that is cost effective and efficient without any hint of a business brand and products. True industry knowledge and proven expertise, solutions are demonstrated to win over potential leads with reverse marketing. Marketers or content writers are respected by web consumers who are more willing to hear out further business recommendations that include brand and products.

Effectiveness of Reverse Marketing

Reverse marketing strategies are highly effective with the right deployment. Consumers are more inclined towards the business brand and goods when they procure the best information as a solution to their problem or issue at hand. This could compel them to make an immediate purchase decision as they are convinced of the company’s reliability and effectiveness of the company’s products or services.

When good content is palatable to the consumers, it is likely that these consumers would be quality customers for the business. Reverse marketing is excellent in promoting the business brand and products subtly after winning the confidence of the web consumers first with possible solutions to their personal needs or problems.

Marketers who engage reverse marketing efficiently would reap high returns in terms of quality potential business leads that are confident of the business brand and products. A good balance between information and advertisement is crucial to the success of this online marketing technique. Striking the right balance between the two elements would draw in optimal web traffic to boost the business bottom lines readily.

Positive and Negative Aspects

Reverse marketing could be seen as having positive and negative aspects that would bring about positive and negative outcomes. The end results are dependent on how well this online marketing technique is being implemented and monitored.

Negative Reverse Marketing happens when marketers implement without a full understanding of its dynamics to reap the right results. It is a simple task of providing relevant and useful information that would attract the right crowd that takes the initiative to call on the marketer for more instead of waiting for the marketer to push.

Identifying the right target consumer groups would ease the efforts in reverse marketing for the marketer to be successful in this marketing technique. Prospecting efforts are reduced with reverse marketing for generating the desired web traffic volume and sales. Qualified leads are easily generated without spending much on advertising through reverse marketing. The outcome is tremendous when it is aptly executed.

Online Marketing Strategies: What is Acquisition Marketing?

Many Internet businesses today engage in exquisite online marketing strategies that are designed to boost their bottom lines. Progressive technologies offers a myriad of dynamic online marketing strategies that cannot be simply deployed without considering market factors that impact business outcomes.

Internet businesses require dynamic online marketing strategies to drive the acquisition of potential leads in a massive volume through organic and cost effective approaches.

Acquisition Marketing Dynamics

Modern consumers are constantly seeking dynamic marketing businesses that offer the best of values in products or services. Hence, it is not surprising for business owners or marketers today to consider acquiring new businesses that add value and ‘oomph’ that delight the customers.

Well designed acquisition marketing not only draws in new customers, but encourages repeat sales and promotes brand loyalty with identified values to acquire customers. Effective acquisition marketing requires a clear and cohesive direction for consumers who are interested to garner more information about the business, brand or offerings from the first click until conversion.

Marketers who wish to indulge in acquisition marketing need to have a good understanding of the call-to-action by customers. This would encourage more consumers to take on the preferred action in a marketing campaign that would bring more sales and profits for the business. A successful acquisition marketing campaign not only draws in massive web traffic to the website, but generates high sales with a high conversion towards the brand and products for web consumers who are genuinely interested in securing more information about relevant business offers.

It is necessary that every web visitor is constantly engaged in every part of the marketing campaign to bring forth a successful acquisition campaign. This would ensure that every web traffic, visitor would become a valued customer. An integrated approach on Internet marketing is essential to enjoy a successful acquisition marketing campaign where web visitors are led through the marketing campaign seamlessly to an immediate purchase or conversion. The marketing process also implements funnel or drop-off tracking that would generate more sales and profits.

Short and Long Term Advantages

The many advantages of acquisition marketing compel many marketers to indulge in this marketing option readily. However, successful online marketing exercises still require brand building activities that enforce good impressions of the brand and business on consumers who would in turn generate favorable perceptions to ensure better brand equity.

In acquisition marketing, marketers need to seek out measurable ways that would increase the quantum of sales and conversions in a shorter timeframe. The process should be simple and straightforward for customers to get engaged immediately, while marketers pick up the essential details in understanding the consumer mindset, purchase behavior and needs.

This would help marketers plan the right marketing campaigns that would satisfy targeted consumers who would be directed through the conversion funnel. Dynamic marketing strategies such as Pay-per-Click advertising could be deployed to make the acquisition marketing process more efficient and cost effective.

If the acquisition marketing campaign is well designed and implemented, another advantage that often arises would be the fast circulation of the business offer across the market through word of mouth of satisfied customers. It is proven that satisfied customers who are well engaged in the marketing process of the business and brand often turn out to support the brand without official compensations or obligations. This is one of the greatest dynamics of successful acquisition marketing in the long run.

Another long term advantage of acquisition marketing is the advanced evolution of SEO techniques that are readily incorporated into the business websites and pages. This includes well designed backlinks, optimized interesting content and strategic partnerships that would yield optimal results over time.

Acquisition Marketing Measurability

Another key component of successful acquisition marketing is its measurability where the market offers a range of relevant tools for free or at very low cost in accurately diagnosing the expected results for the marketing efforts put in. The exact results are accurate to allow marketers consider better marketing strategies and solutions that would boost market visibility and sales.

Such a well planned marketing approach is likely to withstand the rising competition in the market as well as survive through impending inflation or fluctuating economy standards at different seasons.

Another aspect of measurability with acquisition marketing is the quality of potential leads generated, especially if superior content is present. This approach is aimed towards securing targeted customers to the web business site in every marketing process activated. The best contents refer to value added and relevant information that forms useful solutions that satisfy or resolves current issues in the consumers’ lives.

Lead Generation Effectiveness

Lead generation in acquisition marketing is crucial for the survival of the online business in online marketing endeavors. This is an extremely beneficial activity in online acquisition marketing businesses where real-time sales could be optimal with attractive residual commissions.

Acquisition marketers could monitor the influx of residual incomes repeatedly to identify the best of online marketing strategies and techniques that could be incorporated into a successful marketing campaign. Such an approach could help marketer be more creative and innovative in reaching out to targeted market audiences that are inclined towards the business brand and products.

Customer Acquisition Marketing

A special aspect of acquisition marketing is customer acquisition marketing which refers to a dynamic marketing strategy of identifying and building customer relationships that would benefit the business bottom lines. This form of acquisition marketing may involve a stringent process where existing customers are re-established in their partnerships and new potential leads are encouraged to opt in the business mailing lists for new relationships to be forged.

This would require the development of an impressive website that attracts potential leads targeted towards the business and brand. A well designed website would also draw the attention of top search engines that would rank it highly to attract more web traffic.


One of the most effective online marketing strategies in this century is acquisition marketing where marketers and business owners need to identify their targeted niche markets before design relevant marketing campaigns to secure potential business leads to boost business bottom lines.

Making The Transition From Outbound To Inbound Marketing For Small Business

Modern technologies have provided a host of dynamic marketing tools and strategies for all businesses. Even small and new businesses are benefiting from these provisions if deployed aptly in the market. The market today is saturated with online options for businesses and consumers alike to enjoy what modern technologies have to offer.

Consumers today are not subject to flashing neon lights or billboards as well as the dreaded telemarketing calls at awkward moments. These are part of the traditional or outbound marketing tactics applied by marketers in the past to win over consumers from all walks of life through a shot in the dark.

Today’s consumers are more digital-inclined where an active engagement is established in the marketing process to encourage a two-way communication and relationship. This is where outbound marketing is making way for inbound marketing where an online marketing experience by web consumers today is entertaining, educational and useful to resolve some urgent need immediately.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing sees a proactive role by companies in their rampant and frequent sending out of well designed direct mail which a high percentage is never opened. This not only waste a lot of paper that is harmful to the environment, but also causes a big dent in the company’s marketing budget and cash flow without good results to show.

When television and radio were invented, many companies were fast to engage these dynamic marketing options as TV and radio commercials became popular. However, over time and modern technologies, 90% of viewers tend to skip TV and radio commercials with TiVo or PayTV options. Outbound marketing strategies involve the mass media options with a direct business message targeted to consumers on what they should take on and how to go about it in an unrelenting approach which often scares off potential business leads.

The cost incurred through outbound marketing is very high to secure one potential lead compared to that by inbound marketing as traditional mass media marketing is very expensive but not very effective. It is also very restrictive in securing targeted consumers with a low success rate as insufficient information is garnered to make the marketing campaign more dynamic.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing manipulates social media platforms that are dynamic and well structured to facilitate versatile marketing options. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer plenty of exciting features which marketers could manipulate as effective marketing strategies in their online marketing campaigns.

Even small businesses are enjoying inbound marketing effects with excellent results where larger crowds of potential leads are possible in shorter marketing periods through more dynamic marketing campaigns. Hence, it should be the desire of every company, big or small, to consider a transition of outbound marketing strategy to dynamic inbound marketing strategy for more savings and benefits.

Inbound marketing feeds and fuels the emotional triggers of targeted consumers in the market to secure the desired market results, whereas outbound marketing refers to a general broadcasting or dissemination of business promo messages that tend to be one-sided communications.

Inbound marketing is designed to inspire advertisers to earn consumers trust while captivating their attention through meaningful and engaging content. Such an approach provides an immediate solution to target consumers with more options for purchase of goods and services which delight consumers.

Inbound marketing is effective in engaging consumers with a compelling reason to share the content among others in their social circles. Marketers could consider online competitions, free giveaways and discounts as modes of engagement with targeted consumers who would become loyal business customers. There would be an outstanding ROI with useful content that proves to be useful to web visitors.

Such inbound marketing tactics serve to capture consumer attention while compelling them to take up the call to action options such as opting into the business mailing list. This would grow the business list for more sales opportunities that benefit the bottom line of the business.

Transitioning from Outbound to Inbound

Businesses today must evolve from their traditional outbound marketing strategy to inbound marketing strategy quickly to remain competitive in the market. This means that email spamming and print advertising as well as mass media or banner advertising must be reconsidered to incorporate inbound marketing methods that are more cost effective and efficient.

Marketers and business owners need to re-focus on adapting current traditional marketing methods to that of inbound marketing. A greater synergy could be sparked when outbound marketing techniques combine with inbound marketing strategies if the former is to be activated. Hence, a large email list could be manipulated to promote the latest brand offers instead of being abandoned.

Cold calling could be revitalized as polling information for better marketing campaigns to be designed that would satisfy the changing consumer needs today. Better customer service could be rendered when the marketer or business owner is armed with more up-to-date information regarding their potential business leads. Stronger customer relations could be established through inbound marketing strategies that would draw more web visitors to the website.

The key to a successful inbound marketing campaign is engaging the customers proactively with feasible solutions that resolve their immediate needs. The customers would feel cared and involved in the process to support the marketer or business brand when they experience good online services that ease their burdens or problems.

Small businesses could reap high rewards from inbound marketing from a small mailing list that is quickly expanded with the strong attractive marketing strategies implemented cost effectively and efficiently.


When businesses consider transitioning from outbound marketing to inbound marketing strategies, businesses need to consider certain factors at play such as budget, targeted niche markets, demographics and business objectives.

The market offers a myriad of exciting marketing tools to support both marketing techniques. Smart marketers and business owners could benefit greatly from the wise application of inbound or outbound marketing. Even small businesses are able to leverage on inbound marketing with the right focus and business objectives on a small budget to be competitive in the market between the big players.