How to Integrate Pinterest With Facebook Page

Many exciting and useful tools are available today to help businesses get a boost in their sales and bottom lines. The emergence of Facebook and Pinterest is excellent in securing a wider market audience and visibility for any online business that is serious in growth and success.

Impactful Marketing with Facebook and Pinterest

It is easy to jump start any business venture on the Internet today with the availability of Facebook and Pinterest. A quick learning of these social media networks’ features and tools can help business owners and marketers manipulate them effectively as part of their online marketing campaign that would draw more traffic to the business website.

A simple Facebook profile page that is linked to a well setup Pinterest business account forms a powerful marketing strategy that impacts preferred customers for the business. Both social media platforms are dynamic in nature with strong features that allow a building up on each other for vibrant and effective marketing activities to happen. These social media tools are user friendly to manipulate on without needing to start from scratch except for careful planning to avoid spamming.

With millions of users, Facebook and Pinterest can be combined to impact consumers from all walks of life to boost any business. A lot of benefits can be secured from a Facebook and Pinterest synergy. Besides connectivity and communication options, Facebook and Pinterest can be manipulated to attract new customers while engaging current ones in sales and updates. This establishes the brand and enhances the image of the company in the marketplace.

More and more web consumers are becoming online customers with the advanced technologies available at their fingertips. It is not surprising to note a growing preference to shop online after securing purchase recommendations from Facebook or Pinterest where some web users share or ‘Like’ a particular advertised item. Those who make online purchases tend to ‘pin’ or ‘Like’ their decision which triggers other consumers’ interest in the same objects of purchase.

This is free advertising for the company with more potential leads coming to know about the company and its offerings via friends and associates. The company tends to gain enormously when one customer ‘favors’ its products or services to share with others on the web. It is very impactful when one convincing social media user testifies of their purchase decision to others in their circles of contact.

Simple Steps to Integrate Pinterest with Facebook

Smart business marketers would endeavor to integrate Pinterest with Facebook so that they can get the best of both social media platforms for optimum outcomes for their businesses. Simple steps can be taken to encourage Facebook fans to follow the business’s Pinterest displays to generate a good crowd in following the business offerings.

First, online marketers need to get hold of a Pinterest tab on their Facebook business page. Next, install an application on the free Pinterest tab on Facebook page. This tab allows viewers to discover the business owner or marketer while viewing all pins and posts even on a Facebook platform via

Viewers can also ‘Like’ the business Facebook page or view the boards and pins on the Pinterest tab without getting into Pinterest platform unless they re-pin items. Pinterest allows users and marketers to enjoy complete stats on visits, likes, page views and fans.

Online marketers can post Pinterest links on their Facebook page as updates to share with viewers interesting and useful information that benefits them. This would convince them to follow the business owner or marketer on both platforms to generate a large following that would boost the business. It is crucial in creating specific information that adds value to the viewers to keep them interested in the business.

Drawing in More Traffic

Different board visuals and interesting messages presented on the social media platforms would draw more viewers and visitors. Many like-minded consumers who visit these pages would be compelled to follow these sites for more regular information that benefits them. Having both social media platforms working for a business entity brings in double the traffic volume for the business as the Internet attract billions of users every day.

When specific targeted audiences are preferred, online marketers must learn how to promote specific boards on both social media platforms so that followers would have a choice between Facebook and Pinterest. Many modern consumers may choose to follow some and not all of the boards posted in either social media platforms for one reason or another. Some online marketers may be more apt in promoting specific boards on Facebook and not Pinterest or vice versa.

Different boards are useful and appropriate for promoting different products or services offered by the company. Not every post or board must be business-oriented; it could be a personal inspiration or passion that is posted which may interest fans. This can also build up better relations with fans who can turn into supportive customers for the business over time.

Another way to draw more traffic to the web business site is to provide status updates. An interesting image with an equally captivating description and relevant board link to the Facebook pin page can lure more traffic to the website. Facebook offers more space for compelling images as interesting Newsfeed instead of links for higher viewing and accessibility. It is simple to post a link to the Pinterest board with an image pin that would be converted to a full board. Easy edits allow the marketer to add descriptions to the image for a better understanding of the image to be active participants.

When a particular pin is to be promoted, it is necessary to choose a particular board that would highlight the business value which would be useful to the viewers. This would compel them into making an immediate purchase to boost the business bottom line.

Promoting Pinterest contests and competitions on Facebook are very popular and effective ways to draw more traffic and followers to a business when these social media platforms are integrated. Viewers are happy to receive freebies or participate in such online events as part of their lifestyle entertainment.

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Are Pinterest and Instagram The Best New Sources Of Targeted Traffic? Yes

Modern technologies with new advanced features are bringing in a host of exciting apps and platforms to consumers and businesses. Besides social media networks, the latest sources of targeted traffic are expected to be Pinterest and Instagram. These new websites are excellent in generating massive traffic for any online business owner and marketer today on any business in any industry.

Before and Now Online Marketing

Online marketing used to be very simple with the traditional options, making way for the new wave of technologies in terms of search engine optimization and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But even these modern marketing solutions on the Internet are becoming pale compared to Pinterest and Instagram as the ‘new kids on the block’.

Internet marketing used to create a lot of hype with a Facebook fan page and organic traffic rolling in. Today, more sophisticated surfers demand more than an attractive page with sparkles and shine. Modern consumers today are more tech savvy with a lot of experience surfing for a myriad of information that can be easily found on the Internet. Many web surfers are plying the more popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to connect, communicate and search for information and contacts of various kinds.

It is not surprising to note the increasing number of social media sites on the Internet to cater to different kinds of web users who exhibit different interests. It is true that ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ where web users with similar interests tend to join the same social media networking sites on the web. New social media sites will continue to emerge to meet specific needs of certain web users, which are not addressed or satisfied with currently available social media sites; and with different interests evolving, the web would be saturated with new social media sites to accommodate the growing demand.

With the millions of web users today, there would always be a market for a new social media network sprouting on the Internet as none can satisfy all consumer demands and expectations. So, it is essential to identify a niche market to focus on by any new social media site to enjoy a steady stream of web traffic.

Emergence of Pinterest and Instagram

Although Facebook can still attract massive crowds every day, the new generation is checking out Instagram which is a new social media platform that was bought over by Facebook. Facebook was farsighted to note the potentials of Instagram to make a buy over; and this investment pays off handsomely as Instagram took flight with more web users and advanced developments.

Instagram sports a different format with a focus on pictures. Great pictures are an excellent attraction for more traffic and following. Many web users are interested in viewing great pictures on different topics or categories. This is how Instagram gains a huge following quickly when it first entered the cyberspace market. With a great picture, online business marketers can include an appropriate marketing message that compels web viewers to take a proactive action towards the web business. It could be a click on the picture that leads the web viewers to the web business’s official site to view the full range of business offerings such as products and services.

Slightly older web consumers would be more interested with Pinterest than Instagram as the latter’s crowd may be rather young. Pinterest is a unique social media site which forms an excellent platform for any online marketer who wants to rake in some lucrative income. Pinterest users or visitors are usually more affluent in life with more money to spend than the youth on Instagram. However, these users can smell a sales pitch quickly to frown on its less than desirable tactic. The best way to succeed in Pinterest is to understand the exact needs and demands of the targeted audience.

Pinterest offers an efficient platform where many types of pins can be viewed. Popular pins can be followed with a tracking of ‘Likes’ and shares. The right tools allow the web user to pin a personal picture on a popular post to enjoy some success off the popular pin.

Ways to Benefit From These Social Media Sites

The market has a plethora of options to understand and manipulate Pinterest and Instagram effectively for a successful online business venture. Internet marketers or business owners can consider the right training videos available on the Internet to learn more about these social media sites and their features that include account creation and traffic generation.

Online marketing with Pinterest and Instagram today differs from yesteryears with Facebook and Craigslist. It is imperative to hire experienced and reliable website designers or developers who understand the changing needs of modern consumers in order to generate a social media site with a niche market and definite profitability.

These social media sites are also specially designed to cater to help solve certain consumers’ problems and issues. There is also a need to develop such social sites that are entertaining to keep web visitors occupied and enticing for repeated visits.

In order to enjoy the success of Pinterest and Instagram, the online marketer or business owner must identify the preferred niche market before considering a workable plan of marketing action to draw in the desired web traffic consistently. There may be a myriad of social media site options in the market to divert the consumers’ attention, but the different offerings would attract the targeted consumers. The unique and useful offering can be sufficient enough to keep web viewers interested to be loyal followers.

A little creativity and effort goes a long way in establishing a successful online social media site that caters to a targeted audience on the Internet to generate a lucrative income for the Internet marketer or business owner.


Pinterest and Instagram were designed and implemented on the Internet to meet the needs of specific target audiences such as the more affluent web users and the younger generation respectively. Their income generation potential is huge with a large drawing of followers based on the proper manipulation of features in online marketing.

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Best Low Cost Marketing Strategies For Small Online Businesses.

Exchange Links

Make Money This, Make Money That, What’s The Best Marketing Tactic, That Costs Me Naught! Small business owners start small. No biggie there. Therefore, saving on their cost is one of the most important things an online business owner can do for their business. Otherwise if you are not working on a tight advertising budget, you could easily see all your savings thrown out the window very fast.

Best Low Cost Marketing Exchange Links Strategies For Small Online Businesses.Below are a few great cost efficient marketing strategies for small online businesses. Link exchanges to exchange links

One of the few remaining strategies that cost almost next to nothing for small online business owners is to exchange links to take advantage of link exchange services. Link exchange is a strategy commonly used by SEO experts to build their backlinks. However, if you are building your links exchanges with the right websites, you could be getting a lot of overflow traffic from the sites that you choose to exchange links with. The best way to get other people to exchange links with you is to ensure that your website has value and existing traffic.

This way, other websites will not hesitate to exchange links with yours because they are looking for more traffic as well. You can choose to exchange links directly with your competitors in the same niche (which is much harder to do) or you could exchange links with websites that are not in your same niche but have the traffic with the right demographics that you are seeking out for.

A better version of these link exchanges would be a banner exchange. A banner should get you a lot more traffic if your banner is a high click through rate designed.


Pinterest is now on the rise. People are flocking into Pinterest every day to look at interesting photos. Like the old saying go, when there’s people there’s traffic. So off you go to Pinterest and make use of the traffic there and post attractive and click inducing pictures and bring the traffic to your website. Make sure that you do not try to hard sell the traffic at first instead you should focus on getting them subscribed to your email list.

Only try to sell or promote to the traffic you get later on via your email newsletters. While you are at it, you should also try to use Pinterest to market yourself and brand yourself as the expert in your field. This way, by the time people arrive at your landing page, they will already have a certain level of trust in you which will make the conversions, be it a subscription or a purchase later… a much easier process.

Contests and giveaways.

You can easily go to high-traffic sites such as a forum and organize a content or giveaway event. People with the same interest in the forum will certainly be curious to what you have to offer. Make sure to provide a lot of value and give away only valuable gifts to help build the trust that you need. Again, your goal here is not to make a sale right off the bat. In fact, you are only trying to entice them to opt-in to your list and only after that will you try to slowly educate them on what you are selling and then actually try to sell it to them while offering them a special discounted price on the product that you are pushing.

You can try to organize these events on social sites as well. Everyone loves free stuff, especially when the stuff that you plan to give away is actually helpful. The psychology behind this strategy is to provide good value first so that people know that you are the real deal and that they can count on you to help them solve their problems.

Refer-a-Friend programs

Going viral or word of mouth advertising is like a dream come true for most marketers. Hence, refer a friend strategy was born to help induce the viral factor of a product and hopefully get more of your existing customers to help you spread the good words about your product via words of mouth. To improve the response and the use of your tell a friend program, you can offer s special discount to those who helped refer a friend to your business.

This strategy can be implemented in most online businesses even for a service provider. As a service provider you could offer a special ‘service’ or bonus for your customers if they help ‘tell a friend’ or two about your business. The best part of this strategy is that it is very easy to use and it is very easy for your customers to help you out as well when you use the ‘tell a friend’ script on your website.

Affiliate marketing

Setting up your own affiliate marketing program is essentially one of the best and cheap methods you can hope to implement on your website. An affiliate program could potentially skyrocket your business exponentially. This is because all you need is a super affiliate and your business will be booming in no time assuming that you can get a super affiliate to promote for you.

However, getting a super affiliate to promote to you at the early stage is probably asking for too much. For starters you should try to get your conversions high. Next, place your affiliate offer and market it on affiliate networks. Once you have a few affiliates promoting for you, you can then try to approach some super affiliates and try to get them to promote for you. When you have an army of affiliates who is willing to promote for you, then you can sit back and watch the snowball effect run rampant to bring you what is known as … success.

Best Low Cost Marketing Exchange Links Strategies For Small Online Businesses.

Best Low Cost Marketing Exchange Links Strategies For Small Online Businesses.

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How To Use Pinterest Marketing For A Small Business

It is amazing to note the increasing number of small and new businesses sprouting up in the marketplace as online businesses in various industries. This reveals the dynamic condition of the Internet with progressive technologies that provide great business opportunities to one and all. Today, it is possible for small businesses to compete effectively with the bigger and more established players in town.

The Internet proves to be a leveled playing ground for a small business venture to excel without bias if the right marketing tools and strategies have been deployed. This changes the pathetic state in which many small businesses were found in the past struggling to survive in the marketplace.

Emergence of Pinterest Marketing

Modern technologies are transforming the way consumers behave and prefer with the Internet offering a wide scope of choices. There is a growing “visual revolution” today among consumers who prefer visually based information through bite-sized information in the form of pictures, videos, photos and images.

Pinterest proves to be the next exciting social media platform that satisfies consumers’ searching of such visual demands online. This is an extremely dynamic marketing channel with the right understanding and application.

A small business could find their targeted leads and customers via Pinterest marketing to boost sales and market presence. The social media platform is highly instrumental in enhancing the brand to draw more web traffic to the business website. This is easily accomplished even for a small business venture if the right focus is applied diligently. It may seem to be a time-consuming marketing strategy, but with targeted niche markets, the outcome is very attractive.

Activating Pinterest Marketing

The benefits of Pinterest marketing are plentiful and quickly achievable to encourage small business owners and marketers to engage it rigorously. The process requires a quick setting up of a Pinterest account with appealing images or photos on the online pin boards for a public display. This serves to attract the right crowd to the business shores to allow the marketer an opportunity in wooing the web visitors as potential business leads for business growth.

The online pin boards showcase the business products and services or brand in their best display just like what an online catalogue would do. These images or photos could include catchy and interesting pin board titles that would attract the preferred customers who are searching for such information or products.

Marketers deploying Pinterest must also create an informative and appealing personal profile with irresistible benefits that targeted consumers would not bypass. This would serve as the bait for customers to engage with the marketers instead of the marketers chasing after every Tom, Dick and Harry consumer as potential business lead.

The social media platform profile could be enhanced with an alluring photo or professional business logo that would captivate the web visitor. An attached link to the business website would encourage the web visitor to click and be directed to more goodies offered by the business.

There could be exciting features which marketers could incorporate in Pinterest using ‘behind the scenes’ videos where Pinterest boards could collate relevant details to showcase to targeted audiences who are like-minded about the business brand and offerings.

Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is very different from other social media platforms that frown on self promotions as it is extremely business-friendly in its design and structure. Small businesses could pin their personal offerings or general industry contents which are relevant and useful to their targeted consumers.

All types of pins are permitted on Pinterest without violating standard permissible etiquettes and ethics. Hence, popular pin categories on Pinterest include foods, decors and designs, arts and crafts, fashion, photography, jewelry, weddings and holiday spots. Aggressive small business owners and marketers could exercise their creativity on Pinterest to identify the best of Pinterest users as potential leads to fuel their business quickly. This proves to be extremely effective in cost savings and list building.

It is possible for certain popular categories on Pinterest to generate high traffic volumes to such an extent that a pin could go viral. This is not surprising with the huge volume of Pinterest users today for even a small business to tap on. Re-pinned photos and images are a strong reflection of the business’s creativity and dynamism in the market, which would augur well with top search engines to accord a high page ranking.

Another benefit of indulging into Pinterest marketing is that many Pinterest users are potential business buyers or customers whom business marketers are seeking. Pinterest is not just another social media site for online social visibility alone but offers the right platform for business owners and marketers to indulge in business promotions. Hence, a high conversion rate is achieved, which is pleasing to businesses.

Market Trends with Pinterest Marketing

Customers today prefer to search the Internet for relevant information and goods or services to meet their immediate needs conveniently at one avenue instead of seeking several channels for the best buy. High street retailers are struggling to meet the changing demands and buying patterns of modern consumers today with a slow adjustment to rapid technology changes.

Pinterest comes in as a dynamic business platform offering a smooth social media vehicle in identifying potential business leads immediately through visual sales using pictures, photos and videos which are more effective and impressive on potential customers. A fast and immediate purchase decision could be instigated with a Pinterest marketing approach where the visual could be very appealing with a compelling urgency to grab the product before it is taken.

The right choice of visual and text to describe the offer is crucial in instigating consumers to an immediate purchase that benefits the marketer or business owner. A ‘time limited offer’ or ‘limited stock’ works well to put targeted consumers on their edge to make a compelling buy immediately. This creates a demand for the products or services with consumers rushing to the business rather than the other way round. Small businesses can also benefit from Pinterest marketing to create the right buzz and hype.