How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business?

No matter what the reasons may be… there are times when a free website can be useful. Sure some of you would argue that a free website that isn’t hosted by you has a lot of disadvantages, but… there are many advantages as well. One of the advantages would be that the site itself is free (this advantage alone is enough for many to use a free website). Another good advantage is that such free website requires less effort to make and is often quite easy to work with especially for anyone who is not literate with website designs.

How to get a free website for your starting business?If you have an offline business, then you would find that a free website is can be very useful if you wish to gather more leads using the internet. By doing this you can even save a lot of money from paying those offline consultants to set up your company’s website. Sure it might not be as fancy as those that you can get if you paid your money for, but it should be sufficient to leave your phone contact and other contact information for people to reach you.

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, and you would like to try out writing a review for an affiliate product and put an affiliate link into the review to earn some easy cash, a free website would be great. This can greatly reduce your cost, and thus your earning will be used to cover any website or hosting cost.

Here are some ways for you to setup your site online for free.

Facebook fan page

Perhaps one of the must have free site is a Facebook fan page or a Facebook group. The beauty of this is that you can get viral traffic out of Facebook, and if you do it right you can even build a great relationship and interaction between you and your fans.
To setup a fan page is quite easy. All you have to do is go to Facebook’s fan page setup page (Google for this if you do not know where to find this) and then follow the simple steps. Once you have this done, you will have to key in all the information which you want to share on the page.

The next thing you need to do is to post on this page regularly and invite some of your friends to become a fan. A great way to jump-start your fan page’s fan is to place an ad for it on Facebook’s ad. This will guarantee you a quick increase in your initial number of fans.

There are some traffic exchange sites out there that helps you increase the amount of fans, but it is not recommended because the traffic you get will be very un-targeted unless you are promoting for a big niche such as make money or lose weight where most people has some sort of interest for.

When you have the fan page, you will need to put in effort every day to post at least once a day and encourage interactions between the fans. Interactions in this sense are all about sharing, commenting and also liking your post. Remember to succeed in this you need to do this consistently, and you will see your fan page grow. And if your fan page’s name is good it might even go viral and get a lot of fans in a short amount of time.

If you wish to start a simple blog as your free website, then they’re no other better options than It is very simple to use, and it is very user friendly. You do not need to know much about HTML coding or anything of that technical sort. If you know how to use Facebook, then you are pretty much good to go the best part is that using to blog is free.

Of course, a great way to use this blog is to set up a review blog where you blog about affiliate products which you have used personally. It is a great way to earn some money and the traffic is usually gotten from search engine traffic. Hence SEO should be considered in your traffic strategy. You can choose to create multiple blogs that are related to each other and back link to each other. Make sure you do not over do this or the effect will surely backfire.

Another great place to start a webpage of your own is to use a Squidoo lens. Much like you can setup a webpage and talk about anything you want, but it is more like an article type of site than a blog. Use this if you are interested in using a simple one-page website.

Of course, you can create multiple lenses. People use Squidoo lens to take about their interest or passion or just about anything. Again, you can use it to review a product that you have used and sell it as an affiliate. Or you can talk about your business, product and services. The natural traffic there is great but much like you will need to depend on some SEO and back linking to get even more traffic to your Squidoo lens.

The best way to use Squidoo to promote a product is to create 1 lens for 1 product or services. If you have more than one product you can always create multiple lenses and then post it up on Squidoo. It’s free to use, and you can edit the page anytime you want. There have been instances where people make a living using just Squidoo pages, SEO backlinking and affiliate products. Imagine making money online with NO cost.

One thing is for sure, while it is said that you are required to have a website of your own to make money online but know this, for starters you don’t really need one. When you are just starting out and learning, these free sites and teach you tons, save you tons, and earn you tons as well. It is when you are trying to grow your business, create a brand name when you need to have a website of your own.

How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business

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Exploring SEO LSI Panda And Penguin.

Exploring SEO Post Panda And Penguin (LSI) Latent Semantic Indexing

Panda? Penguin? Animals? No… Google Panda and Penguin are the names given to address two of Google’s recent and brutal update that wiped out a lot of high ranking sites in matter of just hours. Google’s goal has always been to provide the best search results. However, the benefit of getting to the first page of Google is too beneficial to marketer which is why foul play is always at play by those who are greedy and foolish.
In order to meet their goals, Google have no choice but to be very strict with their algorithm in order to be rid of low quality sites that may harm Google’s reputation. How much does Google care for your business? You are the judge, but one thing they do care for is their OWN business.

Exploring SEO Post Panda And Penguin (LSI) Latent Semantic IndexingHence when you are planning to bring your site into Google’s playground, you need to play by their rules. The good news is, SEO is far from dead and here are some pointers for you if you wish to rank high in the search engines.

Keyword Density.

In the past, people are taught to include more keywords into your contents to help Google to recognize your site and think that your site is relevant. Now, Google has pretty much changed. You need to be very careful when including your keywords, and you have to actually make it look naturally not just for the search engines but for your website viewers as well.

If you think about it, Google’s ultimate goal is to please your visitors and if your site does not make any sense, then it actually makes sense for Google to penalize you heavily. Always be very careful not to overstuff your keywords and use synonyms to help Google identify your main keyword effectively.

Use LSI ? latent semantic indexing.

Your keyword obviously is something you want to rank for. However, you are not allowed to over populate your contents with the same keywords by too much or Google will regard your page or keyword as spam. One way to bypass this is to use latent semantic indexing to help it look more natural. latent semantic indexing is simply a term of words that is closely related to your main keyword which you would like to rank for.

For example ? Losing weight.

The LSI terms latent semantic indexing you can use for this are (not limited to)
How to lose weight
Weight losing made easy
Diet plan to lose weight fast
Quick weight lose diet
Lose pounds fast
Become thinner

As you can see all these LSI terms latent semantic indexing are related to your main keyword, and if you include them into your contents your content will be highly relevant to your main search term, and it will help Google rank you higher due to its relevancy.
Variety of links.

Gone were the days where you could spam for backlinks and hope that the more links you have the higher you will go in the search engine rankings.

This thing is, Google is smart and they have caught up to the tactics that dirty SEO practitioners widely use to cheat their way up the search engine rankings. Hence, it is advisable today that if you are going to send backlinks to your site, you must be sure that the links look natural to big G.

Mix your links that comes from top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .country type domains. Be sure to have more .com domains linking to you than .info domains because it will look weird to the search engines. The reason is everyone knows that there are less .info domains than there are .com domains.

Link to every page by tier.

When you are doing your backlinking work, it is very important not to put your backlinks into just your primary page or main page. Make sure you link to every page of your website and make sure that your home page has more links than that of your less popular pages.

Again this should be done so that Google will not suspect foul play and think that you backlinks are unnatural.

Here’s another examples:
Main page (tier 1) ? Most backlinks
Popular pages (tier 2) ? Less backlinks than Tier 1
Less popular pages. (tier 3) ? least backlinks of them all.

Different types of links.

One of the common SEO mistake when it comes to backlinking is to just pull in 1 or two kinds of backlinks. For example, you begin backlinking using blog comments. Since you know how to do this already you keep doing this for all your backlinks. However Google will view this as unnatural and they will penalize your site rankings.

Here’s a variety of links you can build so that you can mix it up in your link building campaign.

Social links
Wiki Links
EDU links
Blog commenting
Web 2.0 links
Link bait links
High Page Rank Links.

Last but not least, you will always want to ask yourself these questions when you are performing SEO work. Is the website that you are optimizing visitor friendly and if your SEO will look natural in the eyes of Google? Make sure the answer is yes and be sure to never rush things when it comes to site rankings.

Exploring SEO Post Panda And Penguin (LSI) Latent Semantic Indexing

Exploring SEO Post Panda And Penguin (LSI) Latent Semantic Indexing

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The Truth about Online Passive Income.

The Power of Affiliate MarketingWhen it comes to internet marketing you have quite a lot of options or route you can take; there is search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google Adwords, along a few others. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the books to help boost sales or bring more leads for your business. It can be as effective as Google Adwords if done properly and it can really generate a lot of traffic for your website which would be relevant too.

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, what is it? Mlm, Passive Income, Selling Insurance Policies, Ways Earn Passive, Great Way Earn, Income Online, Income Stream

Passive income is indeed a wonderful thing. In fact many people are glad that they understand what it is and strive to pursue as much of these passive income as possible. The main reason is that Passive income can get you close to the freedom that everyone wants. So what exactly is a passive income? In short passive income is the kind of income that pays you over and over again just for working one time or for less work. A good example of this kind of income is selling insurance policies. When you sell an insurance policy, it will continue to pay you over and over again as long as the buyer continues to pay for their insurance premium on time.

Another good example of a passive income is what we see in some of those MLM plans where you will get enough down lines in under them and get paid automatically for a long time. While selling insurance and working your MLM business is a very good passive income source, we need to understand that it isn’t meant for everyone especially when it comes to selling in real life. This is why many people have taken to the internet in search for passive income online.

So the question is… are there any passive income to be found online? The quick and precise answer would be yes. There are many ways to earn passive income online and the good thing is this… you’ll never have to cold call anyone, you’ll never have to go face to face selling to anyone. It’s amazing and frankly is sounds too good to be true. This is why some MLM companies actually move their marketing business from offline to online. That’s right, there are MLM companies in the online world and you can actually join them for a good passive income. However, one will have to be careful and do their research before joining an online MLM program online. There are many scams online and there are of course legit offers online as well. Perhaps one of the weaknesses for online MLM is that the training provided isn’t as good as some of those offline MLM companies.

However there are many other ways to earn a passive income online besides MLM products. The best thing about Passive income is definitely in the freedom that comes together with success. Making money with a day job will never give you the freedom that you want. You are stuck in a 9-5 working hour until you retire. With enough passive income, you could retire early or go on a vacation anytime you want and you will still earn money every day from your passive income efforts.

Take some of those Clickbank merchants for example. When those merchants have a strong army of affiliates that sell for them, they are practically financially free. They won’t even have to work for more traffic; instead their affiliates will continue to make money for them while they do nothing or go on a long vacation. That is freedom with money we are talking about and that’s the true power of a system that can generate money for you endlessly without you having to lift a finger.

Make more money with passive income.

Another argument that people would talk about when it comes to passive income is that if you are stacking up your passive income sources, you will make more money that any career climber can ever hope for and you will earn more money than some business entrepreneurs. Why is this? Let me explain. You will make more money from these two kinds of people because… for example, with one passive income stream you are making $2k a month, but with the extra time that you get (because of passive income does not take too much of your time when it is up and running by itself) you will be able to go out and set up even more passive income streams.

Imagine stacking 5 or 10 of different passive income streams… your cash and income will just grow exponentially while day job chasers will be limited to their rank and promotions while most business owners will hit a limit eventually unless they learn to expand their business, free their own time and outsource their work.

How else can you earn a passive income online?

Well so far we know that there’s MLM online and you can create a hit product and get an army of affiliate to promote your products. Another great way to earn a good passive income is to actually promote affiliate products that pay a recurring commission. For example, if you are promoting for autoresponder software, with every referral you will get paid every single month until they cancels. This means you work to get one autoresponder buyer and you get paid for a very long time. It is pretty much like selling insurance policies in this case where each policy that you sell will get you money every month.

Yet another great way to earn a passive income would be to create softwares that everyone will want to use but charge them an affordable monthly fee. However, you need to make sure that your software is unique and not easily duplicable so that people will not steal your idea and sell it for a one-time fee instead. If you are able to create such software, all you need to do next is to focus on building your members and you will be financially free in no time.

Of course, all of these sound really easy on paper, but in actual fact, it does take a lot of work and effort for it to become a reality. Hence make sure that you set your goals and plans right and work todays your financial freedom. Always stay focused and make sure to ignore all distractions… why would you want to get distracted from a path of passive income where freedom awaits right?

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List Building Tips

rapid retail profits affiliate marketingList building, list building and more list building! Everywhere you go and available at every corner on the internet, you will hear people absolutely raving about list building. It’s not like anything else that you’ve ever seen before. And the best part, the effectiveness of list building is showing no sign of slowing down at all. The best thing you could have ever done to help you with your business online would be listing building and that would be already a huge understatement.

Why is that you asked? Well investing your time, effort and money into list building will pay you back in ten folds in the long term. The bigger your list, the more traffic you will have. It’s like having an entire army of buyers that listens to very command that you will give out. Imagine earning thousands of dollars every time you send out an email. How cool is that? Unlike some marketers who reply on traffic coming in from Google or the other search engines, your list traffic will not die on you. What we are saying is that some traffic sources such as Google is out of your control. If these traffic sources decide to ban your account for no reason, you are pretty much doomed.

However, with a list of your own, you pretty much own your own traffic source. So it’s is pretty much a very secure way of making a living online. The hard part is how you can build this list that you need and how fast can you grow it into a sizable list that has the firepower to bring in enough money for you to live a comfortable life. If you have ever wondered how and where you could get the traffic to build your list fast then you will be delighted to see all the ideas that we are sharing here on this article today.

Paid Traffic Source.

One of the best places to start getting traffic to your landing page for the purpose of list building would essentially be the paid traffic source. Why is this so? The reason here is simple. Speed. One of the best advantages of getting paid traffic is the speed that you will acquire the traffic that you ordered. Unlike some of the free traffic sources out there which demands a lot of patience and hard work, with a paid traffic source, all you need to get the traffic you need is to pay and the traffic will start channeling into your landing page in less than 24 hours. Free traffic may take up to months before you see the first sign of traffic depending on where you acquire your traffic.

Banner Advertising

One of the king of paid advertising still survives even today. It is known as banner advertising. It is the source of income for many successful blogs. And rightfully so too because banner advertising can still be quite effective as well as impressive if it is done right which is contrary to popular believes that banner advertising does not work anymore. Sure banner advertisers will have to deal with banner blindness, but such a small problem can be quickly remedied with a change to the banner. Often, banner advertisers with a winning banner will do little tweaks to the banner such as changing the color of the border or changing the picture of the female model within the banner to maintain the banner’s effectiveness.

One of the main reasons to why banner advertising still works is because you can target your users effectively by using sites like Quantcast. With proper demographics you can essentially reach your target audience effectively. With proper demographic targeting you would be able to effectively find your target market, market to them and then move on to another site to get even more traffic out of it. The best part of it all is that with banner advertising, a lot of these banners are paid by impression. What this means is that if you have a very effective and click inducing banner, you actually pay a lot less than platforms that charges you for every click that you get.

Ezine Solo Ads.

Another of the traditional ways to advertise your online business and build your list is to get traffic from Ezine Solo Ads. Again with this kind of traffic you are able to target your solo ads with great effectiveness. The main thing that you need to understand before getting into a purchase on a solo ad is that you need to know the amount of reach you are going to get with an Ezine. You need to communicate with the owner of the Ezine to find out who are the people that opt-ins to their Ezine and what Ezine are they accustomed to getting.

Which proper information, you should be able to craft a campaign that is suitable and then use it to cleverly market to them with great effectiveness. The better you get at finding a suitable Ezine that has your target market, the better you will do with your Solo Ads. Another great factor that will determine your success with the solo ad is your landing page and of course we must not forget the fact that your email swipe that you will be using will directly contribute to the amount of traffic that you get. As the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect’ so be sure to try your best to learn and not be afraid to learn from your mistakes and grow from it along the way.


Finally, we arrive to a prime of the paid traffic source. Nothing beats a strong PPC campaign. Not only are you able to effectively choose your target market, you can even track and tweak your campaign and optimize your campaign so that you won’t have to pay much for the traffic and yet acquire the most desirable results for your business. There is without a doubt the reason why PPC is the king when it comes to paid traffic is because of the conversions that you will get from PPC traffic. Mind you, not only does a PPC traffic converts into becoming your list, more importantly you can get PPC traffic to convert into cash as well as long as you know what you are doing.

Therefore if you are into paid traffic, think no further and test it out today as you might see a success if you have a great converting offer that everyone is looking for.

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