Avoid These 3 SEO Tactics That Wastes Your Time.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting free traffic online is one of the most in demand knowledge on the internet today. Generating traffic in itself be it paid or free is always a hard work and this is especially so for those who prefers getting traffic for free. Now the best kind of free traffic online these days seems to be coming from the search engines and thus people use smart search engine optimization strategies in hopes to get their website to rank high on the search engines to enjoy constant free and targeted traffic that can potentially make SEO (search engine optimization) users a lot of money. [Read more…]

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Vital parts of SEO are the on page factors.

SEO Gets Great Search Engine Results

Many marketers get so caught up in the stampede for traffic that they spend all their time building links.  They forget that one of the most vital parts of SEO search engine results are the on page factors. These are not complex for you to do and are something that should be fundamental when you create a new site. WordPress is an ideal platform as it typically lends itself well to search engine optimization.

The first step is for you to ensure you have set your search engine results title tag correctly. This needs to be 64 characters in length. Any longer and it will be cut off and this will look very odd in the search engine results.

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Video Marketing How Easy

Your Video Marketing Tips

Why should you do video marketing?
1. It works promoting your video.
2. Search engines love videos. Now it gets the most viewing timeand many of us feel similar to being face to face with someone when we see and hear them in a videoand when we favor a particular medium so do the search engines because when we get the results that we want we will keep using that search engine and they will make more money.

3. When someone watches a your video, their mind processes it very similar as seeing you in person and it make them feel very similar as though they had a conversation with you and increase their feelings of trust.

4. It is an effective way to get your key words and links put all over the web in places that search engines promote.

What can you market with videos? Anything! Your website, your blog, every article on your blog. Put your original or best version of every one of your articles on your blog, and everything on the web. Your blog is one thing you control. You can change it as often as you need so it will always fit what you’re doing.

As you start doing it you will find that it is simple to do. You only need your video to be about one to two minutes long. People have short attention spans and no one wants to wait too long for it to load. Say who you are to make your viewer feel like it is more personal, give them your city and your solution the their problem or need, the product or whatever you are marketing needs to solve a problem. People have problems, give them your solution.

You can also make videos giving advice about your topic That would interest your audience. These are more interesting to most people and can be from 2 to 4 minutes in length.

Thirdly and best of all are with short interviews with leaders in the field of what you’re marketing. These are much easier than most people think. Go have some fun at your businesses events that the leaders are at and ask them if they would do a video with you to post to help you sales even more of there great stuff. Often they profit from what you sell and they are very willing to spend a little time helping you out. And if you’re not sure what to do just ask them. Most often they have made many more of these marking videos than you have and will do most of the work for you. Never be afraid to ask for advice.

Editing your marketing video;

Microsoft Window comes with a great video editor. It has the entire tool you will need to edit you video. Even when posting videos you will fill in your key words, discretion, and URL same as you do when you submit an article. You should also put a web address right on the bottom of your video. This increases familiarity with your web address as well as the viewer may not know where to find the URL and this way they do not have to find it.

For loading purposes, keep the video at 3.9 mega bits per second. If you feel you must, you can go up to 7 mega bytes per second. You should keep the video file less than 80 mega bits. The smaller the video, the better.


You need to distribute your video to as many “YouTube” type of websites as you can. Make sure they allow advertisement videos.

Quick 20 minute Interview with Shannon Lueck “shannonlueck.com” who earns a full time Income creating simple video review sites. The information she gives is really superb and shows that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a full time income.

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Short vs. Long Term Internet Marketing Plans

Marketing Strategies + Marketing Plans

As much expert Internet marketer or Gurus will put it, Internet marketing is a real business. And you are a real business person. As the ‘Leader’ or CEO of your business, it is always within your responsibility to plan ahead and think of strategies to constantly improve your business. It is only when your business is well organized will you and your workers (if you have any) be able to work at the optimum efficiency.

When it’s all new and shiny that’s when people are the most curious. Google+ is that shiny new toy that is creating a buzzWhen it comes to running a business, besides being careful with your budget and getting things done, it is essential for you to draw a guideline and plan each step of your business strategy. There is of course the traditional short term and long term strategy in internet marketing. Let us unveil some of the thing that most business owners should now about these short and long term strategies in the context on internet marketing.

What’s the difference between a short term and long term marketing strategies of an online business? The first obvious difference between a short term marketing strategy and a long term strategy is that short term marketing strategy usually focuses on making some money right now. For example, in you are selling an e-course online, the short term marketing would be to send traffic to your sales page and make sales at the very instant.

For long term marketing, businesses should be thinking of long term and how to earn more money in the future even if you are not necessarily making money right now or even if you are actually losing money up front. With that said, let us take a more detailed look at the short term marketing strategies available to internet marketers
Short Term Marketing Strategies

Typical short term marketing strategies would be PPC (direct linking) and Forum Postings (direct linking).

PPC (direct linking)

As PPC (Pay Per Click) is a very fast and easy way to get the traffic that you are looking for, marketers who are just starting out would normally place bids on keywords to get traffic and direct them to affiliate offers or their own product to make sales. This is a good strategy for newbie marketers who are just starting out and do not have a huge budget or capital to instill long term marketing strategies. Nevertheless, when done right this short term strategy that help you get quick traffic and sales could easily place you in a position where you will have the capital required to employ long term marketing strategies.

Forum Posting (direct linking)

Another quick way to get traffic (not in large volume but moderately and usually the traffic volume usually depends on the size of the forum and how interesting your forum posts are) is to use forum postings.

The advantage of this traffic strategy is that it is a free traffic strategy. It will take time and effort to make this traffic strategy work but once you get the ball rolling, your sales will take off by it. The good thing about this strategy is that in many ways, you are setting yourself up to building brand awareness on the forum which is a long term strategy
Long Term Strategies

Some of the most common long term strategies that successful marketers employ and swear by are Blogging and Article Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and List Building.

Blogs And Articles

Having your own network of content that points back to you is certainly a great way to brand yourself. Building a brand awareness around your business is a great long term business strategy because you can show your target market who you are, and help them to trust you most. The more they put their trust on you, the easier it would be to sell to them over and over again

Blogging not only serves as the center of your network, but your constant articles and article distributions that you spread out on the internet will can be very effective in educating your reader of what you know and at the same time you put an impression on their mind that you are the one who can solve their problems and if they ever needed help with their problem, it would be worth the money to invest in your products.

Search Engine Optimizations

As SEO traffic strategies take a long time to succeed and required a lot of constant effort to rank up, this long term strategy can usually mean that you might have to lose some money on the up front first before you can enjoy the full benefits of the targeted and free traffic from your SEO efforts.

Traffic that comes from the search engines is usually much targeted and that is why PPC is so popular even if you have to pay for traffic. SEO however, gets you this same exact targeted traffic for free. And if you are able to rank at the top of the search engines results for a hot keyword, your traffic volume will explode, and you will see a lot of sales coming in with very little signs of stopping and if you got to the top of search engines the ‘legit’ way, you can be sure to be able to enjoy lots of constant target traffic to your site for free and stay there for a very long time.

List Building.

One of the best long term marketing strategy that you can use for your online business is without the doubt list building. When done right you can have your own ATM machine that churns out cash whenever you want. Not only will you be able to sell your product to your list over and over again, you can even promote affiliate products whenever you like. Using a list you can also build strong brand awareness and the list that you built is ultimately yours. You will not have to worry if you go out of business if Google Bans you or if any ‘accidents’ happen to your business if you own a huge and responsive list. This is indeed long term marketing at its best.

Short vs. Long Term Internet Marketing Plans

Marketing Strategies Short vs. Long Term Internet Marketing Plans

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Ways to make money online that you have never heard of.

Customer Service

Making money online does not have to be limited to selling information products. Sure it is the mainstream way of making money online, but the learning curve and the amount of customer service competition especially in hot niches are pretty cutthroat.

Besides that, selling customer service information product might not be for everyone. Therefore the below alternatives are ways to that you can use to make money online without ever having to sell an information product and still make a good living out of it.

Ways to make money online that you have never heard of.Designing and selling t-shirts.

Selling custom T-shirts is a big industry. In fact many people look to buy T-Shirts online more than those fancy dresses because of one reason and that is it is easier to buy a correct fitting T-shirt (plain, simple and loose fit) than one of those fancy Cinderella dresses. If you can try out those fancy dresses you are taking a risk in buying them. But T-Shirts are simple. All you need to do is put up the size such as small, medium, large or Extra-large and people will know which size to get.

The good thing about selling custom printed T-Shirts online is that you can reach a much wider audience online then you ever could sell T-Shirt offline. Hence, If you are into art and making designs consider using your talent in selling custom designed T-shirts and make a comfortable living online.

Financial Customer Service.

If you do not wish to design T-Shirt and sell them online then you could always consider being a financial consultant online especially if you are good with numbers. You can be a tax advisor or a personal accountant or anything to do with financial services. Of course you need to consider the fact that you indeed have the skillsets to help people out in these areas at first.

So what if you do not have any knowledge at all in these areas? One good way is to start a financial consultant company and hire people with the skills to help you get the jobs done. This way, all you need to do it to get the clients. You can get clients from freelance sites or you can approach website owners and offer to help them out with your services.

Copyright consultant

Next in line is to be a copyright consultant. What is a copyright consultant you asked? Well here’s the thing, in internet marketing, many times (more often than not) information products get shared online illegally, and it is very hard to stop this.

As a copyright consultant you find products that have been copied or shared online without permission, and you approach the owner of the product. Of course if you are smart, you would offer your service at a reasonable price so that it is easier for the product owners to justify the need to your service. Another reason to charge a reasonably lower price is because you can never really stop the sharing online 100% anyway. What you could do is search for the product and gets a list of links that are sharing it. You then try to take down the links by contacting the site that is sharing the links.

Most business owners will not have the time to do this themselves and that’s where you come in and help them out. You will be surprised at how much people out there are willing to pay you a fee to get rid of these links which is actually pretty easy to do. You can even strike a deal with the product owners for a higher fee or a recurring fee where you will constantly watch the internet for more of this illegal sharing going on, and that you will take them down as soon as you find them.

Customer service.

Being a customer service provider is very easy. All you have to do is approach a product owner and offer them your services. The best way to go about doing this is to provide free trials and do the best job you for them and then try to get them to buy your service.
This also means that you can work from home, earn a good income, and you can even provide customer service work for multiple business owners. As customer care is very important to most businesses, you will find the demand for this job at a very high level, and it is certainly easy to get things done especially when you have the help from support desk systems these days.

SEO reviewing

If you have knowledge on SEO works, then you can start a SEO reviewing company. All you have to go for your clients is that you will analyze their site and tell them what is wrong with it. Next you can even offer to monitor their site rankings and report to them at any slight changes.

The best part is you can even offer SEO services for extra cash after the review. SEO is a big industry, and the fact that many people are lacking SEO skills means that you can take advantage of this and make a handsome living out of this.


Online tutoring is a very high demanding work online. This is because many people look to learn something from the comfort of their home. It could be anything that ranges from school education to guitar playing or piano playing. You can even choose to tutor those who want to learn how to cook.

In many ways, this is a form of information product, but you are actually giving a one to one care and tutoring to your clients. It pays better, and you do not need to get a lot of students to get a sizable income.
Selling hand made goods.

If you are good with your hands or DIY work, you can consider making unique items and sell it online. Just recently I saw a Japanese site where the owner is making handmade metal ‘Rubber band’ guns. It is so impressive that I would love to buy one of them (but it is not allowed in my country). I checked how much the handmade Metal Rubber Band gun is selling and it was selling at 22,000 yen. That’s over $250 dollars folks! And boy was the demand high. There were so many people online that saw the work and wanted one.

It is rare, and the product is amazing and honestly speaking… I want one even though it is very expensive. This is why I always tell my students… If you’ve got skills you will never have to worry about money. Therefore it is always better to invest in knowledge and polish your skills than blindly trying what others are doing without any skills.

Customer Service

Ways to make money online that you have never heard of.

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