Low Cost Tactics To Promote Your Online Business

Promote Your Business

Low Cost Tactics To Promote Your Online BusinessFor any small online business owners, we are constantly troubled by the question how we can promote our businesses and get more exposure to our businesses without having to spend too much money and budget online? This is not an easy task for most because most of the time, to promote your website as well as promote your business for free would often mean that it takes time, and to speed things up one will usually have to spend money to get more traffic to a website fast.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to promote your website to promote your business online at a low cost. Some of them are paid methods while others are free. Mind you that the paid methods mentioned below will be at the lower cost as well. This is because we know that it is essential for small businesses to be wary of their budgets and spending. One of the keys to success for a small business is to keep the cost low while maximizing the returns. If the returns are low you could potentially be in the negative profit zone if you are not careful with your business budget. Here are some of the places that you can go to promote your business.


Facebook seems to be the center of attention these days. Most of the people online are on Facebook and they seem to be spending a lot of time every day hanging out and socializing in this virtual world. This huge amount of traffic and crowd on Facebook makes it a great place to spread the words about your online business. You will have to be extra careful here though because many other marketers have recognized this rise on Facebook and have tried to exploit Facebook for traffic. Because of this Facebook is now coming out with very strict rules to protect themselves and it’s users from spam and other unethical promotional methods.

The good news is, with these strict rules, you get less spam on the platform. What this means is that you will be able to promote your offers legally and still get the attention that you deserve on Facebook. There are two main ways to promote your product or offer on Facebook and it is the free method or the paid method. With the free method, you can build a fan page or a Facebook group to gather traffic. You will have to rely on viral traffic to increase your exposure to your website. With the paid method, you will utilize the Facebook Ads system where you pay for every click that or impression that you get.

If you know how to use the Facebook Ads properly, you can get the cheapest paid traffic in the industry. However, do your research first before plunging head first into this because if you do it wrong, it can cost you a lot of money advertising on Facebook ads.


LinkedIn is another great place for businesses to network and connect with other business owners or workers. This is because LinkedIn is one of the top networking websites for B2B (business to business) types of relationship. Hence, if you are selling a B2B product instead of a B2C (business to consumer) product, then LinkedIn will be one of the best places for you to meet business owners worldwide. All you need to do is create an account and set up your profile. The next thing you can do is keep adding new people to your list of friends like how you would do on Facebook or any other social media sites.

Tweet your way towards your fame. Start following and get followed by others today. As your following grows your traffic and exposure for your website will also grow. Twitter can be a very important tool to get your business name out there gets it recognized. With every tweet you will get a lot of viral traffic to your site and links. With every re-tweets that you get from your own tweets you will get even more traffic and the numbers will just grow exponentially. However it is not as easy as it sounds because there are a lot of work to be done.

As long as you are willing to go through the learning curve and start raking up the numbers of your twitter followers, slowly but surely you will move closer to your traffic goals. Promoting on twitter is very cheap and all it takes is your time and creativity to get people interested to read more about you. With Twitter, it is also possible for you to carefully target your traffic as well but you will need to understand the demographics of your target market and aim first before you shoot.


Using forums can also be a great source of traffic to your site. A good and popular forum should provide you with many ways to promote your business for a small fee. Hence, check out the forums within your niche and then try your best to get in contacts with your forum owners. Negotiate for a good price to advertise on their forums if they do not have a fixed price for advertisements.

Do a quick search online to see what forums are available within your niche. Try to focus on active forums and try to focus on the forums that are ranked high on the search engine. This way you can potentially get traffic coming from search engines as well. Of course you can try promoting your website for free in the forums as long as you follow their rules. You can use your signatures as a link back to your site and all you would be doing is helping people out on the forum. As your reputation grows, so will the traffic that clicks on your signature to go back to your website.

All in all, there are many ways to promote your business with a shoestring budget. This is because there are a lot of companies out there who realizes this demand and try their best to provide the means to help people just like you to promote on a low budget.

Promote Your Business

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Beware Branding That Makes People Hate You.

Branding Loyaltepays Publishing Marketing

Branding is one of the oldest forms of marketing known to mankind. With branding you can build trust and with trust your sales graph will soar. The problem with branding traditionally is that you need to put up your names and advertisement everyone people go to get a strong brand awareness and thus this makes it hard for small business to pursue the branding efforts in their business because of the sheer cost. The cost to brand a product is never cheap (Not Until You Landed On This Page lol) and so small business owners have turned their heads and attention towards branding via the online channels.

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Marketing On A Budget.

Marketing On A Budget Small Business

Most small business start small. And usually when your business is still in the start-up phase, your budget is limited. One of the most important things a small business owner needs to worry about is the operating cost of the business and therefore as a business owner you need to plan ahead and set yourself a reasonable budget. Without proper planning one would definitely be having trouble with all the spending and things could go out of hands and before you know it, your initial capital or budget will be all gone.

Marketing On A Budget Small BusinessBe careful not to go over budget

One of the rules for small business owners with a small budget is to be as clear as possible what the consequences of going over that budget that you have set. Besides that, one should be very wary of what he is spending the small business budget on. Be very careful not to spend too much on anything that has no guarantee of return. Learning this the hard way can be very painful as we are talking about a lot of cash. One good example of over spending on the wrong area is to create a Facebook fan page and spending thousands of dollars on the Facebook Ads just to find out that there is no good way to monetize these fans.

Another example would be to spend a lot of money on a CPA campaign that is too old to work anymore but has a very good historical statistic to back it up. If a CPA offer has gone stale and saturated, conversions will definitely suffer and it will be hard to profit from such a campaign even when you are seeing huge EPCs numbers on the statistic boards.

Know your small business market.

Knowing your market is the first thing you need to be doing if you want to be saving on your cost and marketing within your budget. If you can drill it down to the demographics and the exact type of people that you want to target, you will be able to locate these people at the right place and time and try to monetize them without having to waste money on people who are not targeted at all.

There is absolutely no need for you to hire a marketing company to do a thorough research for you on your target market. You can easily find out your target market by looking into your existing customers or think logically who will most likely to buy your product. When you know who they are you need to confirm this by browsing into forums and the Internet and seek out where these people are lurking about. You can ask questions and see the response of the market regarding your niche, and you can even try to communicate with them to find out what they are really seeking for.

When you know exactly what they want, you’ll be able to naturally give them what they want and that’s when a sale could likely happen. Find out what are their troubles and see if your product has what it takes to help them solve it or not.

Plan ahead.

The best thing as you can do for your business is to plan ahead. This way… things get done in an organized manner and that you will know exactly how to respond to the situation that you will be facing ahead of you. Plan on your traffic strategies and make other plans in case your initial plan is not working very well. Find out what others are doing and adjust your plans accordingly.

Always include budget setting in your planning phase. This is to ensure that you are clear where and when you want to be spending money and how much can you afford to lose in order to gain. When you are just starting out, you should never try to lose money first and hope to earn money back on the back end. This is because you cannot guarantee the return. What you can do is to spend some money (without losing too much) and try to earn back your investment as soon as you can.

Only when you are sure that your funnels are working on the specific traffic source should you be making new plans on how you would spend to make more money based on your initial test.


Branding for small business may seem like useless task to some, but the best businesses out there brands themselves for a reason. Even for small business with a tight budget, branding awareness is totally achievable with very little cost especially if you place your efforts into churning out good contents and social networking.

Use a mascot or a good memorable logo (you can choose to use your own picture) to help the brand awareness going. Use videos, and audio instead of only text contents to show people that you are very established and this will help you get a lot more trust towards you and your brand. When people perceive you as the expert that’s when you will see people putting their money and trust in you in hope for a solution to their problems.

Cheap Traffic Strategies.

There are a lot of cheap traffic strategies out there which a small-business owner with a tight budget can go for. One of them is of course as mentioned above before is utilizing social networks to get your traffic. Another great source of traffic is to use Article Marketing to spread the words about your business out into the internet world far and wide across the globe.
Viral video strategies are great as well as long as you have an interesting content that will appeal to the masses. Lastly, look into search engine optimization strategies because it will surely provide you with a lot of targeted traffic for free if you are able to rank high. In fact, it remains until even today that people believe the best converting traffic will come from search engines and one of the ways to get search engine traffic is to use SEO and rank your sites high for the correct search terms.

Marketing On A Budget Small Business

Marketing On A Small Business Budget

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