?How to Use Video to Create an Awesome Social Media Presence

In this day and age, nothing can better boost your social media presence than videos. The world of online marketing has moved far beyond only text and is now greatly influenced by images and videos as well. It is predicted that the upcoming year will be all about marketing videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

Since this is a powerful social media marketing tool that must be involved in your strategy, let’s learn how you can use videos to grow and nurture your social media presence.

1. Create engaging videos: The type of content you decide to produce will determine the kind of audience you attract. Of course, your content will revolve around the business you dealing, but it’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s fun and engaging. Humor never goes out of style and the audience will love you for infusing laughs and gags in your storytelling method.

2. Utilize social media channels: You’d be losing out on a lot of audience reach by just letting your video stay on YouTube. Why not link your videos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google plus as well, Making use of social media platforms will not only give you a greater reach but also make customer engagement a lot easier.

3. Study the statistics: To get to the bare knuckles of customer engagement, counting the views on your video is not enough. You need to track data real-time to find out your video is popular among which age groups, which countries, and why do people like it. Once you’ve got a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t, planning for future video marketing strategies should be a lot easier.

4. Brand your YouTube channel: Creating a channel of YouTube is easy, but not so much when it comes to branding. This process requires consistent effort that goes beyond is regularly uploading videos. Start with a channel having a catchy name and then hire a person who can work on the branding for you. Seriously, don’t try to tackle graphics, music, and promotional methods all by yourself.

5. Reach out to friends: Who better to give your videos the initial push than friends and family, If you’re starting a video marketing campaign, be sure to involve as many friends as you’ve got and ask them to share your videos on social media networks as well as their friends. The more word that spreads around, the better are your chances to get noticed through videos.

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5 Social Media Strategies that Really Work

Advancement in technology has made social media a key marketing platform especially among the youth. This has also been enhanced by affordable digital gadgets like smart phones and tablets through which social media marketing thrives. One of the mostly used methods is video marketing which has dominated the airwaves as it is mainly used on TVs and on the internet. To achieve your video marketing goals for your business, there are 5 social media strategies that will catapult your business to the next level.

1. Be real

In order to make it in social media marketing, you have to be as real as possible. People like real to real interactions because they feel credible. Although you are working behind a gadget, do not assume that people looking for information on social media will appreciate robotic information that does not necessarily address their needs.

2. Evaluate social media platforms

Social media platforms are all different in nature and so are businesses and their target audience. Before setting up any social media platform for your business, first of all find out which media outfit will perfectly suit your business. You should also consider the type of clients or customers that are targeted by your products or services.

3. Assess your competition

Understanding how your competitors are doing in the market will give you a better chance in creating a successful social media campaign for your business. From your competition you will learn which approaches are thriving in the market and improve on the areas that have been ignored.

4. Create a budget

Any form of advertisement needs money for it to succeed and bear fruits. Video marketing and social media marketing for that matter is no different. Setting aside a budget for advertisement will ensure that you put your very best on the social media platform that will be suitable for your business. Where experts are needed to set up your social sites, you will be in a position to hire them and pay for their dexterous services.

5. Pay attention to your clients

Interact with your social media clients or customers on a regular basis and track your presence in the platform. This will help you in identifying particular needs of your clients as well as improving on areas that they may point out to you as a business. By tracking your presence, you will be in a good position to know which direction your social media advertising should continue taking as well as make out areas that are not worth spending your money on.

Facebook Games: A Social Marketing Tool

If you are a regular visitor of Facebook and you just can’t stop from playing the so many different kinds of Facebook games, then why not make it a point that you earn some money while having the best of your time playing, Yes, there exists the possibility that you can earn additional income should you happen to be a Facebook gamer. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you are not merely playing Facebook games in the site but marketing whatever product or service you may have by networking while connected to the other players.

Connecting With Fellow Gamers

The main thing here is to use the Facebook game not solely for the purpose of having fun but more especially so for connecting with the other players in Facebook. Because by doing so, it would already mean that you are bent on building a network with your fellow Facebook game players, and of course, a perfect venue for promoting your business or products. And when you have already established a relationship with such colleagues in Facebook games, you are able to create a certain kind of trust and familiarity with them.

Never Hard Sell, Please

It would be wise to remember though that despite the familiarity and the affability you have started with them, to never make hard core selling as an option to promote your product or service. Most of the time, other business owners playing these social games have the intention to become acquainted with fellow gamers and therefore be able to market their products or services.

However, in the course of playing, they become too comfortable with their fellow gamers that sometimes, they become oblivious to the fact that maintaining a professional credibility is still valuable in making a deal. Never attempt to sell them your product or service just because your co-players have bought a fruit from your farm in Farmville!

Opportunity To Link Your Business

In fact, you will always find an opportunity to use any of the Facebook games to linking them with your business marketing. Do not just build personal associations through these Facebook games; make them deeper, up to that point of reaching a business affiliation with the gamers. That would mean a lot to your business.

Gaming Pushing Their Way To Social Networks

Truly, if you put business and Facebook games together, it will make perfect sense because more and more gaming companies are now gearing their strategies towards getting involved in these social networks. There are so many gaming accounts intended for social networks like Facebook because these business owners have already realized the value of this link between social networking and gaming.

Years from now, there will be clubs and associations put up to pool all these avid game players of Facebook or perhaps, gamers of any other social networks visible in the Internet. And when that happens, the more business owners and gamers will realize that there is something much more than just playing online with these social networks. In the same manner that the industry will anticipate and look forward to posting of accomplishments of top scorers; especially those playing Facebook games or other network site games online. And when these are posted to the social networks where you play, and of course, connect you with all the other players.

Gain SEO Rankings From Social Media Tips

Gain Seo Rankings

Gain SEO Rankings From Social Media TipsModern business owners and marketers today need to realize the great influence which social media has over their business position in the market. Their business website gain seo rankings rankings could improve via social media influence with the right tools and marketing strategies.

Great Tips to Gain SEO Rankings

The market also offers many excellent tips in securing high SEO rankings from popular search engines. Business owners and marketers need to consider implementing a few of these to improve their SEO rankings that would attract more traffic to their websites.

1. Display a pleasant profile picture

A friendly face is always heartwarming to invite complete strangers for an informal discussion or connection on the web. This could be the same on all other pages or online activities for an easy identification by interested parties. A pleasant photo encourages a better relation by potential business leads that may kick off as a fan or follower.

2. Right Website Address and Links

With the right website address and proper links, there is no worry about losing potential business leads or high Google rankings as the right leads would direct interested parties to the right websites.

3. Interesting Bio

The business owner or marketer should display their bio in an interesting manner with captivating information that would attract more potential leads. Web consumers are more easily drawn to the entrepreneur or marketer who has an interesting profile that might reflect their colorful life.

4. Interesting Posts

Another captivating component for high SEO rankings is interesting contents posted that captivate the audience especially targeted niche markets. The posts must be well written with value-added content that is fresh and insightful. Creative posts could entertain and draw readers closer to the author or marketer with an open attitude towards the brand.

5. Professional Posts

The grammar must be excellent with a professional layout that makes reading easy and simple to digest the contents. Such a format would encourage readers to enjoy the content with a stronger inclination to share with their circles of influence.

6. Active Social Media Profile

It is good to be proactive on various popular social media platforms that would encourage a wider spread of the entrepreneur’s profile, especially when good online contributions are regularly exercised at these channels. An active profile in social media networking platforms helps to boost SEO rankings.

Business entrepreneurs could join online forums on reputed social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They could follow others who are reputed market leaders in their industry or those who are identified as potential business leads to build their mailing list. They could create interesting groups or online contests for the millions of social media users to come on board while they are filtered as potential business leads.

7. Consider Affiliate Programs

Joining an affiliate program or two could boost SEO rankings on websites if the right effort is put in with good time management as the market offers lots of delightful proven tools for success. A successful affiliate program tends to draw in more traffic which leads to an alertness by search engines for higher rankings.

8. Best Keywords

Good keywords play an effective role in attracting the right crowd from social media platforms where targeted web consumers could relate to and their curiosity would be stirred to find out more. This is where long-tailed keywords or key phrases are becoming popular to target identified groups of business potentials.

9. Original Content

Original content is highly favored to secure high rankings as search engines are quick to identify duplicates. Well written keyword-rich content in a personal and creative style wins more traffic.

10. Identify Niche Markets

When the right groups of consumers are identified to boost a business, little effort is required to push the sales through as these targeted niches are already familiar with the brand and business offers. Marketing plans are a formality but not to be taken for granted as the competition is still intense in the market.

11. Variety in Content

Consumers have a natural tendency to slide away unless they are captivated by new and fresh contents. Hence, a variety in content is highly recommended to keep customers interested while attracting new additions. Up-to-date market research must be executed to identify the trending topics or issues which are hot among consumers for the right platter to be irresistible. Informative, surveys, competitions and video contents would be highly welcomed.

12. Established Site

Business entrepreneurs and website owners need to maintain their website well to be always visible on the web. This would include updating the format, contents and presentations that keep abreast with the times and seasons so that they would not be left behind with progressive technologies and market changes. Such maintenance or upgrades augur well as search engines also evolve their search algorithms over time with more advanced features that would be more stringent. The more established the site, the better the ranking would be.

13. Wide Channels of Submission

Aggressive business entrepreneurs and marketers need to submit their websites to more channels of distribution for a wider reach of targeted audiences as and when they gain seo rankings through greater market awareness. This would also prompt the search engines to accord higher rankings with the more vibrant levels of activities recorded by the brand and website in the market.

14. Niche Choices

There is always a market for any niche that is well thought out by aspiring business owners and marketers. Many of these niches are innovative and interesting with a wide choice of exciting programs that could lure many potential business customers. Aspiring gain seo rankings entrepreneurs should choose one that is close to their heart after studying market trends and consumer demand.

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Conclusion getting to gain seo rankings is a never-ending quest which besets business owners and website owners. However, persistency in dominating the SEO factor would pay off well for the brand and company in due time. This would lead to higher rankings for their sites as they continue to seek out and deploy new SEO ranking tips to boost their brand and market presence of themselves or company.

Gain Seo Rankings

Social Media Marketing – Keeping Your Customers Engaged And Informed

Social media sites have become some of the most-used sites on the internet. If you have a business, and you are trying to attract visitors, there is a good chance that social media sites rank higher than you do. Use the power of these sites for your marketing plans. Here are some smart ways to do that.

Interact with others as you do in real life. Remember, it is “social” media. Don’t just post one-sided status updates about you and your business. Read others’ posts. Ask questions. Have conversations. Your contacts and friends will be more likely to trust (and buy!) from someone who they interact with, instead of someone who posts impersonal snippets all the time.

When using social media marketing to improve your business, you want to create a synergy between all the social media sites that are out there. As you know, there are many sites and each one has its own characteristic or style. Use each style to your advantage and make your online presence known.

Once you decide that social media marketing is the thing for you, be sure to post things regularly. By having this consistency, you will have people come and visit you on a regular basis. They will know to expect a new topic from you, and they will know that it will fit their interest.

Try to make lists when you make posts on social media. These are usually a big hit among people who pass on information to others through social media. Lists also highlight your main points, and make it easier to reference and remember the information that you are presenting to the reader.

If you are using WordPress for your site, be sure to put a Retweet button that is at the top of your posts for your readers to use. This will make it easy for them to pass on your information to others. WordPress has plugins for this, so it will be simple for you to do with huge benefits in the long run.

When using social media marketing, you cannot limit yourself to one area of the internet. Since there are many different social media sites in existence, there are many opportunities to reach potential customers. Join every social media option available and take full use of the resources they offer to get the best results.

To successfully market your business on social media, opening a twitter account can help attract new customers. Word on twitter travels fast, and many successful businesses have used twitter to spread the word on discounts or special events occurring at their businesses. You can gain followers by doing this, and news about your business will also be spread by word of mouth.

When you use the tips in this article, you are catapulting your business out of the dark ages and into the technological age. By making these popular sites work for you. Your marketing can be much more effective. Keep learning about the ways that social media can help you, and watch your profits rise.