3 Tips to Better Banner Ads.

3 Tips to Better Banner Ads

Banner ads have been with the internet since the very beginning of internet monetization. Yes, it is as old as we remember it, and it is still one of the main ways to generate traffic online until today. If you’ve been troubled by the lack of traffic to your website, then you should definitely try out banner ads. They still work especially if you are doing it right.

Banner ads are mainly sold with the CPM price model. CPM stands for Cost per impression, which basically means you pay for every time the ad is served to a customer. At first glance, this sounds a little bit expensive, but in fact it isn’t. With the CPM model, each impression is at a very low cost. However, can get you a lot of impressions very fast especially if your ad is served on high traffic sites.

However, if you are adept with your ad design and get a high CTR rate for your ads, you can get an overall of a very low cost per click for your ad. Here are some tips to help you with your banner ad’s campaigns.

Always buy banner ads on high traffic sites.

Here’s the difference from a high traffic site and a low traffic site. The high traffic site probably is a site that is more liked by its visitors and has a lot of return visitors. This means the quality of the traffic there is higher and people who go to the higher traffic site has some sort of respect and trust level for that site contrary to the low traffic site. Hence on a high traffic site you are getting traffic that has a higher trust for you.

Furthermore, by putting your ad on a higher traffic site, you get a lot more exposure to your offer. And it will also save you a lot of time as well. Think about it this way if you put your banner on one high traffic site that gets you 1000 clicks a day, you will need to do the same thing to get the same amount of clicks for 100 times if you put it on a low traffic site that gets you only 10 clicks a day. It will save you a lot of time. Imagine how much less work there is if you are constantly monitoring and tracking the ads on only 1 site as opposed to ads that are displayed on multiple sites.

Of course, the ads on a high traffic site are usually more expensive but you should know that the time saved and the quality and quantity of the traffic that you will get is much more worth it in the long run. Just make sure your offer is a converting offer and you will profit from your campaigns every time.

Not the usual boring ad.

Banner ads

To succeed with banner ads is actually a work of art. Your banner needs to be able to attract the attention of the site visitors and then get them interested or curious with what you have to offer them. And last but not least your banner ad must have the power to get the visitors to click on your ad and ultimately leads to a sale. That is how a successful banner ad should be.

Thus this is again based on the age old AIDA formula that is used by copywriters when writing up on a sales material. AIDA Stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and you need to understand that a normal site visitor follow this pattern closely when exposed to your ad. Should they be stopped at any part of the AIDA process then you will lose a click. Hence you should always make sure that your ad is designed with the AIDA formula in mind.

One quick way to attract attention is to make sure your banner stands out from the website that you are going to place on. Remember there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ kind of banner creative. You need to split test your banners and you need to try both the ugly banners and the beautiful banners as well. In fact, it is said that many ugly banners like those normal blue text white background types out performs those banners that looks absolutely stunning.

Always test and always watch other banner ads and study them. If you see a banner ad that worked, then find out why and learn from it. Note that you will need to rotate your banners often because your visitors might suffer from banner blindness (a phenomenon and rotating or switching to a new ad can help improve the click through rate once again.
Understand who your target markets are and what are they attracted to will definitely help. For example, men are attracted by beautiful women and hence if you know the demographics of your target market, then you must absolutely take advantage of this and make sure that your ads are designed accordingly.

Place your URL on the banner.

Whenever possible is it smart to include your landing page URL on the banner itself. This is so that should anything happen to the redirecting process of your links; the users can still reach your site from the URL that is displayed on your banner. In fact, you will be surprised at how much more visitors you get just by adding the URL.

Another thing is that some people tend to avoid clicking on banners, and it is due to the fact that they hate banners. Even when they are absolutely certain that your ad is what they have been looking for they will be very careful not to click on your ad as if they are traumatized by it. Hence with the URL displayed on the ad, they would use the URL and go to the landing page directly instead on clicking on your ad. This has been proven to work very well and as a banner advertiser you should take a deeper look into this.
You will be surprised at the amount of people that actually uses your displayed URL instead of clicking on the ad itself.

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3 tips to better banner ads.

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