Mobile Marketing Trends – How Will It Affect Sending Emails?

The trend of online marketing keeps evolving from online newsletters and emails to social media networking and mobile marketing options today. It was only a decade ago when every marketing email would be sent, received and read on every desktop or laptop. Today, emails are still being sent but read on smartphones instead of computers.

Emergence of Mobile Marketing

Advanced technologies are progressively coming on with the emergence of mobile technology that is formulating the best of mobile marketing strategies. Emails are being sent to promote the company and its offerings, but these messages are often opened on smartphones and Androids which are being carried around by modern consumers who are always on the go. Emails on computers are still read when consumers are at home or in the office, but more emails are being sent to personal mobile devices for a quicker delivery and read.

There is more impact with emails on the smartphones and mobile devices that are more portable and convenient. Busy consumers with smart mobile devices are always updated on the latest market information for a faster purchase to avoid missing out on the best of options in the market.

New marketing strategies need to be deployed using mobile technology that would forward the desired business messages to targeted audience quickly. This can happen with modern mobile devices that are well designed and equipped with the latest advanced technologies to allow an immediate notification and response.

An impactful mobile marketing strategy is desirable to address current marketing changes to flow with the latest technologies in order to benefit the business owners, marketers and consumers. Today, research reveals that 65% of emails are read on mobile devices in the U.S.A. with 49% on smartphones and 16% on tablets.

Marketing Changes with New Trends

As more sophisticated mobile devices are designed and manufactured with the incorporation of dynamic technologies, more and more consumers are embracing these changes easily. This results in explosive marketing changes that impact consumers’ lifestyles and the economy.

Mobile marketing strategies using mobile technology are becoming revolutionary without being over-stated. The Internet is evolving also to be accommodating as a mobile environment that embraces mobile technology with progressive increases over the decade on mobile web usage across the world.

It is not surprising then to anticipate modern day consumers viewing promotional emails on smartphones and tablets from innovative and creative business marketers. However, it is important for these merchants to adopt the best of effective marketing strategies to enjoy higher sales and better branding. It is expected that with more mobile users in the market, more consumers would want to access their email on their mobile devices even while on the go instead of carrying their laptop or wait until they can get on a computer with Wi-Fi. This means a higher probability of reaching a wider audience for greater sales to generate a better income for businesses.

Incentives for Mobile Marketing Strategies

As mobile devices become more significant in the modern day consumers’ lives, there would be changes to online marketing strategies by innovative and creative businesses that move with the times. With more consumers possessing mobile devices today, smart business owners and marketers would develop vibrant marketing strategies that can be adapted to the mobile environment quickly.

Business owners and marketers can incorporate mobile coupons in their mobile texts and emails which can be redeemed as per paper coupons. In fact, the high success rate in such strategy has been recorded with 70% of recipients favoring such notification and purchase options. Mobile redemptions are also favorable to eco-friendly consumers who are against printing out the discount coupons on papers. The purchase activation is faster and simpler without consumers carrying paper coupons on them with the fear of getting lost, wet or damage due to circumstances.

The emphasis on mobile marketing today is to provide value to mobile participants as incentives to flow with the advanced technologies. Valuable and useful offers are to be specially designed and sent to mobile phones for an immediate notification and activation. This would open up opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers while attracting new potential leads.

Research on mobile purchases show a gradual increase in recent years with a higher mobile application which is a strong message to business owners and marketers today. SEO and email marketing enjoy a bulk piece of the purchase pie with mobile marketing purchases still trying to make some headway in today’s market.

The best of mobile marketing options include a clever manipulation of attractive ad formats and customization with varying styles that would fit different types of mobile devices on various social media platforms and websites.

Dynamic Mobile Marketing Strategy

This is the time and era where dynamic mobile marketing strategies must be designed to meet the evolving demands of modern consumers with the latest technologies. Mobile marketing campaigns must include the sending of vibrant marketing emails that can be read on mobile devices immediately to enjoy the promotions while benefitting the business.

As more consumers engage in mobile activities, with the devices constantly at their side, it is the smart marketer who incorporates smart marketing strategies that ensure a quick receipt and opening of mails on the mobile devices for an immediate impact of the business offerings. Incentives can be included in such emails to motivate the consumers to be proactive about such emails.

Hence, there is no adverse change to marketing emails with evolving mobile technologies. Dynamic mobile marketing strategies can still be developed to include emails to be sent to mobile devices. Such marketing strategies work to improve the sending and receiving of emails as technology improves over time. Creative marketing campaigns are dynamic to synergize the different tools and resources for any business marketer to gain more sales or wider market presence for the brand.


Mobile searches have been noted to increase 200% in recent years with a strong prediction of surpassing desktop apps this year. Mobile technology will bring about further advanced marketing features that would benefit businesses and consumers when the best of strategies are manipulated.

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2014 Online Marketing Trends: Is It All About the Money?

2014 holds high expectations for many enterprising business owners from all walks of life as emerging technologies offer more advanced marketing features that promise to take the business world by storm with great returns. The progressive technologies impact the market trends with a constantly evolving Internet platform that many business and technology experts are unable to predict the exact future of the market.

However, current and past market trends with online businesses give an indication of what is to be expected; if not, at least for 2014.

Evolving Technologies

It is easily noted that digital technology is still evolving to greater heights with advanced features in the offering. This is very tempting to online businesses with new marketing and business trends emerging to boost business operations and expansions regardless of industry, size and establishment. Many business areas that employ the best of technologies are exhibiting real growth with small businesses or new market players rising to the occasion in a short period of time.

Market leaders are investing more in today’s technologies to boost or strengthen their market position as innovators and market experts in their fields of expertise. From email marketing to video marketing, more sophisticated online marketing tools and features surface to boost business marketing campaigns and strategies. Even social media networks such as the popular Facebook and Twitter are not spared from over-zealous online marketers and business owners who have found ways and means to capitalize on these social media platforms to enjoy a cost effective marketing plan with high savings and ROIs.

Emerging mobile technologies open up a whole new world of consumers that can be contacted on 24/7 basis with smart phones, tablets and Androids. This seems to be the latest online marketing trend in 2014 with sophisticated mobile phones that are equipped with Wi-Fi and apps of every kind from games to business.

New Form of Online Marketing Today

It is common for modern day consumers to have the latest sophisticated mobile phone every few months with new models surfacing in the market offering dynamic apps and Internet features. There is a myriad of vibrant data plans with more efficient network providers offering stellar mobile services and Wi-Fi facilities on 24/7 basis.

More and more consumers are making significant purchases via mobile devices which set off alarms to aggressive business entities today. Modern consumers are shopping online via their mobile phones which offer fast Internet speeds and dynamic data plans as well as apps of every kind under the sun to meet different needs and expectations.

Online searches and communications are commonly activated via mobile devices with Internet facilities. Research reveals that an ordinary consumer would have at least one sophisticated mobile phone or smartphone in their pocket or at close proximity all the time to cater to every whim and fancy as well as fulfil daily obligations and needs.

More and more smartphones and tablets are installed with the latest software programs from personal management to games and online entertaining besides work components such as Windows. Blogs and web business sites can be readily designed, viewed and maintained on such mobile devices to enhance the lifestyle of the 21st century in 2014. Consumers with such sophisticated mobile gadgets can surf the web anytime from anywhere for their desired requirement.

Online businesses today need to keep abreast with the latest technologies that are changing the business and marketing landscapes in 2014. Business entities are struggling to survive the increasing intense competition in the market if they do not move fast enough to retain their market position by staying relevant to their customers’ needs besides drawing in potential leads for business growth and expansion.

Bottom Line on New Trends

Every business in the market, whether online or offsite is set up for success; profitability is the primary focus of any business setup although there are always factors of risk and competition. Besides offering the best of products and services to meet consumer needs, presentation and branding are equally important factors to draw in the customers for any business.

It is thus crucial for modern businesses in 2014 to stay alert to online marketing trends without being left behind as more entrepreneurs are rising up with new business ideas and solutions that work differently from traditional business startups. It takes more than a well designed SEO website to draw in the traffic for a boost in sales and customer database today. Web business sites must be readily available on mobile devices that include smartphones, laptops, tablets or desktop computers.

Easily available web business sites on a wide range of viewing devices would draw more traffic and business which lead to higher sales and profitability. This does not negate the original content that is useful and relevant to consumers’ needs and wants to boost a larger audience and sales. Such marketing components included in every well designed marketing campaign augur well with top search engines on organic searches and results.

As technology progresses, it can be expected that online marketing trends in 2014 would be driven by respectable and market authorities in the respective fields of industry that would want to maintain their market positions as market leaders.

These well established market leaders have the experience, expertise and finances to keep pace with the evolving technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Their branding and image would continue to rank high in the market besides raking in more profit than competitors. Their high market positions can only be maintained through the strong support of customers that enjoy their stellar services and innovative solutions in their market offerings.

More at Stake in 2014

A lot more is at stake in 2014 for businesses that are not consistent with their product offerings and service standards via new technologies. Consumers today are more demanding and unforgiving on businesses that are not moving with the times.

Social media platforms are manipulating to their max for optimal results with millions of users plying the popular networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 2014 online marketing trends include sharing and exchanging information via social networks to boost bottom lines from more traffic and sales.

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Insider Look: Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

As the hype on social media marketing continues today, many business owners and Internet marketers are wondering on the latest SMM trends for this year along with business and technology experts. The great influence and impact of SMM on all businesses today require a clear understanding of the specific direction it is heading. Social media marketing trends are fluid depending on a variety of factors that set new paths for businesses and the responding markets.

New platforms

There seems to be a growing number of new social media platforms emerging on the Internet every month. New platforms on social media attempt to grab a piece of the current market pie with new and interesting features that surpass existing platforms’ offerings.

Unique communication features garner a greater interest from consumers who are seeking new tools and elements that spike up their web times. Companies are seeking for new platforms that offer cheaper solutions and impactful results faster for their business investments which are expected to generate higher ROIs quickly.

The mushrooming of new social media platforms allows companies to have a field day in picking the more favorable options which fit the business requirements, goals and objectives. Companies are constantly sourcing for the next best solution as part of their marketing strategy for an impactful marketing campaign that would boost their bottom lines and enhance their branding.

New social media platforms can only survive in the market if they have something new and exciting to offer or entice consumers and businesses. There is a strong competition in embracing the latest social media technologies to stay ahead of the competition and establish a satisfactory market position in the industry.

New trends

New social media marketing trends come about from the growing competition in the market as well as from consumer demands with a changing lifestyle. It is likely to foresee some changing SMM trends for 2014 to facilitate the increasing consumer demands and expectations. This would include social media sites incorporating more images and videos that must be interesting, relevant and attractive to consumers.
A growing number of web consumers are referring to social media sites like Pinterest and Tumblr to seek out and express thoughts and ideas on the web. Imagery visual content, especially in the form of videos would be in greater demand as web consumers prefer this mode of information dissemination than plain text. Such social media sites are offering greater marketing opportunities for business owners and marketers to interact with customers, potential leads and business associates.

Shareable videos and images would set the path on such information dissemination, although professionalism is preferred to be exercised in any social media postings without a blatant marketing pose.

Google+ is set to take on a more prominent role in SMM 2014 trends as consumers would continue to favor the easy commentary styles on YouTube. Google+ can enhance SEO features with Google authorship permitting writers to enjoy greater credit on their content. Popular articles can be pushed up to the top pages of popular search engines’ SERPs. Google+ would enjoy a higher preference by companies that want a strong social network for its varied benefits such as interesting Google+ profiles and enhanced social media search and reach.

It may be possible that SMM investments would be more a necessity than an option in the near future with the benefits to be reaped. Businesses would find it cumbersome to expand without a social media website, although the option still exists. It would be a ‘must-have’ feature to secure a strong social media presence for businesses to engage their niche or targeted audience for building relationships and lists. As more and more consumers spend more time online, social media sites become the focal point to garner and disseminate information that benefits businesses of all nature.

Businesses without a social media presence are experiencing the competitive pinch where small but aggressive competitors are able to push their way through the market to be a force to reckon with. Social media marketing strategies can build company branding while increasing awareness and customer loyalty via strong relationships. The integration of social media and online marketing campaigns would generate the desired success in attracting more traffic to the web business site for a bigger bottom line.

Another potential trend for 2014 would be the increasing popularity of LinkedIn in B2B markets as different marketing efforts would be required to reach different businesses and consumers. Establishing a market presence on various social media sites allows businesses to connect with other related businesses for collaborative success. Such collaborations are professional to stay ahead of the competition while enhancing brand awareness.

It is possible for MySpace to develop a greater influence in 2014 although Facebook currently holds the popularity reins today. However, MySpace is reinventing itself with a rebranding where favorite music and bands can be heard. There is also an iPhone app for interacting with other users via music updates posted and photo sharing. Music related businesses would benefit with a keen alert on MySpace with its growing scope of features.

Way to go

Modern businesses today must consider engaging social media to move forward regardless of their industry or size. Current studies reveal social media marketing as a primary influencer for an online business via online advertising. Social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will continue to attract consumers and businesses alike to communicate, socialize and change the market trends in 2014 and beyond.
While Facebook now holds the top position in social networks, Google+ is poised as a strong contender with a growing number of users. Advanced features that keep emerging help boost the various social media networks’ market position and popularity as consumers seek greater offerings on social media platforms this year.

It would not be surprising that mobile phone usage via social networks would become more popular. Hence, smart businesses that concentrate on mobile platforms with social media would stand to gain more market credibility as more smartphones with advanced features including social media networking are introduced.

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Eight Trends for Online Marketing In 2018

Today, there are lots of online marketing channels to suite any type of business and any size of marketing spending plan. Not only is the number of quality marketing channels impressive like social networking sites, email, mobile and online video but there have never ever been so lots of free and affordable tools that need little to no expertise readily available.
In 2012 the internet world will continue to control the marketing method of all medium and little service which will focus on making use of the numerous online marketing tools readily available. Here are the eight trending internet marketing strategies in 2012:
1. Material Aggregation. With the incredible amount of content generated every 60 seconds online getting cut-through is a huge challenge for the online marketer and as a customer of material, discovering the crucial advancements that make a distinction is a difficulty too. Content aggregation is how we try to help and you can use tools to tame the social media firehouse too.
2. Social Marketing Integration. Because of that we saw social media blow up as a marketing tool, in 2011 companies started to take social media marketing seriously and. This year we will start to see companies greatly incorporate social media into their general marketing plan, which is how it needs to have been done in the top place, however much better late than never ever. We will see social media broaden from a tool used mostly for customer support and brand management to being utilized to collect customer data and enable better target marketing of product or services that those clients are interested.
Mobile Marketing. Users are continuously seeking enhanced and intuitive mobile variations of websites that permit them to easily shop and discover the items they desire.
Video Marketing. A lot of individuals believe of YouTube or case study product, however what about video as a communication tool? We’ve had a lot of interest in YouTube marketing tool and this recommends lots of online marketers are going to “up their game” on video marketing.
There’s growing awareness that there is worth in screen advertising beyond the click, for its worth in building awareness, encouraging searches on a brand or classification and subsequent sees to a website. There are likewise a lot of brand-new methods to target, for example Google’s brand-new screen formats too which incorporate material marketing and social sharing.
6. Cross Channel Optimization. Considering that we specialize in digital marketing developments, we naturally focus on digital methods, however these are only part of the more comprehensive multichannel client journey in many cases, so this is an area that necessitates much better understanding and optimization of the client touch points.
The techniques that have actually been around for a long time, and is truly possible considering that the first sites, because log files were offered for analysis. With the new features of Google Analytics v5 and Google Website Optimizer this technique is possible.
8. Content Optimization. In order for you to prosper, you need to have a deep understanding of consumer preferences and analysis on what works for rivals.
Make sure you’re riding the big waves for this year. For sure, your business will not be called merely a stylish one, however a business that maximizes the very best tools to provide the best service or products.

Today, there are lots of online marketing channels to suite any type of organisation and any size of marketing budget. Not just is the number of quality marketing channels outstanding like social networking websites, e-mail, online and mobile video however there have never been so numerous totally free and inexpensive tools that need little to no knowledge offered.
In 2011 business started to take social media marketing seriously and because of that we saw social media blow up as a marketing tool. We will see social media broaden from a tool used mainly for customer service and brand management to being utilized to collect consumer information and enable much better target marketing of items and services that those customers are interested.
We’ve had a lot of interest in YouTube marketing tool and this recommends many online marketers are going to “up their video game” on video marketing.

How to profit from trends?

How to profit from trends?

Everywhere you go, you have gurus telling you about niches. While niches are good, there are other ways to profit online as well. One of these methods would be monetizing the trends. Say hello to Trend Marketing. When it comes to trends, this usually indicates a certain time or time frame where a certain offer, product or item is hot and people want it bad. While some trends do die out pretty fast, you can be certain that there are some trends out there that come back every single year.

Seasonal Trends

How to profit from trends?One such trend would be the holiday seasons’ trend. Be it Black Friday or Christmas… these are the times of the year where a lot of money is spent on buying, and this is indeed a good time for any internet marketer to jump in and make a handsome profit during this time of the year. And thus if you are looking to profit on trends be sure to be on a lookout during these holiday seasons.

There are a lot of other seasons such as back to school trends or even Halloween. The most important thing is to be on a lookout on your calendar frequently and plan ahead before the trend starts. Christmas, for example, is a time where people prepare early. Hence do not start selling Christmas items on the eve of Christmas because by then everyone would have already done all the shopping.
Try catching the trend a few weeks earlier, and you will see a surge in demands for Christmas items then.

Proper planning is required, but the benefit is that your items will sell much easier and faster as the trend makes it a must for people to spend for Christmas goods.

Hot Trends

An example of hot trends could be like when Michael Jackson announced his comeback concert ‘This is it!’. If you search on Google trends for this term, you will find that a huge surge of traffic and search engine seekers that are looking for more information about this announcement.

Smart Marketers will notice this fast and make use of the short trend and make some profit out of it. There are many ways to do profit from this, and a good way is to sell old Michael Jackson CDs online, or you could use Michael’s music and turn it into a viral video on YouTube with a link back to your website and enjoy viral traffic.

Some marketer will even send out promotions with the excuse of celebrating ‘Michael Jackson’s comeback’ and thus giving out a discount to entice more buyers. This then would mean that the most important part of catching these trends would be in the timing. A great way for internet marketers to catch these timings and notice the uprising trend is to use Google Trends. Using this free tool you can monitor for uprising opportunities that can make you money.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you will be able to find seasonal offers such in affiliate networks such as commission junction. These offers could be strictly for the seasonal trends or even for the hot trends.

For seasonal trends, you could probably find Halloween costume products offers during Halloween seasons. What other better time than the Halloween season to sell Halloween costumes right?

Therefore, as an affiliate marketer, it would be beneficial for you to look into selling seasonal items and pocket a handsome amount of cash. The good thing about seasonal trends is that it comes back every year. This means you can easily turn your campaign off and turn it on again the next year with some minor tweaks. All you have to do is to set it up one time, and you are good for life.

CPA Marketing

If you are trying to sell stuff during the hot trends, then you will find a lot of offers that meet the hot trend category dealing with CPA marketing. You can get email or zip offer for trends like the iPhone, PS3 games or any of those short trends. If you time your campaigns right, you will make a lot of money with these fast trends. Be careful not to enter the trend when it is already too saturated. When it is too saturated and the offer is ‘stale’ then you are too late.

You will be better off looking for another new trend instead. Give away free items on special occasions.

Another way to profit from trends is to make use of trends to build you a list of subscribers. When it is Christmas, gift away a free and valuable Christmas gift, and you will see a surge in your opt in rate. Which is all good because if you could get a surge in your opt in rate then you will be able to build up your list fast.

Alternatively, you could take the ‘New Year’s’ excuse to do a fire sale. This way, you could actually get more sales off your ‘old’ products and make more money without much effort. People love package deals and sending out package deals during a ‘special’ occasion sets up the mood for them to buy your stuff.

Hence, the next time you wish to start a new project, instead of taking a look at niche marketing, consider looking at the trends instead.

How to profit from trends?

How to profit from trends?


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