Direct Sales and Google Page Rank – Steps to Improve Your Rank

Top page search engine rankings are highly desirable by all websites to gain more traffic and business opportunities. This is the first step towards web business success in today’s era of competitive markets. Higher page rankings draw more attention to provide enterprises more choices of potential leads that would boost business outcomes.

Good Page Ranking

A good page ranking is an important strategy for modern enterprises that want more traffic and greater awareness of their brand in the marketplace. A page rank is accorded by Google to a web page for its compliance to the search engine’s rules and regulations in page indexing and searching.

The page rank number indicates the importance of the web page as viewed by Google concerning the topic in which it is searched by. A higher page rank impresses web consumers surfing the web for their desired topic or information as most web consumers tend to click on the web links which are on the higher ranking especially the first page of the search engine’s SERP listing.

The high ranking is critical to web businesses today for more traffic and business opportunities. Even direct selling leaders must realize the importance of good page rankings for their business brands and companies to enjoy good web presence. This could be achieved through high quality articles which must be consistently produced. If business entrepreneurs or marketers execute the right tools and solutions, they would find their websites ranked well, even at the top of the first page!

Google Page Ranking Tips

Direct selling is very competitive today with more aspiring business entrepreneurs jumping onto the bandwagon as new dynamic marketing tools and solutions become available. Hence, it is essential for direct sellers to understand the factors of success that they must manipulate to enjoy high Google rankings to attract more web traffic with a high sales conversion rate which offers greater business outcomes.

However, a good page rank by Google is impacted by various factors that include keyword choice, page optimization and external factors.
Good keywords choice are instrumental in boosting webpage rankings by Google as the search engine manipulates a stringent search algorithm in identifying the relevancy and accuracy of chosen keywords in any search on the preferred topic or theme by web users.

However, good keywords must be preceded by intense keyword research. An in-depth research on the best of keywords helps direct sellers identify the most popular keywords or key phrases which web consumers use in their online searches.

This in turn would cause Google to perk up on its page ranking exercise as web consumers are able to find what they search for using their preferred keywords. This would generate higher organic web traffic. Web pages must display the best of keywords to enjoy high page rankings by Google, whose ranking of webpage is based on the best keywords displayed.

Direct sellers need to know how to identify low competition keywords which are highly searched. This is also part of the critical search engine optimization routine which should be executed aptly to fit Google’s stringent search algorithm’s rules and regulations.

Direct sellers could deploy various tips that increase their page ranking on their websites or web pages by Google.

1) Keep the website URL short and catchy for easy remembrance
2) Keywords should be included in the content several times in the first couple of paragraphs within 100 words
3) Image title, Alt tag, Title tag and Meta description should include the preferred keywords
4) Keywords must be in bold to stand out
5) Outbound links must be positioned at authority or reputed sites with lots of traffic plying through daily to capture as many as possible for the business
6) Good links must be utilized on previous contents for more information to be provided to the web user on the website
7) Keywords should also be in the page URL for a quick and easy identification
8) The primary and related keywords should be found in H1, H2 and H3 tags
9) Every quality article must provide substantial contents with a good keyword balance that exhibits a good flow throughout the contents for an enjoyable read
10) Choice of keywords must be unique but easy to remember as per web users’ inclination on successful searches

External Web Page Optimization

External webpage optimization is also critical to impact the page ranking by Google.
This could include manipulating established and reputed directories and listings such as Ezine while social media is highly popular to glean the best of potential leads. Blogs are highly effective in grabbing web readers’ attention on relevant issues that are close to web consumers’ heart and mind.

Ezine Articles

Ezine articles are highly popular to seek out the best of contents required by web consumers. This platform is very established in promoting well-written content to win web consumers’ approval as well as search engines’ favors. It is known that is highly resourceful with its dynamic resource box link to the web business site for increased organic traffic for the business.

Social Media Networks

Social media networks form excellent marketing platforms that also boost page rankings by Google as the search engine could be impressed by the large traffic secured from these networking sites. However, direct sellers are not to spam targeted niche web consumers, but exercise professionalism and discretion in engaging with identified audiences on these platforms.

Good posts and an active participation on the social platforms naturally draw more traffic to the website as respect and confidence in the marketer are reciprocated.

Posting on Blogs

Blogs are also excellent platforms to secure high Google rankings through quality contents. Posting on personal and outside blogs as guest bloggers is a dynamic online marketing strategy that expands the market visibility of the brand and business.

A wider dimension is procured when good blogs are read on other bloggers’ websites which imply market acceptance. Appropriate links should be displayed in external blogs to direct traffic back to personal websites. Such external presence enhances Google page ranking.

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Value Based Marketing

Modern technologies often spring up new surprises that delight Internet marketers and entrepreneurs who are challenged with new marketing tools and solutions to improve bottom lines. The new kid on the block in the marketing realm is value-based marketing which proves to be quite intriguing for its simplicity and success when implemented aptly.

Diversion from the Norm

It would be noted that most marketers tend to focus on closing sales as quickly as possible with the best sales pitch they could muster or garner. However, that is not very effective today with the new technologies and solutions sprouting up in the marketplace. Hardcore sales pitches are usually tuned out automatically by modern consumers who are more educated today to know what they want and how they want it.

The new approach to successful Internet marketing is to relate to the customer with a blossoming relationship of trust and respect that wins customer’s confidence and support. It is all about the customer and not about the brand, business or company. Internet marketing today has diverted from the norm of focusing on the marketer to the customer; and this is becoming obviously successful to those who deploy value-based marketing proactively.

Value-based marketing centers on building a strong and healthy relationship with potential business prospects. This would involve a proactive approach by the Internet marketer in identifying the preferred niche markets or audiences they are targeting for their online marketing campaigns. With every niche market identified, Internet marketers would also need to identify the category of audiences they have before planning the most relevant and appropriate marketing plan possible for optimal results.

The Internet marketer must identify if the preferred niche audience is visual, auditory or tactile to select the best form of marketing strategies. It is also beneficial to identify the types of problems which their targeted audience group is experiencing currently to help the Internet marketer be directed to better marketing tools and solutions. It would also help the planning and selection of marketing solutions if the Internet marketer could determine the passion of their targeted niche markets in order to speak ‘their lingo’.

1) Hear What Customers Say They Want

Value-based marketing is all about the customers; hence, it should not be surprising that the Internet marketers should focus on what their preferred potential business leads or customers say to identify their wants and needs. It is not easy to market to modern customers who are tech savvy and particular about their needs and expectations. Hence, when there is an opportunity for customer feedback, review or comment, the wise Internet marketer would pick up on the relevant information as much as possible.

Online surveys, forums and chat rooms on the Internet, especially on social media platforms form excellent channels of open communication between Internet marketers and customers or potential business prospects. The types of words used by the customers and their expressions of feelings towards the market offers give a strong, clear indication of their satisfaction and disappointments which Internet marketers could pick up and offer better alternatives.

Receiving feedback from customers or potential business leads is an excellent marketing approach that would save the Internet marketer’s time and effort in reaching out to their preferred targeted niche markets. The role of the Internet marketer is changed today from a presenter of the products promoted to an intent listener on customer’s needs to offer plausible solutions via their brand and business offers.

2) Identify Customers’ Passion and Needs

Every consumer has specific needs and wants which could be met through various market products and services as potential solutions. It is up to the Internet marketer to identify these through in-depth personal investigation that opens up business opportunities in promoting their own business brand and products. Once the passion or drive of the customers is identified, the Internet marketer could quickly generate the solution or formula that satisfies.

Presenting solutions to customers trigger their interest in the business brand and marketer to offer the best of opportunities in building up a relationship based on trust and respect. However, the Internet marketer must exercise wisdom and insight on the authenticity of needs and passion to avoid wasting time and effort on conflicting matters.

3) Present Values and Solutions

Internet marketers now proceed with the presentation of values and solutions using relevant tools in the market. A dynamic marketing plan should be formed and implemented to present the solution that meets the customer’s needs and wants while in sync with their passion. This approach is likely to open more doors of business opportunities for the Internet marketer to move in for a close in sales quickly.

When the best of marketing campaigns is implemented with the customer needs and wants in focus, the marketing process is rather smooth sailing. Most targeted customers are likely to respond positively or favorably towards the brand and marketer as the marketing campaign is viewed favorably by them. This would inspire them to take on the call-to-action option offered in the marketing campaign and the company would enjoy sales and profit.

Professionalism must always be exercised throughout the marketing campaign that would impress customers besides developing confidence in the marketer and the brand. Value-based marketing is not concerned about product value alone, but the value of a plausible solution which customers are looking for. Hence, when Internet marketers provide value-added solutions to meet their customers’ needs, sales are closed and profits are generated.


Value-based marketing is the new marketing strategy that is fast emerging in the market by farsighted Internet marketers who know how to capitalize on its potentials. There is nothing difficult about value-based marketing once the concept is well understood and applied professionally.

Great rewards can be expected with the right application of value-based marketing if the right processes were undertaken. There is no shortcut to success but the process could be shortened with the best of marketing strategies like value-based marketing. When consumers could see the value-added solutions to their needs and wants, they would willingly buy what is recommended.

Writing SEO Content in 2016

Getting good customers or clients for a business on a consistent manner is the primary goal of the company to stay relevant in the market. With the emerging technologies of today, Internet marketing keeps evolving with different emphases which business owners and marketers must keep track of. Search engine optimization techniques are to be applied generously to content to win more customers for the business and brand.

Optimized content is critical to the desired increase of web traffic to the web business site as search engines like Google would check and reward with better page rankings in search results. An effective freelance SEO copywriter must be apt in 4 distinct tips and tricks to earn more clients with more income.

1) Appealing Story Teller

Every SEO freelancer who indulges in copywriting services needs to be a dynamic and vibrant story teller. The contents must be appealing and entertaining to reach the hearts of targeted niche markets. Quality contents must include the right choice of keywords used in ideal density to provide interesting reading materials.

However, detailed research must be executed in piecing the contents for a dynamic story flow that would be captivating to readers while the format and layout are aptly applied. A creative writing style is advantageous to interest readers who are kept entertained and want more.

It is a challenge to stay on the top page of Google’s search exercise with the constantly changing search algorithms such as its Panda update. This requires freelance copywriters to write in such a manner that would engage readers to be turned into customers or potential business leads as quickly as possible. This would be the bottom line or objective of quality, attractive content developed by any skilled and creative copywriter.
When a freelance SEO copywriter exhibits consistent skills in weaving dynamic contents that would attract more readers, the earning potentials increase exponentially with a wider market audience especially if the best of marketing strategies is implemented. This may be an innate gift or learned from excellent writers in the market.

Some tips on premium content that would attract more readers include the application of concrete and relatable examples that appeal besides knowing the audience well in the copy.

2) Results Oriented

A successful freelance SEO copywriter must be results oriented; otherwise, all efforts would be wasted without any outcomes to show off. Results especially favorable ones are highly sought after in every online marketing endeavor executed by business owners or marketers.
Freelance writers today need to engage in various metrics that are effective in measuring results as proof of effectiveness and validity in content development and marketing. Search engine ranking is one such measure which relates the success of the freelance writer who complies with the high search indexing demands.

Some measurable metrics include the number of clicks received, the frequency of contents shared and forwarded on social media platform and the volume of web visitors to the website or blog. Good results confirm or establish the good reputation of the freelance SEO writer’s capability in churning out quality content which is favorable to web readers who would want more.

This all leads on to how well the content is distributed and the best means which were exercised for greater effect.

3) Manipulating Social Media Networks

Social media has become a very important component of Internet marketing as an integral SEO content marketing feature. The proper and wide distribution of quality content is vital to the success of drawing in more traffic to the website for more business opportunities.
Every Internet marketer and business owner must be aware of the demographics and user behavior of targeted niche markets via social media networking platforms which boast of millions of subscribers. These outlets are excellent for identifying the preferred potential leads and customers who would display stronger support for the brand or business.

Hence, quality content must be aptly distributed to as wide an audience as possible to create market awareness for the brand or business offers. As the business owner or marketer increases their business mailing list, their sales conversion rates would increase to benefit their business bottom lines. Business owners and marketers must be proactive in this facet of SEO content marketing as web consumers today are inclined towards a strong personal relationship before sales.

4) Effective Headlines

Effective headlines are crucial in drawing more traffic as these seemingly simple statements form the first point of contact for web readers to connect or relate to the brand or business. Hence, the article headline must be appealing and compelling to entice readers for a closer read. The choice of keywords must be included in the headline to help web users find the desired item quickly and accurately. The short find would delight web users who would then be lured to open the file to read the entire contents if the headline relates closely to the theme or topic of the web user.

The right headline stirs up the interest of web readers for a full reading of the content while generating joy that the right article is found. However, the contents should be equally compelling to move readers on to the preferred call-to-action option rather than being disappointed at the irrelevant content with a misleading headline. Accurate headlines are dynamic in leading potential customers to opt into the business mailing list readily as more such works are expected.


Although innate writing skills are a plus point for good writers, a passion for writing and a focused mind on the task with the right theme and creativity pushes the journey much further to reach the desired goal. Successful freelance SEO writers must manipulate all available resources, innate and out, to ensure guaranteed success.

High earnings could be generated by smart freelance SEO copywriters who understand the market perimeters and web readers’ demands to produce relevant value-added content which would be enjoyed. A higher demand for more such exquisite productions would arise with the SEO copywriter making a strong market presence.

Understanding Pay For Performance SEO

Modern businesses understand the importance of search engine optimization and an optimized website to boost their bottom lines besides staying relevant in the competitive market today. The importance and benefits of SEO are not to be ignored as it is the most effective marketing tool to enhance online presence and increase web traffic to the web business sites. Moreover, sales conversion rates could be increased with the right application of SEO marketing strategies.

Professional SEO Services

As more companies embrace SEO marketing strategies and tools, more SEO service providers are also sprouting up in the market to offer the best of optimization services using the latest SEO tools and technologies that would generate more traffic and attract search engines for higher page ranking.

This is referred to Pay-for-Performance SEO services where the professional SEO experts offer excellent SEO tools and solutions to raise the company’s page ranking through a well optimized SEO website that would attract more potential business leads and customers. Hence, it is vital to choose the best of professional SEO service providers in the market to fit and meet the marketing objectives and business goals for higher ROIs.

The application of an SEO solution or tool is highly instrumental in changing the market perception of the company in the industry especially when professional SEO services are engaged. The great thing about such pay-for-performance SEO services is that payment is only due upon delivery of results. This protects the company from wasting their funds on poor services or results by irresponsible or incapable SEO service providers.

Such an approach reflects well on the dynamism of the professional SEO agency that is experienced and confident of delivering the best to every client. Good results are to be expected before payment is to be made. Pay-for-performance SEO is viable as results must be proven before payment. This would prompt SEO companies to execute only the best of marketing strategies for the desired results to enjoy payment and market good reputation.

Benefits on Pay-for-Performance SEO

The myriad of benefits derived from pay-for-performance SEO appeals to many business entrepreneurs and marketers to engage such professional services. This form of marketing approach is very attractive to small and new businesses that may be limited in funds and cash flow.
Pay-for-performance SEO somehow guarantees the desired favorable results for the business as professional service providers with the best of SEO skills, knowledge and experience deliberate on the most effective SEO methods and tools to boost the business online presence and traffic. Many SEO companies clamor for such business opportunities to prove themselves in the market, which is a boon for them.

Business entrepreneurs and marketers do not need to waste time applying the best of SEO features in their web business site or marketing strategies with pay-for-performance SEO as these SEO experts are always abreast with the latest and most effective SEO tools and solutions. They are capable of advising businesses on the most efficient SEO strategy to be incorporated into the business marketing plan for the optimal results.
Hence, high savings could be enjoyed through pay-for-performance SEO services by professional SEO market experts as business owners or marketers lose no money if the services do not yield the desired results. Pay-for-performance SEO services offer flexible pricing structure without the common hidden costs while extra features could be specially requested when there are more funds available.

However, business entrepreneurs and marketers must be familiar with SEO features and dynamics to negotiate with the best of SEO services and solutions that are to be adopted or incorporated into their marketing plans and campaigns for the preferred business results.

Approaches by SEO Professionals

Every pay-for-performance SEO agency would be extra diligent and vigilant about the market trends in SEO and their clients’ business. An in-depth study on the business and its market presence must be conducted by the SEO service provider to understand the current market standing of the business before better marketing approaches are to be considered and implemented.

It is likely that the SEO service provider would conduct regular reviews on the business website to evaluate the performance of their recommended SEO-based marketing strategy in the company’s marketing campaigns. Quick changes would be adopted along the way to ensure an effectiveness of their SEO solution recommendation in order to satisfy their client to enjoy payment for their services.

Regular reviews of the recommended SEO marketing strategy help save time and cost to enjoy the desired outcomes as payment is only made when the client is satisfied with the results. Successful SEO campaigns via pay-for-performance approach helps build the market reputation of the SEO service providers too.

Risks and Caution

Pay-per-performance SEO services also carry certain risks and disadvantages to the companies engaging such services. This form of marketing strategy is usually executed on a contract basis, which ties down the company for a period of time. Different contracts of pay-for-performance SEO services offer different scopes of services and SEO features with different costs. Every business entrepreneur or marketer must understand the benefits of SEO in their marketing endeavors to set aside the right budget for its successful application.

Business owners and marketers need to identify the types of SEO features that would be useful to boost their marketing campaigns effectively to make effective negotiations on any SEO service demand. The contract terms must be well understood before agreeing to its implementation.


The dynamics of SEO prompt more and more businesses today to engage in it actively to compete aggressively in the highly competitive market. The lack of SEO understanding or resources prompts many business owners and marketers to seek out the professional assistance of SEO experts through pay-for-performance SEO options.

Such professional SEO services would ensure a continual high ranking of their optimized websites by Google that constantly upgrades their search algorithms with more stringent demands and requirements. Pay-for-performance SEO is a worthy business investment for higher returns to be indulged in. New or small to big and established companies could approach pay-for-performance SEO services with the right understanding and focus.