Google Giving SEO Lift To Websites With SSL Certificates

It is important that top search engines such as Google play an active role in the market where businesses are concerned. With the myriad of business solutions and applications available in the marketplace, it is not surprising to have an increase in competition amongst businesses. There is a growing need to enhance the web business site to stand out of the crowd for a more distinctive position in the market.

An active participation from Google in offering an explicit SEO tip is very much desired to boost business branding and market presence. The recent revelation of Google including secure SSL features for a more secure website is well received as this would boost better searches for all parties. The inclusion of SSL in a website is poised to be an impactful ranking factor by Google who hopes to encourage higher security in all websites for safer search and surf activities.

Encouragement of SSL by Google

SSL may be unfamiliar with many business owners or marketers, but it is an essential feature to boost a website security. It appears on a website as “HTTPS” with the inclusion of the letter ‘S’ to signify its highest security level compared to the traditional “HTTP”. Secure Sockets Layers or SSL is known to be a security protocol that functions to encrypt communication that happens between web browsers (system and user). The inclusion of such security feature makes it difficult for scams and frauds to happen as the feature includes encryption of data to prevent easy readability and manipulation when it is transferred from point to point.

A website should be well equipped to protect its users’ information through passwords and encryption. The incorporation of SSL in a website is essential to the safety of data and information as well as processes that handle financial communication and transfers. This is how Google is being proactive in raising the quality and safety bars in websites to give a higher level of security to Internet users.

Search engine optimization is crucial to a website’s functionality, market presence and performance. The increasing market competition spurs many web businesses to incorporate new and effective SEO tools to boost market visibility and branding. An SSL certification is an acknowledgement of white hat SEO methods that top search engines such as Google are encouraging all web businesses. Coupled with the essentials of SEO, an online business site today would be able to secure a higher page ranking by Google compared to traditional SEO features engaged. The emerging SSL feature may be impacting only 1% of online search queries today, but its percentage is expected to rise quickly when Google has established its search algorithms that impact website ranking. Time is still available for webmasters to convert to HTTPS and take advantage of higher SERPs, while moving ahead of the competition. This is a giant step for Google in encouraging a switch to HTTPS by more websites.

SSL Security on the Internet

With the highly acknowledged benefit of the SSL feature in websites, it would be surprising if serious web businesses are not interested in this inclusion. When Google places further importance to this security feature on websites in the future, web businesses that did not launch out into this new SEO tool would tend to suffer loss and customers. Smart web businesses today would want to capitalize on implementing SSL security features on their website to ensure a high degree of security that covers all important functions and processes across the net.

Security the website is a very critical component in an effective modus operandi of any modern company today to lower the competition in the marketplace. However, SSL does not relegate the impactful roles of other successful website factors such as fresh content, backlinks and social media campaigns.

A website can be made more secure with SSL in many ways, although the benefits may seem insignificant today. The SSL security feature is noted as a potential investment that is expected to rake in more profits and benefits in the future. It is expected to grow exponentially in the near future and far-sighted companies with websites would benefit immensely with an implementation today. It is favored by top search engines, especially Google, which is promoting its implementation actively. Customers would also view the company that incorporates the SSL favorably as it is seen as a desirable security feature on their website to protect the interests of its users or visitors.

The importance of SSL feature would be more prominent when Google moves to increase website ranking based on its availability or absence. Google currently informs websites of this URL change that is coming into place. However, many businesses are resistant against SSL due to high costs and lower speeds, but these issues would be easily overcome as technology becomes more sophisticated and efficient.

The Necessity of an SSL Certificate

The availability of an SSL certificate strengthens the significance of the SSL feature in websites. Such certification establishes the commitment of online businesses towards their customers and operating procedures while other website owners refuse to pursue this certification as they are not in information collation or perform financial transactions. Websites that collect certain personal information about web visitors should consider being SSL certified to assure their customers or potential leads on the safety of their data supplied for private use by the website. Many web users are reluctant to supply their personal information on an insecure webpage.

An SSL certification allows the web business site to have customers and potential leads to log on to the website for online purchases without risking identity thefts. There have been occasions where a novice hacker is capable of breaking down simple transmission codes and information interchange easily with the right knowledge, skills and facilities especially when the same password is commonly used for varied applications.

Web businesses can easily purchase an SSL certificate from a reputable web host or dedicated SSL provider in the market with the proper SSL safety procedures implemented correctly on their websites. The market offers a host of reliable SSL providers who have the knowledge and skills to assist in implementing a foolproof SSL implementation on the web business site.

This is a great way to prepare the web business site in securing higher page ranking by Google to draw more traffic to their targeted sites.

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SEO Sitemaps Give Websites a Boost

A lot of web pages will find an SEO sitemap useful in improving their performance. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, the process that aims to create or revise Internet sites so that it can be better found by search engines. The objective of SEO campaigns is to have websites appear in the top listing or first results page of search engines.

Internet search engines, such as Google and A9, maintain a very large database of Web pages and available files. To do this, they devise a program called a web crawler, or spider. This software automatically and continuously surfs and hunts content in the Web. Pages that the spider finds are retrieved and indexed according to text content, giving more weight to titles and paragraph headers. Spiders never stop navigating the web from page to page, to index the relevant content of the Internet. Besides looking at the text of titles and headers, some programs are able to identify default tags and keep a library of these page keywords or key phrases in the index.

When a user connects to the Internet types a query, which is automatically interpreted as keywords, the search engine scans the saved index and creates a list of web pages that is most appropriate to what the user is searching for.

SEO will use all the combined techniques of keyword analysis, smart code, good content literature, link popularity study and website organization to place the subject web page as high as possible in the list of search results in search engines. Web pages displayed on the top of results pages are assumed to get the most attention, and therefore, opportunity for earnings for web businesses and pages with sponsor links.

Search engines usually return a list of results ranking pages according to the number of Internet sites linked to them. Results can be classified as organic, or sponsored links. Sponsored links are shown prominently because their creators or agents paid the search engine. Sponsored links are the main source of income of search engines. “Organic” search results are the lists of actual results from the engines index and are directly related to the keyword typed in the request.
One of the more effective techniques of SEO is the creation of a well-organized site map in a website. Since the site’s main page and other content are directly linked to a site map, spiders can more easily move through the website, identify the key words of the content, and index these for a search engine. This is where the SEO sitemap helps the website creator or administrator.

Site maps are usually pages filled with links. These are shown as tables or lists, although lists are generally more effective. Writing code for SEO sitemaps is very easy and simple to format and maintain. These are ideally basic HTML pages with default tags, logical titles and keywords scattered in the Meta description. Introduction areas can contain more of the keywords. The site should have a main heading for every directory.

A simple list layout helps reduce unnecessary tags that might “hide” your keywords. Some spiders give more weight to the following, than text in the normal body of the webpage: heading text, content within link elements, text nearer the top of the page and the text written for a link. Therefore, writing the keywords and links in these areas could somehow move up the web page’s ranking. This goes for SEO sitemaps as well.

Web sites should be designed consistently, so navigation models should follow the flow of the site map. Therefore, the first section in the site map should be the first link in the navigation bar.

In an SEO Sitemap, and most pages, the headings contain title attributes where more key phrases in the site map can be added. Keywords are generally well chosen and written in the body of a webpage. However, in an SEO site map with little text, key words should be added as much as possible. As much as possible, web links should follow web page titles, and must undergo SEO during coding. Care must be exercised not to cram the page with keywords and links, or the page will be interpreted as blatant spamming and not receive any traffic at all.

There is no way to guarantee that a website will be shown in the topmost ranking of “organic” search results for an extended period of time. However, smart and responsible SEO sitemap techniques can be used to place the website high up in the search position. Regular monitoring and adjustment of the SEO Sitemap and search results would ensure that a website is kept near the top ranking and receiving lots of web user traffic.

Mobile Apps Versus Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites Which One Is The Best?

Mobile Apps Versus Mobile WebsitesAs modern technology evolves to bring on newer technologies, many businesses are struggling to keep up with the pace. However, it is essential for them to keep abreast with technologies in order not to lose out in the challenging marketplace. The latest emerging technology today is mobile technology with sophisticated and advanced mobile phones and mobile devices sprouting up every month to delight consumers.

Businesses are in a flurry to keep pace of the latest market developments as more consumers become active mobile users. Hence, it is not surprising that more mobile apps are quickly designed and developed to meet the changing consumer trends in the market.

Progressive Business Developments

Business owners and marketers must stay alert to the emerging business apps on the mobile phones which are attracting more and more web consumers who prefer getting onto the web via their mobile phone or mobile device rather than the computer or laptop which is bulky, heavy and inconvenient.

As web users progressively prefer surfing the web via their mobile phones and devices, businesses have no choice but to switch their websites to be more mobile friendly or compatible. Mobile phones are known to be light and portable which encourage mobile users to have on them 24/7 for any task. It is no longer necessary to run to a computer or lug the laptop around for checking mails or surfing the Internet, but getting on the web via mobile devices that have mobile apps or checking information from mobile friendly websites.

Mobile Responsive Websites

As technology progresses with mobile dynamics, more and more businesses need to tweak their websites to become mobile friendly or mobile compatible to accommodate the increasing number of mobile users in the market who prefer to get on the web via their mobile phone or tablet.

The web pages of any business website today must be mobile compatible for easy viewing from a mobile device in order to secure a larger scope of audience. This leads to a scurry of hiring professional website designers to revamp current traditional websites to be more dynamic in responsive mobile compatible designs viewable on various mobile platforms regardless of different configurations.

This calls for a mobile, responsive web design that would allow clear viewing on mobile devices or PDAs of different brands. The arrival of smart phones, PDAs and tablet PCs has changed the market situation drastically with more consumers preferring to browse the Internet through new and innovative mobile devices that are sophisticated and powerful.

Web consumers are now surfing the web from mobile devices at anytime from anywhere without being restricted to device availability. The emergence of mobile technology and sophisticated mobile devices led Google and other search engines to update their search algorithms to incorporate mobile technology that searches out mobile friendly websites before according high page rankings to websites.

Mobile Apps Dynamics

However, after the scramble to become mobile friendly or mobile compatible, mobile websites find themselves competing with emerging mobile apps that offer greater conveniences to a web consumer in fulfilling needs and offering satisfying online experiences. Web users are spending more time on a mobile app than mobile websites. The rapid rise of mobile apps that cater to consumers’ precise needs is instrumental in the rapid drastic change in the market today.

Many mobile apps are game apps which occupy many consumers throughout the day. The market statistics revealed that game apps form 1/3 of currently available apps with social media following as 1/5 of Internet usage. Market surveys revealed that web consumers spend a lot of time on social media apps that include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With such mobile apps, many mobile Internet users no longer require a browser, but use social media sites like Facebook to search and browse the web instead of finding individual mobile websites.

This is definitely a switch from Google on Internet searches to establish app domination today. As more mobile apps are developed and offered for free to web consumers, mobile compatible websites may have to take a back seat until further technologies generate some dynamic solutions to boost their relevancy in the market as a preference to web users. The market trend today seems to be a continual rise in mobile apps that seem to cause an addiction to mobile web users, although the downloading of apps could change web users’ minds and usage habits.

Choice between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Smart and farsighted businesses today that recognize the growing importance of mobile apps in the market would take up swift actions to counter their Internet presence decline. The increase in mobile apps is a clear sign for web businesses to seek out professional mobile app developers to create appropriate mobile apps that could boost business by attracting the right crowd.

Even small and new businesses today are taking the plunge for a mobile app related to their core business to stay visible in the market. This is the time for business owners and marketers to capitalize on the business opportunity presented with relevant business apps to boost their market presence and bottom lines.

Companies that publish their own apps, especially interesting and useful ones are likely to captivate a larger market audience to drive more traffic to their web business sites. As mobile technology progresses, more dynamic mobile apps would be developed with more advanced features and functions that would engage the user in a greater intensity.

Modern enterprises would need to check their market position to determine the necessity in flowing with the latest technologies and their offerings to remain competitive in the marketplace. A well designed mobile app could be an effective marketing tool if it meets the needs and expectation of the mobile user.

Mobile websites must be more user friendly in their design to be appealing and relevant in their scope of offerings to attract mobile users from mobile apps. Web pages that are aptly scaled for mobile screen displays would attract more mobile users to enjoy the online experience via a mobile phone or mobile device.

Which Types Of Traffic Generation Methods Produce The Most Quality Subscribers?

Mobile Websites Which One Is The Best?