Build a List of Subscribers Fast

Top 5 Ways to Build a List of Subscribers

Everywhere you go, you hear people saying that a list of subscribers is very important. They say the money is in the list, and this couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you have a list of subscribers who trust you, you can sell them products from time to time. Of course, you must know what to do to get them interested and trust you first. You can usually do this by providing great content that is of real value to them and offer to help them solve their problem.

This relationship-building process takes time, but it is well worth the time. When you have a great relationship with your list, you are in great luck because you can easily market them quality products, and they will love you for it.

So with that said, let’s take a quick look at how to build your own list fast.

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See Admin Solo Ads Below.

When you are first starting out trying to build a list, and you wish to do it really fast, the best way to go about doing this is to buy multiple solo ads from solo ad sellers. Of course to buy a solo ad for list building purposes, you must prepare a product of your own and a squeeze page for people to opt-in first before getting your product.

Make sure that your squeeze page has a good conversion rate and your product that you are giving away has to be very enticing. This way you can have a very healthy amount of conversions to your website.

Free E-book Giveaways This is perhaps the best way to start building an initial list if you do not have a large budget to spend on solo ads. The same with most of the list building methods, and that is you need a product to giveaway so that people can actually opt-in to get it.

So what you can do here is you can go to larger sites that have a crowd of people that is interested in your product. Next you give that product away as a gift in exchange for their email address and name. This way you can quickly build your initial list up to a satisfactory size.

Ad Swaps Now that you know how to acquire an initial list of subscribers, you can actually start ad swapping with other ad owners. Ad swapping is a deal made between two list owners with almost the same list size and then both on you will send an ad for each other in hope to get new subscribers from each other.

The main benefit from this method is that this is entirely free and all you need to do is seek out other list owner and strike a deal with them. Many large list owners have actually built a large amount of subscribers using this method alone and needless to say a lot of money is made here as well.

JV Giveaways ? The Fast List Building tactic. One of the best ways to build a larger is to participate in a JV giveaway event. Not only is this method fast, it is also quite easy to join. All you need to do to participate in a JV giveaway event is a unique product of your own that you are willing to give away and some initial list of subscribers to send out.

If you so not have an initial list yet, you should try the above two methods first which is buying some solo ads and giving away a free book in a certain community. Next all you need to do is to find a giveaway event and join one.

Every event has different rules but basically, most of the time you’ll need to put your product into the event so that on the launch day the traffic that is driven to the event will get a chance to see and opt-in to your products.

So where does this traffic come from? They come from all the participants (much like you) of the event! What happens is every participant must agree to send traffic (mostly from their list) to the event on an agreed time. So what you need to do is to use that initial list you built and grow your list exponentially.

Product Launching Another great method that every guru swears that it works is organizing a product launch. If you keep producing product after product and launch it one after another you will have a huge list of subscribers fast. Of course, this is provided that you take every chance to grab the information of your launch visitors to build your list.

You can insert a pop up on our sales page promising a gift in exchange for an opt-in. You can also use an exit pop script to stop people from leaving the site before they subscribe to a valuable content that you have. You can also, put an opt-in form in your download page so that you can build a strong buyer’s list.

Building a buyers list is much more important than building a normal list. The reason is because a buyer’s list is often much more profitable than a normal list full of freebie seekers.

YouTube Using YouTube can quickly build your list as well as long as you are doing it right. However, using YouTube to build a list is an advanced method because it takes a lot more time to setup quality videos. On YouTube, you are actually competing with countless other up loaders and you MUST be able to grab people’s attention and then keep it.

That’s why most of the time people who are successfully using YouTube to market their stuff are those who are already established and have a lot of time (or outsourced time) and budget to shoot quality videos that help solve problems.

Keep in mind that the best kind of video is those that go viral and for a marketing video to go viral is not easy. Viral videos are usually hard to predict, but if you are able to get a video viral, you’ll be rewarded with hordes of traffic.

A marketing-related video is usually boring and educational so it’s hard to get it viral. Nevertheless, this can be solved if you have the budget to advertise your videos and slowly grow the amount of views and subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

Top 5 Ways to Build a List of Subscribers

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