Building your community internet marketing tips.

One of the most neglected aspects of internet marketing is the power of building your own small strong community within your niche. Now why would anyone want to build their own online community? The answer is rather simple, and it is because your community can help you spread the words about your business. Viral advertising is one of the best kinds of advertising because of its tremendous amount of potential in terms of traffic. Some common examples of an online community that we see on the web today are Forum communities or Facebook group and pages.

The thing is, when you have a strong community within your niche going, you can lead them easily into sales. People within your community will be able to take your recommendations and buy from your affiliate link. Another such example or community that is obvious can be seen on YouTube where some YouTube users have tons of subscribers. Their subscribers will listen and watch their every video and each time they release a video they will get a lot of views. Such a strong community should not be ignored. Here are a few ways you can do to help build a community of your own.

Your own community platform.

The first thing you need to do before you start gathering new members to your community is that you need to choose a platform for your new community. You can choose Facebook Group or Facebook pages for this if you wish to use the popular social site for all your communications with your fans and members. If you wish to build a more systematic community with a huge knowledge and database, then consider using a forum instead because all the data can be stored in an organized manner and you can easily go back and locate the data that you need later on. Remember a strong and responsive community usually means money because you hold your own traffic source.

For example, in the internet marketing niche, there exist a forum known as the Warrior Forum. The community there is so strong it has turned into a sub niche in itself. The Traffic is huge and there’s a lot of money flowing in and out of that forum each day. Needless to say, the founder of the forum is financially free for life. You can choose to other platforms as well such as YouTube (as mentioned before) or Twitter. Whichever platform that you choose to use, make sure that you know that your target audience will love it.

Treat people well.

The key to build a strong following is that you need to show respect to your community. When you treat people with respect, your fans and followers will definitely respond and you will earn their respect in return. There is no point to try and abuse your power as an admin as that would just frustrate some avid followers. What you want it for your community to grow and the best way to do that is to get some very influential people in your community and you will see just how quick others will follow in their footsteps. The better you treat your community, the more they will like you and recommend others to join in on your little party.

One person at a time.

To build a strong community from scratch isn’t going to be easy. Hence at the very beginning of this journey, you need to gain your members one at a time. This will give you the time to build up an initial relationship with your members and of course you should try to get people with higher influence into your community first. You can go to Twitter and search for people within your niche and has a huge amount of follower and try to entice them to join. Since your community is new, you might need to give them some incentive to join like promising a cut of the future profits, or the power to become an administrator or anything you can think of that might be tempting for the said individual.

Never betray the trust of your community.

When you finally have a strong community going on for you, you should never try to betray their trust. Instead you should be always ‘on their side’ and support them. It is very tempting to spam them and earn money, but you will lose in the end. Hence, it is better for you to be making money the subtle way. You can create a thread or an event so that everyone can participate to make money together or you can receive membership fees for those who want extra features or contents to your site. All these have to be well thought of.

You need to watch the conversations and comments of your community closely. For example, if you place some ads and you are seeing some negative feedbacks, you should take away those ads immediately and find out why they do not like the advertisement in the first place. Talk to them and see how you can make it fair for them so that you can still make money. Remember, your community needs to grow and you need to be on their side all the time. That is the only way for them to love you and the community and soon it will grow by itself. When this happens there will tons of ways to monetize the community without having to tick anyone off. If done well, your community could pay for your every need in your entire lifetime.

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