Copywriting Tips For Beginners.

Copywriting Tips For Beginners.

BestBusinessMakingMoney.comWriting a good copy or content for your website is the key to success online. Copywriting by definition from Wikipedia is the act of writing for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. Without copywriting internet marketing will never be what it has become today.

Now writing a good copy takes good skill and these skills are often so important that expert copywriters actually charge a huge sum of money for their skill set. When a copywriter has a very good portfolio with tons of proven track record, don’t be surprised to see them charge for five figures per sales copy.

So what makes copywriting skill so important? A good copy or sales letter is compelling and closes sales. Naturally, this means the written work actually provide results and make money. However, not all internet marketers have the resources to hire copywriters to write their copy especially if you are new and just starting out. The most common solution to this is to copywriting your own copy.

Below are a few pointers that you should heed when you write your own sales letters. Know thy users.

As a copywriter, you must first understand your users. Knowing your products users or site visitors often helps put you in the right tone when writing for them. You will be able to speak their language and in return you will be able to generate rapport with your readers. This is an important step that is often neglected by newbie copywriters.

When writing for a younger crowd, you need to be able to speak their language. When writing for an older crowd, be sure to tap into their emotional needs for their age range. When writing for very young kids, you must know how to get their attention longer and use softer words that appeal to them.

Your choice of word is obviously very important because younger kids might not understand what you are talking about, and your ‘memes’ or teenage jokes might not appeal to the elderly.

Knowing your users individually is equally important as knowing them as a crowd. Because when you know your marketplace, once again you’ll be able to talk a language that they will stop and listen to. For example, the rap crowd, they like to be unique, and they like to rhyme, and there are the things that are ‘important to them’ and it is something that they will pay attention to.

AIDA Headlines Free the ‘uck’ – why bad language may have a legitimate place in copywriting – The Drum, on Mon, 01 Oct 2012 – And yet, as a copywriter, I feel that there is something to be said for the use of swearing in advertising. Used thoughtfully, in a way that actually strengthens the impact of a message, bad language can elevate a piece of copywriting. Naturally,

Now I cannot stress the importance of the role of your copy headline to your entire piece of work. If your headline fails…, then your copy is most probably going to fail as well. You see, the first thing that anyone will ever see or read on your copy is your headline. And if it is too boring or uninteresting to them then you can kiss them good-bye.

A general rule of thumb to write a good headline is to follow the age-old AIDA rule. This is just a guide line, and you should not be afraid to try a completely different kind of headline because the fact is, there have been a lot of “wacky” or “unorthodox” headlines that won at the end of the day, which is important that you test your headlines often even after your product goes live.

So what is this AIDA rule?
A = Attention
I = Interests
D = Desire
A = Action

This is the rule copywriters preach about and uses in almost all their sales letter’s content. Of course, they use it in their headlines as well. The flow of this rule is that you usually need to get the “attention” of your site visitors first. It is then that you need to get them “interested” in your product. This is usually done by giving them a promise of how to solve their problems.

Next you present your product along with its benefits, which should by then create a sense of “desire”. At the end, you will need to write specific keys to get your readers to take “action” which in most cases would be a sale or an input of their personal information.

So with that said, with the Aida rule, you need to write your headline according to the AIDA rule and most of the time you would want to include all four expects of AIDA.

For example, you can grab attention using stopper words like “STOP” or “WARNING” and then goes into the headline explaining the problems your user have to get them interested. Next you tell them you have a solution so simple anyone can use it, which is how you will create a “desire in them”. Lastly, you can close your headline by asking them to read on below to learn more. Lexi Maxxwell is a Bulls-Eye For Sizzling Erotica That “Hits All the Spots” – PR Web (press release), on Tue, 25 Sep 2012 – I just wanted to write my wonderfully smutty books because working on them fed something inside me that my copywriting couldn’t. Sure, I wanted to make my readers feel, but I wasn’t trying to make a difference in anyone’s marriage. Knowing I

Of course, there are headlines out there that only focus on the “Attention” part or just a few parts of AIDA instead of the entire AIDA rule. If it works, then it’s a good headline. So be sure to keep testing and make your headline sound good.

Put yourself in their shoes.

After writing your copy, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of your audiences. First read through your work. Is your plot great? Is your copy smooth? Does is sound compelling? Are your headlines awesome? Go through every part of your letter personally and deliberately. Try not to skim through but if you find yourself skimming through some parts, then you might need to change those parts to make it more interesting.

Get someone else to read your copy, someone who isn’t biased like yourself. Let them have a go and listen to what they have to say. Obviously, they might be able to point out some mistakes or opinions, just take them as constructive suggestions and see what you have to do to improve your copy. Lastly, get someone in the same industry to read your copy and see what they think. American Writers & Artists Inc. Announces New Online Resource for Web … – Houston Chronicle, on Sat, 29 Sep 2012 1- This portal will include articles on web copywriting techniques and best practices, a web copywriting-specific forum to network with fellow writers and ask questions, a blog to keep readers updated on the latest trends, an online copywriting job board

Another way for you to check your work is to spy on your competitors and see what they are doing for their copy. Do you have all the elements which they include in their copy? Do you have a better offer? Does your benefit stand out? Does your point outshine theirs? All these questions can help further improve your copy. So be sure to go through them as a kind of checklist when you are done writing.

Learning how to write in compelling manner and be a good copywriter is very rewarding. In fact, you will soon find that learning copywriting skill is one of the most important skills you would learn as a marketer. So take your time and practice. Learn by doing, and learn from other copies out there that you know for a fact that is making a lot of money and you will soon get to a point that you are actually confident with writing your own copy.

Copywriting Tips For Beginners. Copywriting Tips For Beginners.

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