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So before I start this video, I want to show you something first. Here I have also turned on the screen recording of my phone so that the editor. He could show you exactly what is going on my screen, so now I have opened an app upstox and I go to the refer and earn section of upstox. Here, I click on your referrals and Earning and what you will see here is that I have earned ? 79000 in cash. I have earned ? 79000 in cash. I have withdrawn ? 15000 and ? 64000 are withdrawable, which means I can withdraw more.

Now, there is a request for ? 5000, it will come to my account. Why am I showing you all this and what is your benefit from showing this and 79000 is not a big deal to earn, so why am I showing you this ? 79000. Let me tell you what I have done. One small thing I will tell you. Many people were commenting nowadays on our video, that sir there is Lockdown and there is no source of earning there and we have to earn money and that too quickly. The circumstances of the house are such that we have to earn money quickly. Now when people search videos on the Internet, there are many more YouTubers who make videos for people and tell people that they too can earn sitting at home. But when they say that, I saw some videos. what to say that what they make. Most people talk about such apps which are absurd and there is a loss of front by downloading them.

And to become an affiliate then they teach you how to become an affiliate but, They do not tell you that you must have a source of the traffic to become an affiliate. If there will be no source of traffic, then amazon will reject your account and even if the money arrives, then that money will not withdraw. But I want to show you something that a common man earns at this time and we will make many videos, not just one in which we will tell you that money comes in actual and what is this 79000 and why I am showing it to you.

See, refer and earn it in many apps. That you refer and get Money and And there are many such apps, not just one in which if you refer then you get money. But What I just saw inside this upstox Now let me show you something. In this, I went to the Refer and Earn section and it was written in it that whichever one will open the account from your Refer and Earn section. We will give you ? 500. I said let's test it. I created a link from here and after that, I put that link on one of my videos and I did not say much. I just saw that I am recommending to people in the same way that if you open your Demat account, then I put the link below. I will give the link on the I button on which video I have put on it. You can see that just 1 week ago, I did not take the money, I just put a link there. Just to see it. If people recommend this app, then does the money come? Now this 79000 is nothing. You go to my history here.

I am recording so that the editor can show you. So here you go to view history and you will see here that when money comes here for the first time, I have withdrawn it on 27th. So, I did it on the 27th so that I would know that the money had come and when it would come to my account. So that I will understand the process as soon as possible. The money had arrived in the next day's account. On the 28th, I withdrew the ? 5000. On the 30th, I withdrew ? 5000. Now you will say that what happened on the 1st day after that, you cannot withdraw on Saturday and Sunday.

Here I have filed a request for withdrawal. But this money will arrive on Monday. Now the other thing is as many people are registering on upstox, here Applications are pending that these people are pending. Let me tell you tomorrow is Monday today and Sunday, I am showing it on my phone. We are recording this video on Sunday, you can see it. Today is 2 and 6:14 minute, we are recording this video. So, I want to tell you that tomorrow up to 200000 more are coming to my account. Now you will say that ? 150000 to ? 200000 will come into my account, so see which are pending here. The money of these people is yet to come to me, so I am telling you that ? 200000 will come tomorrow.

Now why I am telling you this. What is your benefit from it? Here you will understand this from the screen recording. An editor will put this that ultimately why this money has come and how it has come. Let me explain to you what to do next. See if you want to earn money, then you have heard many times about affiliate marketing that you can affiliate for different things and you get money from the affiliate. You can make money from Refer and Earn too. There are many programs with different applications. We have earned money through this Refer and Earn policy. So what the upstox is giving you in Refer and Earn is that if you open their account, listen carefully. If you open the account means that you have to open a Demat account. You will not get money for just sharing the link. You are getting cost acquisition here. This is called CPA. Many people teach Affiliate Marketing, but they did not tell you that you get money in many ways, you get cost to view and you get acquisition on cost.

You get a sale on cost. Different affiliate programs have different things to give you money in different ways. There are different strategies, What is here acquisition on the cost that if the account is opened only then you will get the money. If you go there and just enter your name and number then you will not get it, then you can try it at your home as well.

You have a friend, Create your link. How will you create your link? I will put a link to upstox in the description and comment box of this video, by which you can download upstox on your phone. Number one, you must have your Demat account. I have my Demat account on upstox. I am not showing you how much profit I have generated by my investments, I will show you that in my further videos When we will train you on the stock market. when you have to invest in the stock market and stocks too, you need a Demat account in that too. If you want to buy digital gold, you still need a Demat account. A Demat account is all you need. Even if you want to do trading. You want to invest in futures and options. you want to do anything related to the stock market, then you need a Demat account, then you open your Demat account on the upstox. After that, go to the Refer and earn section and send your link to one of your friends.

If that friend opens your account, then you will get ? 500 and you can withdraw it. Let me show you one thing. I told you that here I put a request of ? 5000 and put a request of Rs.5000. This is a little trouble. because now I am such a person, If I will influence them here. Like this is the video if I will put the link of Refer. At least ? 500000 to ? 700000 will come in this. So 5-7 lakhs of rupees will come. What is the problem that only ? 5000 can withdraw for a day? Here the withdrawal limit is only 5000, so a request of 5000 has been put here.

Tomorrow Again ?150000 to ? 200000 will come but I can withdraw only ? 5000, so it is a little problem, this problem is not with my partner and program, but refer and earn have this issue but many people think that 5000 may come within a day, That's a lot. This is your choice but I am telling you what is good and I am also telling you what is useless.

The useless thing is that 5000 can withdraw for the day, and 5000 can withdraw in a day There is no such problem with the partners. But why am I telling you this, because not every person becomes a partner, but every man can refer and do so, so from here, you have an open Demat account of your friend, ? 500 has come and if you have 10 friends? You also got 10 friends to open a Demat account. You will earn ? 5000 in cash, so if you say, sir, I have to earn money quickly. If you want ? 5000 to 10000 soon, then no business can start in 1 week. But you can earn money by an affiliate and refer and earn. And this is what I told you, I am telling this in a very short time. I have checked this 100% by Verifying by myself, I have seen that money is coming into the account, and whenever I open the message in front of you.

We are currently shooting the video at 6:18 pm. This message is of ? 500. Hi, Your Friend has Accepted Your Upstox invite ? 500 will be credited to your account. Look how many messages are there. I am showing in front of you. It is today. It is refreshing. These people's money is coming to me. It is a good program, Then there is the benefit of making a recommendation. But look at what is happening, how many people are there, it is being refreshed in front of you. If I put a screen recording, I just do that, just look, you are going to see.

I will refresh this, a lot of people will come, then I will get ? 500 from all these people. Now let's see how many rupees will come on Monday, let's see the Jackpot. This is not the MainStream income. This Is not My Mainstream income. It says Extra, Cherry On The Top got separately. It is that, but for some people, ?5000 and ? 10000 means a lot, so upstox is a good app. I have promoted it before and there is no problem in promoting it again, because it is a good app and it is funded by Ratan Tata, you can also trust it and open a Demat account. Money is not going anywhere. I also trade in it and in the coming time I will also tell you that there are more apps from which you can earn money.

We have Zerodha, groww and we have many apps. We, Will, talk about that in detail, There is much to be learned in financial education. But this video only teaches you how to earn some amount of money, I have taught you. There are efforts in it, the Demat account will also have to be opened. Then it will have to refer to people. Then the money will come, but the money will be for the video, we will make more videos in which we will teach you how money can come but it is not a very big business. In this you can make very good money initially and even if you earn even up to ? 1000000, it is not a big deal because now what you will learn next, In this series of financial education, your mind is going to open a lot, so as I am saying that if you want to earn up to ? 20000 then earn and have fun, so if you like this video and if there is any question, then you can ask in the comment below.

If you are new to the channel, subscribe and click on the bell icon so that you cannot miss any such videos. I give you practical education, showing you clearly with proof. There is nothing better than this and I will talk with proof in the upcoming videos that how many comes actually, This is a very small amount. We also have to talk about the big amount. Make sure to share this video because there are so many people who want to earn money and they would know that money comes. Now I made this video for you, I have shown you ? 79000 in cash. When the amount will increases, I will make you a video again and show that more money is coming, then you will get more verification cleared. Finally, I will see you in the next video, till the time you go self-made.


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