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Are you struggling to turn your videos viral?The search engines are the main source of free traffic in today’s internet marketing world. To get a good position or ranking on the search engines would mean a lot of good free and targeted traffic to your online business which is why most internet marketers are trying their best to rank their website every single day.

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Now ranking your website high on the search engine especially on Google is very much worth your time, and investment. If you’ve got a good converting offer, paired with the quality traffic that you get from ranking your website, you will definitely find yourself in the profit zone for as long as you stay ranked on the search engine. While it is hard enough to get your rankings to the top of the search engine, once you get there, you will face yet another daunting challenge which is to stay at the top for a long as you can.

Even if you keep doing the right things, it does not guarantee that you stay at the top. The main reason is that there will be many other people fighting to get to the top as well. To stay at the top you need to ensure that you are doing more to keep your position than your competitors are doing to steal your spot. Nevertheless, many marketers who stayed at the top will tell you that there is no better place to be for your business than being on the top of the search engines with a relevant search phrase because you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits (aside from the money) from the top position. Below are a few great ways to help you get to the top of the search engine and stay there.
Get good content.

The first thing you will absolutely need to get your site a chance for the top positions is that you need good content. In fact, good content just won’t cut it these days where the competition is very steep. What you need are absolute great content that is helpful to your customers and make them come back for more. This should be the kind of content that you should be aiming for and you should make sure that your content is within the standard and taste of your site visitors. Doing this will please the search engines especially Google.

Google did not kill off crap sites and change their algorithm for nothing. They did not spend millions each year to ensure that they are the best search engines for nothing. They want to search the best to the site visitors and relevant search result is just one of the key. A website with relevant information and useful information that people love will always outweigh a site that is only relevant but do not have much content to offer. Hence, being relevant alone is no longer enough. Provide as much quality content as possible. The more people who love your site and stay on your site or comes back to your site, the better a ranking you will get from the search engines. It’s a very logical and simple way to get you to the top but the problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort to get quality content.

The best way for you to acquire this kind of content is to either write them yourself which takes a lot of time, seek and outsource the content to those who are trustworthy which can be quite expensive or you can get guest posters or guest writers to provide you with superb content in return for a link back to their own website. Of course there is no ‘correct’ or ‘best’ way to do things, in fact we recommend that you go for a mix of things, where you should write your own content whenever you have the time, outsource some of your content and get some good guest posters to contribute to more contents to your website. Doing this will give you a healthy mix of quality content that will please your site visitors and this will also in return get you to a healthy spot on the search engines to earn you even more quality traffic.

Get links from trusted websites.

Backlinking to your website in the sense of SEO (Search engine optimization) isn’t like what is it used to be in the past where you would try to compete in numbers. This is no longer the case. In today’s SEO world, you should always try to get quality links from trusted websites. There is no point to get a huge load of links from junk sites or low quality sites because you are pretty much wasting your site and in the worst case scenario, you might get your site penalized or banned from all the useless links that you get.

Too much useless backlinks to your site might trigger the spamming alert on the search engines. The search engines are getting smarter each day as they learn the tricks that we humans practices on our search engine optimization techniques. What isn’t ‘legal’ but is working today might not work tomorrow. The search engines are constantly learning and growing and trying to prevent ‘foul’ play and only reward those who are truly into helping the search engines meet their goals and that is to provide the best search engine results to the searchers. If you play by the rules and try harder than your competitors, you will find your rankings going up to a desirable position.

Some of the best ways to get links from trusted sites is actually to become guest posters on other trusted websites that already have a good search engine ranking. You can try link baiting strategies and also link exchange strategies as well but be sure that you are getting links from a quality website. Try your absolute best to get some links from authority websites (.Gov and .Edu sites) because these sites are of extensive quality and it is very hard to acquire under normal circumstances. All in all, the golden rule to getting your site ranked is to play by the rule and please Google’s market which is their loyal searchers.

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