Have you heard of any of these online business myths?

If you are new to the online marketing world, you will definitely be bombarded with many of the new offers that get unleashed on a daily basis. In fact, even if you are already a veteran you will still get a lot of these marketing offers mailed to you daily. Everywhere you go, you will be fed with many of the marketing messages that are actually far from the truth. That’s right, there are a lot of marketing myths being spread and they could actually set a newbie in a wrong direction and it could cause a fresh internet marketer to stray from their path towards success.

Hence, you should always try your best to arm yourself with the knowledge on what these myths are and only then will you be able to identify them as they come along and avoid getting trapped or fooled by these marketing myths. Therefore, without any more delay, let us take a look at some of the more common marketing myths that we see today.

You can do it all by yourself.

Many marketing message seems to use this myth to indicate that internet marketing is very easy and that you can succeed without any help from anyone else. This is in fact a lie. Of course, you could make a few sales or two if you are working alone, but if your goal is to succeed and make a lot of money online in the shortest amount of time possible so that you can enjoy a life full of freedom, then you probably won’t be able to do it if you are all alone. In fact, we human beings are not perfect. What this indicates is that humans are not able to do everything perfectly. Every individual has got their own strength and weaknesses.

So the best thing one can do if they are in it for the long run is to quickly identify what you are good at and accept them as your strength and then find out what your weaknesses are. You should then focus on where your strength lies and also try your best to outsource your weaknesses so that you won’t have to worry about doing a bad job at it. Marketers who believe that they can do it all by themselves are in for a nightmare. Not only will you be busy working extra hours all the time, you will find that you have without a doubt turned into a slave to your business.

Ironically, most marketers have gotten into internet marketing seeking for freedom, but when they try to do everything alone, they will never be able to enjoy this freedom that they seek. Instead those who are working smarter instead of harder will actually use the leverage on outsourcing their work and get things done much faster and thus they will also get to see results a lot earlier than those are trying to go along with the workhorse strategy. In fact, in you take a look at all the ‘successful’ gurus out there; almost none of them are operating as a one man team. Most of them have a world class team that gets things done effectively and efficiently allowing them more time to… play.

Hits are a good measure of success.

Contrary to popular believe, the amount of traffic or ‘hits’ to a website does not indicate how well a website is actually doing. It could tell us that the website has a certain amount of traffic or how popular a website is, but it does not tell us how much money the owner is making. In fact, hits can be ‘faked’ where you could actually use softwares or hire people to get you more ‘hits’ to your website. This is commonly done by those who are looking to sell their website and they want you to believe their website is doing rather well.

Hey, if the website gets 100,000 hits a month, then that site is valuable right? Wrong! First, you need to know what traffic the website is getting and if the traffic is targeted or not. Next, you need to see if you are able to monetize this traffic or not. More after than not, these high traffic sites could be getting ‘junk’ traffic or useless traffic and we all know that these kind of traffic is just no good for monetizing.

Therefore if you are looking to buy a website that boast of high ‘hits’ per month, you should do your homework and be extra careful not to get scammed.

Anyone can succeed in Internet Marketing.

Unfortunately this is a myth as well. There is a saying that goes like this… when there is a will there is a way. But if there is no will… then that would mean ‘no way’ at all. The same goes for internet marketing. If you are willing to do everything that is required to make money then you will most likely succeed. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the people online is not willing to sacrifice and their characters and mindset were never cut out to be a successful online marketer.

Even worse there are internet marketers out there who hates being marketed to or hates to market to others. How are you going to succeed if that is the case? This thus concludes that not everyone can succeed in internet marketing, but, if you are willing to learn, change, adapt and improve, you do stand a good chance.

Killer copy is the secret to sales.

A killer copy is not the secret to sales but it is a good secret to conversion. To get sales you will need to place this killer copy in front of target traffic. If you place a killer copy to someone who is not interested in your offer or niche at all, then your killer copy is nothing but a junk or spam in the eyes of your uninterested traffic. Hence always make sure that your audience and sales letter are on the same page and together this will become your secret to a lot of sales.

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