How Google Calculates Your Search Ranking in 2015

Aggressive Internet marketers and online business owners are acutely aware of the importance of online web page ranking by Google, which is esteemed as one of the most important search engines on the Internet. A high SERP score is known to bring in the desired massive traffic that could boost business outcomes in many ways.

Hence, every online business marketer must understand how Google calculates their web site ranking to enjoy higher traffic and sales for a great bottom line.

1) Domain Authority Trust Score

Google allocates 23.87% in trust through the website’s Domain Authority score comprising many smaller factors of consideration with time as the primary factor. This refers to the length of time in which the website is in service and how active good backlinks at this site have been in offering great services to web users.

Copied content or spam activation in backlink creation would affect this score adversely.

2) Link Popularity Score

Google identifies the popularity of the link with an allocation of 22.33% score to determine the number of links available on other sites that point to the targeted site. The trustworthiness of these third party sites is also accrued in the link popularity score of Google.

Links from sites with a high domain authority score would boost the link popularity score of the website, but spam activities would decrease the value.

3) Anchor Text Score

Google next assigns 20.26% on Anchor Text which refers to the text with backlinks to rate the relevancy of the links to the site. The link text and its context are evaluated stringently by Google depending on the value of the site the link is attached to.

4) Keyword Placement and Usage Score

Google appoints 15.04% on Keywords that are appropriate to online searches. These could be single words or phrases searched on the web to be matched to website words and phrases in the page title, headings, bold or highlighted text as well as meta data or backlink text.

5) Hosting Data Score

The hosting data score may be only 6.9% of the total ranking score, but it comprises several factors such as:
* Matching domain name to website category
* Proper registration of domain
* Operational website
* Speed of website
Slow server speed would certainly lower this percentage to impact the overall ranking score.

6) Click through Rate Score

The Click through rate is assigned 6.29% of the total ranking score to identify the number of web visitors to the website searching for the desired keyword or key phrases. It also tracks the duration a web visitor spent on the website.

7) Social Media Links and Content Score

The rampant application of social media content and good links on social media platforms would boost Google’s allocated 5.30% score to contribute to a higher ranking. This involves the widespread use of social media posts that would include videos and pictures that are highly popular with web consumers today on the Internet.

The more links and interesting contents posted on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the better rates Google allocate on this category.

These categories’ scores determine the final overall score for the best of SERP listing to make it on the first page of Google searches.

However, webmasters could pull in a few tricks to enhance the overall rating. This includes hiring professional Search Engine Optimization experts who are well versed with Google’s ranking algorithm and process. These SEO experts are versatile in identifying the relevant components in a website to boost its search engine ranking.

Enhancing Website Ranking

Besides hiring professional help with better website ranking, webmasters could achieve higher webpage rankings if they understood the criteria of Google search algorithms. The crux of the matter is that almost 50% ranking scores stem from links at third party sites which are instrumental to boost website ranking.

This implies a strong influence from web consumers and other websites on Google, which emphasizes high ranking scores on any site. Every ranking criterion is identified and checked to be ranked before the final ranking is accumulated. This includes the domain authority score, good keywords application, link relevancy, anchor text percentage and click through rates as well as social media applications.

These ranking factors are interrelated to impact the final website ranking score by Google depending on the satisfaction of web consumers who readily offer feedback to Google which re-evaluates the website ranking. Hence, it is not surprising that Google continuously re-evaluates the website ranking with continuous feedback from web users.

Webmasters can do so much more to influence web users’ online experiences with their websites that would compel them to offer positive feedback to Google for higher ranking scores.

SEO Featured Websites

When the website is well designed and implemented according to the latest of SEO features and techniques, it is impossible not to find favor with Google search algorithms. The webmaster who makes the right moves at all times would be diligent in keeping pace with market trends and consumer behavior to upgrade their website accordingly in winning over more web consumers.

As technology progresses, websites must adopt the emerging technologies such as mobile technology, which requires websites to be mobile compatible or mobile friendly. This is to cater to the growing number of web users who are mobile users. The website must not be neglected to move with the times in order to be relevant in the marketplace and be favored by Google and other search engines.


User friendly websites or web pages are poised to attract the attention of Google to be accorded a higher ranking with faster search results. It should be the aim of every web business owner or marketer to understand how the Google search algorithm works for higher ranking scores that would attract more web traffic to their website. This would be translated into a higher conversion rate to boost the bottom line of the business.

Such knowledge would benefit small to large online businesses on the Internet today to be established and reputable in the market.

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