How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

Whatever you do online to make money, you cannot hope to please everyone. That’s the one rule that guru’s abide by and understand better than anyone else. They will try their best to build a specific product for a certain type of people and that’s it. They will never try to please everyone because they know in their heart that this would be an impossible task and will end up getting a negative review.

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?More often than not a negative review, if you are running a business both online and offline, you will have to learn how to handle those difficult customers. There will always be people who are hard to please and there will always be people who will criticize your business. Because this is totally unavoidable, any business owner will have the chance of getting a negative review at a point of time even if they are doing everything the legitimate way while offering a totally quality product.

Even on YouTube, you will rarely see a video that has a 100% like rating on it. In fact, there are probably no videos with a 100% like on it some even getting a negative review, and you will see a few dislikes every so often like it or not. The main reason here is probably because everyone thinks differently and everyone has a different opinion and view of the world.

So the question now lies in how do you act when you get a negative review? Do you simply delete them as fast as possible before anyone sees it? What else can you do? Well, most of the time you are able to delete them however there could be instances where you are not an admin (like in the forums) and there are no options for you to delete a negative comment at all unless you contact the admin of the website directly.

When this is the case, you might need to handle the situation just a tad bit differently. You could try to turn the a negative review into your advantage.

The email feedback

Most of the time, a negative review of feedback will come first from an unhappy customer. That means that something is wrong, and they are trying to resolve the issue with you personally before going out and spoil your reputation. This is still a good sign because in this situation, you can easily turn things around and find out what is wrong and help them out with the issue professionally. Most of the time, dealing with the problem maturely will douse the flame and the issue can be solved.

In an extreme case, where things cannot be solved, you should honor your refund policy and hand them their money back. Most of the time that should solve the problem right there. Remember to add a ‘thank you for trying’ note after the refund. If you do this right, you can change their mindset to think that you are an easy person to deal with, and although they are not happy with your product, the overall experience was not so bad and doing business with you is not risky at all. If you can get them to think this way, there is a chance that they might still buy from you again in the future.

The rule of thumb here is to never leave an unsatisfied customer unattended because you will never know what they will say or do outside your website and in this social era on the internet, it is easy to spread some nasty rumors about you via social sites such as Facebook.
Customer Service to the rescue.

Whenever you get a negative feedback or comment on or off your website, you should always deal with it professionally and maturely. If you can just reason with them appropriately some people will come to their senses and back off and even apologize. If the problem is beyond help, it is very useful to state your points clearly and explain the situation to the best and try to turn the general public’s support to help you out.

The by passers and your own customers will always stand by the one who is reasonable so make sure that you argue reasonably and turn the situation around and get more a support then the ‘difficult customer’. Always be humble and use the right choice of words and toning in your replies so that you do not appear to be ‘afraid’ of the negative comment and there should be a balance where it shows that you are not agitated by the comment as well.

Too many good reviews can be suspicious.

Sometimes if you get too many good reviews, people might wonder if the reviews are fake or are they a form of paid reviews. Therefore, once in a while when you get a bad review it can work to your advantage and show that the other reviews could be legitimate too. Just as long as you deal with the bad reviews the proper way, you will be able to walk away looking like you are a legitimate business with pros, and cons. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world even when we try hard to be one. So just be natural and handle the problems naturally and show to the world that you are human after all.

Negative reviews are good critics.

Whatever bad things people are saying about you and your business, always be sure to take not of it and try your best to use the feedback to improve your business. Sometimes, when you get a bad review, you could always answer by saying ‘Your suggestions have been noted and we will include it in our future updates’ or something similar.

This way, you will always appear to be the winner. The people who were complaining will not know how to respond to that usually, and they will just leave it as it is. You in another hand get to learn what is wrong with your product which you thought was perfect all this while and use the suggestions to improve. Other website visitors will be able to see clearly that you are a business owner who cares and do provide consistent update to your business.

In the end, one do not always need to delete the negative comments. What does not kill you only makes you stronger!

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

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