How to create closed captions inside YouTube

hey this is Neil Napier and I promise this training to you so here we are in this running I’m going to show you how to create your own closed captions automatically using YouTube of course if you have a video and you want to create really amazing clear concise closed captions you can do so while sending it to something like Rev comm or you can do it yourself but I’m going to show you how to do it automatically using YouTube or Google API just be wonder that the transcription is not going to be great so as long as you’re aware of that I can show you what you can get out and just so you know by the way when you search for some of the videos in content gorilla and you find some videos which don’t actually have proper punctuation this is why so first of all you have to click on your name here and you have to go to the old YouTube creator studio not a new one this is the beta and let’s say if I go into this one for now you’ll see that it brings me up here so this is I mean the new one right so if you’ve got the old one stick to that but if you don’t have the old one just scroll down you’ll see creator studio classic classic is the one that you want you click here they lost keys and feedback don’t worry about it too much just click on skip and it will then take you to the next page where you will see all the videos that you have done in past so for example I could take let me see let’s say this one many books with content gorilla and this is the training that some of you actually washed inside of our Facebook group as well so I can click on this button and go for subtitles and CC subtitles and closed captions when I do that it gives me the option to add new subtitles or cc so I can pick a language and I can add my own that is if I have my own transcription but because I don’t I want to take a shortcut I’m going to click on English automatic which is by default what YouTube provides you and as you can see right here there is some transcription so hey there what’s up Neil Napier hey I want to share this video with you you should say here so obviously there are going to be mistakes you can’t do too much about it it’s just because you’re using they’re automated API there is just going to be some mistakes so if I wanted to I could basically download this as a vtt SRT and sbbw file SRT is usually the sort code file that people use I think I can open this up in text format as well let’s check it out okay let’s open in notepad right there we go so here there what’s up Neil Napier I could change this to hair and then full stop so I could edit it myself if I wanted to right so it’s a little bit long it’s about a thing eight minute long video I could edit this and then I could go back and re upload it so if I go back to subtitle CC right here where you saw add new subtitle say English I can actually upload my file now you know the edited file that I was looking at so again two options you can either do it in a completely automated way or you can do it in the manual way which is you download the file and then you upload it okay and this is the subtitles file which I’ll go for I’ll just skip this for now and hey this as well we’ve got this option right over here hey there what’s up Neil Napier so obviously they’re making mistakes but I can fix it here as well so if we don’t want to download and do it like that you can just do this and you’d be able to add your own subtitle to your own closed captions to these videos as well I hope this was useful if you have any questions let me know

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