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Blogging is one the most popular ways for people to make money online. The most attractive part about blogging is that you get to express yourself. This explains why sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are growing so fast because they are all about expressing yourself to the public. Now while many people are attracted to blogging because you get to share your thoughts and opinion on the web, many more are in it for the money. So where does this concept of making money with blogging come from? The answer lies in traffic and content. When you are constantly blogging and churning up good original content that people would like to see, you attract a fan base.

What this means to say is that your blog will get traffic as you start to promote your blog and when people start to share and recommend your content around the web. Wherever there’s traffic, then there would be money to be made. Traffic is essentially real life people behind them so in order to make money online; one cannot be without any traffic. has become so popular over the years that most social marketers believe that in their social marketing strategies, the blog is a must have medium and not only that, the blog would use as the center of their network. This is understandable because a blog can host so much more information and information can be express much better than other social networks out there. So how then can one monetize a blog? Read on to find out the answers that you seek.

Monetizing your blog with advertising.

When your blog has sufficient traffic then a great way to monetize your blog is to actually sell advertising space. Little did you know, depending on the response of your blog and traffic volume, you can sell quite a few Advertising space. You can try and check out what they have to offer should you want a quick way to sell ad space. Or you can actually put an ‘Advertise here’ link on your website to attract people to advertise on your website.

Selling advertising space can be very lucrative and most of the work is automated if you are using the right scripts or ad services. Definitely check out or AdSense if you want a hassle free monetization solution. For the pricing on an ad, you need to do your research on what other website with similar traffic volume as you are charging in order to stay in the competitive pricing range. One thing is for sure and that is you do not want to be sold for too low of a price and you do not want to be over pricing and scaring away all your potential advertisers.

When done right, selling advertising space alone should be enough to earn you a great living online (better than the average job out there) while being able to stay at home, working your own preferred hours and the best of it all, you can work in a niche that you are passionate about. Things get interesting and you can make use of your creative juice. and providing Advertising solutions is truly wonderful and if you look at successful sites like or, you can be sure that they make a good head start because they used the advertising model to make their first fortune online.

E-commerce / Information product Mixture.

If you are blogging about stuff that are found in the offline world, then you can definitely write reviews and take pictures of the stuff that you blog about and start selling real world merchandise. There’s two ways to go about doing this, one is to sell your own product or you could choose to sell affiliate products. The best part about shopping online (EBay for example) is that people from all around the world can buy stuff that is not readily available locally. Hence you can find out about your traffic and sell them what they could not find in their local marts and you will see your stocks fly off the shelf like mad.

Now you can also choose to sell digital products and the approach is more or less the same where you can write some in-depth review or your own user experience to help people make the buying decision. In fact, you can make comparisons and talk about the product’s effectiveness and how it helped improve your life and you will soon find people buying them using your affiliate link or buying your own products on your own site. This happens almost every day around the world and a wise marketer will take advantage of this buying frenzy and start a blog of their own so that they can market a well-made product and laugh all the way to the bank.

One of the rarely seen monetization techniques on a blog is to ask for donations for all the hard work that you have done. If your sites are providing a good value to your visitors and you like to keep your blog ad free and ‘selling’ free, then make your point and tell this to your visitors. Put a donation link instead and ask them to support your work if they like what they see. This is rarely used, but when done right, you will be surprised at just how much people are willing to buy you a coffee for a job well done and although you might not get rich this way, you will be able to earn enough for a comfortable living.

An easy way to accept donations on your site is to use Paypal’s donation button. It is very easy to use and people are used to the Paypal brand and this gives the donors a certain level of trust. All in all, blogging is no longer just a place for you to express yourself or your opinions; it has become one of the mainstream marketing go to techniques for the experts. It is a money maker and it would be wise to implement blogging and monetization into your current business for a faster and certain growth.

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